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June 2002

(29 June 2002)

Let's talk about Orion (General news) -- by yPArAH

Game Spy made a new interview with the developers of Master of Orion III space strategy. And! a gameplay clip, here.


A little site update (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Uh-huh, but not our. Just a pack of already known screenshots on the pages of the UFO: Aftermath official site.


Official site open (Total War 2) -- by yPArAH

The official site of the game with such a familiar name, Medieval: Total War, is open. It doesn't contain that much info at the moment, but it is worth viewing anyway.


KUF: Crusaders movie (General news) -- by yPArAH

You already know about the development of a sequel to Kingdom Under Fire. The new project, KUF: Crusaders was, until know, viewable in the form of screenshots. But! If you have got DivX5 installed, you can download this clip from us and see everything in dynamic. The clip itself is relatively small, 14.5 megs only. Nope, no full version will be available from our site - a premium 300 megs load is too much for us...


Demo in the Net. Charge! (Total War 2) -- by yPArAH

Recently we wrote several pieces about Medieval: Total War. It's time for a little demo! Erm, not that little, in fact - 235 megs is the size... But our readers are not the ones who are stopped by difficulties, right? Well, go there, for example, and get it!


Star Control 2 numero dos (General news) -- by yPArAH

Toys for Bob company is going to release a remake of the top-selling game Star Control 2. Many of the AG folk say it is one the best adventure/strategy and action games ever created for РС. Remake is planned to be state-of-art graphics-rich. The title will change - from now on you will know the game as Ur-Quan Masters (beats me what the hell should that mean...). If there is any development, we'll let you know!

(27 June 2002)

New shots from Delta Green (General news) -- by yPArAH

Hey, I know the titles are not so manifold, but this is all we get - just screens or something like that! OK, anyway, we got a collage (something new, eh?) made of four screens from the tactical game Delta Green. Here it is:


Warcraft III review by AG (General news) -- by yPArAH

Our AG colleague, Nomad, wrote it. You can find the review here and read it, while waiting for our version, which will come out later. Freelancer has it's own view on some points (and we will poit them out), but our grades will, most likely, match with theese of Nomad.


Staff cuts at 3DO (General news) -- by yPArAH

There were the news, here are the bad news. 3DO closes it's representative office in Europe. Will it by any chance affect the Heroes and all other games in developement? Unknown...


Medieval preview (General news) -- by yPArAH

Yet another Medieval preview was spotted at Gamesdomain. Nothing new, up to my opinion, except for several screenshots, like the ones below.

(26 June 2002)

StarCraft 2? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Aimlessly wandering about the Internet, yurg came across the following matherial. This info was found on a couple of sites and was connected by the authors with the coming announce of Star Craft 2 (heck, it will come out sooner or later, but it will come out in any case - why the rush?). Fact is, the following Star Craft models were found in the War Craft III resources. A joke or someone's indiscretion? See for yourself.

On the one hand, a similar "leak" occured in Diablo II, where some info on the upcoming expansion was embedded into the resources (similar technique, eh?). Plus, yesterday Blizzard sent a note to the journalists asking not to publish any materials connected with War Craft III during 30 days, including screenshots (that's some approach...), Easter Eggs and such. Western folk are very serious on that point. Well, we do not break any rules - we just publish a reference ;-)


A new monster (LSN) -- by yPArAH

The crew behind Laser Squad Nemesis is working real hard to present us with a new, long awaited race. Today we're introducing the Spiker - a warrior of the Spawn.

(25 June 2002)

Highlanders! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Official site of the Highland Warriors game was updated with two new shots. So, want highlanders? Here you go!


Add-on details (Empire Earth) -- by yPArAH

A small preview of an Empire Earth add-on appeared at PC.IGN. It will cover the Asian campaign during the 23-2 century (the space age). Several asian countries will compete for the right to colonise Mars. So, everything will revolve around Mars and take place on it (still, it won't be much of a difference from the usual "Earth life"). Mars won't have any flora, if not counting mountains and crystals. Thus, the types of collectible resources will change. Most of the time we will be constructing spacecrafts (no subs or planes for Mars). Races will gain new abilities: some will be able to rig explosives to enemy buildings, others will have powerful ICBMs at their disposal, others will have excellent SAM (SAS, to be precise) sites. Second campaign will be about WWII in the Pacific ocean. New units for this campaign will include kamikadze pilots, flamethrower tanks and all funny things like that. Third will be staged in the Ancient Rome.


