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Many thanks to all people whose advices, suggestions and miscellaneous information allowed me to create this Map. Special thanks to: Nexus7 - he was the man who forced me to start creating this Map; Yurg - for his great site Freelancer, random event sector coordinates, miscellaneous useful patches to the game and continuous support of interest to the game among Russian speaking fans; DuF - for tons of different advices and data, and also for texts "Mercenary's Diary" and "All Quests of Arulco"; Shirson - for transforming general map into almost 3D picture; Vlada - for the coordinates of almost all sectors with cats and everyday support in forming and verifying hypotheses; AL - for his useful SLF file depacker granted access to previously unavailable sectors.


To the attention of all JA2 fans:
if you can add or correct any information from the Map - please write to this address.


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