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Help to Gather the Data!

After numerous game completions, long term forum reading and constant help from Map readers (thank you very much!) the data contained here is quite full. However there are still present some moments I consider an assumption, or it is simply absent on map. I would be very appreciated to thoose who can help in below issues and definitely thank anyone who will contribute their info. So, I need:

  • Map screenshots with random stores of 1.00 version (German edition) in B7 and L14, if it exists. I need maps accessed with right mouse button click to small map in bottom right corner during tactical mode.

  • Sector coordinates where Hamous may be met FOR SURE, and map screenshots for such sectors with Hamous at the point of meeting (now I know about D3, D7, D9, C9, G6, E12, F12). If you have no screenshot, plain text description is OK too.

  • Any confirmations or refutations of orange color hypotheses, especially any confirmed info on patrol routes or cat encounters.

  • Any additions or corrections to any sector descriptions, from general review to trophys list.

  • Exact info on encounters with terrorists (name or nick, sector, exact place of residence on map).

  • Exact info on encounters with assasins (name, sector, exact initial position on map).

You can send your letters to [email protected]. This address is also placed at the bottom of each map page. Waiting for your letters! :-)

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