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February 2002

(27 February 2002)

Role strategy or Real-time roleplay (General news) -- by yPArAH

We stubled upon a pack o'screenshots from a role strategy (interesting term), Lethal Dreams by Boolat Games. As usual, we got three most interesting ones below, the rest are at the official site.


UFO system specifications (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

Some info from Altar Interactive forum - the system requirements, long awaited. Minimal configuration: PIII 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, GeForce 16 MB RAM, DirectX 7, Open GL. Advisable: PIII 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, GeForce 3 64 MB RAM. Minimal screen resolution: 1024768. 1152 x 864 1280 x 1024 will also be supported.

1GHz... Niiiice expectation.

(25 February 2002)

Screenshots weekly (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Last one for today - a screenshot from Age of Mythology with a Greek settlement in it:


Druids at war (General news) -- by yPArAH

Attention, incoming screenshots. got some from a new RTS about, no, druid wars. Only screenshots, cheap and tasty (at least somewhat).


How 'bout a little chat? (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

One of the Warrior Kings-devoted sites will conduct a chat with the project developers at 2:00 PM EST. Topics under discussion: units, patches and othe RTS stuff. Available at channel.


Latest revelations from the forum (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

With the opening of the official page a UFO: The Freedom Ridge (remake Dreamland) forum also starts to be of service to the users. Selected answers from developers' mouths' (most interesting ones, you guessed):

Engine: Day, night, differences between battles with various lighting conditions included. Absolutely dark places (where even flare grenades are of little use) are expected. Wonder where.

Destroyable surfaces: Will be implemented. At least players will be able to knock down walls, buildings and other useful objects on the map. Terraforming (and terradeforming) is considered. If it is embodied, it is unknown how and in what way.

Earth in general: No more goverments, police and other power stuctures. The Earth got the works this time, and the topic under discussion is survival, not dealing with a couple of fly-by UFOs. Civilians, thus, are unlikely to appear in the missions (although sometimes there will be some).


Alliance not yet broken (General news) -- by yPArAH

Looks like another distressful project re-enters development stage. This time it's X-Com Alliance. And, that's, practically it - no more info. Still, the fact an official page opened on the Inforgames site is invigorating. Hmm, such interest in the title from the new owner... Could it lead to something, I wonder?

(23 February 2002)

Chatting about Bible (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Well, another chat with Chris Avellone occurred today. This acted as a motive for me to dig deeper into the world of Fallout and come up with some quiddities. OK, since I do not have sufficient rights to post a complete chat log here, you'll have to go and view it there. Go ahead and enjoy


Pirates gone? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Check this out - Blizzard took steps (which means sued someone) to get the "Bnet D" network offline. Looks like a bad day for the pirates. Not without the help from Russia - Russian fansites, getting a beta version, transferred some copies to pirates right away. Bnet D closing can be considered an effective action, yet (when taking a broader view of the situation) it was practically useless. Half of the clubs (with help of the certain pesons) got their copies anyway.

Up to yurg's opinion Blizzard continues to make the same mistake, making beta patches available for public downloads, while there exists an opportunity to update the game by entering with a legal CD-KEY. In that way, any pirate can create the latest version of the game from his v1.00 with the help of the public available patches. Another moment is Blizzard never ties the beta version to an exact disk (so copies can be made, etc).
Well, it's good many people can play the game, but it's bad they buy from the pirates (not sure what exactly they are buying).


New Bible (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Finally! Fallout Bible got itself a place on the Black Isle official site. To mark the new place, Chris Avellone posted the regular update. So get the fresh PDF here.


The making of the movies (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

The new page in the Age of Mythology developers diary tells us about the creating of the intro movie. Well, nothing new can be possibly told about movie making, but the supplied pics are worth viewing anyway!

(22 February 2002)

Warcraft video (General news) -- by yPArAH

One Belgian site, still feeling anxiety after getting the WarCraft 3, made a risky move and published a clip showing some gameplay. Grab it while you can!!! Or it'll be too late (people will come and ask to put the file away)


Golden Warlords (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

Yup, Warlords Battlecry II has gone gold. It is expected to appear in stores around March 12th. That's, practically, it.


