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January 2002

(29 January 2002)

Something about piracy (Sea Dogs 2) -- by yPArAH

Akella was most kind to inform us about the English Sea Dogs 2 official site update. Screenshots, as always. We picked three, most interesting ones, the rest are available here.


Stoneworks (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

And more Age of Mythology shots. Some kind of stone doing something not nice to some forest dwellers and a nice sea-piece.

(28 January 2002)

Once again into Fallout (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Yes, yes, I know I am late with the news. Got family to live in, you know.

OK, yurg did not post anything like this, but I recently had an overwhelming mass of mail containing the same simple question. "What can you tell me about Fallout 3 - will it come out or not?"

So I decided to make things crystal clear. Item one. Not so long ago, probably 6 months or so, there were some talks either on Vault 13 or NMA on who will be the lead designer of Fallout 3. Yeah, now I remember, it was a chat with developers. This is where Feargus You-know-that-surname stated Chris Avellone was going to be the one. Item two. This is merely what I can deduce - there is no official confirmation. Fallout 3 will most likely come out. But it will happen no sooner than the beginning of the next year (or even later).

I hope that was understandable.


So this is how it looks... (Sudden Strike 2) -- by yPArAH

Our German comrades had had a brief closer look at Sudden Strike 2. They expressed their opinion here. Considering the look of the screenshots, the game is going to be pretty nice (giving our thanks and praises to the authors - Fire Glow, a developers team from St. Petersburg). Three samples below, the rest is available by following the link above.


Legionnaire evening post (General news) -- by yPArAH

Two previews of Praetorians had simultaneously appeared. People responsible for them are from Gamespot and PC.IGN. Not that picturesque the previews are - Pyro developers did not show anything to the gaming folk, yet Yet now we at least know a bit about the game inner ideas. As you may already know, this new strategy transports us directly to the ancient Rome, where we take control of the famous Roman Legions. Ill-famous, when viewed from a position of a barbarian, to whom this word would mean something VERY, VERY SPOOKY. The whole story will take place during the emperorship of Julius Ceasar, to be more specific - at the time of his single-minded intention to rule the Gaul land. 20 missions will take you through not only barbarian battles, but also through the civil war in the Republic. There will be also several missions taking place in Egypt. As developers say, all the missions are based on the real historical events (that would be a bit strange we do not know that much about the Empire).

Praetorians (this is how elite legionnaires were called) does not route us into the usual resourse-acummulating unit-building way. In this game, we go up one level, so that we gain command of detachments and not of single units (that's the general's job, right?). And no building or training - we start the mission with a fixed amount of soldiers, period. All the rest is pretty usual - modeling the real battles, so on, so forth.

Just as always, every side has it's special abilities. The legionnaires can throw pilums (these are heavy battle spears), the galls will have their own very peculiar battle tactics (hit and run, I guess) and no less peculiar battle axes, archers will be able to entrench themselves (like NOD artillery from C&C Tiberian Sun or Terran siege tanks from StarCraft), thus gaining range and to hit bonuses. Surprisingly enough, there will even be certain units with mirroring abilities (creating replicas of themselves). Good day, Protoss Templar, hi, Holoduke. Among special units we will have centurions, who will be able to increase the detachment's moral and to "convert" city population by entering cities (good morning, Age of Empires). Plus, there will be siege missions will all the necessary machines and much, much more

We have seen it all before. Noting new, Pyro made no breakthroughs. Yet it is a nicely drawn game. See it yourself - here are some shots:


Kings life exposed (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

The time has come for the official Warrior Kings site to open its doors. Black Cactus did a good job by providing lots of info on it's new RTS. The usual - some nifty screenshots in Downloads, also screensavers, several sketches and two clips. That means lots of downloading, but it's worth downloading. Erm I suggest you to simply believe in what yurg says and do so.

Just to brush up you memory - some features from the Overview section: economics, formations, sieges, complicated state ruling model and all that in 22 "extraordinary" missions (yo, man!). And also - (my favorite part) some pretty pictures of the units.

Right after the beginning, a WK fansite construction competition was announced. The prize will be a brand new ATI Radeon 8500. Fansite construction kit included, nie-he-he.

No shots this time - you can get all the info you need here. Go ahead, fellow bondmen.

