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UB Map Editor manual

This is Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business Map Editor manual which was missed in some UB versions. (MS Word 97-2000 format).

Download  (Downloads:  4889)

4,5 MB

This is a mod for Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business Version 1.01. It incorporates elements of W4st's TpForum patch, Wildfire's JA2 mod, suggestions from the Tactical Planet JA2 crowd, and my own input and research. The mod is balanced for both greater realism, and more intense gameplay.

To install simply unzip in your Ja2 UB directory. You must have W4st's weapon editor installed. After you've unzipped the archive, use the save changes to UB batch file to apply the stats changes.

New Weapons, Items, and Graphics:

- M25 Sniper Rifle
- Steyr AUG HBAR (LMG variant)
- .50 cal Desert Eagle
- Magnum BFR (.50 cal revolver)
- Colt Defender (.45 pistol)
- Separate 7.62x54mm ammo for Dragunov
- 45 round RPK-74 magazines HP and AP (taken from Wildfire's patch)
- 100 round 7.62 NATO box for the H&K 21 machinegun (also from Wildfire)
- New pictures for Dragunov and H&K 21 (also courtesy of Wildfire)

Download Patch

Readme to patch

Download  (Downloads:  15230)

Author: Adhiraj Sarpeshkar

878 Kb
Advanced Mercenary Profile Editor

This program allows you edit any main character's value.

Download Part I  (Downloads:  13853)
Download Part II  (Downloads:  11392)

Author: Ennor Tiegael

1.9 MB
UB Cheats Enabler

This program allows activating cheat codes for JA2: UB 1.0 and 1.01.

Download  (Downloads:  10380)

Author: Linx
URL: Linx-JA2

103 Kb
Map converter v1.1

It is small utility for converting of JA2 and UB map files from one format to another. For example, You can convert a JA2 map to format of the UB editor, edit it, and then convert it back to JA2 format and replace a standard JA2 map. The utility can convert files between four known formats:

- UB Editor - format used in the editor UB
- UB - format of internal UB maps
- JA2 type 1 - format of JA2 maps, used AFAIK in the 1.6/English version
- JA2 type 2 - other JA2 maps format, used in the version 1.02/Russian

The converter can take cards both from separate files and from SLF packages. For replacing of standard JA2 or UB maps is unessential to pack them in maps.slf. It is enough to put a new map (converted to right format) into directory Data/Maps (JA2) or Campaigns/Unfinished Business (UB).

Download  (Downloads:  10587)

Author: Gold

4 Kb
W4st's Editor 2.21

Version 2.21

Some new versions are supported in this version:
- Supports German 1.02B
- Bug Fix: Armour editing for German 1.02 fixed
- Supports 1.07
- Supports UB 1.01 Russian

- Supports German JA2 1.02 and 1.05.
- Bug fix: Attachments were pointing to the wrong area for Dutch 1.02.
- Batch file for applying Burst Bug patch.
- Batch file for extracting item description data from “BinaryData.slf”.
- Some additional column descriptions added.

- Supports Unfinished Business
- Comes bundled with a utility to de-crypt the JA2.EXE files (not needed for UB)
- Allows full editing of Item Attachments, Item Exclusions, Item Combinations, and “Tons of Guns” Weapon and Ammo Conversions.
- The Editor is now completely separate from the Wildfire and TPForum Mods, and these will no longer be bundled with the editor. (I will still be releasing separate packages to support these.)
- The Patch utility no longer adds Creature Cocktails, because this can now be done directly with the Editor.
- Supports UB 1.01
- Easy to use batch files for people unfamiliar with MS-DOS

- Edit Bobby Ray's Rate of Fire descriptions.
- Edit Burst Fire sound effect filenames.
- Supports 1.03
Download  (Downloads:  49325)

Author: W4st

219 Kb
Official patches
Eng. UB patch v1.01

This file includes the files necessary to update Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business to version 1.01. This patch is intended for English versions only.

Download  (Downloads:  6536)

1.6 Mb
German UB patch v1.01

This patch is for German version only and removes several bugs. For example, the game has crashed when hiring more mercs after the Laptop is fixed, there were problems with Manuel after 5-6 experience level reached, some phrases were missing, and the bug was present when hiring more than 6 mercs.

Download  (Downloads:  2146)

4.1 Mb
Unofficial patches»
Fixes for undestroyable walls

This is a new file which fixes the undestroyable walls problem. It works both for the English version of the game and for other versions. To use it you have to unpach the archve into the ..\Tilesets\50 folder off your Data folder. As usual, you'll have to start a new game.

Download  (Downloads:  4371)

Author: Snap Cat

1 Kb

If you made full UB installation (650 Mb) now your game will check CD only at start but not during the game. If you have problems with space on your HD, now you can delete "speech.slf" and "npc_speech.slf". But after that you can hear only mercs command phrases like "Yes, sir!". This patch works only with English UB.

Download  (Downloads:  6270)

Author: Gold

1 Kb
Money Trainer

Start the game, and hit: ALT+TAB then hit: CTRL+SHIFT+M And Now you have Money.

Download  (Downloads:  10376)

21 Kb
UB Trainer +4

Another money trainer for UB.

Download  (Downloads:  6810)

181 Kb
Lorentz UB Trainer 1.0

You can get: unlimited action point, unlimited energy, unlimited ammo, and unlimited health.

Download  (Downloads:  10873)

114 Kb
Other files
Omerta map for Heroes 3

This map created for HOMM 3 and inspirated by war in Arulco.

Download  (Downloads:  4636)

Author: Single

9 Kb


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