Interview. Again (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

One more interview ("we too" type) on Warrior Kings sprung up in the Net. There is one moment that seems particular interesting - the developers confessed they are currently not only developing the game, but also certain mental instabilities. Heh-heh. Yes, and a couple of shots at the bottom of the page (follow that link).


The first UFO art (Dreamland) -- by yurg

Altar Interactive has let us know about the first art from UFO: The Freedom Ridge on the official page:

I shell say it looks like great!


Ships ahoy! (Haegemonia) -- by Nomad

We got out hands on several new shots from Haegemonia, the space strategy from the makers of the original Imperium Galactica. These nice models can make space-sim developers drool on the floor! According to our latest recon data, Haegemonia will be published this summer.


Emperor: Battle for China (General news) -- by Nomad

Sierra Entertainment has published first screenshots from Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, a sequel to Caesar, Pharaoh and Zeus, set in Medieval China. The pictures are nice as well as the game's feature list.


Fresh pictures off the press (Warrior Kings) -- by Nomad

The Warrior Kings official site has been updated with more art: a file, containing full technology tree and a file with some info on units. Both are recommended downloads!

(21 February 2002)

Paradise got shot (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

Or shots, better to say. This is the final portion. 4 concepts. Enjoy!

(20 February 2002)

Brian made a confession (General news) -- by yPArAH

I say! I do say, now there's a fancy news piece! Gamespot made an interview with Brian Fargo, ex-CEO of Interplay.

Already interested? You should be, 'cause some of his statements are at least worth knowing and making a mental note of.
Item one: Interplay's attempt to sue him was quite shocking for Mr. Fargo.
Item two: He left the company without asking for bonuses, redundancy money, priviliges and all thing like that. He even promised to help the company in processing the current contracts.
Item three: All the hell broke loose when Mr. Fargo tried to contact his new sponsors.

Yet, he keeps an optimistic attitude to his future and plans (as expected) to return to the gaming industry. It is RPGs that interest him most. The only thing Brian repents of is the company's slw changeover to the console market.

That's about it...

P.S. You know, I've just a rush idea... In case Interplay goes bankrupt, Brian could possibly pick up the key persons from BlackIsle and finally make Fallout 3?
After all, why not?


Our IWD 2 interview (Site news) -- by yurg

Today we have posted interview with Dave Maldonado - IWD2 designer. You can find interview here along with 4 brand new screenshots. Enjoy!

(19 February 2002)

Sudden screenshots (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

CDV informed us about the release of several new screenshots from Sudden Strike 2. Well, thanks for telling They are shrinked and thus less pretty , but still worth viewing:


More Warlords (General news) -- by yPArAH

The very first preview of Warlords IV, which were mentioned by us before, appeared in the net. The text itself, I must say, is a bit difficult due to numerous excursus. Now this is quite understandable - it is really hard (almost impossible) to write a full-fledged preview based on only six shots from the game.

So, up to my opinion, there is no need to read it. It's better to tell you all we know from frequent conversations and scarce screenshots. First point - a new game engine, without a shadow of a doubt. It can be named the only rival of HOMM (at least it could have been done so in the infancy of the game). Nowadays it has more similarities with the RTS variation - Warlords Battlecry.

What is promised? Ability to create own towns. That means erecting administrative buildings (to increase taxes, heh-heh) and different military stuctures. Yeah, who would need civilians anyway Castle construction is required for raising the town status. Next - a separete tech tree for each race. The engine I mentioned in the first place will be an updated WBC2 one. A non-linear campaign and a two-side multiplayer are also expected.