(25 January 2002)

A day of sorrow (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

War War never changes But Interplay does. Brian Fargo, founder and director of the company, has left. If is difficult to say whether he left or he was left, if you know what I mean Yet he did say something Terminator-stylish by saying "I'll be back". Some Nameless analysts have already penned the company "in the dead-book" because of that.

If so, it's more than a pity. We got many excellent games from that company AND we saw not so many failures. More to the point, BioWare informed us they came to an agreement about the rights to NWN. It is possibly because BG engine was allowed to be used in IWD2. Yet it's only an assumption.

I will give you my opinion, independent of whether you like it or not. DAMN! People, I do not want to see Interplay dying! But I have no other option, though I am just a translator. Well, I ran Fallout 2 to get my warm hands on the Magic 8-ball Guess what did this damn thing say "Signs point to yes"!

Drat. Life is a terminal disease.


No more freebies (LSN) -- by yPArAH

That means no more admissions to the testing of Laser Squad Nemesis. The test will continue till 27 of January, the full-scale gaming starting the day after (that makes it 28). The commercial version will contain lots of maps, scenarios and several new units, which will be announced during the next month (erm, a logical mistake here, probably?). Payment methods and the price are not yet known, yet we suppose the participation will tear your budget apart.


First part of Fallout Bible, just as promised (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Although it surprises us BIS did not post it on their own site (maybe they do not want any more rumors on "upcoming" FO3), Duck and Cover is a fine place to visit in any case. Let us all thank Chris Avellone for such an informative document!


A load of canards (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

It may be just a gossip, but still

According to our colleagues from, there exists a certain document form Virgin, which says there are some plans to publish Ice Wind Dale 2 in Europe. Fallout 3 is not mentioned. It makes sense why BIS employees were so outraged/surprised (yep, a good combo I made here) with "news" about the "project".

Just as I thought - canard! So, as I usually suggest, let's wait and see.

P.S. If you are reading this I am in desperate need of feedback. Any comment on my work would be much appreciated. My e-mail can be found above. Thanks in advance.

(23 January 2002)

Sounds of the cracked Paradise (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

From the official site and strait to you! Grab it here!

P.S. Pretty breif, huh?


Picture avalache (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

Even more shots today, this time from HOMM IV. Published by TotheGame. View them here.


Get resistant! (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

More screenshots from Russobit-M's localization, Natural Resistance. This is the part of their advertising policy I like the most - little text and a pair of shots. Like ones here - a nice big Shilka and a Mi-24 pilot with his hell-copter:


Attention! Patch! (LSN) -- by yPArAH

This is to people who test LSN. Codo Games suggests that you should download and install two patches - this one and that one. We do not know what exactly they fix, yet you won't need to start anew after installing.

My judgement? Better to install. So go ahead.

(22 January 2002)

Screenshots on deck! (Privateer) -- by yPArAH

Last news for today, before I fall asleep...

Akella brings to you some (actually, two) fresh screenshots from Age of Sail 2: The Privateer. The release is coming soon (yeah, right, definetly - oops, a SPOILER), at least here in Russia. OK, no more rattling my bone-box, here they are:


Moving pictures (IG3) -- by yPArAH

Screenshots good, movie better? Do not know.

See for yourself, here's the case. We found a clip from Imperium Galactica III weighting in at approx. 50 megs. Pretty heavy, so whe did not download it. It is still posiible you would consider it worth viewing. If so, you can get it here.


Moving closer to Kings (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

We press boys (and girls, in my case) got a closer look into Warrior Kings beta. You will have to satisfy you hunger for information with theese thirty screenshots available from our French colleagues. Just a few samples here:

(21 January 2002)

A very nice picture (General news) -- by yPArAH

Be prepared, lots of news are on the way

OK, here we go. Sometimes a wallpaper can say more about a game than a full-scale review. In that case I am talking about Age of Wonders 2, which does not take much air in the press, even while it is going to be a very nice game So here you go - a wallpaper:


More on site (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

Something about the game, brought to you by the Freelancer team! It's like that - folks from SSG unleashed (if I may put it so) three new armies, said a few words about items WBC2 and got us four new screenshots. We grabbed it all. The hero's "dressing room" looks just like it should: put on a hat/crown/helmet, then the shoes, take something (heavy) in the hands and stock lotsa magical stuff in the backpack (some grenades would do just fine in my case - yet none exist there). What more could a hero ask?


News from the Orion system (General news) -- by yPArAH

We got you another interview to erm, scrutinize. The topic under discussion is Master of Orion III.

