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November 2001

(30 November 2001)

Our preview (HOMM4) -- by yurg

We've posted a lot of different materials concerning HOMM IV. So, I think that it is time to combine all these materials into a large preview to this game. Some our readers could have read this article in Russian, now we offer this article to you in English.


3DO layoff?! (Rumors) -- by yurg

According to information, although not confirmed by the official press-release, which was posted on site, 3DO is planning reduction of their stuff for hundred people. RGW also has said that the company is planning to make more projects from the series of Might & Magic and that of Army Man. If this is true, we can only feel sorry for those who are threatened with being fired and to rejoice over new projects of these two series. But I hope it's just a bad rumor.


Another interview (Haegemonia) -- by yurg

German site Zocks has posted a new interview with the developers of space strategy game Haegemonia. In general, there are some interesting questions concerning the role of espionage in the game and concerning linearity of the storyline. The role of the spies is very important. As to the storyline then it is linear, but very long and interesting though. The developers do not give any details yet, i.e. they say nothing concerning armament, battle system and so on. Closer to the second half of the year 2002 there will be more news on this project.

In fact, pictures of the space cruiser and the space station are of big interest there.


Official site update (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yurg

Akella official site has been renewed with new screenshots from Sea Dogs 2. The entire gallery you can find here, a bit below you can find some examples:

(29 November 2001)

New screenshots (IG3) -- by yurg

CDV distributed a set of new screenshots from Imperium Galactica 3. I have chosen three most interesting, in my opinion, ones:


New vessel (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yurg

We've renewed our Sea Dogs 2 vessel gallery with a beautiful yacht. This vessel, I should say, is full of mysteries as far as it looks like a corvette but is named as a yacht. Let's proceed from the assumption that nevertheless it is a corvette.

(28 November 2001)

A patch for Civ III (Civilization 3) -- by yurg
&!Several sources in the Internet, in eager rivalry, hasten to rejoice all owners of Civilization III with news that Firaxis is planning to release a patch for this game (I hope that they will fix at least some of those bugs, which I've already described in our review of this game). The date of release is still unknown. Perhaps, it will happen next week.


New vehicle (Natural Resistance) -- by yurg

Today we are posting the next render of an armored infantry transporter from strategy game Natural Resistance. This time it's a BTR. A bit below you can find a picture, while the short description is in the special section.


Another weekly screenshot (Age of Mythology) -- by yurg

Here goes a weekly screenshot from Age of Mythology, which demonstrates peaceful life of one settlement, minotaurs (it's too hard to discern them though) and a peacefully flittering Pegasus.


A demo has been released (Myth 3) -- by yurg

It seem that people were about to forget that Myth 3 exists. But some news appeared saying that a demo version of this game is now available for download. On one hand it is a good sign, and it means that it is not so bad with Mumbo Jumbo, as the fired staff kept telling about it. On the other hand - there was no news concerning a patch for the game.


Some intro shots (HOMM4) -- by yurg

Here we offer you some new, unknown before, art from HOMM IV - they're two shots from the opening cinematic demonstrating a global catastrophe, from which the chronicle of new Heroes starts.

(27 November 2001)

Exclusive screenshots (Natural Resistance) -- by yurg

Russobit-M company has kindly provided us with three exclusive screenshots from Natural Resistance, a strategy game being developed by Silver Style Entertainment company (the Western publisher of which is Jo Wood). Pay attention to the high level of details of models and landscapes. This game has something (something nice I mean) that resembles Operation Flashpoint:


Some art & screens (Total War 2) -- by yurg

Now it's time to talk about Total War 2 - Medieval. The developers have kindly provided us with a huge number of game art samples. Let me remind you, we have already described some details of this project in "Quick Look" section. You can find the whole set in special gallery - you can find few dozens of new images there, and they are worth a closer look!

And site has posted 30 new screenshots from this game. Here are some samples, other files you can find just here.

