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March 2002

(30 March 2002)

Update from Russobit-M (General news) -- by yPArAH

Fresh news from Michael Kabanoff, PR -. he did us a big favor by dropping some screens from the upcoming strategy Cultures 2. Here.

Need more? Here goes: some more screenshots, this time from once mentioned strategy, Druid King. Looks neat!

To all extents it seems to me, that when the euphoria about Heroes is over, Russobit-M will take over the Russian market... Estimation, y'know.


Undead, take it easy (General news) -- by yPArAH

War Craft 3 was patched for good. Undead became weaker, and that's good. It's also so possible something similar will happen with the elves. So, who's the current big city favorite. Bet on the spiders - you wont miss (damn Zergs in Starcraft, now this!).
OK, let's hope something like balance will be established before the release.


MOO is still out there (General news) -- by yPArAH

Bad news, people. Master of Orion III is postponed AGAIN, this time till the third quarter of this year. Oh well...


Black&White 2 (General news) -- by yPArAH

Firs news were received about Lionhead studio plans. Yep, we're talking B&W 2. According to the source, army building will be available, as well as coordinating battles. Hmm, what about the WHITE part, I wonder? Nothing? In a nutshell, B&W will become more a strategy than a god-simulator.

(29 March 2002)

AG review (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

My hyper-boss, Zombiek, wrote a Heroes IV review. It's here. Need more comments? Won't get any - make your own opinion.


New pictures (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

Sudden Strike 2 official site received an update. Neat, huh? OK, just as usual, it is a set of screenshots. The whole gallery is located there, we got only three (just as usual):


Dreams, so lethal (General news) -- by yPArAH

Gameport, a Czech gaming site, published a pack of screenshots frm an RPG/Strategy game known as Lethal Dreams. We already wrote about it's announce not so long ago. Here are three examples, the owners hold the rest.

(27 March 2002)

In search of an engine (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Black Isle officially forfeited the LithTech engine and bought a license for Granny, a game engine from RAD Game Tools. Also, they are developing their own engine for a non-announced project. Taking into consideration the prolonging of the license fro AD&D-based projects, one can assume it will take quite a bit of time for the Fallout 3 to show up on the horizon. Most likely BIS will work on Baldur's Gate 3, which will possibly become a mixture of a dead TORN (3D RPG) and BG.
What will be the outcome? No idea. The future holds one thing for certain - take your Power Armor, oil it well and keep it in a place far away. You won't need it soon.


Not Fallout (General news) -- by yPArAH

Heard about Static, this Fallo(ut)-imitator? Well, you can now get a feel of it - the tech demo is out. Yu can get it here.

(26 March 2002)

Laser patch number 6 (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Not much to tell today, yeah? Laser Squad Nemesis was patched for the sixth time. Good patch, nice patch, fresh patch. Need one, good sir?


Commented pictures (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

People of ALTAR Interactive dropped a load of total 12 UFO: Aftermath screenshots in our mailbox. While yurg was having a hard time making all sorts of funny comments for them, the official site got updated, but we're better anyway :-)

Heh-heh. I was asked to translate the comments. Well, here you go!

1) One of the possible game monsters, looking very much like a dog. Possibly to be found around the plains or city ruins.

2) Some alien flying apparatus. Definetly constructed with help of biotech. Possibly a combination of conventional cybertech and alien biotech (as we know, their biotech is pretty good).

3) Doesn't look to alien. This thingy on the humanoid's back seems to be a symbiotic parasite or something. Such symbiosis leads in many cases to reconstruction of the host...

4) Our welcome to Mr. Reticulan, alien himself. That's the blacky guy who tried to lay his hands on the Earth. Humaoids with something black on them... Very much like in X-COM...

5) Heavy Infantry from Earth. Wears some neat armor. This unit will fire all his weaponry from the shoulder, thus being able to use something with his other hand, using a medcit for instance.

6) Another model of the same UFO.

7) More detailed model of the second version of the apparatus.

