Surface Level
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Last update:

15/07/00 - Additions in many sectors. Sufficient: sectors with Devin (clever guy this Irish :)); almost all sectors with terrorists (known locations are highlighted); Balime (assasin meeting locations are highlighted); B4; P3, P3-1; H5; K4-1. Minor corrections in many other sectors.

Enlarged highlighted surface map Surface Level Sublevel 1 Sublevel 2 Sublevel 3

To review enlarged map with highlighted events, random buildings, characters and other interesting things, click on Magnifier Button to the left of Map Levels. Later you can return to this page by clicking on any corner of enlarged map border.

Many thanks to all people whose advices, suggestions and miscellaneous information allowed me to create this Map. Special thanks to: Nexus7 - he was the man who forced me to start creating this Map; Yurg - for his great site Freelancer, random event sector coordinates, miscellaneous useful patches to the game and continuous support of interest to the game among Russian speaking fans; DuF - for tons of different advices and data, and also for texts "Mercenary's Diary" and "All Quests of Arulco"; Shirson - for transforming general map into almost 3D picture; Vlada - for the coordinates of almost all sectors with cats and everyday support in forming and verifying hypotheses; AL - for his useful SLF file depacker granted access to previously unavailable sectors.


To the attention of all JA2 fans:
if you can add or correct any information from the Map - please write to this address.


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