Key Product Features
* 400 years of Medieval warfare - from the preaching of the first crusade in 1095 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Guide your kingdom's fortunes through the early dominance of the Feudal Knights and Longbowmen to the emergence of gunpowder and the advent of Heavy Siege Cannons and Handguns.
* Spectacular battles featuring over 10000 troops in real-time 3D terrain - battle over hundreds of distinct battlefields from the lush farmlands of Western Europe to the arid deserts of Northern Africa.
* 12 playable factions - each with distinct playing styles and unique units, including: the English, German, Byzantine, French and Turkish Empires.
* Over 100 different unit types - including: Teutonic Knights, Highland Clansmen, Saracen Infantry and Bedouin Camel Warriors.
* Famous characters - including Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Saladin, William Wallace, Frederick Barbarrosa and Robin Hood.
* RPG-style character development - Kings, Generals and Heirs develop vices, virtues and abilities that reflect their actions throughout the campaign.
* Historical campaigns - Historically accurate campaigns, including: the Crusades, the 100 Years War and the Mongol Invasions.
* Breathtaking 3D Castle sieges - a vast array of siege weaponry, including: Siege Cannons, Mangonels and Ballistae can now pound castles and fortresses into the dust.
* Multiplayer & Online Games - Join the Total War community to crush your friends and make new enemies all over the world.


Fixed demo (Knights of the Cross) -- by yurg

I'm sorry for some yesterday problems with the corrupt demo version of Knights of the Cross. Cenega has sent us a working version and now it's available our site.

(26 November 2001)

Demo available now (Knights of the Cross) -- by yurg

Cenega's staff was very kind to share with us some news concerning their strategy project Knights of the Cross. The demo-version of the game is ready. The size of it is 117 Mb. You can grab it from the section of demo-versions at our site.

UPDATE: It’s seems there is small problem with CRC with demo file. Please hold on your download. I’ll check is it problem our server problem or original file is corrupt. Sorry!

UPDATE 2: Sorry guys... Cenega has sent us broken demo and they have uploaded it on Cenega's site. I have checked it. It's broken too. Well let's wait when developers fix it.


Official site update (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yurg

The official site of WBC 2 has been renewed with a set of new materials, among which there are baker's dozen of screenshots and a piece of wallpaper with a dead man. These screenshots show that the game indeed realizes mass and bloody slaughters between versatile magical creatures. The scenes with 'carpet firing' cast by red dragons are most impressive at the enemy fortifications. The cloudburst of lightings ravaging a camp looks impressive too.


Beta testing will take place in December (LSN) -- by yurg

The date of bate testing launch of Laser Squad Nemesishas been postponed to the very beginning of December. The developers explained the postponement with necessity to test the new server configuration and to fix as many known to them bugs as possible. That would save them from excess bother later. Let's wait, hope, and believe!


Exclusive units gallery (Natural Resistance) -- by yurg

Once again we are turning to Natural Resistance - a strategy game by a German team Silver Style Entertainment. I hope that today we are opening the NR unit gallery with posting two rendered pictures of the tank T-55 and the chopper OH-58D. Details and short technical characteristics you can find in the special section!

(25 November 2001)

Our review (Empire Earth) -- by yurg

We have been already reporting about Empire Earth a lot of times. Today the time has come to draw a line by posting the following review to this game. But, let's better go to the review itself.

(23 November 2001)

Some fresh screens (Haegemonia) -- by yurg

The German site PC Pointer has posted three new screenshots from the space strategy game Haegemonia.


Earth 2160 Online announce (Earth 2160) -- by yurg

The Polish company Reality Pump Studios has announced that now they're working at the sequel to Earth 2150 at full speed. Earth 2160, it's the name of the new project, concentrates on the online component as well as on the moments connected with new technologic researches (a la World War III) and unit production. The new engine will not use polygons - all models will be of one curved plane what will allow enhancing quality of models. The engine will output as good 'picture' as your PC will be able for. The release is scheduled for the end of the year 2002 (based on materials by Blue Monday).