8) Third modification. A troop-carrying one, I suppose (look at the scale).

9) Some Western Europe building.

10) Same for Eastern Europe.

11) Maybe China town?

12) More buildings from the Eastern Europe.

(25 March 2002)

A Mythical Picture (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad

A new week... and one new screenshot from Age of Mythology, the upcoming 3D fantasy RTS title. Looks like the game becomes more beautiful with each passing day!

(23 March 2002)

Screenshots Paradise (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

News from MiST Land official site. The developers of Paradise Cracked took their time to make some more shots. Three below, as usual, rest here.


Objects now identified. A little (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

The beginning of this year was marked with a good news. Good for us, strategists. Dreamland reentered development, under a new title and with a new developing team, of course. At least X-Com is still alive and kicking.

Do please nothe the development has just begun. Although we see the first project sketches here and there, they do not yet represent the real contents of the game. ALTAR Interactive representstives show some distrust in whether the published art will actually make it into the game or not. So the concepts are just what they are - concepts, nothing more. We journalist folk tried real hard to make them finally spit up their guts (no offence) about UFO: Aftermath, but... So far the news have been scarce. The devolepers keep their secrets!

Until we got up from the sofa and went into action. here you are: first small bits of information from one of the ALTAR's staff - Jiri Rydl. To get the whole story, here's the first interview we made.

Stay put. There'll be more on the world of UFO.

(21 March 2002)

Official novelty (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

Sudden Strike 2 official site was updated with some fresh, hot'n spicy shots. Hmm, more spice with each update, I say. What next?


Additional annihilation expected (General news) -- by yPArAH

Phantagram officially confirmed the rumors about their aquisition of the rights to develop Total Annihilation 2. They are, actually, already developing it. The release is expected by the end of 2004.

He-he. Koreans ruuule.


TA2 in developement? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Thanks to a certain Korean site a gossip was passed over the net. In it, "info" about Phantagram already working on Total Annihilation 2 for Infogrames was found. Thus, a note was posted on VoodooExtreme.

TA2? Not bad, not bad...


Going into details (General news) -- by yPArAH

Little is known about Warlords IV. So, to fill this informational vacuum with something, Gamespot published several new shots/sketches. Enjoy...


Alien you mean me... Extraterrestrial... (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Looks like UFO: The Freedom Ridge was renamed and became UFO: Aftermath. One Czech site got up more alien art. Uh, art with aliens, I mean. Yeah, you got me. Examples (four this time!) below, the rest there.


Heroes in gold (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

The English version of HOMM IV has gone gold. Officially. Unofficially speaking, it has been ready for some time already.
OK. It go. We wait.


See the Delta Greenie! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Flyinglab informed us about their intention to show the Delta Green tactical game we told you about before on GDC. You'll find the game in the LithTech-based games section. Look for the following poster:

(20 March 2002)

Pre-sale AVI (HOMM4) -- by yurg

3DO has released pre-sale HOMM IV teaser which could be grabbed from our site (for example). AVI is about 8 MB.


Robin Hood misc (General news) -- by yurg

Spellbound has provide us a bunch of new screens from upcoming tactical game Robin Hood:


(18 March 2002)

Screenshots weekly (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

New picture from Age of Mythology shows us a battle of the mages. How 'bout a nice electricity zap?


Another strategy. INCOMIIIIIIING! (General news) -- by yPArAH

One German site announced the beginning of the developement of a new strategy named Highland Warriors (from Data Becker). The story of the game will take place in the ancient Scotland. The idea is not bad at all, according to the supplied shots. 200.000 polygons per screen is a nice figure, righto? As you can also guess from the screenshots, a strong economical side of the game is expected. That's all about it for now. We shall wait and see. It is my opinion that as of now the game is developed for Germany only. (Thanks to RGW for letting us know).

(16 March 2002)

More seascapes (Privateer) -- by yPArAH

More stuff from Akella. Yep, something in the way of screenshots. Four this time, suprise, suprise. Privateer. Sea. Strategy. And tactics.


