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November 2003

(28 November 2003)

Kombat! (General news) -- by Gambit

Game Factory Interactive and 3AGames companies announced development of a tactical RTS about the Second World war under name Kombat.
Among promised features:

* Real structure of armies of military years;
* Counterspionages system;
* Officers training system;
* global and local AI;
* the nonlinear campaign;
* fights with involvement up to 15.000 units;
* 300 types of units;

... and many other things. Meanwhile there are no screenshots, only a dead site in a network.


New screenshots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery you can find new shots from: Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars, Warlords: Battlecry III and Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots.


Web sites. (General news) -- by Gambit

Warlords: Battlecry III and Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots official web sites have been opened.

(27 November 2003)

Galactic Civilization addon. (General news) -- by Gambit

Galactic Civilization addon under name Altarian Prophecy have been announced. Original game will be necessary for it. It will be some new maps, random map generator, scripts editor, new campaign and other things.


DEactivation web site. (General news) -- by Gambit

Akella company opened a web resource of 3D tactical game DEactivation. Actions of the game will be developed in XXII century where the player will operate a counter terrorism squad. At the order of the player there will be advanced achievements of cybernetics and nanotechnology. Some shots you can find in our gallery.


Caribbean crisis. (General news) -- by Gambit

1C and G5 Software companies will develop a new 3D RTS on motives of the Caribbean crisis. Game engine will be a modified Blitzkrieg engine. But game will not carry a historical reliability, in this Caribbean crisis the USSR and the USA will exchange nuclear attacks. In game there will be 4 campaigns: for the USSR, France, Germany, China, the USA and Great Britain.

(20 November 2003)

Russian version of The Fall: Last Days of Gaia. (General news) -- by Gambit

Russobit-M company has declared signing of the contract on the edition of The Fall: Last Days of Gaia tactical game in Russia. We already informed that this game created by Soldiers of Anarchy authors. Meanwhile the release of game is planned for the first quarter 2004.

(19 November 2003)

Lots of new screenshots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery lots of new shots. 9 shots from The Fall: Last Days of Gaia, 17 new shots from Against Rome and 5 new shots from Celtic Kings: Punic Wars.


New 2D strategy - Spartan. (General news) -- by Gambit

Chariots of War authors announced development of new strategy - Spartan. Shots you can find here.


New shots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery you can find a new screenshots from Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars strategy.


Some patches. (Patches) -- by Gambit

Some patches have appeared: Patch 1.2 for Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. And here you can download patch for Rise of Nations. Also UFO: Aftermath international patch has appeared. Download here.

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