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October 2003

(30 October 2003)

WarCraft 3 Update. (Patches) -- by Gambit

Warcraft III update, patch 1.13, has gone into the final stages of testing. The patch will include many significant additions, including Acts II and III of the Orc Campaign, several new World Editor features, updates to many of the maps, and numerous balance adjustments.

In addition to the patch, we will also be releasing the art tools used for Warcraft III. These tools will allow advanced users to create and implement new art in the game, adding an unprecedented level of customization.


Patch for H&D2 (Patches) -- by Gambit

In the end of this week it is possible to expect a patch for H&D2 which will correct all known bugs in single and multiplayer (for the English version).


New screenshots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery you can find a few new shots from Haegemonia: The SOLON Heritage.

(14 October 2003)

Commandos 3 on gold! (Commandos 3) -- by Gambit

Commandos 3 now on gold! And will appear in shops on October, 15, 2003. Also you can download a new demo.


Cold Zero demo. (General news) -- by Gambit

Cold Zero english version demo has appeared. You can download it here.


Worms 3D on gold. (General news) -- by Gambit

Worms 3D game now on gold it will appear in European shops October, 31. Date of release for other regions of the world is still unknown, since Atari yet has not given OK to game sell in Northern America and Asia. Developers meanwhile work on creation of a new demo of game.

(13 October 2003)

Hidden and Dangerous 2 for free. (General news) -- by Gambit

Hidden and Dangerous 2 publisher has made the decision to lay out original version H&D Deluxe on free download for maintenance of interest to the project. You can download it here


Gorky Zero demo. (General news) -- by Gambit

Polish demo version of Gorky Zero has appeared. You can download it here.


New screenshots. (Gallery update) -- by Gambit

In our gallery you can find 8 new shots from Korea: Forgotten Conflict.

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