Day of the patches (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Blizzard released a 1.12 patch for the WarCraft 3 beta. Legal users should use the autoupdate feature...

Warlords Battlecry II are also here, not entering the stores yet, but with a patch already. Grab it here.


Commandos. Small (General news) -- by yPArAH

Monte Cristo official site was updated with a new set of screenshots from their original tactical game - Micro Commandos. There you will represent some very little aliens in their quest to coquer Earth (hmm, they do not know bout pest control, I suppose...). At a firs glance this project looks slightly childish, but there's something in it...

(15 March 2002)

Generals on march (General news) -- by yPArAH

Westwood continues to agressively promote it's C&C: Generals project. This time they made up seven brand-new screenshots. yurg... well, you know that custom - he picked up three:


How to build a UFO (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

The first part of UFO: The Freedom Ridge developers' diaries was published on the project's official site. In the first part the finishig of the project's first part is described. During the first iteration the whole game is done in 2D with a top view - just to describe and demonstrate the gameplay works and schematics. The final game will be in 3D, of course, don't you worry.
There will be a random mission generator. For those who prefer to create missions themselves this process is thoroughly described. Not only will you be able to wander through natural enviroments, but you will also be able to operate in city's conditions. On the whole the final amount of missions will be around 100, with about 150 cities of five different "architectural types". Hmm, a swell beginning, I must say.

One Czech site got six sketches from the game. As ususal, we picked three...


Privateer got himself a site (Privateer) -- by yPArAH

Akella company announced the opening of the Privateer official site (yeah, Nash, you did it!). It is far from completion, but worth viewing in any case (not only news I am speaking of). And, due to the fact the release is postponed, it is a good idea to pay it a visit every once a while - just to keep the spirit up..


Chrome lands (General news) -- by yPArAH

Do you know about Techland? Erm, no, that's not the Eternal Assembly Lines of Panasonica. That's a team of game developers. And what they did was sending us a nifpy package of screenshots from their new game, Chrome. Although this game is off-topic for our site, some of the screens are...envigorating, if I may put it so. Looks like a nice game to play instead of some RTS. For a change, you know...

(14 March 2002)

Vietnam: this is serious! (General news) -- by Nomad

Digital Reality courteously allowed us to take a look at its new real-time tactics game called Vietnam, slated for release in late 2002 by MonteCristo. As you may have guessed, the game will take place during the infamous Vietnam conflict. First artworks show very impressive models. Vietnam uses a modified version of Haegemonia engine. We'll keep you posted!


Hey, look at THAT! (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

Along with the first in-store messages about Warlords Battlecry II (yep, it's in stores), the official site got up a nifty wallpaper with an elf on it. Did you know elves can be THAT sexy? Well, I did not. Anyways, since I am an android, I mostly prefer characteristics and descriptions, so here's one for the Wood Elf Armies.


Shots weekly (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Yup, Age of Mythology is on the menu. A dragon came to a blue (dah-buh-dee-dah-buh-dah) village to grab a nice juicy cow for a good supper. Who will truimph? Several beef chops for the dragon of some stewed dragon for the peasants? Only time will tell...


Russian druids are out there (General news) -- by yPArAH

More strategies from Russobit-M, meaning more info from Michael Kabanoff. This time - something about a game named Druid King.

Basically, it's another RTS with RPG elements.
We act as a young warrior named Larax who lost his mistress and consequently started worshipping Kathubodua, the goddes of war (good start, yes?).
Two modes - strategy and adventure. Quite typical, I must say. Strategy: build and command units, hire and develop heroes, buy artifacts, conquer towns and villages. Adventure: control a team leaded by Larax, explore world, overcome difficulties, converse, encounter Caesar, gain experience. Good salad, yes? Some shots to stir up your appetite:

(13 March 2002)

Laser patch number 5 (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Attention, all Laser Squad Nemesis players - patch 1.05 is away! Download! Recommended for those who experienced problems with v1.04. 8 megs of fixes, enjoy...