I took an opportunity to look into it myself. Funny was the question "What will be the difference between the new game and it's predecessors", but it was the answer which pleased me. From now on I main task will be to nourish and cherish the "leaders" ruling the planets. People from Quick Silver also promised to add one more X to the concept (eXpand, eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate) - eXperience. Signally, this will mean nothing less than casting "Possession" (hope you got me) on a ruler of an interstellar empire (wonder if somebody didn't feel something close to it before). The promises of a supernatural AI controlling all the planetary micromanagement are but natural Another promise (which is most likely to come true) is real-time space battles. Wonderful graphics included. Note that a turn-based system will be used in the multiplayer (a bit strange).

Do not worry, the game was not and will not be simplified - 130 info windows will satisfy even the most versed player's needs. So let's wait.


Kings talks (Warrior Kings) -- by yPArAH

And one more interview, this time about Warrior Kings, a strategy from a British company Black Cactus. There were several matters in it which attracted my attention.

While the history and the background of the game seem clear (we had published a blow-by-blow article on them), the gameplay is still a complete enigma According to this interview, the player will have to not only fight, but also build castles (surprise, surprise), accumulate resources and pay attention to other various economic problems. As usual, there will be a tech tree, which will allow to discover gunpowder and "other different fireworks" Developers also mentioned something about the formations, stressing their importance (flank attacks, maneuvering, ambushing, etc.).

Speaking about the maps, developers said they a going to be vast (the biggest when compared to existing RTS's - shall we trust them?). The following landscapes will be used: hills, deserts, forests and frosted plains. From time to time the player will be obliged to build ships in order to cross seas. In a nutshell, the land will be simply the best (we'll see).

The game will consist of 80 missions, which will vary from army prisoners' rescuing to town capturing (a typical set, shall I say). And, because of the mutually exclusive events systems, the player will be able to re-start missions in an order to discover something new. Most of the missions will include more than one ending (apart from a loss, of course). That what the Kings are said to be. We'll see what they'll be

You want my opinion? An RTS.

(19 January 2002)

Laser patch (LSN) -- by yPArAH

Attention, LSN Beta 2 testers! You are to download a new patch, thus fixing several bugs and AI-related issues. You can get it here (500 Kb).

Carry on, troopers!

(18 January 2002)

They've done shooting... (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

Nothing that special... 'cept for two more screenshots from Russobit-M's game Natural Resistance. Peruse them at youe leisure (©Lynette).


A recon of Heroes (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

Gamespot, behemoth of the gaming press published a fairly small (mere two paragraphs) article, a "hands on preview" of HOMM IV. Small, yet markworthy, especially 38 screenshots coming along. Interesting matherial, in any case.

But small. There has recently been a certain tendency of preview sizes downturn... Wonder why...

(17 January 2002)

Laser squad II (LSN) -- by yPArAH

If you were a Laser Squad Nemesis first stage beta-tester, you would by now have received a letter from Codo Games yurg did.

Yes, sir, new beta is available for download. This version would ask you for a password (to keep outsiders outside). Problems like XP, old video and sound boards compatibility were successfully solved in this release.

That's good news, right?

(16 January 2002)

Paradise finally cracked! (Paradise Cracked) -- by yPArAH

According to a written statement from MiST Land the development of Paradise Cracked is entering it's final stage. Fully functional beta is already available, now that means beta-test is coming... Let's wait and see... If desired, you can apply for a beta-tester position here. And while you are waiting, here are some newscreenshots from AG:

(15 January 2002)

Reinforcemen have arrived (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yPArAH

News on Warlords Battlecry II roam the Net, as you may have noticed. Well, here something new from the official site - info on new units, armies, functions of different temples. Oh, yeah, and a big passage considering the he-fairy (Heavens know who or what's that). Anyhow, talk is cheap - make your own opinion by viewing.
Do note the fresh wallpaper - it is worth publishing on a front page. Yes, sir, SSG artists are remarkable!


M&M's. Part two - Magic (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

The time has come to publish the second part of the interview with Jeff Blattner - the one about the roleplay components of the M&M world. Strategists please refrain from smacking either yurg or me for that (Armored and dangerous I am, and I will surely protect him, so don't bother) - everything is closely connected here. So, without further ado view it here.


Buuugs! BUUUUUUUUUUUGS!!!! (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

Yep, exactly as seen in Starship Troopers.

