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November 2002

(26 November 2002)

No multiplayer for sea dogs... (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

As we got to know, Akella dropped the plans of implementing multiplayer in Sea Dogs 2. Fans are outraged and AFAIK are now signing a petition with a demand to revert to previous plans People never learn Will they ever understand petitions are useless? Well, that makes the game single-player only. Maybe its for good


Stomach impressions of C&C (Generals) -- by yPArAH

Some time ago the C&C: Generals developers had a meeting with gaming press representatives, to show their achievements in the field of gamemaking and so on. All the journalists published their impressions.
I, on our behalf, wonder, why the food (how and what they were fed, for how long and how many times) is mentioned more often, than the name of the game? :-) Yeah, our humorists were damn right to say America is the stomach of the world.
Anyway, one of the stomach articles can be read here. Enjoy :-)


No tactics for platoon (Platoon) -- by yPArAH

Something you might already know: Platoon combatants will not be able to change weapons, very much like in an RTS! 25 humans per unit so much for the tactics. Something like Myth-type tactics, up to our opinion. Result: a strategy, just without the Skirmish mode and the mission editor.
As we know, a license for some Vietnam war film plot was bought to help make the game (this is why we get lieutenant Lionsdale and some other heroes with their backgrounds). But for what, if single entities are no longer that important?
Yet the game wont be an normal RTS no construction options, such as building barracks for instance, will be available to players. Yep, this RTS is abnormal and thus is worth playing!
If needed - see Worth playing for details.

(25 November 2002)

You see, it's war time... (General news) -- by yPArAH

Backgound: weve got ourselves a new strategy here, called War Times (by Legend Studios), once again derivated from World War 2/ Nothing special. Due next year. Foreground: shots from the game are in our gallery.

Look, people, I am gravely sorry about the situation with the news. I keep blaming myself for not having any time for that, but the situation in my real life is getting, to say the least, stiffer. Anyway, I try hard to keep track on all the updates, so you wont miss anything.

Hey, any translators out there? This site needs help!


Etherlords 2 show pics (Etherlords II) -- by yPArAH

Ill cut this short, OK? These are the official site updates: several interface screenshots, a brand new monster and a sketch of another one.

(19 November 2002)

Highlanders stopped by (Gallery update) -- by yPArAH

And dropped some screens in our gallery, righ here.


Generals do not yield (Generals) -- by yPArAH

C&C: Generals is in development and is not lagging behind. A dozen of news shots is here the same randan of colors and battle scenes between the Americans and the Chinese somewhere near Baghdad ;)


Brand new strategy (General news) -- by yPArAH

Yet another strategical project announce this time a marine one, named Massive Assault. The release is scheduled next year, the first screenshots are available in our gallery.


New demo of Stronghold: Crusader (Demo) -- by yPArAH

Stronghold: Crusader is been sold for quite some time, but for some strange reasone the developers of it released a new demo version (1.1). Its premium load of 90 megs is located here.

(10 November 2002)

Perimeter: interface shots (General news) -- by yPArAH

Here we go again. The intergalactic (doh!) Perimeter resource, is proud to present you with several screeshots showing not only the game, but the interface as well.


Platoon in action (Platoon) -- by yPArAH

Our gallery was blessed with a clip from the recent HGG, Platoon. 15 megs of this miracle are here.


Aliens interviewed (UFO Aftermath) -- by yPArAH

Just kidding. It were people of ALTAR who got interviewed. Nothing new in the text, but several UFO screenshots have taken their places in our gallery.


Platoon HGG (Platoon) -- by yPArAH

Subj. Strategy First informed us all about Platoon going gold. This happened quite some time ago, so the game should be in USA stores now.


UFO by Strategy First? (Rumors) -- by yPArAH

While sending the news about the new Platoon clip, Strategy First folks made a grievous mistake, because of which all the journalists gained access to Strategy First PRs FTP root. Among other catalogs was the one of Altar. Hmm SF never posed as the publisher of UFO. Maybe its some other Altar, maybe it is not the catch, but we should not omit a possibility


Blitzkrieg promises... (Blitzkrieg) -- by yPArAH

Just dropped in to say "Hi" and do some translation...

