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Mercenary's menu Interview

Fallout Tactics


[Chris] - Chris Taylor (14 Degree East)

[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Chris, can you say if the final list of game weapons is approved already? Can you say just something like "there will be ... weapon types", without specifying what exact types are in the list?

[Chris] It's 99% final. We may make some tweaks to it, but it's probably in its final state (nothing is ever done until the game is being duplicated and manufactured...)

[Yurg] Tell us please your reasons to decide will new particular weapon be included to the game or not? The issue of different weapon types implementation in the game like yours is maybe the most important topic of discussion. How are you creating new weapons for the game?

[Chris] You will see some new weapons in the demo, but you won't see everything of course. We are limited by what we can put in the demo in two ways: space and marketing considerations. The demo isn't designed to be the full game, so it needs to show a limited amount of gameplay that is representative of the final game. And every animation we add to the demo greatly increases the size of the demo, so we have to be picky about what animations we pick -- and that determines the maximum number of weapon types.

[Yurg] The problem of Fallout weapon names misfitting guns shown by early Tactics screenshots is often discussed on forums. Chris, could you please say if all efforts are put on preventing Beretta transformation into Desert Eagle?

[Chris] The final game shouldn't have any of those early problems.

[Yurg] In connection with this problem, other questions arisen. How about weapon calibers? Is it possible to avoid common mistake of game weapon caliber misfitting its real life analogue?

[Chris] We try and stay "realistic" as much as possible, but we may make caliber changes for a particular reason (we did so on a couple weapons in the first game) -- most likely, gameplay balance.

We have lots of source materials (books, magazines, online references) that we use to generate accurate data.

[Yurg] Chris, as long ago as last summer, the ability to use the editor for weapon stats change was defined as "probable". Have you already decided something for sure? Will you provide the players with such option?

[Chris] No editor decisions are final.

[Yurg] Another interesting but yet unclear moment. Can player edit the length of burst for corresponding weapons? What is the general Tactics approach to such thing as burst? Maybe, you are going to provide several burst modes for automatic weapons?

[Chris] No.

[Yurg] It seems CTB is to become very interesting and unique playing system. But there is one moment regarding weapons I not quite understood yet. Chris, let us imagine the situation. Two soldiers are standing on combat field, at maximum possible distance. The game mode is CTB. Soldier A fires soldier B with burst. At the same time soldier B moves away from his position. What happens next? The situation is to be solved easily in common turn-based mode. But in CTB mode we have to remember enemy can move synchronously. Does it mean the bullets flies in curved trajectory like knives and arrows in Baldur's Gate? Or the bullets will hit the place where the enemy _was_ standing before?

[Chris] Bullets move a lot faster than a person, so fast that at the ranges we do combat we can instantly resolve the firer's actions. In this case, simultaneous isn't -- the person firing resolves his action immediately (the person is missed or hit, and if hit, damage is generated immediately). This isn't an action game where it is possible to dodge bullets.

Now, missile weapons (like spears, grenades and rockets) can be dodged, but it is really hard to do so and won't be common. Missiles still move a lot faster than a person can walk or run.

[Yurg] And second situation. Again, CTB mode. My soldier is using sniper gun or any other weapon supporting aimed fire. I know there are hotkeys available for different aimed shots. Nevertheless, we get the window with picture of enemy and hit percentage for each possible hit point. But the enemy's moving at the same time, and percents are calculated first of all depending on the distance to enemy. How is it realized in CTB?

[Chris] The percentages will change as the target moves closer or farther away.

[Yurg] Does it mean the chance to hit in aimed shot window constantly changes depending on enemy movement? If yes, does it mean the player can, for example, order the soldier to make an ambush sitting on building roof, and, taking to aim at enemy walking below, wait while the chance to hit eyes, for instance, is the best? Could you please explain this game mechanics? I think it is interesting and important to know for all players!

[Chris] Yes. You can also set the minimum to-hit percentage you want your characters to automatically fire on.

There are three buttons that determine the characters "aggressiveness". Right-click on one of those buttons and it will display a series of percentages (33% or 66%, for example) -- pick one percentage and your character will hold fire until the to-hit is greater or equal to that percentage.

[Yurg] And one more non-weapon question. Chris, why they're no female mutants in the game? Or Master turned only men into mutants? Maybe Tactics will fix this situation? ;)

[Chris] There are female mutants. They just happen to look exactly the same as the males, thanks to the FEV super mutant mutation effect. Ewwww!

[Yurg] Thank you very much for your answers!

[Chris] Thank you!


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