SSG people supplied some screenshots to go with the mentioned article. Note the first test screenshots and a nice landscape with hanging corpses. Looks nice so far


All the Cultures... (General news) -- by yPArAH

The Jo Wood company knocked on our door too. What do they offer? Screenshots as well. OK, let's take a look. Well, they are from Cultures 2 strategy (looks very much like Settlers, innit?):

Declared features:
- God emulation mode, an interesting plot with several unique characters (hey, name me a character that is not unique!)
- 11 missions with several subquests
- 4 heroes with different battle skills
- new lands
- a developed character skill system
- highly detailed 3D landscape
- improved AI (I hope it will not try to smash his character's head by plunging him hedlong into a mountain)


Another crack in the Paradise (Paradise Cracked) -- by Nomad

We continue to post Paradise Cracked stuff. Today we've got two fresh screenshots and a very appetizing piece of concept art.


On wooden elves' origins (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by Nomad

Warlords Battlecry 2 official website has been updated with information on wooden elves race and yet another gorgeous wallpaper. According to SSG, wooden (as well as dark) elves came as a result of a civil war between several high eles fractions.


Yet another... (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad Age of Mythology screenshot. Now you can see for yourself what a siege looks like, how trees burn and what centaurs can do.


What's up with you, Interplay? (General news) -- by Nomad

Interplay has received a "deficiency notice" from Nasdaq Staff, stating that the company failed to meet certain primary and alternative listing statements (i.e. price of its shares is lower than should be). Interplay has to regain compliance until the May 15, 2002 deadline or else suffer de-listing. We'll keep you posted!

(17 February 2002)

Greg's revelations (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad

PC.IGN posted Age of Mythology developer's diary by Greg Street. "For a strategy game to be really successful these days, it has to appeal to enough casual gamers to generate strong sales, but also be popular enough among hardcore gamers to maintain good online buzz, and to some extent to even be taken seriously", Greg says.

Greg also express his doubts concerning public beta-testing of AOM. All Ensemble employees are playing the current build of the game 24/7.

According to Mr. Street's diary, designers' main concern is how to hook players during first 15 minutes of the game. If they fail to do this, angry gamers will put their brainchild away or, even worse, return it to store. "You need to present interesting things for players to do, but you risk confusing players if you throw in too many options AND the kitchen sink right away." Greg Street is confident that "selecting a "brand-new" building and seeing half-dozen icons for units to train can really intimidate a new player".

will feature three divine pantheons: Greek, Egyptian and Scandinavian (wow, like in that Stargate movie!). This allows for three different strategies to exist. Among new features are random map generator and something called 'Patronage of the Gods' which will give players various bonuses - more resources, disasters upon your enemy's head... you name it.

The rest of the story, including thoughts concerning gameplay balance and features that have been left out, read here.


Laser Squad Nemesis patch 1.02 is available (LSN) -- by Nomad

Well, the title is pretty much self-explanatory. Download the patch from here.


A new movie in town (Warrior Kings) -- by Nomad

You read a lot about Warrior Kings, now it's time to watch some real-time action. WK fans have posted a new movie in RealVideo format to download. Get it here ( 1,6 ).

(15 February 2002)

Paradise-scapes (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

We continue to publish Paradise Cracked (due this year) art. This time, I got up three pics - 2 nifty concepts and one shot. Enjoy! No comments needed, really.


Civvy got fixed (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Remember the Civ III patch I told you about yesterday? Well, it's here. Go get it, if needed.


Who are you, people of Paradise Cracked? (Paradise Cracked) -- by Nomad

MiST Land's official website features new information concerning characters of Paradise Cracked world. A must read!


The beginning of a very looong story... (Paradise Cracked) -- by Nomad

MiST Land granted us with some new Paradise Cracked-related stuff. It's way big for one posting, so I took the liberty of splitting it into 4 parts. We begin Paradise Cracked week with a pair of fresh screenshots and a very sexy female character in open-work stockings. More high-quality artwork coming up!

(14 February 2002)

New patch... INCOMIIING! (General news) -- by yPArAH

Looks like Firaxis got some plans for making a sparkling new Civilization III patch. The whole list is uttelry gargantuan, if you know what I mean, so I did not waste all space here by posting it. So go read it.


Somemething of interest (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

Several matherial about Warrior Kings appeared in the Net. Looks like a tendency, huh? Among them are two interviews and a preview from Voodoo Extreme and GameSpy accordingly. We should at least render homage to Voodoo people - they got a confirmation on the release date (end of March). The rest was already discussed, and many times.

