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Unknown Warhammer Online


On the site you may find a moderate article with some material on Warhammer Online. As everybody knows this project is being prepared to be released with joint efforts of Games Workshop and Microsoft within Climax Entertainment. The author of the article, apparently having paid a visit to the developers, has posted some interesting facts on this game. So, it was decides to leave aside the concept of mass fighting and to let the player to control each unit separately. Warhammer Online will also offer nonstandard concept of the game - there will be no deathmatch. There will be feud between classes, as far as in this world, natural enemies wage wars against each other. Actions will take just in the piece of the huge Warhammer world - Empire of the Old World, with hope of widening game arena in the future. Models in the game are promised to be of high quality - no less then 5000 polygons for each unit. Here some photos of sketches to some models from Warhammer Online go: that are quite well-known from the first and the second Warhammer.

We ourselves made some investigations concerning Warhammer Online state of affairs. Microsoft staff gave scanty comments, saying that Warhammer Online is not Microsoft's PC game (that would mean that MS would limit making only Xbox version), at the same time in this article it is mentioned that the game at the very same moment is being made for CPU of 1.5 GHz (and higher) with GeForce 3 on board. The game will be released in about two years. Perhaps by that time such requirements will become quite ordinary stuff... Boiling away PR campaign to the game is connected with quite natural desire of developers to avoid mistakes that were made during those to recent big Online projects. It's nice that the developers do their best to learn not only from their mistakes, but through one by others!


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