Info on Commandos 3 (General news) -- by yPArAH

Due to some strange twist of fate the official announce of Commandos 3 broke out sooner than we expected (just a few days ago). At least we published the project press-release long before it's appearance in conventional press. In the mean time, here's some info on the upcoming game:

Commandos 3 gameplay will be different, the difficulty of missions will be downgaraded when compared with Commandos 2. The game will be more dynamic. At least the developers want to modify the gameplay, so that the player would never now what will happen in the next moment. Promised: better graphics, maps with moving trains and things like that. Thre will be 6 player characters (only old ones, but with a couple of new skills, weapons and explosives) in the game, which will take place in Stalingrad, Normandy and, presumably, Germany not long before the final Berlin assault by Soviet forces. The game engine will be slightly modified to better the implementation of particle systems, such as explosions, weather and such. New enemies (and bosses, heh-heh): Gestapo agents, elite SS soldiers, assault squads... Net games: Deathmach and, possibly, CtF.

CtF is what I can understand when talking about Commandos, but Deathmatch?

(22 June 2002)

Commandos 3 - new screens (General news) -- by yPArAH

Here are some Commandos 3 screenshots we recently got. Not that big they are, but still...

(21 June 2002)

Screenshots weekly (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

Another weekly screenshot from Sea Dogs 2 was spotted at the official Akella's website. Hmm, that's a good sight: a sailor climbing a mast.


Getting into details (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

OK, here are some little bits of info about Soldiers of Anarchy (ex Natural Resistance/Natural Freedom), extracted from a certain interview. For example, the name of the disease that nearly wiped out mankind is SGDS (very informative). All combantants will be equipped with different types of firearms. More can be found in the original document.


Tester applications awaited (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

According to an official statement, the tester enlistment for the Age of Mythology has begun. You must submit your application before June 30 if you want to participate. The alpha version of the game includes a single player game with two races and two multiplayer modes. The test begins in the first half of July.


A couple o'shots and a clip (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

Еhe Natural Freedom project was successfuly renamed into Soldiers of Anarchy. The game was demonstrated at Е3, but only now did the shots and the clip make it to the Russian part of the Internet. Below are the selected shots from this tactical game, while the clip you can get here.


Even more details of UFO: Aftermath (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

There are several pieces of news on UFO: Aftermath, so I merged them into one post.
Item one: several our readers asked to describe what's shown in the recently published UFO: Aftermath clip. Well, that's relatively simple - just several key gameplay moments from the alpha version of the game (as seen on Е3). In the clip you can take a good look at the X-Com-style globe and at the process of shooting down a UFO. Next, the camera and character movements are shown. So much for the gameplay... Got interested? Here are the addresses (first and second) where you can find it.

Item two: another interview can be found at Here's an interesting extract from it: the developers answered in the affirmative to the question whether the ALTAR artists will make the game dark and scary. The music (you can hear a sample in the clip) only add to the near-suspense effect.
Last detail - from 40 to 80 hours of gameplay are promised (depending on the difficulty setting).


Interview with Total warriors (General news) -- by yPArAH

GameSpy published an interview, about Medieval (better known as Total War 2).

Among the new info are theese facts... Battlefields are 4 times larger when compared with Shogun ones. More then 100 new units are added. They can be painted in different colors, while the general model detalisation rate is also up. All combantants will now have their own unique behaviour. Need more? Look it up in the text.


Interview (General news) -- by yPArAH made an interview about Praetorians (courtesy of Pyro, authors of Commandos). As we didn't hear about the game for a long time, let's give a short summary. Praetorians is an RTS about the times of Ancient Rome, more specifically - about the wars of Juleus Caesar. Developers described a few sample missions, in which simple Caesar's combat solutions (usually - taking advantage of the enemy through the use of territory) help him to truimph over stronger gallic forces. Developers think Praetorians is, to some extent, an innovative strategy, for the economy of it is not based on resource extraction and accumulation. It is more on the combat side: survival tactics, dividing through terrain, etc. Map elements to help in such situations include rivers, forests, high grasslands, bridges and such. All theese elements have their own effects on the gameplay. For instance, cavalary cannot pass through forests, while archers gain bonuses while shooting from hiiltops. The engine of the game is full 3D with changeable view angle. More details can be found in the interview itself.


Imperial pics (General news) -- by yPArAH

Several new screenshots from the Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom economic strategy were posted on the pages of Gamespot.