(13 February 2002)

Chineese town constructor (General news) -- by yPArAH

Here comes an announce from Sierra-Online - they are abut to develop a "town constructing strategy game", Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. If you are pretty fed up with roman towns, go visit Ancient China (trip tickets avaliable this fall, according to the source). You'll have to outgame 4 thousand years of China's history.

A uniquely exicting opportunity, in'nit?

P.S. Do not forget to launch nuclear missiles on USA. Otherwise we will never see Fallout 3. Hhe-heh.


Laser patchwork (LSN) -- by yPArAH

Codo Games was most kind to inform us about a new patch released. As expected, it fixes several bugs, notedly changing server-side behavior. Available here.

(12 February 2002)

Sea Dogs 2 new screenshots (Sea Dogs 2) -- by Nomad

Akella has updated Sea Dogs 2 official gallery with several new screenshots. This time they want to show us very impressive sea battles. A few samples are below, others are here.


Warlords Battlecry 2: more stuff (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by Nomad

The official website of Warlords Battlecry 2 has been updated with yet more stuff to download. Amongst other things, there are a new wallpaper, more info on titans and a voice-over clip of Warlords chief meanie - lord Bane.


Sandy beach, sharks included (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Age of Mythology developers released a new screenshot, not a mythical one, I must say. Just a nice seashore with peacefully resting louts. And yes, several sharks are lingering near. Not bad!

(10 February 2002)

Delta goes Green (General news) -- by yPArAH

Folks from Voodooextreme posted the second part of Flaying Lab developers diaries. As you may probably know, they are currently working on a tactical project under the name Delta Green (yes, that's a famous table game). Briefly, of the project characterizes the game as an action-horror one with bits of strategy, tactics and RPG. All this we will experience as agent Alfonce, who will have to by all means necessary stay shrouded by shadows (more like a spy, not a magician, just to let you know) to fight against evil coming from the world of shadows (shadows plus shadows equals..?).
This fellow managed to found and rule the organization known as Delta Green. He will be not alone - he will have his own agents fighting the enemy, robbing the state for supplies and tech, etc And yes, there will also be magic (what could real agents do without "little black magic"?). With the help of "Microft" (?!) analytical centers sheer processing power certain riddles will be solved (and there will be quite a few of them). The game will have it all: mysterious extraterrestrial freaks and creatures from the parallel worlds; corporations responsible for inhuman genetic experiments; above-the-law government in rush for alien technologies; and, of course, innocent people in dire need of rescue.

The game will be not a simple "shoot-'em-up" - you will have to collect proof in order to send agents to a mission. All missions will be played in the full-3D tactical mode.

As of now the developers are fiddling with the game engine, while the artists are abusing Maya. This will allow them both to show at least something at the Game developers conference, St. Louis. This is where the first version will be shown. Most likely it will be powered by Lithtech' Jupiter engine featured in upcoming No One Lives Forever 2.

The game features are but natural (for a horror game): chiaroscuro, shadows, dynamic lights, horrible snoots and wonderful sounds.

My judgement? I'm looking forward to hearing anything about it, I'm interested! One might say it is something like Alone in the Dark. That's good. I would like them to add some of the Odium's specific atmosphere - mainly because I liked it. And, of course, advanced tactical opportunities are always welcome.


Fallout Bible update (FO 3) -- by Nomad

Get it here (686 Kb, PDF format). More Q/A, revelations concerning Master's identity and place of birth and on and on and on...


More info on Warrior Kings (Warrior Kings) -- by Nomad

More news concerining Warrior Kings. Armchair Empire has posted an interview with the game's developers detailing the following aspects:

1. There are 3 factors that limit size of your army. First, an amount of food reqired to feed all warriors. Second, max number of units per level. Finally, a player's ability to cope with a large number of units. Early missions allow you to command 30-100 units, later this number will increase up to 400. In multiplayer games, server side sets the limit, for example, 200-300 units per each of 8 players.

