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May 2002

(28 May 2002)

Commandos 3 press-release (General news) -- by yurg

Here are some interesting quotes from Commandos 3 press-release. Well… anyway it's the first official words!

Commandos 3, presented during the E3, the leading international trade show for the videogames market, has been in development for over eight months.

Commandos 3 will be developed by a team of over 40 professionals, its development will last for two years and will be directed by Cesar Valencia and Ignacio Perez Dolset.

Cesar Valencia, with a broad experience in games development, is the project leader, while Ignacio Perez Dolset, designer of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, is in charge of game design.

Commandos 3 incorporates a series of gameplay and technical improvements which will make it the most ambitious game of the saga.

Among the most outstanding features of the game, an improved graphics engine, a new concept of game flow that sets it apart from the traditional Commandos gameplay or the new multiplayer modes with different types of deathmatch games.

Prior to its release date, expected for summer 2003 in its PC format, more gameplay details will be unveiled, including a playable demo available some months before its publication.


New Platoon's screens (General news) -- by yurg

Official Platoon's site (recently revealed at E3 tactical game about Vietnam War) was updated with 11 brand new screenshots. Here are all of them:


(23 May 2002)

Generals at E3 (General news) -- by Nomad

C&C: Generals is several months away from store shelves, but EA apparently doesn't want to flood us with screenshots from this highly anticipated game. Yet several shots made it to the public:


Romans Go to War (General news) -- by Nomad

Eidos Interactive relased a pack of fresh screenshots from Praetorians, a 3D real-time strategy game from the makers of Commandos 2.


Patch v1.08 Released (LSN) -- by Nomad

CoDo Games released a patch for Laser Squad Nemesis. Version 1.08 includes many changes and additions, namely a hotseat game option, updated graphics, a map editor and new scenario types.


More Medieval Pictures (Total War 2) -- by Nomad

Activision decided to show us even more Medieval screenshots. The full gallery is located at GameSpy.


LSN: A Fully Featured Version Is In the Works (LSN) -- by Nomad

Codo Games announced its intentions to create a fully-featured version of Laser Squad Nemesis for PC. The game is going to have a lot in common with PBeM-version, though in terms of looks and style it will be quite different. Players will have to ally with one of three LSN racers and lead it to ultimate domination. Right now Codo is looking for a publisher.

(22 May 2002)

First screenshots! (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Ok, people, time for breaking news! here are the very first UFO: Aftermath screenshots available over the Net! Many interviews told us about it - now we can see it! The graphics are good, up to my opinion, but still leave much to be desired. Let's wait for the Е3 news. The whole gallery is available here.


Russian Alpha (General news) -- by yPArAH

MiST land, developer of Paradise Cracked, announced project Alpha, a tactical game devoted to russian special forces (SpietsNaz). Here are the first tidbits of info:

"You and your team have got many tasks - freeing hotsages, wiping enemy from towns and other missions of high national importance.
All this will take place in locations already known because of war cohflicts in there. Chechnya, Afganistan, Middle East, afrikan countries - the list is far from complete. All missions are constructed with some conjunctions with real historic analogues, some classified top secret until recently.
Commanding you operatives, be sure to remember: each one is unique, each one is a personality, and his or her actions in stress situations are totally unpredictable...
Realistic real life weaponry blah-blah-blah...
Consulting the developers are the real honorary members of Alpha team, of Spientsnaz and MIA, along with Chechnya anti-terrorist campaign veterans.
Game mode - continuos time (similar to Combat Mission).
Mission replay (VCR-like) included..."

Stay put, we'll keep you posted!


The first ALPHA screens ((default)) -- by yurg

MiST land Company has sent a word about official announcement of new tactical game ALPHA. This game is inspirited by Russian Spec Ops and took place inn Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions where soviet specnaz made some secret operations. ALPHA will be one of the new anti-terrorist tactical game, this time by Russian developers. Additionally here are some first ALPHA's screens:

(21 May 2002)

Screens can be low-res... (General news) -- by yPArAH

Pyro updated the screenshots gallery of Praetorians on the official site. No samples for today - they are plain baaad, mmm'kay? Interested anyway? Well, help yourself.


New civilization - new shots (Civilization 3) -- by yPArAH

Adrenaline Vault posted the very first screenshots from the Civilization III: Play the World addon, which we wrote about recently. We got one sample - for purposes of viewing the rest go there.


Perimeter prehistory (General news) -- by yPArAH

Perimeter site has something for you, people. 3 first chapters (only the beginning) of the epic prehistory of this world. Quite a story is K-D Lab creating, I must say.

That's not all. Here's an official Е3 poster, which you can also witness on the 1C stand in the expo itself.

And to brush up on the battle side of the game - three new sketches of approved battle units.

(20 May 2002)

Alien portrait gallery (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

The official site of UFO: Aftermath has opened not so long ago (just got the news). Along with the corresponding press-release there appeared some new UFO and alien art. Here are the portraits.

(18 May 2002)

Sequel remade (Empire Earth) -- by yPArAH

Sierra started working on Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, as was announced. Not much of a suprise - we wrote about the project a year ago. That means they had enough time to review the whole concept. While original Empire Earth included some fantasy beast models (they were simply inaccessible), a decision was made to move the game to the future - conflicts in Asia during the 24th century, for instance.

(17 May 2002)

More castles to come (General news) -- by yPArAH

Take 2 sent us a pack of Stronghold: Crusader art. As you might know, this is a sequel to Stronghold strategy, which was an incredible success. We're still building castles and defending ourselves against enemy attacks.


