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Myth III - secret details


Thanks to French colleagues we had an opportunity of making a cloak-and-dagger report on Myth III. As everybody knows events of the prequel will take place in the distant past, on the territory of great human empire, to which a great hero Connacht was a king. Together with his companions-in-arms, Damas: he was waging war against devil incarnates knows as Mirkridians. But it tuned out to happen that this very great hero was fated to become a great malefactor - Balor, the incarnation of the Evil (The Leveler), of the Fallen Lord. Other closest brothers-in-arms of his were also turned into evil-doers, so, his lieutenant Damas became the Soulblighter himself. In whole, Myth III succeeds to the best traditions of previous two games in series, and, obviously, will show really deep and full-of-tragedy storyline. Let's take a closer look to what is awaiting for us. The final game will include at least one test mission and 25 campaigns, and 12 missions for playing in the Net.

Here goes just a short list of place-name: Liancarfan, The Crypt of Mazzarin (for those who is unaware of Myth mythology, I should note that it is the previous Leveler), Myrgard (gnomes' town)... However, let's leave this issue aside for a while!

At the enemy's disposal there will be new combat units of Trow the giants' race - Iron Warriors, Trow Priests (similar to generals of Trow and the first Myth game in series) as well as monsters called Heron Guards. Here will be old, but not really good Thralls, Myrmidons, and Soulless. On the humans' side there will be warlocks, swordsmen, berserks and archers. Gnomes, the humans' allies, will be presented not only with malicious midgets with dynamite and Molotov's cocktail, but also with dumpy men with big axes in their hands (it's not clear still whether there will be ant gnomes with mortars from Myth II). Together with that there will be other monsters as well, that is, giant spiders, Lyche, Spider Priest, Mirkridian Giant and others.

A certain Stabatus will be the Avatara in Myth III, also there will be The Watcher (that will have become one-handed later), an Myrdred (that will have taken the part of the humans in Myth II, here he is not good though), a beauty Ravanna (that will have lost her bodily beauty in Myth II), Damas, Mjarin and, of course, Connacht.


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