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Mercenary's menu Interview



[Adrienne] - Adrienne Berkes (The 3DO Company)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Tell our readers about the HoMM4 add-on team. Who is the lead designer of this project?

[Adrienne] Jon Van Caneghem is now leading the design on all titles being worked on at New World Computing. Two designers are working for Jon on the expansion(s) are Christian Vanover and Bryan Farina.

[Yurg] Could you clarify the matter with multiplayer mode in Heroes 4? Will there be a patch or we'll have to wait until the add-on pack is released?

[Adrienne] The multiplayer patch is due to be released very soon. Information will be forthcoming to the people in Europe expecting to help distribute it over the internet - so stay tuned. It will also be part of the Expansion Pack as well though.

[Yurg] If it's possible, tell us what story awaits us in the new game? Or will it be simply six short non-interrelated stories like in HoMM2 expansion?

[Adrienne] Five heroes, Bohb the Archmage, Agraynel the Bard, Kozuss the Wizard, Dogwoggle the Barbarian, Alita the Necromancer must stop the Wizard Hexis. Hexis seeks to dominate the world, however his magic has the unfortunate side effect of disrupting the forces of Nature around him.

[Yurg] The official press-release mentioned that map editor will be improved. What features do you plan to implement?

[Adrienne] The addition of 7 new adventure objects (5 new magic shops, a new might arena and a new magic arena), 4 new creature types, and 16 new artifacts that all can be used and place by the players via the editor into their own maps.

[Yurg] The add-on will feature 4 new units. Does this mean every race will gain one new unit, or all four will be neutral?

[Adrienne] The four new creatures are all neutral.

[Yurg] Are there changes to expect in gameplay balance?

[Adrienne] There has been an adjustment to some spells, Sanctuary being the prime example, that make multiplayer game play more pleasant.

[Yurg] Will we have to develop a different strategy or use new tactical features while playing the expansion?

[Adrienne] The game is still Heroes 4. When you think you have an unbeatable strategy, someone is sure to come up with something you didn't think of.

[Yurg] What artifacts will make their way into the expansion pack?

[Adrienne] 16 new ones including the Angel Feather Cloak and the Necklace of Muses.

[Yurg] HoMM4 music was gorgeous! Who creates tunes for the Gathering Storm, how many new tracks will please our ears? And, a related question: is there a possibility of 3DO releasing an original soundtrack album from Heroes 4?

[Adrienne] Yes absolutely - stay tuned.

Rob King of Green Street Studios creates all of the music for the Heroes series and for all of the New World Compting titles.

[Yurg] Will it be possible to see add-on on ECTS and what could you say about date of release?

[Adrienne] It is unclear if it will be shown at ECTS but the title will be releasing in Fall 2002.

[Yurg] Many thanks for your answers! We wish you good luck and are looking forward to news concerning your project!


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