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Some secret details of Empire Earth


Recently we've promised to share with community some our secret information concerning Empire Earth project. So, according to data at our disposal there will be a sequel to Empire Earth. Risking our lives we succeeded to obtain information according to which Empire Earth will have a fantasy sequel (stand alone add-on). The name is still a secret. I guess that there will be something like Empire Myth or something else of that kind. Creatures like wyverns, dragons, ogres, orcs, gnomes, elves, vikings, barbarians and others will be added to an awaited bestiary. We can guess that there would be at least three races: the humans, the gnomes, and the elves, as to the undead they would be a product of some necromants' "factories". At their disposal will be there own units, of course. The Release of this project is scheduled to the middle of June 2002. So, a big presentation to this project can take place on May 2002, at the E3. Anyway this information is most likely a forecast/guess-work, as far as there hardly will be any official confirmation to this by Sierra On-line in the following days, although the spring will come quite soon and we'll return to this topic (with the intriguing narration).


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