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New Warlords Battlecry coming!


As we've already reported that Warlords Battlecry 2 was officially announced. Together with the announcement early screenshots were posted at the site:

Now, let's take a look what a sequel to the popular strategic by SSG will look like. Playing WBC2 you will also be developing you're the main hero taking him through missions and giving him new spells together with artifacts and other stuff. Actions will take place in the very same kingdom - Etheria - where events of all Warlords series have been taking place. In the game there will be 12 different sides, 20 classes of heroes, more then 100 of spells that can be learnt (in 11 magical schools) and more then 100 unique 'special abilities' of heroes. In the sequel all heroes will be done in 3D pre-rendered with high details. As to participants in the game there will be 12 of them - with there own unique schemes of development of technologies, city building-ups, units and styles of the game. It is promised to be more then 140 kinds of units in the game, new system of auto-spell-casting. New multiplayer engine will support up to 6 players in one game. Moreover, my colleague from RGW.RU has got hold of an exclusive image to the game's box. So, the release is really on its way!


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