Some details (Natural Resistance) -- by yurg

Not long ago, news on the strategy project Natural Resistance has started to be posted. Silver Style Entertainment is developing this game. A glance is enough to understand that the developers are trying to join the best sides of Operation Flashpoint and World War III in this game. From the first game they've taken range, 3d, and the extremely high detailed elaboration of the levels, from the second one - the first ever attempt to treat weapons of the Russian Army adequately. It should be noted that the storyline is not based on the East-West confrontation - that would have been trite and banal. I would say that this project have many things in common with the late Dreamland. The player will face he apocalyptic scene of the total chaos and destruction, together with terrible creatures and so on, and will have to build a new world with the help of the weapons from the distant past (it must be noted as well that the early screenshots demonstrate mostly the Russian weapons).

Among the promised features there are: fully 3 dimensional landscapes, complex ecological systems (with changeable flora and fauna), realistic environmental elements (like rain, wind and different light conditions), tens of realistic war units with multiple systems of weapons, fully controllable camera etc... and the multiplayer mode of course. From our own part we promise to report on this game at Freelancer. In the meantime, we are opening a new section with gallery at our site.


Sprite editor (Fallout Tactics) -- by yurg

At the pages of the Polish site there was a piece of news that the first version of the sprite editor for Fallout Tactics has seen the light of the day. It's quite pleasant that this format has been cracked. You can download it from the file section of our site. Theoretically, this utility can breathe new life into the almost extinct wave of MODs.

(22 November 2001)

New details (Warrior Kings) -- by yurg

A very interesting interview on Warrior Kings has been posted in the Internet. Reading the interview it was interesting to get some details on the weather and on how it will influence upon conditions of battles. As the developers state, the weather is a crucial component of gameplay and can predetermine final of the battle. As far as by default it is unpredictable and chaotic, each side must jump at the chance and take advantage of the favorable conditions. For example, the deadly attack by the heavily armed cavalry can be ruined by the cloudburst that can cause horses to slip and all the riders flop into mud.

As to warrior formations the developers have noted that all units of the same kind can be aligned into a certain formation, and, perhaps for the first time, you will be able to link together several different formations (like wedge formation and wide line formation) creating the army. Totally there will be 70 units divided between three races in the game. The developers will not also lose an opportunity to build towns and fortifications.


New news system (Site news) -- by yurg

Today, we've switched to another system of posting news, that's why, temporarily, we don't have news archive, but we'll keep enriching it. Many thank for help to Dr. W95.


Another weekly vessel (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yurg

It's time to tell about the next vessel from Sea Dogs 2 - about the frigate. A high quality render of this model you can find a bit below, while the details are in the special vessel section.

(21 November 2001)

It's the time of patches (Patches) -- by yurg
Patches for two strategy games have been released today: for the game Zeus: Poseidon and for Europa Universalis II. The first patch is for the European version of the game, and the second one is for the American edition. These patches can be downloaded from the official sites from here and here.

(20 November 2001)

Good news? (Myth 3) -- by yurg
It looks like there is good news concerning the patch for Myth 3. The developers have posted an official statement saying that the patch is going to be released soon (after Wednesday or so). Also there was the explanation saying that only the office of the team in Irvin (California) was closed, as to the Texas group, it is still working. Many of those who used to work in the already closed office join those who work in Dallas. There is a quite ironic remark in the end of the statement though. From it one can see that some members hardly can leave their surf-riding boards. Quite a good explanation of the stuff reduction, isn't it?

(19 November 2001)

Some new art (LOR III) -- by yurg

There has not been any news on Lords of the Realm, which is being developed by Impressions Games, for a long time. Today we've managed to obtain some new art from this project.


Another weekly screenshot (Age of Mythology) -- by yurg

A new week has started and a new screenshot from Age of Mythology was added to our gallery. This time it demonstrates an invasion of the giants armed with clubs and the three-headed dragon to a village. It looks like the red are in trouble!

