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Developer: Paradox Entertainment

The game is announced as 3D RTS multiplayer with Mutant Chronicles board game world origins. Warzone Online is based on new engine Valpurgius, allowing to realize full 3D world with high detail level. However the engine uses 3D coordinate system with powerful technology - advanced parametric surface reconstruction schemes, allowing to greate impressive colourful landscapes.

As developers said, W.Z.O. engine allow to put all comers to game, irrespective of platform type and computing power (of course, within reasonable limits!). The game is being developed for two base platforms - PC and X-Box. Developers are going to use this concole capacities by 100%.

Planned options include separate unit sight range effects, short way search by AI, different sides available... All these elements are peculiar to RTS, and only slightly concerns us. The game has also sufficient tactical elements implemented. For example, each unit has a set of unique skills and traits. If mission requires close combat, you have to use units with corresponding special skills. Units with ranged weapons are indispensable for open surroundings. The game has also special units, e.g. snipers.

The game is multiplayer only, there no single player mode. The player can reach game server and choose the side to fight for. Each player can buy new models from developer. Earlier, when playing board wargames, you have had to visit local shop and buy new tokens - now you are buying new models from developers in same manner :). It is a new word for game industry.

Having selected the side, player is to choose war zone. Each battle has own victory conditions and player has to follow it strictly. Multiplayer War Zone Online do not provide such game modes as team play or Capture the Flag. Game allows to enclose or break alliances during the game, and requires only one thing from players - to stay alive, defeat the overwhelming enemy forces in any possible way - using own forces, friends help or treachery. The victory way selection is up to player!

Some words about Mutant Chronicles world. The time of game is far future, about 1,5 thousand years from now. Mankind left Earth for some other, more suitable for life, planet. The attempt to distribute planet resources caused six fractions rise (The Mishima, Cybertronic, Dark Legion, Capitol, Imperial, The Bauhaus, The Brotherhood), each of them may supply player with about 300 types of units. Here goes the war both between human fractions and vs Dark Legion race, once created by humans and now became deadly killing force.

The developer of game is Paradox, formerly Target Games Interactive. As I said before, the game is being developed for X-Box and PC, and also it is planned to modify it for PS2 in nearest future.

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