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The first look on Crusader


We present you the one-more joint action by Freelancer and RGW - the spy report on recently announced strategic game - Crusader: Total War. Leaving all lyrics off screen, we present you the extract of facts that have not yet been known to the gaming brotherhood. Events of Crusader take place 400 years after events of the last game under the aegis of Total War. But this time operations happen in less fabulous lands - in Europe and in the Middle East. The events will be shown on the background of bloody battles between the European Christians and the Arabs, when Richard the Lion Heart and Salah-ad-Din were measuring against each other aiming to get hold of Holy Land. As usually, we are promised significant improvement of graphic ability of the engine, and, what is the most interesting, significant increase in quantity of units (up to 60 types) and participants of battles. According to the version used in Crusader, those who could participate in those religious wars are the English, the Arabs, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Russians, the Vikings, the French and the Spaniards. Correspondingly, each side will have its own special units with unordinary abilities. Creative Assembly pays those units special attention. Scheme of development for special characters resembles that of RPG. Gradually gaining experience, your hero obtains special "characteristics", which differently affect your troops. Among these special characters there can be generals and local princes, but also priests, witches, heretics, actors, and philosophers. So, the developers give an example of one Roman sanctimonious person, in the diary of his there were found 45.000 names and surnames of prostitutes he had chances to 'communicate with'. It is such extraordinary persons who will become the extremely interesting novelty in the game. And, of course, we should not forget about units. In the game there will be cannons, complicated English bows and so on. There also will be some changes in the customary, from the times of Shogun, system of fortress siege and defense. The attackers now can use cannons and machines of siege, while defenders can strengthen walls of their fortresses, they can build additional towers and place there archers, as well as artillery. During siege, you will even be able to lead the part of the fortress garrison troops out of the fortress to help your other soldiers to defend the fortress. And, of course, the main goal of such battles is to get hold of main castle gate. And in the end, we'd like to demonstrate you some rendered pictures of units from Crusader. The release date of Crusader: Total War is planned to the summer of 2002, but many things may change during that time.


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