Wait, wait! Put down your Morritas! It's just a portion of screenshots from Age of Mythology. Just some bugs attacking some village. Note the fried bug (nope, not a "Bug-on-a-shell"). Looks very much like a destroyed tank, doesn't it? Very nice.

P.S. I would rather prefer some splashed green blood anyhow... Makes me go back... (©Marcus)

(14 January 2002)

More on the League (LSN) -- by yPArAH

News comes from Codo Games, where Julian Gollop said something on the topic of the next beta. According to him, it will include the following "splendid new features": "Opportunity Fire" system and "terrain targeting" fire, more maps, improved interface graphics, ability to change email address whenever please, more sophisticated determination of SMTP server and (last but not least) support of the full screen mode with Voodoo2.

Also, Julian made some comments on the LSN League and how should it work.

As seen on the forum: "I am coming round to the following rules:

  1. Players start with a 100 points when they sign up, or enter a new division.

  2. Points are deducted for losing and added for winning based on the players position in the division when the battle starts.

  3. The range of point losses/awards is between 5 and 1 - i.e. the bottom ranked player beating the top ranked player would earn 5 points, and the the top ranked player would lose 5 points, whereas the top ranked player can only earn 1 point from beating the lowest rank, and the lowest ranked would only lose one point.

  4. A players points will decay, if above 100, by one point a day if the player has not completed a game within the previous 2 weeks. Points cannot go below 100 this way.
  5. The division system works as before.

The only suggestion which causes a few problems is awarding points based on game performance. Whilst this is not so much of a problem with the current scenario, future scenario types will have radically different victory conditions."

Make mental notes, gentlemen

(13 January 2002)

Fresh pics, three coppers a pair... (Natural Resistance) -- by yPArAH

Russobit-M was kind enough to supply our readers with two more sceenshots from Natural Resistance. This time it is about a battle of a chopper against some infantry in the post-apocalypse enviroment.


M&M('s). Part one - Might. (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

We saw an opportunity and we took it. The opportunity was to have a talk with one of the Might and Magic universe main creators, Jeff Blattner. Well, although it did not meet our site specifics, we could not help but ask something apart from general Heroes strategic questions. We also talked about a parallel Might and Magic IX project.

To ease reading (and to get your attention, what) we divided it into two separate articles. You can find the first part of the interview (the one on Heroes) right now. Still want more? May I remind you about the biggest exclusive art gallery (when compared to rest all over Net) and about the most explicit preview of the game (both published on our site)?

P.S. Next time we will cover M&M's. I know I misspelled. :-)

P.P.S. You know, it is extremely difficult to die of pudency

(12 January 2002)

Another change? (General news) -- by yPArAH

Now we are talking seriously!

What exactly am I talking about? Why, about the Warhammer Online project! One particular site remained cloaked until now. More than a month passed since founding, and not so long ago it was finally spotted by the gaming people. Heh, but not without a hint (which looked very much liked an official statement, know what I mean?) from the developer, which turned out to be a British company, Climax Entertainment (surprise, surprise). According to it the release is due on the year 2004 (what we have or, better, do not have now is a working version, which was showed to the publisher). Beta is about to appear somewhere near summer of the year 2003.

In any case, the site alone is a must see. Picture gallery is full of MPG animation samples and other artwork.

What's so special about WO? I mean, there is a whole lot of similar strategic projects around (similar here means also transferred from the board to the computer) Key difference (if not saying dramatic) is WO is being developed not under the license by some company, but with the direct participation of Games Workshop (the possessor of right) AND with help of the original table version makers. That was point one. Point two is this project is said to be planned as something conceptually new - a full transferal of the board version to the computer, not merely an adaptation to the computer games world realities. Simple, efficient, glorious (©Super Mutant Lieutenant).

As I mentioned above, the game is conceptually different (undergone severe modification). As of now the game is not a strategy to the letter. That means the battles are minor to world exploration. Giving my personal judgement (I love it, you know that already), I would rather say the project is slowly transforming into a full-scale online roleplay type. Why? At least because the player can choose his hero's race from high elves, forest elves, dwarfs and ogres.

This hero will live and explore the territory of Reickland in the heart of the Empire. That means the whole territory, at which events of the previous Warhammer computer versions, and much more, so to say.

(10 January 2002)

Famous 3DO wallpaper (HOMM4) -- by yPArAH

Here's a wallpaper from 3DO, just for the fans of HOMM IV. Do note this picture was usually used by the company to illustrate different previews in press.