Cultures differ (General news) -- by yPArAH

Michael Kabanoff from Russobit-M threw us "a little" info on a new strategy named Cultures II.

OK, this "short" info was too damn long, so i tried to refine it.
The story: vikings start to populate Europe and Middle East (around the year 1000). It all begins when Bjarni, main character of Cultures I, gets a vision of participating in Ragnarok aka The Last Battle, mentioned many times in the myths. He fights along with three unknow heroes. The aim of the battle is to kill Midgard, an awful serpent of sorts, and thus avert the End of the World (typical job for a hero, innit?).
To understand "what the bloody, bloody, BLOODY hell" (©Loxley) should that mean, Bjarni will journey to Europe. Thre he will encounter three heroes - a corageous frankonian, a tech-advanced byzantine and a mysterious saracen. OK, each race will contain a hero who will join the team. Each will have a part of a key. The key will be use to unlock the doors of Valhalla, where the final battle will begin.

On to the battle system. Every viking will be able to defend himself. he will have approporiate reactions to different battle situations - charging the enemies or retreating, attacking along or as a team.
More weapons, notably catapults to knock down enemy buildings. Different armors, swords, spears and bows. Inventory micromanagement (dress each hero individually). And inventory, yes.
Here's a neat treak, like a hat tip from me. Stock your inventory with wepons and armor, enter a village unnoticed, put everything and initiate a local Armageddon. Might be quite a laugh in the multiplayer, although other players will able to detect such a trick due to the slow movement of you mule-like character...

(12 March 2002)

Attention, Fallout junkies! (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Still up for the Fallout Bible? Good! Keep it up! And here is something to keep you up...

Chris Avellone was finally able to divert some time to the refining of the available info. This resulted in the Fallout Bible 0, essentially a compilation of the previously generated Bible documents (available in Word and PDF formats).

Nope, that's not all. Here is the latest update (or you prefer it that way?), containing some questions from me... Interested already? Go, go, go!


Official site open (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

The official site of Sudden Strike 2 opened yesterday. Hooray? Cannot say. (Hey, I'm a poet, so give me a diploma and a funny looking hat! ©Marcus) The site does not contain that much new info - just a bit here and there. And a couple of shots, as usual. Well, if you into suddent striking, this site might be worth paying a visit once a while.

(11 March 2002)

Orcs boxed (General news) -- by yPArAH

We got the first version of the WarCraft III box for your viewing pleasure. Orcs on the face, again. Maybe Blizzard will make other variants, i.e. with other races' representatives?


Demo! (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

OK, I was talking about a King bamboozle not so long ago. Well, I take my words back, for the demo of Warrior Kings appeared, practically out of nowhere. So go ahead, grab it and deal with all available heretics personally!


Robin Hood interview (Site news) -- by yurg

Some Robin Hood news. Today we have posted interview with Mischa Strecker from Spellbound. You can find interview here. Enjoy!

(9 March 2002)

Hey! New C&C! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Hot news from EA! This firm officially announced the beginning of a new project, C&C: Generals. To cover the event, a giant announce was published at Gamespot. Let me do a little nonsense and emotional weeding and present the refined version: it will be good old C&C, full 3D this time, with beautiful vehicle models, vast gamespaces (with enormous buildings) and much more. Exploding penthouses mark a really good start for the title. By the way, haven't we told you that C&C: Generals will allow to play for the terrorist baddies?
Well, anyway, go there to get the full coverage, all the shots, etc. The project is due end of the year 2002 (yeah, right).
So what do we get? An excellent turn-based strategy, the unrivaled MOO3 space strategy, adding an RTS born to become a top-seller from this moment on. Not bad!


More pics. Need some? (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

A Belgian site published another preview of Sudden Strike 2. Nothing new, 'cept for a couple o' screenshots. Interested?


