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[Silver Style] - Carsten Strehse (Silver Style Entertainment)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg]: Greetings! Please, introduce yourself to our readers. What do you do in Silver Style?

[Silver Style]: Greetings! My name is Carsten Strehse. I am the lead designer of Natural Resistance and Managing Director of Silver Style Entertainment. The company is developing entertainment software since 1993. In the past we worked together with publishers like Virgin or THQ. Since the beginning of 2001 we are working with JoWooD and are quite happy about that.

[Yurg]: Could you introduce Natural Resistance to our readers? In short, what kind of the game is it?

[Silver Style]: Natural Resistance is a 3D real time tactic game with a cinematic story and bombastic graphics.

[Yurg]: To what extent is the storyline linear, and how can the player affect course of events? In other words, what does depend on the player?

[Silver Style]: The player has influence on many segments of the storyline. He can choose between different ways to reach the end of the game and the types of missions depends on decisions of the player. He has to choose between working with the Claws or the TFR (two gangs who are controlling an area near the base of the player) for example. The storyline and the missions will be completely different if he chooses the Claws instead of the TFR.

[Yurg]: Please, tell us how the storyline is built. What model have you used as a base: that of "campaigns and separate missions" or that of "global developments around the entire globe"?

[Silver Style]: The story itself has an epic touch. In 2003 a biological catastrophe strikes the world and the human race nearly died out. In 2013 six scientists choose to leave their bunker where they had stayed for the last 10 years. The player leads this team through different missions with the final goal to find out what happened in 2003.

[Yurg]: What are the advantages of Natural Resistance's engine if compared with others?

[Silver Style]: The Natural Resistance engine gives our level designers and artists more flexibility than any other existing engine. Every object and every terrain texture can be placed in the way the designer wants, there isn't a grid or another limiting factor. So the engine is able to present very unique levels. Even with this features the engine supports very large landscapes full of detailed objects. Completed by a high range of sight, the engine offers an impressive scenery. But also in the details the engine does an outstanding job. For instance soldiers have different animations for every vehicle they can get into. One important feature is the editor. With the built-in editor the player can create own missions and campaigns and he gets the same features as our game and level designers. This includes scripting and the movie editor.

[Yurg]: Will be the weather conditions, illumination and other up-to-date features used in the game, and will (if 'yes' then - how) they affect strategy of combating?

[Silver Style]: Snow, rain and sunlight are simulated and affect the range of sight of the units. Also in night- missions the range of sight is significantly reduced, that changes the required tactics dramatically. In addition to this there are different weather conditions in the game, which affect the controlling of the units.

[Yurg]: Does the engine of the game use any "physical model", which allows realization of destructible surfaces, damageable objects and ground?

[Silver Style]: Almost every object is destructible. I say almost because very small objects and special items are not, but anything else can be damaged and destroyed. Some of these damaged objects may harm your soldiers. A burning gas tank, for example, is not a source of health. Explosions deform the ground. The remaining craters provide cover and slow down vehicles.

[Yurg]: And the last question concerning the engine: what are the system requirements of the engine?

[Silver Style]: P3 500 MHz
128 MB

[Yurg]: Please, tell about NR's peculiarities. How big will the battles be and how will the player participate in them?

[Silver Style]: Natural Resistance is a tactic game. So the player will not deal with dozens of military units. He has to control small teams up to 12 soldiers and 8 military units. It is necessary for him to build up a clear strategy for each mission. Normally he can not find success in frontal attacks.

[Yurg]: Will you implement a possibility to see the world with the eyes of an individual soldier, and what actions, besides 'walking'n'shooting', will be available to each soldier?

[Silver Style]: There will be no first person view in Natural Resistance. There is no need for this. Soldiers have a lot of actions. Simple things like "hide" or "combat without weapon" or special actions like "use laser target projector" or "ask for aircraft support". There are too many actions to name them in this interview.

[Yurg]: What is the role of the military equipment and machinery in the game? Are they used as means of transportation/firing and must be controlled by soldiers or they are independent units?

[Silver Style]: Each military unit has to be controlled by one ore more soldiers. Some units like the "Ural" are only for transportation, but most units are armed with different absolute realistic weapon systems.

[Yurg]: What is the economic component of the game? Is it necessary to build bases, to worry about ammo production or 'creating' the manpower? What raw materials are necessary for the player's welfare?

[Silver Style]: In Natural Resistance the player does not have to build up bases or to use raw materials. Everything he needs is in the forts of his enemies. He has to steal vehicles, weapons and ammo. If the player needs more soldiers, he has to look for volunteers in the next village or town or has to get renegades for example.

[Yurg]: How many kinds of units are there in the game? Will it be possible to manufacture them or the only way to obtain them is to capture or to find them somewhere?

[Silver Style]: There are 23 units in the game. The only way to obtain them is to capture them, but it is possible to build them up in your base (you can put an MG on your Hummer, for example).

[Yurg]: What characteristics will soldiers have and will be there a possibility to develop and improve these characteristics? If it is so, how can a certain soldier are trained?

[Silver Style]: Each Soldier has special talents like "athletics", "using TNT" or "heavy weapons". A special feature is the possibility to increase the capabilities of a soldier by using drugs or by genetic manipulation.

[Yurg]: Will be these perfect vehicles pre-rendered or created by engine?

[Silver Style]: All available shots from Natural Resistance are right out of the engine and not pre-rendered (we know it is hard to believe :). Every single unit in the game is an absolute realistic picture of the real existing one.

[Yurg]: With what modes will the multiplayer of NR be presented and how many players will be able to play simultaneously?

[Silver Style]: 8 Players
Death Match
Every game mode implementable through scripting

[Yurg]: Are you planning to release a public demo-version and when do you plan to complete working at the project?

[Silver Style]: Yes, it is planned to release a demo version of Natural Resistance in February 2002. The project will be finished in March 2002. I would recommend your readers to take a look at our website or the website of our partner Jowood ( to get the latest news.

[Yurg]: Many thanks for your answers! We wish you good luck and are looking forward to news concerning your project!

[Silver Style]: Thank you for your interest in our work!


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