2. A new unit - succubus is revealed. Her singing ability makes enemy warriors go berserk and attack their comrades. She is also an excellent tool for creating turncoats among your opponent's armies.

If anyone is curious what this (apparently dangerous) power woman looks like, visit Warrior Kings unit gallery at Gamespy.


Happy news for farmers (Age of Mythology) -- by Nomad

Gamespot couldn't help but write an enormous (6 pages) preview of Age of Mythology. Upon reading the article, it becomes clear that AoM features very few radical innovations to the all-familiar gameplay. Yep, farms in AoM will become permanent - you won't have to rebuild them again and again. Wow. What a shock.
But jokes aside, AoM promises to deliver several interesting aspects of gameplay. There will be three time periods instead of four. Each new period will allow you to erect two new deity monuments, up to 6 in total. Races will have distinctive sets of deities - Greek, Egyptian... you name them. In order to get to the next period, you will have to collect a required ammount of some crap, blah-blah-blah... and - voila! - you can now build minotaurs.
While AoM's concept reeks of AoE series, graphics and visuals look nice despite low poly count in some models. But, hey, who needs detailed units anyway? You are somewhere up in the sky and they're nothing but small humans (and humanoids). Our word of advice to Ensemble: do not implement zooming! Did you see what Empire Earth looks like up close? Yikes.

(8 February 2002)

FOT2 made Interplay sick, so to speak (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

In an interview given to Dynamic 3 the good old CEO of BlackIsle expressed his attitude to now-closed-and-forgotten FOT2. Accroding to him, the whole project was just digusting from the very beginning, so Interplay did a good thing by closing it and putting it outta misery (MicroForte developers couldn't keep up with the demands anyway, even after Interplay lowing them). In a nutshell, the project started to look, if I may put it so, not exactly as expected, so steps were taken. (Feargus mentions himself while talking about decision-making - hmm, that could be a proof to the rumors about BIS hating FOT)

Asked about the game format, Feargus said it will be definetly for PC and NOT for the consoles (that would intentionally mean a compltely different game).

The last piece is not new - Chris Taylor had explained why FO will be PC-only a long time ago (on the 14 Degree East forum).

P.S. If you are looking for the best way of spoiling my favorite world (the world of Fallout, indeed), here's a giant hint. It's an extract from PC Gamer editorial:

"For starters, hang on to the black-comedy element that makes this series what it is. Dour gallows humor has kept us cackling through both of the previous Fallout RPGs, and it's the glue that holds this wonderful franchise together.
Second, maybe try a slight shift away from the Mad Max ambience and take a risk on a more hight-tech, urban, Blade Runner-ish vibe. The first two games are classics, but I think a third desert trek might be going once to often to the well. I'd be delighted to explore a more developed, built-up 'dystopic city' theme for this go-round. Dazzle us with slightly more cyberpunk vision of the Fallout world.
Another suggestion springs from one of the disappointments I've always had with the series: Why not throw in some true Kubricken weirdness? Granted, the Fallout series is full of mutants and super-weapons, but it's never delved into the out-and-out astounding. I'm talking about alien revelations, contact with the monilith, time-folding, Tesla kind of weirdness. My biggest letdown with Fallout 2 was reaching the end and realizing that it was all just a matter of rescueing the folks imprisoned on the island. With a setting as vast and nasty as Fallout's, why not branch out into the realm of the wild and blow us away with something really shocking?

Erm... Please remind me not to shoot him on sight. He could be considered least in a way.

(7 February 2002)

Sudden Strike. Again. (Sudden Strike 2) -- by Nomad

The French site Overgame has posted a pack of new screens from Sudden Strike 2. Three samples are down here, the rest is at the aforementioned site.


Paradise in stores (General news) -- by yPArAH

Paradise Island is now in stores. If needed - go and ask. It is there.