Waiting for MOO (General news) -- by yPArAH

Master of Orion sequel is postponed. Not going to appear till the end of summer. What a pity.

(9 January 2002)

Haegemonic interview (Haegemonia) -- by yPArAH

OK, OK, I know I'm a bit late with today's news! Sorry, got stuck no, not in a traffic jam, in Planescape: Torment. Hey, what else could you expect from a girl in the middle of the term-evaluation and at the same time in the middle of writing a solution? Uh, never mind, just trying to cheer myself up. Don't mention it.

Anyhow, another interview with Digital Reality on the upcoming Haegemonia space strategy was published on one Czech site. Apart from two new pictures (below) only two questions seemed to be of particular interest to us. When asked, why DR means only space strategies and nothing else, studio representative stated that Digital Reality space strategies is a brand. Yet there are going to different types of games under the same brand. And just a few points on the game: it will contain full-scale space battles with hundreds (counting from tens to hundreds) of ships participating. As long as this is not going to be a simulator, there will be a certain presupposition considering the size and scale of the ships. If nothing like that existed, it would be impossible to notice the small fighters near the enormous battleships. Approximate scale (smalles:biggest) will be either 1:20 or 1:25. You can judge the size of the ships by yourself with the help of the screenshots supplied.

(8 January 2002)

Army men coming! (General news) -- by yPArAH

3DO was kind enough to supply us with 9 new shots from recently announced Army Men RTS. Note the funny box art:



Interplay did not comment (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

Well, just to let you know yurg tried to squeeze some info on recent F3 rumors out of Interplay (with my help, of course). Senior PR-manager Heather Geer made such an understatement: I cannot comment on rumors. Thanks for understanding. Well, nice try, no dice (©Myron). Interplay always answers in the same way. That might mean Interplay is really figuring out a thing or two on Fallout 3 (they did not directly deny the rumors). In the same way Chris Taylor and the whole BIS squad behaved before ("Who said we're making FO3? Me? I'm sorry, but you might be wrong").

It was really naive to believe something like this would not happen! Well, we did not. Fallout series is a real bonanza, and Interplay is trying to make a profit of it. This is but natural considering the leave of BioWare (thus dropping the probability of any AD&D-based Interplay realeases to nearly zero). Up to our opinion this is why Interplay postponed the current AD&D project without day. (Some say this is or should we say - was IWD 2).

As for me it is time to "take a little nap, talk to Grampy Bone", etc. (©Sulik). Fully functional (stress point) Fallout 3 is unlikely to come out before summer 2002. Well, yes, Fallout 2 was made in less than 9 months (resulted in lots of bugs, missing areas and other fascinating features), but that was in times of different people and different goals (and a different game engine, so to say). And if FO3 is in planning, it is, just as I said before, nothing new. We got to know about it at least 3 years ago. Simple

(7 January 2002)

Laser Legionnaires League (LSN) -- by yPArAH

Hey! My first work day and the third piece of news already! yurg, slow down, smell de flowers (©Sulik)!

After two weeks of testing Codo Games stated proximity of the end of the first stage of the beta-test. The are working hard on Beta 2 even as we speak. In it many bugs will be fixed and many user suggestions will be implemented. But that's not all! LSN league is open of the official site. You can take a look at the best legionnaires here.


Nearly Iguana-on-a-stick (Age of Mythology) -- by yPArAH

The game developing folk is coming back to life (civilized) after New Year celebrations, celebrations, celebrations... Yeah, and the first good news come from developers of Age of Mythology - in that case, 4 new screenshots. What's in them? Some kind of two-legged lizards (presumably cockatrices or even lizardmen). Humans had a bad day, yet they managed to fry those lizards for good (with some meteors - I know it sounds like overkill).


Rumors floating round the Net and a new person right here (FO 3) -- by yPArAH

My greetings, people. My name is Hurricane and I am the quartermaster for this bunker err, no, I'm the newsmaster to be precise, newsmaker for the English division of Freelancer. From now on you will communicate directly with me if needed.

OK, I'm done shooting the breeze. On to the topic. The Net is overwhelmed with rumors and gossips about Fallout 3. This "information" was acquired not long ago from several British and French magazines. When refined, they gave us the following: Interplay reissued Fallout only to prepare the market for a full-scale no, not an attack - a sequel. Most likely it will be full 3D, developed by BIS and released this summer. To me it's beyond-rats, considering the period, during which Interplay kept FT a secret.

