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Mercenary's menu Interview


[Christofer] - Christofer Sundberg (Paradox Entertainment)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Please, tell how have you come to an idea to create a separate, not-online project of the Mutant Chronicles world?

[Christofer] The Mutant Chronicles universe has a very rich and unique background to build a story on. As it is harder to communicate the storyline and backgrounds of the different factions in a multiplayer game, we decided to make a single-player game as well.

[Yurg] So, the new game is going to be a pure strategic game. What will be the radical difference of MCWZ from WZO, besides the fact that the latest one in going to be an online project?

[Christofer] Not at all - MCWZ is a tactical action game, just like WZO. There are some gameplay differences though.

[Yurg] You're going to include a storyline into the game. Could you lift the veil of secrecy, whom are we going to fight against?

[Christofer] You will play four armies through an impressive storyline and they are in war with each other. The armies are named Capitol, Imperial, Bauhaus and Dark Legion.

[Yurg] How will the campaign in the game be developing? How many missions or special tasks will be there?

[Christofer] As it looks like at this point, we'll have 10 missions each.

[Yurg] How will the economic element be expressed in MCWZ?

[Christofer] There is no traditional resource management in MCWZ meaning that your resources are your troops. Depending on how well you play a mission, you'll be able to access different troops in the following mission.

[Yurg] What types of missions will be in the game?

[Christofer] Assaults, escort, demolition, recon and many more. They will take place in different environments and the engine features changes in the weather and climate, which will also affect the gameplay.

[Yurg] Could you tell something on the gameplay. For instance, how will the player be forming his/her army, what will be limiting the player's choice of the most advanced units? Will that be possible to count on some reinforcement during battle? In general, how will be the actions developing?

[Christofer] After each successful mission, you'll head back to the base and get ready for the next mission. The really advanced units will be available during the campaign and will be there for you to place in your squad. The limitations are based in the rules of the Mutant Chronicles: Warzone tabletop game, where we use a form of the TTG point-per-unit system.

[Yurg] Tell about units. Are they going to be models? How many of them will be in the game, and what are theirs parameters and characteristics?

[Christofer] There will be humans, demons and vehicles (flying and ground). About 90% of the units from the tabletop game will be in the game and then some. That adds up to quite an army to choose from.

[Yurg] Will the characteristics of the soldiers be developing, and will there be a possibility to take some of them from mission to mission?

[Christofer] Some will and some won't. Unless they are not half-dead, you'll be able to take them with you from mission to mission.

[Yurg] What do you lay special emphasis on? Single player mode or multiplayer mode?

[Christofer] We give both modes equal time at this point.

[Yurg] Do you plan to make in MCWZ the online Hall of Fame or something like that?

[Christofer] There will be an online hall of fame.

[Yurg] It would be interesting to get more details on multiplayer mode. What types of the game will be supported, and will that be possible to complete a campaign in the multiplayer mode?

[Christofer] These are features that are not official at this point.

[Yurg] I did not ask any questions on graphics deliberately, as far as its quality beyond any doubts. But AI is an essential problem of all strategic games. How do you imagine AI in MCWZ?

[Christofer] Your enemies will work in teams, use internal communication to set up own strategies and use vision and hearing to track you down, as a few examples.

[Yurg] As far as MCWZ supports the combat against computer, do you plan to make a mode of 'tactical pause', when the player can hold up actions for a while to give orders to his/her soldiers?

[Christofer] Nope. It's all in real-time.

[Yurg] How much of MCWZ is done for now? And do you plan to conduct an open beta testing?

[Christofer] We're still very early in production. Yes, there will be a chance for a number of you to beta-test the game.

[Yurg] As far as I know the publisher is not yet announced. When approximately should we expect this piece of news?

[Christofer] Soon.

[Yurg] And the last question, when should we expect the release of the game?

[Christofer] Where aiming at the spring of '02.


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