(6 February 2002)

Robin Hood: exclusive details (General news) -- by Nomad

Spellbound Software, makers of the recenly-announced Robin Hood project, sent us very gorgeuos art-pack, containing several character sketches and some nice landscapes. As we reported earlier, the game uses Commandos engine. The title features 40 non-linear missions of different types (e.g. stealth-oriented missions in the (apparently evil) sheriffs camp, ambushes, peasant rescue and tasks that require strategic thinking). Coming to PC and consoles in 3Q 2003.


Starcraft 2 - will be or not will be? (General news) -- by yPArAH

What does the word "blizzard" mean? (A good question from "Who wants to be a millionaire?", hhe-heh) Good games, shiny games, top-sellin' games, right? Right.

Consequently, it is understandable why some hubbub always appears in the press whem someone from Blizzard occasionaly drops some bits of information. But I Do not approve of that! Here is a fine example - an interview vice prezident of Blizzard gave to a Korean fansite. There was a simple question about "is Starcraft 2 coming or not"... Quote: "Bill Roper : We have no time to think about Starcraft2 for now since Warcraft3 and WOW are in process of development. But I promise Blizzard Entertainment 'will' make Starcraft2 at a later time." So what? A generic question with a generic answer. Nothing special, so why the hooting? Believe me, the game will be out before 2005, just give them developers some time...


Big ships - yeah! (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

Time for something fresh from Akella's official site. Right - screenshots from Sea Dogs 2. As usual - three below, the rest here.


The very best strategy of the year 2001 (General news) -- by yPArAH

The big AG vote ended. Civilization III became the subject line. Cossacks: European Wars lingered near. Well, frankly speaking, there was not much of a choice...
It was a pity (for yurg) people did not choose Commandos 2. That proves this game was rated "for tacticians only".


Disciples 2 - what's that? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Ask our colleague Nomad, who wrote a review of it. Look through it, then decide whether to buy or not.


Rebin Loxley returns (General news) -- by yPArAH

Spellbound Studios, creators of Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive did something to Commandos 2, so that it would represent the story of this famous bandit and his crew. "Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown" - that's the name of the new game which will appear this fall.


Crying warlords go public (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

That's a demo, standart 100 Megs. Details and links here.

I like to be breif.

(4 February 2002)

Feargus Urquhart. It's thinking (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

OK, from now on it will be a usual routine. I give you a link, you go read what's there, then come back here, where I express my assessment. Got it? Good.

The case: Feargus made some more... not statements, he just posted something we may call "thoughts".
About: Fallout 3 and all that.
Link: go to the official BIS forum.

Waiting commences...

Returned? Good. It's difficult to say something new about what was said. OK, my judgement.

Goodbye sprites, goodbye 256 colors. No more, no longer, not in that world. 3D rules the world. Amen.

The game will be released fast. And although it will have the label of "detailed", I doubt that.

Skill points are going to be tinkered with. Probably up to no good.

The story will take place in US, in some real location. Well, I doubted it will take place in Russia anyway (not a pity, do not be mistaken).

Melee and ranged will be balanced. I do not know, what is it going to be exactly, but it reminds me of CS, which makes me sick.

NCR, Rangers, Raiders - all that will remain. Even BoS. And that's good.

The option to talk you way through the game can be DISCARDED. Booo!

What does that mean? Fallout Diablo. Killing critters to get things, get things to equip char, kill the Big Bad Boss. AN AVERAGE GAME! DAMMIT!
I wish Chris Taylor did not leave. Without him, it is up to Avellone only to change Fearguses mind. GO CHRIS!

P.S. Do note this is my personal opinion. It can "prove untrue" (©Ink Spots).


Wrath of Gods (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Ensemble Studios informed us about a new screenshot from Age of Mythology landing successfully on the official site. Well, here is it. You know, Greek Gods are a force to reckon with, yet I find their behaviour slightly childish in most cases. A fine example is located below. We take a settlement and BOOM! For no particular reason, just for fun, I suppose.


Dreams from Factland (actually, vice versa) (Dreamland) -- by yPArAH

A new interview with ex-Dreamland developers sprung up on the Net. A-ha, that is UFO: The Freedom Ridge from Altar Interactive. Well, nothing particulaly new - you could have read it before on our site, yet...
Here's the rundown:

- The game will be complete by the end of the year (sometime round that).