X-Com: Not going anywhere (Rumors) -- by yPArAH

A few days ago I wrote (with the help from a certain western site) about the possibility of transferring the X-Com brand into the grabby hands of Firaxis. Ever wondered what was the outcome? The same site now states (with certain help from Firaxix PR) it was all a fairy tale, if I may put it so. Well, I will not take the opportunity to comment on that due to the fact the name of the company's representative was not mentioned. My judgement is the same - rumors, nothing more.

"Firaxis is not involved in the development of any XCOM titles."

OK, if there are any more news about the plot, I'll let you know...


More space strategies (General news) -- by yPArAH

Games Domain got up an interview with the developers of Galactic Civilization, a sequel to a game under the same name from Stardock. If you never played the original in the early 94, remember the look of 2 and you'll get the idea. The interview is accompanied by several interesting shots. I will not now take my time describing the political structure of the interstellar empires and the wonderful AI from the OS/2 version of the original game. There is one moment in the whole story that alarms me - no ship customisation will be available, for the developers think players won't need that (are they nuts or what?). In all other aspects the game will be a well-rounded and advanced space strategy, which is rare in today's market and will not be rare in the not too distant future, when 3, IG3, Haegemonia and a coulple of other games will come out. Let's hope Stardock will cope with the task. Want to know more? Look here!


King bamboozle! (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

The Microids company published a 9Mb clip of the Warrior Kings gameplay instead of a demo-version (nice swap, eh?. If you are not dissatisfied with the news, go view it. Something is better than nothing.


The lands of UFO (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Another interview with Altar folks sprung up over the Net. In it the topic of the discussion, UFO: The Freedom Ridge, was mentioned very briefly, and I was not able to find something of much interest. Developers promise the UFO lands to be more manifold than those of X-Com 1. This will include such junk as trees, houses, pillars, cars, etc. And yes, there will be an exact copy of the globe, as well as the possibility to implement different landscapes (did you get the meaning of the last statement? me neither).


UFO storyline (Dreamland) -- by yurg

Official UFO: TFR forum was updated with quite interesting post regarding UFO's storyline by Martin Klima:

To give you the basis of storyline, without giving out too much spoilers, is difficult but I will try. Please bear in mind this is only a rough outline, written without any artistic intentions.

In near future, the Earth will be approached by a large spaceship. It does not answer any human attempt to communicate, and it releases a huge amount of spores into the upper layers of the atmosphere. The spores start to multiply very quickly, and soon they completely obscure the sun. This is later called "Twilight".

When this is accomplished, the spores drop to the Earth surface, killing all complex living organisms, including humans, animals and plants. This is later called "Nightfall".

It only took seven days from the time the spores entered the atmosphere before they fell down. The human response -- when it was possible -- was quite feeble: there was no attempt to attack the ship and the analysis of the spores did not alert humans to the danger. The question remains if something could have been done: in all likeness there wasn't.

Only handful of humans survived the Nightfall -- in sealed underground bases and similar facilities. After several weeks the spores disintegrated and it was possible to walk on the surface again. The remmants of the human population tried to make contact with each other and start some co-ordinated action. Their first task must be to find out what really happened and what are the ultimate motives of the attackers.

(6 March 2002)

Laser patch. Number 4 this time (Patches) -- by yPArAH

1.04 is the name of a new Laser Squad Nemesis patch to see the light. Get it from the download section of the official server. Unit attributes fixed, new map made, interface slightly changed. If you're still interested in the game - go upgrade.


News from CDV (General news) -- by yPArAH

CDV dropped a bombload o'sceenshots on us. We already mourned the loss of those who had not instinctively "Duck and Cover!", but anyway work is work, so lets sort out the debris. We got two RTSs - No Man's and Sudden Strike 2.

