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Celtic Kings: Rage of Wars






[Gaby] - Gabriel Dobrev (Haemimont Games)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] To start off, could you represent to our riders team, who works on Celtic Kings.

[Gaby] I've dreamed about working on games since I played my first game. The "Celtic Kings" team consists of 23 people with varied experience in the games development. Several of us have worked on games among other projects for the past 6-7 years while for others this was their first game project.

[Yurg] Please give our readers a summary of Celtic Kings and its main features or points of interest. With respect to the design concept, what are your overall goals?

[Gaby] "Celtic Kings" is about leadership and positional strategy - the qualities of the heroes (leaders) that you develop are very important for your success; where and when you attack is also of crucial importance. To a lesser degree the game is also about resources management, tactical combat and creation of proper mix of units - the traditional RTS values.

[Yurg] Will be game plot linear or not linear and how the player can change a course of events?

[Gaby] The plot is not linear in the sense that you can choose when to perform certain quests and whether you want to perform them. Of course, this means you may miss the rewards ... In the single player we tried to explain what a hero is - might and leadership. At some point you believe that there is no army that can stop you because your heroes are so powerful that they can face a hundred men alone. Yet at other times the scale becomes so large that you see that your heroes influence the battle not so much as fighters but as leaders of the other warriors. This difference in scale is amazing.

[Yurg] Could you tell something about plot? Who with whom is at war and for what?

[Gaby] The events in the world follow the Caesar's conquest of Gaul. First, the Gauls tribes face their problems alone and have lots of trouble with the Teutons coming across the Rhein river. At this point the Romans appear here and there and help the Gauls. Soon it becomes clear that Rome wants to conquer not help. The Romans are an enemy much stronger that anything that Gauls has seen so far. Only a drastic change could save them now... The other part of the story is that of your main character Larax - he has lost his bride and his home and wanders the land in search of vengeance and cause to follow... How these two lines intertwine and conclude the players will see from the game itself.

[Yurg] Will be weather factors taken into account in game?

[Gaby] The different seasons provide different visuals but do not influence the logic of the game. Although easy to start playing "Celtic Kings" offers to the advanced players a lot to master.

[Yurg] What are system specifications?

[Gaby] The engine is isometric 2D with 3D terrain. It runs in 1024x768 or 1280x1024 with thousands of colors which allows superb graphics quality. The minimum platform is Pentium II on 400 MHz with 64Mb RAM. Our goal was to sustain acceptable performance with about 3000 units on the minimum platform but there is no limit of the supported units - you can equip as many units as you want.

[Yurg] Who large will be battles?

[Gaby] The scale of the battles depends on the players - you can engage in battle with only 50 warriors or you can equip 200 and then lead them to the enemy. Of course, this depends on what the other player is doing and whether you have enough resources.

[Yurg] What is economic system of game?

[Gaby] In "Celtic Kings" you do not build structures - you conquer them. In a strategic game you start with a complete stronghold that includes all the buildings that you need - barracks, blacksmith, etc. The resource in the game as stored across the map and in order to use them you have to bring them to your stronghold. Watching the crowd of peasants and mules gathering at your stronghold from the whole map is impressive.

[Yurg] How many units will be in game also could you describe them?

[Gaby] There are 10 units in every one of the two nations plus some independent units and animals. I cannot describe them all but here are a few of my favorite: Woman Warriors - Trained during their entire lifetime in a monastery like environment the woman warriors are elite warriors - expensive to come by but excellent in skill. If their enemy has less than 50% health they kill it with a single blow. Praetorians - used to guard the senate and the emperors of Rome. The Praetorians have excellent training and perfect equipment. They reflect the damage received, so every warrior that hits them gets hit back with the same strength. There is no such thing as flawless victory against Praetorians. Viking Lords - originating from the rough north where the man's strength and fighting skill is most valued the Viking Lords smash their foes with a huge hammer. Their special ability is to heal in battle. The harder they hit the better they feel. Often one Lord will deal alone with a small army without getting a scratch. Fortunately your enemy (and you) cannot have more than 4 of them. The list goes on with Principles, Gaul Horsemen, Teuton Archers, Liberati, Druids, Archers, etc. There is a unit for every taste.

[Yurg] Will be in game siege and other war machines?

[Gaby] The destruction of enemy structures is done with archers and catapults. Any group of warriors can build a catapult but it takes some of time. The catapults are very powerful but quite inaccurate so they're not very good against units.

[Yurg] What characteristics describe units and whether it is possible to develop and improve them?

[Gaby] The unit characteristics include damage range, attack type, defense against slashing and piercing attacks, maximum health and level. The warriors gain experience by training with their fellow warriors or by fighting enemies. With each level your units fight better (the level is accounted for when they hit) and their health increases. At certain levels the metal parts of the units change from iron, to bronze then brass and finally golden, so you instantly know how experienced an army is. The most important are your heroes because they provide part of their experience to the army they command. Thus even not experienced unit fights well under the command of an experienced hero.

[Yurg] We wish Celtic Kings big sales and luck to all team! :) Thank you!


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