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This map is not walkthrough or solution, however quite close to it. Sector descriptions contain: brief general review of sector (landscape, buildings, interesting moments and events), list of NPC to meet and type of possible unnamed enemies (plus details related to these NPC and enemies), list of possible trophys.

Trophy list DO NOT CONTAIN because of its unpredicable nature the items dropped by killed enemies (excluding some very important trophys, which are more or less permanently present in sector). Trophy classification to important and not-so-important is strictly subjective and based on standard Arulco conquer route: Omerta-Drassen&SAM-[San Mona / Cambria&SAM / Chitzena&SAM]-Alma-{Grumm / Orta / Tixa]-Meduna. So, for example, night goggles found on D15 SAM, or HK-21 stolen from gray elite soldier on Central SAM considered as important trophys. Same goggles and HK-21 found in, for example, Orta - are not important anymore.

I have also rarely included tactical advices to text. I think player is more interested to develop own tactics instead of replicating other people's steps. I have let myself to step aside from this rule in some complex sector descriptions or where such advice seems unusual and interesting.

When creating this Map to Arulco, I have tried to make it as easy to use as I could. Only you can judge how far I succeed. Below is small set of hints to using the map navigation:

  • To read the separate sector description, click on it once with left mouse button.

  • Pressing the "?" icon in bottom right corner of general map, you can read the index "Who-what-where-when-why" containing the list of items and NPC and links to sectors where you can find them. Note: this feature is not available yet.

  • When in standard (non-highlighted) general map mode, use the table "Map Levels" below the map to change sublevel.

  • Sectors unavailable on Map (cursor is not transforming into pointing finger :-)), are unavailable in the game too (water covered / shaded / completely underground).

  • NOTE THE COLOR OF TEXT! Green (khaki) - confirmed constant info, light-purple - confirmed random, orange - assumption to be confirmed later.

  • Clicking on NPC portrait in sector description, you can read the list of his parameters and carried items. Note: this option is not active yet.

  • Time of arrival and departure, NPC working hours, etc. is rounded for better memorability. Real time schedule for most NPC is shifted to minus 5-10 minutes (i.e. arrival at 8:00 am means 7:50 or 7:55 really; similarly departure at 7:00 pm means 6:55 or 6:50).

  • You can return to general map from sector description by clicking on corresponding link at the bottom of the page or at the top (at the top this link is represented by shortcut by top left corner of sector map).

  • Pressing the button with magnifier, you can see enlarged map of surface level highlighting the sectors with RND events or characters.

  • Large amounts of text are separated by redirecors to the top of page.

  • Sector descriptions contain a lot of hyperlinks allowing to find the necessary info promptly.

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