Good time of the day to you, this is the news. First item for today is Blitzkrieg, a Russian WWII-based RTS. made up an interview with the developers (about time!). Not counting the general comments on realism and such, we should still mention a remarkable figure: 200 unit models (tanks, artillery, trucks, rocket launcher batteries, planes and all possible war machinery). Cool, if I may put it so! Plus, developers bluster all this will look real and historically adequate, even the trees on the battlefields :)
One more thing... The interview is complete with a whole new screenshot!

(9 November 2002)

How 'bout an RTS? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Primal Software announced the development of Besieger, a 3D RTS. That's, practically, all the info - all that is left is a set of six screenies. Ah, yes. The release will happen sometime during the year 2003.


How 'bout conquering America? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Heck, the fame of the Cossacks is making a killing among game makers. There. A clone. All the same, but from a slightly different view angle. We made a new gallery section to house the shots from American Conquest, a new strategy. Be ready to do the scalping and kick some serious Indian ass around the clock...

(4 November 2002)

More money - more plans (General news) -- by yPArAH

Something interesting from the world of big business - Infogrames published its annual statement, in which a 33% increase in profits was stated. Such optimistic news lead us to hope the company will put this money to a good use - like X-Com development, for instance :) Hope is the last one to die, as we know...

Alas, my dear fans this year I am rather pressed on time, so I will not be able to deliver the best of the gaming news directly to you as fast as before. Life is life, I have to study and I do not get paid for this anyway (AG has a tight budget, so all Im doing now is helping an old friend in need). If youve got any ideas on how to resolve this situation, please inform me.

Nah, Im not leaving the news will just appear at the site a little bit more irregularly, thats all


Care for another demo? Heh-heh (Demo) -- by yPArAH

This world is going ma-a-a-a-ad. Another strategy demo - heck, not again!
Oh well, here goes... Load up your modems/broadbands/whatever and go to a certain place, where you can download a Platoon demo version. Only 100 megs will blast you into the world of kicking the Vietnamese butt with a bunch of brave American soldiers. If you hold any doubts about the necessity of such an action, visit this place, read a preview, see the new pics and then make a decision.


More golden news (General news) -- by yPArAH

What HGGs do we have for today? First comes Haegemonia, space strategy far better than MOO3 (yurg's opinion). At least it's pretty. Expected to arrive at stores at 14th of November.
Second comes Age of Mythology - it can already be found on the shops' shelves.


Civ patch spotted (Patches) -- by yPArAH

Firaxis Games has just made a patch (1.04f) for Civilization III: Play the World. It totals 7 megs in size and is available here.


Plans changed (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

According to the official info, the release of Sea Dogs 2 is once again delayed, this time till Spring of 2003. Let's hope for the better (and for the betterment of the project)...


Some pics (Gallery update) -- by yPArAH

For today we've got a couple a'monsters from UFO: Aftermath and a huge bunch of screenshots from the Galactic Civilization space strategy, as well as some from Praetorians. Enjoy!

(2 November 2002)

On sale with some additions (Civilization 3) -- by yPArAH

Civilization III: Play the World appeared in stores and started being sold. All those who were lucky to already buy a copy for themselves can point their browsers to the location of an additional scenario. 40 megs - and you're up for a Regicide Rally.


ORB HGG (General news) -- by yPArAH

If you do not know, this abbreviation I use, HGG, stands for Has Gone Gold. Well, O.R.B. that space strategy, has gone gold, according to a press-release. It will land on the counter sometime round the 5th of November.

(1 November 2002)

Demo spotted! (Demo) -- by yPArAH

Demo version of Age of Mythology sprung up in the Net. Ready to download another 337 Megs? Here, take it, take it :) Judging by the alfa, one can say the game is quite waggish - but do not expect something revolutionary from it...


Just an interview (Interview) -- by yPArAH

For a change, here's an interview with pics from Sea Dogs 2.

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