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Myth III

Myth II - it is not a myth!

Once upon the time a small company Bungie Software created a true revolution in the world of computer strategies with its truly original game - Myth: The Fallen Lords. Myth conjoined elements of different strategic games. An outstanding three-dimensional game engine, unique possibilities for a gamer to try himself as a troop general, as a swordsman, as an archer, as a mage or as a disgusting monster - all these hardly were a half of a battle for the game success... The core of the game was a story that created a specific atmosphere of a true role-playing game... Yes, a TRUE ROLE-PLAYING GAME! The role of each personage in this strategic game was amazingly elaborated, the storyline was truly deep and dramatic.

After add-on to Myth II, one could think that it is the end... But this year, surprisingly, it was announced that the work at the Myth III: The Wolf Age has started. After the rights for the development of the Myth series were resold by Take 2, the project was continued by a new team... with an original name Mumbo Jumbo. The head of this project is a well-known person in the computer gaming groups - Scott Campbell, well-known as a head designer for the legendary project Fallout.

Storyline of the both Myth parts haven't left any possibilities to continue the series in future unless necessary to create absolutely new characters, heroes and evil-doers, new legends and new story of the Myth world. The concept of the Myth world says that once a millennium the world is shaken with the colossal wars between the powers of Light and Darkness. A leader to all the evil powers - Leveler - appears to the world. He possesses such an evil power that even his existence itself endangers all the living beings. Accordingly to the genre of all the fairy tales, he is countered by a savior to the world - Avatar. Thus all the parts of the Myth are devoted to the opposition of these Powers.

Colorful legends of the Myth tell us that erstwhile the one who had become the terrible evil-doer and the leader of the Fallen Lords was the greatest hero - Connacht - the one who saved the world from the terrible race of the Hell creatures - myrkridias, and defeated the Leveler of that time - great Moagim. The feature of all the evil-doers and the heroes of this world is that every Avatar with time transforms into the Leveler. That is the fate of the hapless saviors of the world - to become, after a millennium, its curse... Maybe he was right - a wise man - who told that a knight of the light side who had been fighting the dragons for the whole life of his would become the evil that is much bigger than all the dragons that perished under his sword!

The storyline of the Myth III will take place a millennium before the storyline of the first part. In the year 1412 of the Wolf Age mankind will encounter a danger of bloodthirsty myrkridias and evil giants Trow under the leadership of the dark mage Moagim. This time we will play on the side of those we have been fighting against in the previous Myths - against Connacht who later transformed into Balor, the Leader of the Fallen Lords, and against his true lieutenant Damas, who later transformed into the Soulblighter himself! At the time the game begins Moagim is in the peak of his power, he has already crushed the last barrier on his way to the global domination - the Cath Bruig empire. To restore the balance of the powers, to save the world and to destroy terrible myrkridias is the basic goal of the gamer.

Here you do not need to manage resources, to build barracks or to arm your army. The only resource is your troops and it is strictly limited. So, you have to use the best of your talents as a general to complete a mission with a lesser casualty. In some missions, important characters will join you - you will have to accompany them somewhere or you will need them to complete a special task. You must not loose them!

You may divide your troops into groups and give them their own special tasks. An important element of the strategy is to form your squadron. Success or failure of the attack or the defense crucially depends upon the correct troop formation on different landscape. You will have to storm forts, to fight in woods, mountains, and marshes, on the river crossing places, in approach to cities. Under your command there will be archers, swordsmen, mages, dwarfs the mine-throwers and many others.

As before, fighters will be able to come from one mission into another and to become more experienced in fighting: faster, stronger and more precise. Maybe, magic artifacts will be available, as far as they have become an essential part of the previous parts.

Maps in Myth III will give great possibilities for maneuver, thus you will be to get to the victory by different ways and to replay missions without loosing your interest.

The game has an original engine of Myth II, although it was strongly modified. There will be no more sprite unites - they will be changed by true three-dimensional models, they would move correctly on different landscape and react on any physical effects. Environment will become more interactive - you will be able to create true trench with the bottles of crafty dwarfs, to make mine-fields-traps for your enemy, speed and direction of the wind will effect the arrow flight, and the warrior's speed will depend upon the type of a landscape.

An updated engine allows to actualize on maps of Myth III trees with leaves moving in the wind, floating water, waves and true-looking light. The new engine would be able to demonstrate the landscape beauty by 16-bit textures instead of 8-bit ones of Myth II. The soil will not remain deserted, just painted into different colors. The engine will be able to create grass and stones, leaf litter and other decorations. For fighters' animation a new Tiki technology will be used (it was used in Heavy Metal: FAKK2).

All the technical innovations would not be able to pay for the loss of the Myth spirit of its distinction. And that would definitely happen if developers emphasized on the multiplayer mode. Fortunately, as before there will be a well elaborated storyline and campaign of 25 missions with qualitative briefings by way of diary notes. Although that does not mean that the multiplayer mode was forgotten. In Myth III it is planned to support such modes as Last Man on the Hill, Assassin, and Stampede and Capture the Flag as well as some new ones like Grinder, Tribes and Assault.

Just take a look at some units of Myth III to make sure that the game would warrant its high requirements to the hard stuff of your PC. And those requirements are, at least, CPU 500 Megahertz, 96 Megs of RAM and video like Voodoo 2 or TNT.

Myth III is in a development stage since November of last year, and as developers say, it is in a pre-alpha stage. Thus it is not playable yet. But anyway, it is planned the game to be available in shops by the Xmas of this year. It is hard to believe in it, but let's depend on the developers' talent... as far as the desire to play Myth III is too strong! To all the aforesaid you can add the map editor... so we can just hold our breath and wait for news on this interesting project!

- Yuri Bushin

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