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Golden Ufos 1.1  (Downloads:  4692).
This add-on changes UFOs into gold UFOs.
Author: Fenix

137 Kb

Green Ethereals 1.0  (Downloads:  2771).
This add-on changes Ethereals into green dressed.
Author: Fenix

94 Kb

Strategy Guide  (Downloads:  6989).
Unofficial UFO: Enemy Unknown Strategy Guide.
Author: Kasey Chang

54 Kb

Movies from the Playstation version  (Downloads:  3742).
Movies from the Playstation version of UFO: Enemy Unknown in RM format.
Author: ???

1.08 Mb

UFO Partial Conversion  (Downloads:  10077).
13 new weapons, ammo, 1 new alien, 2 alien deaths, 1 new item, 1 new grenade and much more...
Author: Remi Spaans & Svein-Ove Dinesen

135 Kb

UFO Edit  (Downloads:  10979).
Base and soldier editor.
Author: Lamble

33 Kb

Multiplayer Batch for X-COM 1/2  (Downloads:  3261).
This patch is to make multi-player games with Xcomutil easier, when you abort the mission it will at once go to the next player without you quiting the whole game and doing all the repetive things.
Author: Remi Spaans

2 b

Patch v 1.4  (Downloads:  10207).
Official patch for X-Com.

1.4 Mb

Helix Rifle, Crush Launcher and Mammoth Grenade  (Downloads:  4976).
This program replaces the Laser Rilfe with the new Helix Rifle and the Blaster Launcher with a even more powerful Crush Launcher.
Authors: Jonas Lundin & Kristoffer Wahter

56 Kb

X-Com UTIL Shell 1.5  (Downloads:  5198).
Shell to make easier and comfortable work with XCOMUTIL.
Author: Martin Ptacek

49 Kb

UFO EDIT 1.2  (Downloads:  5952).
UFO - Enemy Unknown Map Editor 1.0
Author: Marco Kaiser

60 Kb

Map Pack  (Downloads:  3981).
Contains 14 new maps, two Skyranger maps and one Interceptor map. You will need to install X-COMUTIL 6.2 before using it.
Author: Robert Di Fiore

26 Kb

PCK вьювер/конвертер  (Downloads:  3929).
Views PCK-Graphfiles and export/import BMP's from/to PCK-Files of XCOM1 and XCOM2.
Author: Marco Kaiser

16 Kb

Тренер  (Downloads:  5151).
X-Com: Defense crack to increase soldiers attributes.

11 Kb

Alen database  (Downloads:  4583).
Complete alien statistics database. Chart in Excel format.
Author: Aztec

14 Kb

Notebook  (Downloads:  6282).
X-Com navy diver's notebook - PDF file. Quite an interesting document that reveals the history of the second invasion of the aliens!

765 Kb

Strategy Guide  (Downloads:  5657).
Unofficial strategy guide for X-COM: Terror From The Deep.
Author: Kasey Chang

48 Kb

Saved game editor v1.5  (Downloads:  9483).
Editor for TFTD.
Author: JL Enterprises

78 Kb

TFTD Full Ufopaedia  (Downloads:  6859).
Just copy the files to the appropiate dir and you will have the full research tree.
Author: Khor Chin Heong

76 Kb

TFTD Editor  (Downloads:  6943).
Editor for TFTD.
Author: Charley R. Harley

55 Kb

Patch v 2.0  (Downloads:  8889).
Official latest patch.

