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UFO: The Freedom Ridge


[Altar] - Martin Klim (ALTAR Interactive)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg]: Greetings! Please introduce yourself to our readers. What do you do in ALTAR Interactive and how large is the team working?

[Altar]: I am designer for UFO: Freedom Ridge. ALTAR Interactive is a developer based in Brno, Czech Republic. Our last completed game is real-time strategy "Original War". Our team has about twenty-five people and almost all of them now work on UFO: TFR.

[Yurg]: When have you started the work on this project and who is in the formed team working with you?

[Altar]: We started to work on this project past July. As we are based in Brno and the former team is in UK, we do not have anybody from the former team here.

[Yurg]: Latest ALTAR's press release is telling about the plans to keep Dreamland's atmosphere as much as possible. Could you please specify what sort of features and game elements are to be fixed or changed?

[Altar]: At this moment of time I do not want yet to talk about specific features and/or additions to the game we made. I think it is too early now and we would like to release first hard facts about the game with the first art/screenshots.

For the time being I would like to say that we all played X-COM games and loved them. We certainly want to make a game that holds up to them and will not disappoint any fan of this type of game. At the same time, we want to bring this game to a wider audience.

[Yurg]: Could you please disclose the fate of original plot? Have you any idea to change the nature of mankind enemy or it still is Saurans?

[Altar]: We have a very good idea about the plot and while it has many things in common with the original, it is also substantially different. Again, I don't want to disclose anything now and I even think that we will not disclose the details of the plot ever. Let every player discover it for himself.

[Yurg]: Will be in UFO: TFR such Dreamland's features like Men in Black or "good aliens"?

[Altar]: Maybe yes, maybe not. We will however certainly release the details of the basic set-up of the plot in near future.

[Yurg]: If aliens will be the same as in Dreamland, will you add some new aliens or more human-like enemies?

[Altar]: There will be some aliens similar to the original Dreamland. However, generally we use very little (i.e. almost none) of the original art.

[Yurg]: Dreamland was planed only with Hot Seat support and multiplayer was in question. What about your plans for multiplayer in UFO: TFR?

[Altar]: Unfortunately, there will be no multiplayer in UFO: TFR.

[Yurg]: Will UFO: TFR use the original Dreamland's engines (general 3D and physics one) or you are developing a new one?

[Altar]: No, UFO: TFR will use our own engine.

[Yurg]: Do you have plans to change base management and structures building process?

[Altar]: This is the area that underwent biggest changes at all and I am pretty sure this will be a source of hot contention. But at the moment, again, I don't want to release any specific information.

[Yurg]: And the last question. Will UFO: TFR be released for both PC and PS2 - like Dreamland was, or for PC only?

[Altar]: It will be released for PC only.

[Yurg]: Thank you for your answers!

[Altar]: Thank you for your interest in UFO: Freedom Ridge.


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