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August 2003

(7 August 2003)

New Brigade E5 renderers (General news) -- by Gambit

In our gallery of Brigade Е5 you can find new renderers, showing how character appearance will be change depending on his equipment. (This character is dressed in a heavy assault waistcoat). On the given waistcoat it is impossible to wear a unloading waistcoat, but easier models will allow to make it).


New Zero Hour screenshots. (Generals) -- by Gambit

Appeared new shots from the future C&C Generals: Zero Hour expansion pack. Ten new pictures can be found in our gallery.

(1 August 2003)

New strategy is on the way. (General news) -- by Gambit

Related Design company announced Castle Strike 3D strategy (from No Man's Land developers). Game will be devoted to construct and attack castles. For now thats it.


Panzer wallpapers. (General news) -- by Gambit

On Codename PANZERS official site have appeared military engineering renders. Rather nice - all to whom is interesting, download here. Quite will go on wallpapers!


New screenshots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery you can find 10 perfect shots from beautiful RTS Massive Assault.


SimCity 4 Deluxe. (General news) -- by Gambit

SimCity 4 Deluxe announced (Deluxe version releases is very characteristic for economic simulators and strategy). Game will include Rush Hour expansion set. Game will be roughly in September, 2003.

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