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LOR III - future of strategy genre


One more interesting piece of news from the world of strategic games is an official announcement of Lords of the Realm III. The information on the project at the official site is quite scarce yet, but that's down the road! The developers of LOR III are focusing on elaborating strategic basis of this game. They promise well-elaborated battles and enlargement of economic works in castles. With a new 3D engine all this is played in real-time in single and multiplayer modes. The game is not a "historical simulator", but is based on real historical events and the actual state of affairs of that time is taken into consideration. Besides talents of a general it will be possible to display talents of a military engineer planning and building out a castle. In LOR III the player will act as a nobleman or as a great lady. In general, starting from a local prince one can increase his rank to a king, pressing other claimants upon a throne. The elaborated economic side of the game promises to simulate the feudal epoch - relations between the sovereign and his vassals, trading with merchants and collapsing with military and political interests of other noblemen. In general, the developers want to take the world of strategies into the 21st century of computer technologies with this project, establishing new standards for this genre not only in respect of graphics and effects but also in respect of well-done elaboration of the gameplay.


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