- A new engine.

- A new strategy - you will have to fight to the least ditch, no excuses, no retreat, no surrender (I may be kidding, yes).

- New, global and, most importantly, alien tech.

- All caharcters will be developed RPG-style, and you will take an active part in it.

- Human weapons will be more realistic, and alien guns will be more powerful (what the hell should that mean, I wonder?).

- You will have to butcher swarms of mutants, each acting different from another.

- The main enemy remains - reticulans are here and they are (put in a word).

- Yet it will be good old XCOM-style gameplay, fun inncluded.

- An official site of the game will appear soon, lotsa screens and other goodies.

Simple? Indeed.

(2 February 2002)

Portraits from files (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

SSG pleases its fans and, more importantly, fans of Warlords Battlecry 2 with some wallpapers.
My judjement? The Priest is funny!


Laser squad is away! (LSN) -- by yPArAH

OK, LSN v1.00 is available from Codo Games official site. As I said before - 15 buck will blast you into the world of Space Marines, Mechs and Alens. Go, go, go!

(1 February 2002)

Delayed laser (LSN) -- by yPArAH

LSN subscribtion is delayed, but is due to appear... soon, as always. While waiting, reconsider your budget - 15 bucks will be the fee for the game. Codo Games is currently working on the server upgrade, so that it will be able to process more than 3000 turns (per second?).


Hear the load of excuses! (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

OK, if you do not yet know about the big post Feargus Urquhart had made on the official BIS forum, it is just the time to go read it.

The android gets into deep self-diagnostic, drawing and consealing different sinister weapons, making all sorts of noises, etc...

Ah, you returned. Finally. Been quite a while, y'know. Did you read the WHOLE thread? In any case, I am capable of long waiting. You want the nub? Here it is: BIS good, making money good, bonuses for the working people good, TORN will come out, Brian Fargo bad, FO3 3D and RT, Feargus fat. DO NOT take that for the very core essence of the post - it is what I am able to make out of it (text was a bit difficult to comprehend).

My judgement? Well, since I am a Fallout nutcase (suprise, suprise), my thoughts dwell on FO3. It will be 3D, which I very much dislike, and it will contain realtime battles, which I hate. Yes, 3D is a whole lot easier to implement (imagine rendering all combinations of hair, color, body, etc. for Tactics - the work is enormous!), but it cannot be compared with the sprite-only Fallout style. You know, I am currently playing Fallout 1 on a 1,4GHz Athlon Thunderbird with 512 megs RAM and a nice 19" display (note Fallout is 640x480x256 colors only) and I do not even wish it to become 800x600. Why? My opinion is it would RUIN the whole atmosphere. I played Tactics, right. There was also some Fallout atmosphere - in the movies with THAT music, THAT resolution and THAT history (the book-styled ones). All the rest I consider a short-term insanity.

Thus, sorry for the badwords.txt, I wish the developers would make a DAMN good effort to preserve the atmosphere (by trashing the CTB and RT, making a fixed camera, very neat textures AND by hiring that particular musician who worked on Fallout 1 and 2 music).
There is a hope, however, a slim hope... (©Village Elder)
They aren't listening... (©Jet addict from the Den)

P.S. Any comments apart from telling me TB and 3D is popular and thus is good from a manager's point of view (I know that's absolutely correct and I do not care a bit about it)?


More Paradise (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

AG got some new screenshots from Paradise Cracked. As always - three (most interesting ones) below, the rest - in the biggest net gallery of this game's shots, here.


Space in motion (Haegemonia) -- by yPArAH

What is it? A clip from Haegemonia, a very interesting upcoming strategy game. You can get it either from the official site or from FL (FL stands for FreeLancer, if you did know that). 44 megs only, enjoy! (Nie-he-he...)


Something peculiar (General news) -- by yPArAH

What is it? New and I must say - interesting art from Praetorians, published here. We did not like the registration system (must register in some gaming service to obtain access). Well, the small pics are also good, you know...

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