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Mercenary's menu Interview


[Christofer] - Christofer Sundberg (Paradox Entertainment)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg]: Christofer, what are the most difficult and most interesting for You in your work at Warzone Online project?

[Christofer]: The most interesting part at this point is getting the command system and the interface finally in place and get down to some real testing and playing around with the game. The command system is quite unique and will be both fast and fun to play with.

[Yurg]: What Warzone Online' stage of development is, and what were the changes for last months?

[Christofer]: We have left the phase of testing and designing behind us and are now moving into a very interesting phase where the game is really taking shape.

[Yurg]: Taking into consideration last screenshots - world of Warzone Online suffered great changes (I mean quality of graphics). Is that a tribute to vogue or a raise of the system requirements level?

[Christofer]: The Valpurgius 3D Engine was capable of much more than it was six months ago, but it will not affect the level of the system requirements.

[Yurg]: Tell about physical system of Warzone Online engine. Is it possible to destroy buildings or to deform a landscape?

[Christofer]: I cannot really comment on this at this point. However, our ambition is to keep the world as realistic as possible.

[Yurg]: Tell about planets where the combats will take place. Will the landscapes be generated in a random way or they will be limited with number of maps?

[Christofer]: There will be a large number of warzones to play in. Some of them require a higher rank, which means that you will have to reach a certain experience level to access them.

[Yurg]: Christofer, tell about weaponry. What 'hell machines' will the army be armed with and will that be possible for gamer to equip the 'models'?

[Christofer]: Weapons? You name it, we got it! You will play with everything from chains, claws and magic to revolvers, machine guns, chainsaws and flamethrowers. You cannot equip your troops though, more than with grenades and mines of different kinds. Every troop has a function in the game and when composing your force according to the mission you have chosen to play, your army will be your resources to manage. Your skill in choosing the right troop for the right mission will be essential for your success.

[Yurg]: Will in game be a "vehicles"?

[Christofer]: There are vehicles, dinosaurs to ride on and mounted weapons.

[Yurg]: There are, always, rare, even unique, models with unordinary capabilities in table war-game. Will there be something like that in your game?

[Christofer]: Yes, definitely. We have included all the models from the TTG in our game design and our ambition is to have them all ready for the game's release. We have changed the appearance of many of them, but their function in the game will be the same.

[Yurg]: Tell something about such an interesting game aspect as records of the gamers progresses? Is it planned to make a ladder for records at the server, and, hence, ranks or grades for distinguished players?

[Christofer]: Definitely! We will both have ranking systems, ladders and tournaments.

[Yurg]: Continuing the previous question it would be interesting to know: what will conditions for victory be? And what would be necessary for it? To get definite amount of scores, to destroy the enemy completely, or to take definite locations at the map?

[Christofer]: There will be different victory conditions from warzone to warzone. It can vary from escorting mission, recon missions, assault, patrolling and much more.

[Yurg]: How many gamers would be able to take part in the battle at once?

[Christofer]: 32 players in each warzone.

[Yurg]: There are some serious problems while playing via the Internet. The main one is the quality of connection. Support for proxy and firewall is also important. So, to what extent the WZO is compatible with these systems, and what will be the requirements to the dial-up connection.

[Christofer]: At this point the game is playable with a 56k, which has been our goal. If it will be the same by release remains to be seen, but that is what we are aiming at.

[Yurg]: Christofer, please, tell about game service of WZO. Are you going to develop your own On-line service (like or to use already created ones like GameSpy?

[Christofer]: There is no real need for those kind of services in Warzone Online as the games are being played on the WZO servers only.

[Yurg]: Please, elaborate which platforms will the game be working at? Do you have ant pans about Macintosh?

[Christofer]: No mac or Linux versions are planned at this point.

[Yurg]: Do You plan to localize game modules of Warzone Online?

[Christofer]: It all depends on our publisher. We will probably do German, French, Italian and Spanish versions as they are pretty standard these days.

[Yurg]: What about the demo-version? Are the plans still the same?

[Christofer]: We will see. Most likely after release.

[Yurg]: Thanks for an interesting conversation! We sincerely wish you success in the creation of the game!

[Christofer]: Thanks!


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