Details of UFO: Aftermath (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

We found yet another interview with the developers of UFO: Aftermath, this time done by As usual, the developers were questioned if their game was a direct descendant of X-Com, and they gave their usual "except-for-the-tactical-fights-and-such-this-is-not-X-Com" answer. Yet, the developers finally gave us the name of the primary character stats: Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Willpower, Intelligence и Perception. Apart from that all the characters will have their own specializations: sniping, heavy weaponry handling, doctoring, engeneering, etc. By gaining levels, the player will gain character points to spend on the developement of his favorite characters (by increasing stats). The tech tree will consist of about 70 different technologies. The enemy type count is now resting at the level of 20: that includes both aliens and mutants. Enemy's weapons will vary from fangs and talons to laser, plasma and psi-weapons. Touching upon the subject of startegy, developers mentioned the fact that military bases protect themselves, while research outposts need to be protected with military forces.
On to the topic of destroyable surfaces. Building can be destroyed only as a whole, not part by part like in X-Com. The release date is also revised - first quarter of the year 2003 года.

(20 June 2002)

WarCraft III add-on? (General news) -- by yPArAH

While answering questions considering possible sequels to WarCraft III, Blizzard people said the do not deny the possibility of an add-on release (now who would doubt that?). As of now all the developers are preparing to throw a game-gone-gold party and to listen what will the players say about the game. In any case, expansion set should be avaited, for in Blizzard it is a common practice. A short interview on the topic can be found here.

(19 June 2002)

UFO: Aftermath preview (Dreamland) -- by yurg

We had heard a lot about UFO: Aftermath and it's time to write preview. All known facts were gathered in one big article. Our preview also comes along with exclusive screenshots. Well... let's go!

(15 June 2002)

WarCraft 3 already stolen (General news) -- by yPArAH

Blizzard is still deeply interested in the continuation of WarCraft 3 beta testing, despite the release. Thus, the test will continue for about one week, resulting in one more beta patch. Truth is, pirates have already released an ISO of the game. It was a historical inevitability (©Herodotes)... Wonder what steps is Blizzard considering to take?


Settlers V (General news) -- by yPArAH

Blue Byte has announced a sequel to Settlers IV. That's just an announce, with no details (like the title of the game, for instance). Except... New 3D tech along with new strategical elements. here's one of the first sketches from Settlers V.


Heroes rival in sales (General news) -- by yPArAH

OK, as you know, Age of Wonders II is now available in stores. But you might not know the fact the demo of this very game (full 108 megs) is now downloadable from here... Enjoy!


Yet another interview... (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

...with UFO: Aftermath developers was published, this time by If you are eager to find more details, then in our version, try and look it up here... Nie-heh-heh.

(14 June 2002)

See UFO online! (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

ALTAR Interactive finally published their Е3 UFO: Aftermath cmip. You can get it either there or from us (22 Megs in both cases).

(13 June 2002)

Celtic King interview (Site news) -- by yurg
&!We have posted a lot of art and screens but now it's time to make brief interview about Celtic Kings: Rage of Wars. Full text along with some exclusive screens located here.


Mean strategies - soon! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Blizzard declared the "WarCraft 3 gone gold" buyers top readiness status. It will appear in Europe around 5th of July. Not so much waiting left! Another top awaited strategy, Age of Wonders II, accroding to the statement from Take 2, has alredy appeared in shops (so go seek it).

(12 June 2002)

So... how 'bout JA3? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Our JA fan colleagues picked the brain of one of the Strategy First representatives about the recent JA rights acquisition. Well, no big deal here. Development of JA3 is under serious consideratiion now. There exists a certain desire to release JA2 GOLD (JA2+UB), but that's, pratically, it. Several Sir-Tech employees migrated to SF, including the guru of the serial, Jan Currie (who have already worked there for half a year and till that moment was working on a different project).


KUF2 - some details (General news) -- by yPArAH

Kingdom Under Fire 2: The Crusader developers spit up some info on the project. But not much. Only promise worth mentioning is the character polygon count, from 3000 to 10.000 (for the main characters). Fully interactive world and all that included...


Highland Warriors - update (General news) -- by yPArAH

Highland Warriors site was also updated (I'm gettting briefer...).


Weekly shot (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Official Age of Mythology site spawned another screenshot. Some weird landscape...


AG gallery update (Site news) -- by yPArAH

AG had the Galactic Civilization (that's a space strategy, as you might have guessed) gallery seriously updated. Go there and look at the changes.


Patch 1.09 on-line (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Patch 1.09 for LSN is out! Non-3D graphic cards now supported. Mission briefings, laser fire rate accelerated x2, Death explosion deals even more damage. Download here.

Pretty brief, huh?

(7 June 2002)

No more culture? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Funatics company declared it's bankrupcy. The fate of Cultures 2 is now questionable... But what can we do? Only wait and see.


New pics (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

Akella was most kind to send us some exclusive (yurg just loves this word!) Sea Dogs 2 shots.