First one is a new strategy (similar to Colonization) - developement of the North American lands during the period of 1600-1900. All the great history of glorious America will be described in 30 missions. Apart from the econimics part of the game another new and exciting feature is expected - unit ability to swim and dive (that's something new!). 3 campaigns, full 3D with a free camera (pan, zoom, pivot and all that). Six figthing sides: Englishmen, Spaniards, Piligrims, Americans, Indians and Pirates. The artwork is promised to be "close to real" (yeah, we heard that before). Day/night differences. Random map generator. Screenshots :-)

OK, still want more? Very well, here are two screenshots and several Soviet ironclad train renders from Sudden Strike 2. What more can I say? You should see it! "Death to fascists!" is a good texture for a german site. Really.

(5 March 2002)

A Hindu RTS! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Not woundy yet interesting. Can you be surprised with an RTS announcement? My guess is no - the RTS avalanche did not ebb yet. BUT! Have you ever heard about INDIAN games? Well, me neither. A gimmick
OK, here's the picture - there exists a certain Indian game developement team, Raptor Entertainment. And they announced an RTS named Xtreeme Forces (yo, man, da name is cool, yeah!). Two sides - government vs rebels. Lotsa vehicles, units, etc Not much to talk about - you know the regular menu. Full 3D, yes, yet the shots do not show much of a detailisation. Poor landscapes anderrwell, Hummer's wheels are hexagonal and the wind screen is non-transparent. Maybe that will change? The track vehicles are nonetheless looking good, as well as the hell-copter. OK, if you have some spare time, consider paying those dinosaurs (raptors, you know) a visit a looking into their first gallery of screenshots.

Hmm Hypermart I know that hosting


Screenshots weekly (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Age of Mythology developers got another screenshot for our viewing pleasure. A nice close combat of some mythical critters. Must see!

(4 March 2002)

Patch 1.10 on the way (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Blizzard informed all the WarCraft III betatesters on the new upcoming patch. This will add some features, suc as user profile, more icons and a new ranking system. Some unit parameters will also be changed. Worth considering (if you play at

Possibly the company will try and take some steps to kepp the pirates from cloning the new game server... That's just what it is - an assumption...


Posing dwarfes (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

Official Warlords Battlecry II site is updated. Consider reading some specifications of a monster Titan - King Khalid. And a wallpaper - a portrait of some dwarfes this time.


Sid Meier's XCom? (General news) -- by yPArAH

If we beleive a certain site for a second (and I do not say we do...), there exists a certain possibility of Firaxis laying their hands on the X-Com title. According to the source the deal is in preparation and will soon be accomplished. It is also said Firaxis folks are a bit skeptical about Alliance. So, if we beleive in that, it is possible Mr. Meier with toy with the new X-Com.

You might as well ask a radscorpion to part with it's tail! (©Myron)

(2 March 2002)

Delta greenish stuff (General news) -- by yPArAH

Flying Labs sent us a press-release. That's good, huh? Well, that means we got the very first game shot and a nifty wallpaper in addition.
Oh, just to remind you - Delta Green will be a tactical horror game based on the board game under the same name. Fresh meat:


More armies (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

While Warlords Battlecry 2 go gold, their official stite spits more info. Three more armies. Here.


Combat system revisited (Dreamland) -- by yurg
Here is post from Altar Interactive' forum regarding turn-based combat in UFO: TFR:

Imagine you have two soldiers at the lower edge of map. Imagine there is a wall going from East to West to the North of them, and that there is enough space on both sides for soldiers to pass through. The game is paused.

You select the first soldier and click to the North of the wall (you can see the whole battlefield, but you cannot see enemies and items, if they are not seen/detected by your men). A ragged line will appear going from the soldier to the Eastern edge of wall, little bit North, then back West. This line goes exactly through the squares the soldier plans to move through. When you hover your mouse over the line, you can see the time he will enter/exit that square. You can see the time he will reach the destination on the target spot.