What Alert now? Yellow? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Game Spy published a preview of C&C: Generals. Finally - the inner workings! The story takes place in the near future, 15 to 20 years from the point of speaking. Three sides clash: USA, China (USSR is gone, Russia is not present - at least we were not made the bad ones AGAIN!) and the Global Freedom Army (terrorists). Art supplied with it includes a nice sketch of a battle vehicle and a Chineese red starred rocket. Looks a bit stupid yet nice.


New place to Duck and Cover (Site news) -- by yPArAH

Game Spy hosted the popular Fallout site, Duck and Cover, for quite a prolonged period of time. But something out of sorts happened during April this year - one of the newsmakers made some critical statements about the latest Interplay's idea in developement, Fallout Fantasy. GS, up to my opinion, overreacted by firing the poor lad and continuing to build up pressure on the site, until those people were nearly forced to change the host. They can still be found at the old address, but they are moving to the new one. Best of luck!

Mass media, eh? Well, see how it is ruled. Simple, efficient and disgusting...

(16 May 2002)

Spacescapes (Haegemonia) -- by yPArAH

And here's for you - a preview (sounds like a rhyme, eh?). Of Haegemonia it is. Text is old, but the pics are new! Yo!

OK, where do I sign up as a rapper?


Set the world on fire! (General news) -- by yPArAH

As Е3 gets closer, news slowly stop flowing. Not much in the world of strategies. Unless... EA has something to please us by - some nice macabre shots of C&C: Generals:


(15 May 2002)

Praetorians - the movie (General news) -- by yPArAH

Eidos, while preparing to show Praetorians at Е3, released a new clip. From and about Praetorians, you got the idea. Download from us (only 6.6MB)!


Microsoft Impossible (General news) -- by yPArAH

Microsoft corp. opened a new site devoted to Impossible Creatures RTS. Just a few new shots with some additional information can be found thre, but… Look at that! XGR got some interface screenshots!


Russobit-M strategies (General news) -- by yPArAH

Hungry for more screenshots from Russobit-M? There you go! Here are Cultures 2 and Celtic Kings: Rage of War. No news - just pics!

Celtic Kings: Rage of War

Cultures 2



Crusader kings - coming soon (General news) -- by yPArAH

Paradox company announced their plans on making a new RTS entitled Crusader Kings. What's in a name? folks managed to squeeze some more info outta Joakim Bergqwist in an interview. According to him, important changes will be made to the political system and the diplomacy, as well as the strategic part of the game. All this is due to the Middle Ages feudalism - i.e. a war will be impossible without loyal feudists (the player will have to work on this). Another interesting addition will be sovereign marriages - something new for a strategy. Need more information? You can find it all here. The game is due the forth quarter of this year.


The lost souls (General news) -- by yPArAH

ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG (what a name, I say!) dispersed a new portion of Earth 2150: Lost Souls screenshots among the journalists. We wrote about this project, maybe once or twice, but so far the news were, so to speak, insufficient. Well, here's another game from the family of Earth 2150.


PRAEpearing for the show (General news) -- by yPArAH

Eidos stated it is going to show Praetorians on Е3. Hmm. Half a year without a word - now this… Something else from the Commandos 2 developers is worth waiting for anyway.


Sea fight (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Behold - a new Age of Mythology screen. Looks even more beautiful, doesn't it? This time - the Alexandrian lighthouse and a magical battle near it.

(8 May 2002)

Exclusive Perimeter Movies (General news) -- by Nomad

Exodist, an "interstellar Perimeter resource", posted a gameplay movie showcasing one of the most amazing features of this game - real-time terramorfing. Upon downloading the file, you'll see a group of units leveling soil at the future construction site. If you'd like to watch mountains grow, get this one. More gameplay videos can be found here.


Robin Hood is going to E3 (General news) -- by Nomad

We got a word from PR-manager of SpellBound Studios that its upcoming tactical real-time strategy Robin Hood will be presented at E3.


Cultures 2 and Celtic Kings Screenshots (General news) -- by Nomad

Russobit-M sent us a pack of screenshots from Cultures 2 and Celtic Kings: Rage of War. Enjoy!

Cultures 2:

The druids are going to war!


Yet Another Gameplay Movie (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad

FilePlanet got their hands on juicy gameplay movie from Age of Mythology. Download from here.


Building better China (General news) -- by Nomad

If you want to take part in beta-testing of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, BreakAway Games' upcoming SimChinaCity-type RTS, visit this page.


Sudden Strike 2 Gold. WarCraft 3 Updated (General news) -- by Nomad

According to CDV, german version Sudden Strike II has gone gold. In other news, Blizzard released 30th patch for WarCraft 3 beta. Yet again, it fixes some bugs and tweaks balance. Available via autoupdater for beta users only. By the way, if you're uncertain whether or not your PC is capable to run WC3, download Video Card Tester.


Even More Impossible Creatures (General news) -- by Nomad

PC.IGN posted a new movie from Impossible Creatures (скачать), while Game Spy added a second installment in developer's diary, describing some of the monsters you'll meet (and breed) in this RTS.


Mythological Nights (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad

This is how nights in Age of Mythology look like. Veeeery nice!

(1 May 2002)

New portion of horror (General news) -- by yPArAH

Relic updated the gallery of it's site dedicated to Impossible Creatures (genetic experiments on animals a-la Dr. Moroe).


Highlanders. Many. (General news) -- by yPArAH

Something else from the world of strategies - the opening of the official Highland Warriors (a game of a German origin) site. Standart set of information: shots, diaries, etc., all here.


Meeting point: E3 (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

As we got to know, UFO: Aftermath will be shown on Е3, as expected. Meet you there.


Greeks had a hard time... (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

New screenshot from Age of Mythology demonstrates a demulution of a Greek kingdom. Spears of fire rained from the skies, continents were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling ocean...

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