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Mercenary's menu Interview

Fallout Tactics


I am glad to present you this interview. Let me thank all who took part in it - Micro-Forte team: Ed, Karl, Robin and Jan.

[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Could you please say in what stage Fallout Tactics project now? What are you working on, and what is the current task of the team?

[Robin] Id say lots of small tasks, polish, refinement & bugfixing.

[Ed] Level Designers are working on the single-player missions, Programmers are finishing off features, Artists are doing movies and miscellaneous artwork, Producer is producing.

[Yurg] There were news the demo release is postponed. Is it true? Can you say for how long?

[Ed] Yep, the demo has been postponed until December. We're tweaking the hell out of it, and we don't want to release it until it's REALLY ready.

[Yurg] Micro-Forte site has gladden us with some interesting updates for a last time. Are you going to publish new interesting screenshot or concept art sets, or different tools and editors work examples in nearest time? Will you present new wallpapers?

[Ed] I believe we'll be releasing stuff on there separate to and in conjunction with the official Fallout: Tactics site. We'll try to update it as regularly as possible.

[Yurg] Could you please say how are you going to test the game? You have your own QA department. Will the game be tested only by your employees or, like Interplay, you will apply to "people from the street" and create some focus groups?

[Ed] We'll be testing internally with our own QA department. Their might [might!] be some outside people brought in for focus group testing, but that's really up to our head QA guy, Jason Sampson.

[Yurg] Can you say what side effects possible because of critical hits? It was repeatedly mentioned before the table of critical hit effects is completely changed. Some examples, maybe?

[Robin] Old Ones: bypass armor, double damage, knockover, knock unconscious, body injuries (some new ones here too), New Ones: weapon damage/explode, weapon drop, SPECIAL :)

[Yurg] As early as last summer, psionics in the game was very questionable. Have you completely abandoned the idea to implement some kind of psi-attacks?

[Ed] Nope, no psionics. We [or Black Isle] may put it into any possible future Fallout projects we'll be working on, but there's no psionics in FT.

[Yurg] What are the side effects of character's drug addiction? What happening if no dose of proper drug available for character, or taken in wrong time? Will he die or something else?

[Ed] Usually the addictions cause penalties to the character that will last for some time, although they aren't life threatening beyond making them worse at performing in combat. Really, addictions can only be handled in two ways: sweat it out, suffering under the effects, or take MORE chemicals.

[Yurg] Another interesting question. Will ammunition (e.g. grenades) detonate because of close explosion? It would be logical if enemy grenades explode because you thrown own one to his feet.

[Robin] No. Though explosions will have effects on other munitions on the ground.

[Yurg] Can you describe, at least generally, what special ammo is available for weapons? For example, acid was named some time ago. Maybe you can give more hints (I don't ask for spoiler, just the very general details).

[Ed] We have 31 different ammo types [including the variants like JHP and AP]. Acid is probably one of the more exotic [and rare], but there are other new ones including rubber bullets and wooden bolts.

[Yurg] Ed, can you say if you decided to implement light shock grenades to blind the enemy?

[Ed] Without being totally specific, I can say that there are weapons that induce "stun" effects in their targets, and this isn't restricted to grenades. There are melee weapons, shotguns and other energy weapons that can achieve a stunning effect [as well as doing damage].

[Yurg] You are frequently playing a multiplayer. Can you say what equipment do you prefer?

[Ed] The balancing is still being tweaked, but you really need to use the right tool for the right job. An SMG is great at short range on Burst, but a decent rifle is your best bet at long range. My personal favorite is any SMG or Mini Gun.

[Karl] We are focused on single player currently. However I did have a preference for rocket launchers in multiplayer.

[Yurg] Are you going to let player see the estimation of his action efficiency after multiplayer combat? E.g., statistics of hits and misses, damage dealt, etc.? or multiplayer combat simply ends with "game over" message?

[Karl] We can't answer that one at this time.

[Yurg] Willy-nilly, the whole your team is playing Fallout Tactics, - so is there any team member who always win? Who is this team champion?

[Jan] That would be me.

[Ed] We shall see . . .

[Yurg] And the last question. Ed, are you satisfied with game development progress? Is everything goes like it was planned?

[Ed] Yes, I am currently pretty happy. The game has really shaped up over the last month or so, and the gameplay is solid. We're at the stage where we are building and polishing the single-player missions, so we really get to see it in action. But as to things going to plan? Things have changed a lot on this project since we started oh-so-many-months ago, but always for the better. You just have to be flexible.

[Yurg] Thank you very much for your answers! We are sure the success of Fallout Tactics in inevitable!

[Ed] You are too kind ;).


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