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Mercenary's menu Interview


[Christofer] - Christofer Sundberg (Paradox Entertainment)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg]: Thanks for your willingness to talk about Warzone Online. Christofer, could you give at least the general picture of how far the developers have advanced in creating the game?

[Christofer]: We have come to a point where the engine is near completion along with many of the troops. Still, we are a year away from completion.

[Yurg]: I've received several letters asking about the units in the game. Are those sprite or 3-D models?

[Christofer]: 3D models. Polycount is still to be finalized.

[Yurg]: Please tell me if players will have an opportunity to color fighters' models themselves?

[Christofer]: Nope. They have uniforms, and their corporate leaders won't approve any free-thinking anarcistic coloring. :)

[Yurg]: Christofer, are you planning to issue something like a demo version or open beta test, like Stress Test for Diablo 2?

[Christofer]: Definetly. The beta test will start around March.

[Yurg]: Are you planning to deepen the game's tactical aspects? Can you tell as, to what degree the tactics of the fight will influence the course of the campaign?

[Christofer]: Tactics will be used to a high degree. More realistic than your normal RTS. You will have to assign orders to troops within the squad to perform certain tasks - like recon and sniping.

[Yurg]: Which special effects will the game's engine realize?

[Christofer]: All kinds of stuff. Unlimited weather effects - including volumetric clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, wind, special lightning, volumetric fog, dynamic sunshine, 24hr effects and many more.

[Yurg]: Can you announce the publisher of Warzone Online? Or at least the approximate time when this information will be known?

[Christofer]: We will announce our publisher this fall.

[Yurg]: What display resolution wills the game work for? It is very sad when new popular games remain in 640x480 resolution.

[Christofer]: Anything your graphics card can support.

[Yurg]: What platforms will the game work on? Are you planning to provide support on new generation consoles like PS2 and X-Box? If so, which ones?

[Christofer]: PC and X-Box.

[Yurg]: Is Warzone Online your lonely product at this tome, or are you working with other projects too?

[Christofer]: Yes. We have one unannounced, which we will keep the lid on for a while. It is based on the Valpurgius technology, though.

[Yurg]: Do you communicate to Warzone world fans? Did it ever happen that their ideas were accepted and included into the design of the game?

[Christofer]: We communicate to the Warzone fans. The experienced TTG players will be a big help later on in the production.

[Yurg]: Could you tell me what takes up the most effort in the process of game creation?

[Christofer]: Design and balancing.

[Yurg]: Thanks for an interesting conversation! We sincerely wish you success in the creation of the game!

[Christofer]: Thanks!


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