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Mercenary's menu Interview

Commandos 3


[Ignacio] - Ignacio Perez Dolset (Pyro Studios)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Hi! To start off, please tell our readers a bit about yourself, your job at Pyro Studios.

[Ignacio] I am Pyro Studios founder and Chief Executive officer. I worked as Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines designer and now I am working as designer on Commandos 3.

[Yurg] What key factors, in your opinion, were crucial in establishing the series' success? Is Commandos 3 aimed at the same market as two previous games?

[Ignacio] I think that Commandos has brought to gamers a new gaming style creating a new genre of gameplay and all that with state of the art graphics. Obviously Commandos 3 is aimed to Commandos fans although we expect to attract new gamers.

[Yurg] If it is possible, reveal us some info on where and when action will take place? Is there a solid storyline or the game will consist of several non-interrelated episodes?

[Ignacio] The game will have a very solid storyline. Indeed there will not be the traditional mission scheme. The game will have three stories or chapters which will take the players through different scenarios and with lots of things happening in between. There will be some traditional Commandos scenarios like Normandy but also some new like Stalingrad or Berlin.

[Yurg] We tried as hard as we could, but we didn't see any Soviet forces in both Commandos installments. Will this situation change in the upcoming sequel?

[Ignacio] One of Commandos 3 episodes will take place in Russia with Allied soldiers fighting in Stalingrad.

[Yurg] What changes would you like to introduce in Commandos 3?

[Ignacio] There will be many changes in Commandos 3. It will be more action oriented with lots of action parts although keeping also some of the Commandos classic gameplay.

[Yurg] Please tell our readers about the new engine's capabilities. We saw the jaw-dropping E3 movie - it was simply awesome! What key innovations are to be expected in the game?

[Ignacio] We are improving the engine we had to allow us to do lots of new things. There will be a completely new lightning and particle engines which will allow us to do nice looking explosions, fires, weather effects, etc. There will be lots of new additions, with beautiful cinematic, trains in motion, etc.

[Yurg] There are a lot of debates amongst fans concerning the question whether or not the game will use old "2D pre-rendered backgrounds technique or enter a fully three-dimensional environment?

[Ignacio] Not really. For us it would be much easier to jump into a full 3D scenario but that would not allow us to deliver the graphical quality we are aiming to and that our fans are expecting.

[Yurg] What characters - both old and brand-new - will fight against Nazis?

[Ignacio] There will not be any new characters in the game. Indeed some of them are going to take holidays in Commandos 3. We want less Commandos but more powerful this time. There will also be some enemy bosses which will be something new on the Commandos series.

[Yurg] What changes will affect the characters? Are there new skills and abilities in store for us?

[Ignacio] There will be some new skills, vehicles and weapons for our characters which we can not revealed yet. Sorry.

[Yurg] In the aforementioned E3 trailer we saw action taking place on board a moving train. This is a really sweet new feature for tactics strategy genre. We look forward to play this mission. Tell us, how will it play out?

[Ignacio] The Commandos will have to take control of the train. For that they will have to eliminate all Nazi soldiers controlling it but they are outnumbered and the Nazis are expecting them so it will not be an easy task.

[Yurg] Do you plan to increase number of available weapons and gadgets? What is the most interesting addition to the arsenal of our heroes?

[Ignacio] There will be some new addictions to the arsenal as I mentioned before. Some of the new explosives and cannons are going to be very spectacular.

[Yurg] We hope to see new types of enemies, such as elite brigade troops and bosses. Please, give us a hint on what's to expect!

[Ignacio] This will be one of the major changes in Commandos 3 with lots of different enemies with different skills and resistance. There will be SS soldiers, paratroopers, elite soldiers and even Gestapo agents.

[Yurg] The trailer showed an impressive city bombardment sequence. Does this mean the new engine is capable of handling fully 3D destructible buildings in real-time or such scenes are scripted?

[Ignacio] Some of the scenes will be scripted and some will happen in real time. Wait to see more on our next trailer!!!

[Yurg] What feature of Commandos 3 do you find most interesting, and why?

[Ignacio] Gameplay. I think that this will be by far the most intense game in the Commandos series. The player will be transported from one situation into the next with lots of changes in gameplay style.

[Yurg] How important is a good AI for success of the Commandos series? Are any changes to be expected in the third game?

[Ignacio] There was a big improvement in the AI between Commandos and Commandos 2. We expect to make a similar change now.

[Yurg] Will we see Deathmatch in Commandos 3 or some other kind of network game?

[Ignacio] There will be Deathmatch in Commandos 3. We are testing in Pyro different modes for Deathmatch and we are having lots of fun.

[Yurg] A tricky question: while working on C3, do you think about making a fourth installment of this series? ;)

[Ignacio] This will be the last of this type of Commandos games. There will be a new Commandos game in the future but it will be a completely different type of game.

[Yurg] The music of Commandos became more and more beautiful with each game. Who is currently doing music for the game?

[Ignacio] Mateo Pascual is the Composer of Commandos 2 music he is also working on Commandos 3 music but also in Praetorians and Heart of Stone.

[Yurg] Sound effects are very important for every serious Commandos player. Do you plan to implement the latest audio technologies, such as Dolby Digital or EAX Advanced HD?

[Ignacio] We are looking into it but there is nothing decided yet.

[Yurg] And the last one: what is current expected release date? We heart it's now Summer 2003. Is it we right?

[Ignacio] Yes.

[Yurg] Many thanks for your answers! We wish you good luck and are looking forward to news concerning your project!


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