There is another rumor, according to which the company will sell most of it's studios and stick to producing and developing only. No more publishing. And only BIS will remain intact.

As rumors float, BIS is paying much attention to Fallout Bible. It is currently under the supervision of Chris Avellone, who currently seeks all available info on how was Fallout planned during the stay of Tim Cain and Chris Taylor, who also developed this document (separately).

Giving my personal judgement to it, I must say it's nothing new. Just several speculations we heard many times, congested and combined. But it is the development of Fallout Bible that pleases me. By the way, all the holders of inside information on F1&2 should contact Chris Avellone immediately.

(6 January 2002)

Beta version (Privateer) -- by yurg

Akella updated its site using some fresh info on AS2: Privateer. If you know nothing about it yet, in a nutshell it is a marine strategy which just entered the beta-testing stage (presumably in-house). Release is scheduled on the first quarter of this year. Because of this the Russian publisher (1C) has some new pictures - several screenshots and a few concepts. Better to look...

(4 January 2002)

Heroes in March (HOMM4) -- by yurg

3DO has sent a code schedule table with dates of UK releases. According to this table HOMM IV and MM9 releases will be on 29.03.2002. Well... will see!

(3 January 2002)

Die hard Mechs (LSN) -- by yurg

There are some hot tidbits from official LSN forum. Julian Gollop said:

1) Marines are twice as popular and Mechs, but surprisingly the Mechs are winning 57% of their battles against the Marines.

I must admit that I am slightly surprised by this, but there are only 140 complete games so far, which is a fairly limited data set. I think the Mechs are less well balanced as a side, but I have some more analysis to do here. I would agree with other comments about the AI not being very good, although I have used it effectively as a repair centre.

2) The next version of the LSN client will allow you to change your email at will. As for hotmail, it definitely sucks the big fat one as far as playing LSN is concerned. If you have access to a normal pop3 account, please use it. In the future we will have a direct login option for the client which will allow it to manage turn files without using email.

Mechs are still winning 55% of encounters with marines. I have successfully demonstrated that a combination of 2 tanks, 1 HQ, 1 scanner, 3 Hunters and the rest Exterminators is a very effective force. The trick is to stop marines - in particular snipers - from getting your tanks. Use Hunters for rapid recce, artillery spotting and to draw enemy fire. Just keep them moving. Mercilessly persecute Snipers and dominate the open ground. I have found that Grenadiers can cause a lot of grief, but keep your exterminators spread out to stop any slipping through. The Mech AI is not such a useful unit, and I will have to rethink its attributes.

(2 January 2002)

Another preview (LSN) -- by yurg

There is another little preview of Laser Squad Nemesis based on Julian Gollop posts from the official forum. If you did not play LSN beta yet, it is a godd idea to at least view the fresh shots!

(1 January 2002)

Interesting post (LSN) -- by yurg

Julian Gollop has posted interesting message on the official Codo Games forum:

Thank you to everybody who has participated in the beta test so far. It seems like a very long time, but it was only a week ago that we launched the game. I have enjoyed the games I have played with a few of you (and I have even lost a few). Thank you also for all the bug reports - we have certainly got a lot of work to do. There will be regular updates for the client software, initially concentrating on hardware bugs. The initial fix list includes

1. Making text appear on XP machines
2. Fixing sound card bugs
3. Making the game work with older graphics cards, such as Voodoo2/3.

We will also be making some improvements to the mail-out system, including

1. Better feedback when mails are sent.
2. The option to specify an alternative SMTP server.

On the server side we will be adding new facilities, probably as follows.

1. A confirmation mail sent soon after your order is received by the game server.
2. The league table will be displayed on the website, updated at regular intervals.
3. A games-in-progress list will also be posted on the website.
4. Warning mails will be sent to players who have not responded to a game turn within a certain amount of time.

Thats all for now.


New screenshots (Total War 2) -- by yurg

Activision has sent a bunch of new screens of Medieval: Total War. I have posted below only 3 most interesting screens. Another 222 screens you can find for example at


Sound tracks (Warlords Battlecry II) -- by yurg

Warlords Battlecry 2 official site was updated with two music tracks from the game. You can grab them from this page (MP3 format).

Postal Sectoid or Email Wars vs Aliens! Alternative history from Sierra!Best Fallout Files - Recalling Good Old Time!