(18 November 2001)

Our review (Civilization 3) -- by yurg

New Civilization took shelves quite long ago; anyway the time has come to make a review of it. In spite of a whole bunch of critics from the fan of Civilization that you can find in this review the game is worthy of being paid attention. In general, judge by yourself...


New medieval strategy was announced (Knights of the Cross) -- by yurg

Cenega company has announced new strategy project on the subject of the Middle Ages, under the name Knight of the Cross. The game events are to take place in 15th century. The game plot is based on the real history of Polish lands conquest by German Knight Order - "Knights of the Cross". The player can select both Polish irregulars and German knights in 49 battles on Polish side and 53 battles on Order's side, with no less than 50 hours of gameplay. Currently we know only that the engine will even support the influence of weather on the battles. Among other key features there is also original medieval music. Let us wait for more details!


Medieval has new publisher (Total War 2) -- by yurg

News that Total War series will have another publisher seems to be quite interesting. Obviously, the rights on the game no longer belong to Electronic Arts; a new game from this series will be published by Activision. Perhaps the fact that the publisher was changed has become one of reasons because of which the title was changed from Crusader to Medieval.


Wedit - new version (JA2UB) -- by yurg

Today we've got hold of a new version of the famous editor for JA2 and UB - Wedit 2.3. You can download it here.

(17 November 2001)

Mumbo Jumbo was terminated? (Myth 3) -- by yurg

Some time ago we were reported on bad rumors concerning dissolution of Mumbo Jumbo which developed Myth 3. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true. This event happened on the 2nd of November. Now this news came not from fan forums but from one of designers of this project - Andrew Meggs. Andrew does not blame somebody personally, quite the contrary it turns out that Mumbo Jumbo and Take 2 are both guilty. According to the official version, the team was disbanded because there are no projects for this team and for Take 2 Mumbo Jumbo is a too expensive 'combined team' while it does not make any profit. According to Andrew, MAC version of the game has gone gold with all fixes, which for PC were planned in a separate patch. The fate of the latter is quite vague now and it is still unknown whether a patch for the PC version will see the light of the day. Andrew promised to make clear this situation next week.

Although one could foresee that Mumbo Jumbo would turn out to be a 'disposable' team as far as it was created under slogan "Viva new Myth!" But there were 'notable legionnaires' taking part in this project, and it's hard for me to imagine were working at the project booked by Take 2 accounts department instead of working at their own projects. Any game is planned long before its release, so one could surmise that Take 2 did not have any plans concerning the future of this studio. The only thing we can do now is to wish good luck to the fired fellows and to give up for lost Myth IV, which can live only in dreams.

(16 November 2001)

New screenshots (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yurg

English version of Akella site has been renewed with a set of new screenshots from Sea Dogs 2. The entire gallery you can find here, while below you can see the most interesting, from my point of view, ones:


Beta-test postponed (LSN) -- by yurg

According to a polite notification by Codo Games, LSN beta-test is being postponed to the end of November (it is not long to wait though), as far as the number of applications has exceeded all expectations (more then 200 applicants) and technical calculations as well. Stuff members of the company are working at server re-equipment and client-programs improvement. Our fellow countrymen form a ponderable part of applicants, so, at least, there will be the bombastic launch of the project. Let's wait, hope and believe!


Some fresh screens (Paradise Cracked) -- by yurg

On AG main you can find new screenshots from Paradise Cracked. Don't miss them; they are worth to be paid at least a glance look! At AG forums you also can ask any question to the head designer of this project - Vitaliy Shutov.


New screens & art (IG3) -- by yurg

CDV has spread new screenshots from Imperium Galactics 3 amongst journalists. They are impressive but it is hardly possible to gain an understanding of what is behind bright flashes of explosions and big bodies of intergalactic starships…It is pictures with star battles that can put one to confusion though. In addition to starships, explosions and planets, they have demonstrated portraits of new characters for the first time. These ones are definitely worthy of your attention!

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