Hmm, am I mistaken or the owner of the nape looks very much like Orlando Bloom?


Jagged Alliance sold... (General news) -- by yPArAH

Just as expected, all rights for Jagged Alliance serial were sold to a third-party company, Strategy First. The press-release does not clarify whether Sir-Tech will be developing JA3 for Strategy First or the new title owner will do it on his own. When it is clear, we'll let you know.

(6 June 2002)

Lionheart interview (General news) -- by yurg

We have made brief interview with developers of recently announced RPG game Lionheart by BIS/Reflexive Ent. BTW, it's the first interview about Lionheart.

(5 June 2002)

Patches and all that (LSN) -- by yPArAH

Laser Squad Nemesis official site experienced a design change. Witness it yourself!

Also, plans to make up a new patch are uncovered. It will make the game playable on systems without a 3D accelerator. Tweaks'n'fixes, as usual... All due next week. After that the works on Spawn will begin.

Promises, promises...


Interview. Plain, simple (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

More on the topic of UFO: Aftermath. From fans this time. Seek it here.


World War continued (Empire Earth) -- by yPArAH

We all know about the making of an add-on for the Empire Earth strategy. Time for some screens (full gallery available at Gamespy). Notably, the add-on is being developed by a different team, called Maddoc Software.


First full-scale UFO preview (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Yep - UFO: Aftermath now got a preview made by us. You can find it here along with several exclusive screenshots. But we are not stopping here! Thanks to ALTAR Interactive for all the help!


Perimeter's got a video (General news) -- by yPArAH

The one and only "Perimeter" resource got up the official E3'02 clip once demonstrated during the notorious expo in Los-Angeles. 28 Megs only, right here.

(4 June 2002)

First shots of Delta Green (General news) -- by yPArAH

Е3 has passed, so now we can peacefully see the first screens of Delta Green. Looks like good artists plus smart engine equals neat game!


Platoon is moving? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Strange things happen to tactical projects. No need to sound the alarm, but all news about Platoon disappeared from the Digital Reality, while the official site does not respond. Doesn't look like a moving... Why erasing the news? Haven't got a clue. We shall wait and see...


A kingdom on fire (General news) -- by yPArAH

Phantagram company dispersed some art from the strategy in dvelopement, Kingdom Under Fire 2, among the journalists. We pinned just a few samples.


A contest! (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

MiST Land also announced the beginning of a nifty concurs for all gun lovers. Goal? Envision a weapon, explain how it works, give it a name and draw it. The best gun will actually make it into the game, as well as the author in the credits. You have time from now to 20th of June. At July first the winner will be named. Visit the official site for details.


More cracks? (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

MiST Land site is updated. Four shots. Paradise Cracked.

(1 June 2002)

Developers' diaries (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Gamespy got up another section of UFO: Aftermath developers' diaries. In a two-page article the history of the initial workings on the project is described. And also, to get your attention, here are four new shots - global interface with UFO interception.


New screens from Commandos 3 (General news) -- by yPArAH

First set o'screens and concepts of Commandos 3 entered the Net. (Thanks to for spotting and telling usо!) We all saw the clip, now it is undoubtable that graphics and tactical features will be of the highest quality!


Views of war (General news) -- by yPArAH

Codemasters were eager to send us journalists a set of screens from their upcoming WWII-based strategy: World War II: Frontline Command. As you can see, the game engine is supposed to be neatly powerful, for 3D is looking good here.
I hope the situation will remain unchanged till the very release…


We know fate (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

Haven't heard of Natural Resistance for a long time? So did we. Well, here's the outcome - a game called Soldiers of Anarchy was shown on E3, that game being the direct descendant of the original creation. It is the following definition that puts doubts into my mind: "originally developed by German company Silver Style". The project changed the developer? Let's wait for the news. The game is due october 2002 - wait for the new titles from SSI Interactive, which will be the publisher fo the game.


Druids still fighting (General news) -- by yPArAH

Russobit-M offered us a pack of screens for publishing. We couldn't miss the opportunity, y' know! So here you go - shots from Celtic Kings: Rage of War.


Official update (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

Visiting the official Akella site, we noticed an update in the "Screenshots" section of the Sea Dogs 2 division. I knew it was worth visiting, just as I told you.


Warlords 4 (General news) -- by yPArAH

We did not receive any info considering Warlords IV for a long time. It were the Worthyplaying folks who pasted some new art on the board. Hmmm… Warlords IV seem to be very much alike Warlords Battlecry II as to the design:

World War III - Beta hands-on review! Tank Isn't Luxury, It Is Barest NecessityParadise Cracked In Our Hands!