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Knights of the Cross


[Cenega] - Maks (Freemind)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Why have you selected so unusual subject - Knights war strategy?

[Freemind] The knighthood period is described colourfully in the literature. The Poles have a sentimental attachment to this period. That time of our history is known by everybody in our country, mainly due to 'Knights of the cross' novel. In this light it is surprising there was no dedicated game yet.

[Yurg] As far as I know there was no similar history-focused project before. Do you feel yourselves like discoverers? :)

[Freemind] To some extend, yes! We needed to make a lot of efforts to present middle-aged battles in computer games format. Weapons and the tactics differs considerably from the current art of war.

[Yurg] How the Cross warriors are to be divided?

[Freemind] Certainly, the differences among particular units are considerable. For instance, heavy infantry with a pike is much more efficient in defence against cavalry charge than in attacking. An infantry with a sword is efficient while attacking.

[Yurg] Will the battle conditions really be close to real historical battles on Polish territory?

[Freemind] The main battles reflect the history, but since the hero is a fictional, some of the battles have never taken place. Besides, the game doesn't need to follow the history. It depends on the player if the history repeats or changes completely.

[Yurg] Could you please describe the main capacities of game engine?

[Freemind] When creating the engine we tried to create as real environment as possible. It is raining, storming, snowing, the water waves, smoke from a chimney and the birds are flying. Sounds make it just better.

[Yurg] How much warriors can fights in battle on both sides?

[Freemind] There is no limit. It is up to our economic abilities and victories in some key moments. If we win other knights might join us and the gold is flowing to us. We can have either not numerous, but well trained and equipped army or to appropriate funds to number of peasants.

[Yurg] Will the game take into account the landscape; is there any difference in combat tactics under various weather conditions?

[Freemind] Weather and terrain condition play the key role while choosing battle tactics. For instance, while strong wind, the bowman can hardly hit the target or even can't reach the enemies. The battlefield is a matter as well. The cavalry is losing much when battling in the forest. A rain and a storm take away the chance of charging. Obviously, there is no point in battling on the swamp. You can find a plenty of such dependencies in the game.

[Yurg] Basing on first screenshots, we can assume there will be castles and other fortifications in the game. What is their purpose, will the player be able to take part in fortress walls defence or siege?

[Freemind] Indeed, there are fortifications in the game. The defence of the castle is pretty easy until the opponent doesn't break through inside. A couple of the war machines are useful when besiege.

[Yurg] I can see the game is using both cannons and catapults... what other combat machinery will be implemented and how are you going to establish the balance between living force and deadly power of gunpowder?

[Freemind] There are just a couple of war machines in the game, but only one of them uses gunpowder. It was just the beginning of using gunpowder. The mentioned machine is a bombard. It was made of stone and the barrel was very short. The stone balls were the bullets. Hitting anything smaller the castle walls was like a miracle. The means that gunpowder's importance in the game is low.

[Yurg] What stats describe each warrior?

[Freemind] Every warrior is described by 80 parameters. It is displayed in much more simple way for the player, however. An orientation with such a number of ratios would be impossible than.

[Yurg] Will the unit formations be taken into account? For example, cavalry, lancer and archer formations - this issue is very important!

[Freemind] The formations in the game are the point. Bad formation or, even worse its lack leads to the defeat. The player has an ability to control every unit separately what gives high freedom and forces to high self-control.

[Yurg] We know player is able to change knight's weapons, armor and etc. Could you please put some more details of knight upgrade system?

[Freemind] The upgrade system is a point. From the very beginning we need to decide on one way of the developing army and follow its consequences. The basic of the system is warriors training. This factor influences the weapons, the unit can use. The training is expensive and takes time. After increasing the training level we can begin changing weapons and armour. I personally recommend the more sophisticated and more expensive versions. Although u need to pay more, but when we meet an enemy with better training and equipment outdo ours then even number of units may not be enough.

[Yurg] Will the victories or defeats in certain battles affect the whole campaign; are you giving the chance to "rewrite the history"?

[Freemind] Yes. The plot depends on player's victories and defeats. It may happen that the game will go in opposite way then history.

[Yurg] What is the game's economic component? How the necessary resources are being accumulated, what are these resources?

[Freemind] The only economic factor is gold, which is gained by winning the battles. The fashion of the victory is a count. If we beat him by a trick, we will be awarded by the king, but the plunder will be limited. So conducting an open combat, allowing acquiring high plunders is most profitable. Avoiding losing precious units must be kept in mind as well. There are battles, we should withdraw than fight and win losing many units. We will get some gold from the king even if we lose, although we can not expect generosity then.

[Yurg] Apparently there will be a multiplayer and what sort of game type will be available?

[Freemind] Multiplayer mode is available in three modes. The tactics in each of them is completely different. We have 23 maps available and an editor for making your own maps.

[Yurg] When are you planning to complete the project?

[Freemind] The project has been completed and should hit the shelves soon.

[Yurg] We are wishing you success in this project and hoping to see it soon with our own eyes!


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