900 Kb

XCOM 2 Multi Editor v0.2  (Downloads:  8765).
This is a suite of the following editors: Weapon, Ammo, Armor, Alien Containment, Base Facility, Sub Editor.
Author: Khor Chin Heong

24 Kb

Money trainer  (Downloads:  4775).
This program will update ALL save games to $2,000,000,000 when run. This should be enough money to last for a while, if not the entire game.
Author: Shano

18 Kb

X-COM II Saved Game editor, v1.4  (Downloads:  8458).
This simple little program allows you to edit various items stored in the saved game files created by UFO, such as your total money, the various items in your storehouses, the types of buildings you have on your different bases, and also the statistics of any soldier that you have recruited.
Author: JL Enterprises

18 Kb

Editor  (Downloads:  5535).
Firstly, put all the XCOM2 EDIT files into your XCOM2 directory. Then run the INST-ED.BAT included in this archive. This batch file will create a directory called EDITOR and put all the necessary files for the editor to run in that directory. After the install is complete, just type XCOM2ED in your XCOM2 directory to run the editor.
Author: ???

79 Kb

Weapons add on  (Downloads:  6248).
This a Weapon Add-on for X-Com 1. It changes 11 weapons in the game into a new and, in our opinion, cooler weapon. ("Other" changes as well; plus you'll see some *VERY* different types of weapons).
Author: Everyday Joe

124 Kb

ClarkWehyr Enterprises X-COM Editor Suite v1.00  (Downloads:  6642).
These utilities work with your saved game files to allow you to edit most aspects of the game, from soldier statistics to the amount of money you earn each month.
Author: Robert B. Clark

207 Kb

X-COM TFTD +14 Save Game Trainer  (Downloads:  4162).
Author: Rebels

9 Kb

Neutron technology  (Downloads:  3552).
This program replaces the Plasma Tecnology with the new Neutron Tecnology. This might make the game easier or harder (I don't know which!). Please comment this swap program, so that I can fix eventual problems.
Author: Jonas Lundin & Kristoffer Wahter

124 Kb

Alien patch  (Downloads:  4772).
To change the types of aliens which your units will be, type "ALIENS4W /set". There are also other functions, such as including built in weapons, and changing corpse type.
Author: Joshua Day

35 Kb

Strategy Guide  (Downloads:  7116).
Unofficial strategy guide for X-Com 3: Apocalypse.
Author: Roger Wong

32 Kb

TacEdit от Mythos Games  (Downloads:  5899).
TacEdit is the editor developed for Apocalypse by the game creators.

TacEdit TacEdit Help от Robert Di Fiore.  (Downloads:  2525). (9 Kb)

2,08 Mb

Play as Alien  (Downloads:  3450).
Well i had some spare time on my hands and looked thru some old forgotten files and directories. Then i found the old Play as aliens cheat for the demo, heh cool i thought and decided to make and Play as Aliens patch for the full version... well here it is. It's nothing fancy just two batchfiles that renames some files that lets you use the aliens graphics for the agents equip screen and tactical game. You can choose between playing Anthropods or Skeletoids (the only two aliens that can use equipment...).
Author: Larze

157 Kb

XeD 1.4 alpha 4  (Downloads:  10079).
Savegame editor.
Author: XeD Team

66 Kb

PCK Manipulator v1.3  (Downloads:  3737).
PCK Manipulator allows you to view and modify the graphics of X-COM Apocalypse (PCK files).
Author: Arik Yavilevich

27 Kb

XeD 1.4 alpha 4  (Downloads:  10079).
Infantry Weapon/Vehicle-Editor for X-COM 3: Apocalypse Ver 1.00.
Author: XeD Team

66 Kb

Overkill v1.1 beta 2  (Downloads:  4239).
Infantry Weapon/Vehicle-Editor for X-COM 3: Apocalypse Ver 1.00.
Author: Brandon Shen/Pand of ModeXiX

21 Kb

X-Pack #3  (Downloads:  5154).
Graphical add-on for X-COM Apocalypse: collection of new weapon graphics.
Author: X-Group

45 Kb

Anime Faces v1.1  (Downloads:  4051).
This patch replaces the faces in XCOM: Apocalypse with characters from the anime series...
Author: Charles Lee

556 Kb

XME v1.0  (Downloads:  3182).
Map editor for Win 95.
Author: Ales Pucelj

222 Kb

Total Downloads: 3424504

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