You select the second soldier (say he has a rocket launcher). You order him to take an aimed shot at the wall. An icon will appear over the spot he is standing, showing an action is planned here. It will show the time when the action takes place (i.e. when the firing is complete). A straight red line will be shown going from launcher to the wall. Then you click above the wall, next to the square where you send the first soldier. Again a ragged line will appear, going through every square, but now it will go directly to the wall (the game knows, or assumes, that there will be a hole in the wall and sees its the shortest route to the destination). As a result this second soldier will be there before the first one (the number shown on the target square is lower).

The plan for the first soldier does not change. If I want him to use the hole the other soldier blasted in the wall, I would have to select him, cancel his orders, and send him to the same destination.

Let assume I won't do it. Now I hit spacebar and the game starts running. The first soldier starts running along the planned path. The other soldier aims rocket launcher and fires. The rocket indeed hits the wall and blasts a hole in it. The second soldier slowly runs to the hole (the launcher is damned heavy).

When he covers about half of the distance, he spots an alien lurking behind the wall. The game pauses and displays the message "Alien spotted". I press Enter and screen centers on the alien. I consider my options. The alien seems little dazed from the explosion and probably cannot see me. I cancel the plan of the second soldier and order him to walk silently little bit to the left so that the alien cannot see him. Then I plan for him to move North to the wall. The plan of the first soldier I leave untouched -- he will get to the nice position when he rounds the wall.

I hit spacebar again. The first soldier rounds the wall, spots the alien but the game does not stop, because I already know about him (I could turn this on in Options). But after couple of steps the game pauses again and displays "Plan completed". I hit Enter and the game centers on the first soldier.

I want to wait a little while until the second one is in a good position, so I hit wait button and run the game again. When I see the soldier with rocket launcher is on a right spot, I hit spacebar and pause the game. I cancel the rest of the plan of the second soldier, order him to re-arm and then take aimed shot at the alien. I can see it will take, say, 25 seconds.

I also order the first soldier to take an aimed shot at the alien. As he was waiting he had time to aim so the first shot is really quick and straight away I give him order to shoot once more. Both shots will take, say, 20 seconds.

Then I run the game. The first soldier fires twice and I can see the alien is badly hit, but not yet dead. The game pauses and displays "Plan completed". I hit escape (the screen does not move) and press Ctrl + Spacebar (this gives Wait command to all soldiers without a plan). The second soldier fires and the alien is dead.

Sorry if this is too long but I hope this makes clearer the basic of the system. Hopefully it also makes clear why you don't want to use this system with twenty soldiers.

(1 March 2002)

Project 'Earth' (General news) -- by Nomad

The official website of Project Earth: Starmageddon is now online! The game promises a truly epic gameplay, with ability to join both Humans and Aliens, command furious space battles and so on. Looks like this year is going to be good not only for fantasy games (Warcraft 3, HoMM IV) but also for several sci-fi titles. For more stuff and info visit Starmageddon' site (beware: it's for Macromedia Flash 5 users only). Below this news you can see three nice concept pictures along with three low-res screenshots.


AG Gallery update (Paradise Cracked) -- by Nomad

AG Main Gallery now has more screenshots from Paradise Cracked.


The official website update (Warrior Kings) -- by Nomad

The official site of Black Cactus has been updated with a new Warrior Kings screenshots gallery. Fresh marine scenery and city sieges are present among the pictures. The most interesting ones are below, others can be found here:


Pictures of War (Sudden Strike 2) -- by Nomad

Our German colleagues have got a pack of nice Sudden Strike 2 shots directly from CDV. Several examples are here, the rest can be seen at this site.


Impossible screenshots (General news) -- by Nomad

Microsoft released the very first bunch of screenshots from its RTS title - Impossible Creatures. As you may recall, this game is somewhat of an adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel. Your goal is to create... errrm... well, impossible-to-imagine creatures. The idea looks promising.


No X-COM for us today... (General news) -- by Nomad

According to Infogrames, X-Com Alliance is not in the works. Its website was re-opened by mistake. The project is put on hold for an unlimited amount of time. Tough break, everyone...

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