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Mercenary's menu Interview


[IAN] - Ian Currie (Sir-Tech)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Ian, UB release process was quite hard. The game development has been completed long ago. What do you feel now? Are you happy or, on the contrary, sad? Do you plan to take a vacation for some time or you will engage in other project now?

[IAN] Well, I'm happy it's finally out - considering we finished the game last February/March. I'm also happy we were able to get the editor into people's hands. I'm very sad to hear how quickly people finished the game, though, and I'm also sad to hear that some other people found it too hard and got frustrated.

[Yurg] After the completion of UB, you have joined Wizardry 8 project. And it is close to completion too. Currently Sir-Tech has no announced game projects. What are the company plans for next half a year?

[IAN] Well, we have announced that we are working on JA3. We don't have a website up, nor are we giving details about it out yet, but it's in development.

[Yurg] Now back to Jagged Alliance. What are you thinking about series future?

[IAN] Lots of changes. Can't tell you yet. You're not ready... :-) The little we did mention has got people worried about so many things. Just mentioning that we would use a 3D engine seems to make people jump to the conclusion that we're making a realtime, first person shooter like Quake. So, we'll wait until we can show people more before we mention anything else.

[Yurg] Official Sir-Tech site has presented some UB map drafts. Are you going to release some official UB campaigns? I.e. something like E-Mail X-Com mission pack composed of amateur maps.

[IAN] Well, you never know. First priority is to get templates made so the work that one person has done can easily be used in more than one campaign. We'll see how it goes...

[Yurg] Ian, is it possible that some day UB patch will be released? Programmers done a good job, and it has almost no considerable bugs. If the patch is nevertheless planned, will it add cheats to the game?

[IAN] We're working on a patch right now to fix a couple obscure bugs. We won't release cheats until later.

[Yurg] For now, it is no use asking what JA3 is going to look like. Too early. But will the company announce this project soon? If so, I hope the head designer of future game is you? :)

[IAN] I am not the head designer, Chris Camfield is. I am the producer, though, so I still have a lot of influence...

[Yurg] Thank you! :)

[IAN] Thank you!


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