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Mercenary's menu Interview

Fallout Tactics


[CHRIS] - Chris Taylor (Interplay)
[Yurg] - Yuri Bushin (Freelancer)

[Yurg] Chris, what changes have taken place last month? How far Microforte is advanced in the game development?

[CHRIS] Vehicles are starting to go in. You can now get into a car, drive around and run people over. Fun. Also, we are making progress on the single-player missions.

[Yurg] You have spent much time talking to Fallout fans at Interplay forum. How fruitful and useful it was for BOS? Can you describe the game features or changes appeared thanking to game fans?

[CHRIS] Some good stuff always comes up when talking with the fanbase. Regardless of which features are discussed, implemented or discarded, it helps to bang these ideas around.

[Yurg] More general but still important question. Chris, are you going to provide the BOS with part and parcel of Fallout, - Fallout world atmosphere?

[CHRIS] I'd hope so.

[Yurg] Chris, the game fans are eager to know the game plot. You've said you cannot disclose its details yet several times before. Maybe the main reason for this is that the things can change any time. Nevertheless, can you put a few words on this topic?

[CHRIS] None at this time. I don't want to give anything away.

[Yurg] We're all known the main reasons of Fallout success were both game plot depth and attention to each character details. One can say they were all dramatic heroes, each with own destiny (sometimes sad). How about BOS? Those 30 fighters available for hire - will they be a Persons, with their own details, nature and destiny?

[CHRIS] They are complete characters yes. Are they people? No, they are a bunch of 0s and 1s.

[Yurg] Chris, while reviewing the screenshots, many people are asking why so much bodies there? The point is not because it is shocking - the war is war. But do we really have to lose almost half of team on each mission?

[CHRIS] Death is an ugly, ugly thing. There is a lot of death in Fallout, but we don't expect players to lose squadmembers on every mission.

[Yurg] Can you describe the combat system of BOS? How quick and massive are the battles?

[CHRIS] It's very similar to the previous Fallout games. The CTB games are a little faster and a little more massive.

[Yurg] Chris, it is not secret the AI is a weak point of most games. How BOS deals with it? Through the number of enemies or AI's ability to hold a competent battle with limited forces?

[CHRIS] This is a very subjective question. I personally don't like answering questions about AI, since what may be a perfectly good AI opponent for one player may be considered "weak" by another. Certainly we are working on what we hope will be a "fun" AI. As for game balance, it will be a mixture of both AI and forces. We don't want the AI to cheat, but we do expect the player to be fighting superior forces for the majority of the game.

[Yurg] Are the plans to issue BOS demo still in force? If yes, can we expect it will appear before the end of this summer?

[CHRIS] Yes, we're still planning on a demo and no, we haven't set a date for it.

[Yurg] Main character experience limitation was considered as sufficient Fallout demerit. How about BOS - will there be maximum available level set for BOS fighter?

[CHRIS] There will be a maximum level, but we don't know what it will be at this time. That will come out doing game balancing.

[Yurg] How about main character in multiplayer mode? Will we be forced to create a new character every time we starting a new game, or, similarly to Diablo, we will be able to use same hero for unlimited number of games? Will it be possible to carry the inventory accumulated into a new multiplayer game?

[CHRIS] I can't answer that at this time. How multiplayer works in this regard is still being worked on. A lot of it will have to do with balance and multiplayer security.

[Yurg] A little bit uncommon question, but nevertheless... Brotherhood of Steel is a war foundation and it has its own rank hierarchy. Can you describe briefly, what is the guaranty of career growth? If it depends on experience points only, so what difference between ranks and experience levels? Or there will be other than experience reasons?

[CHRIS] Both experience (via levels) and accomplished tasks within the missions. If you perform well, you will increase in rank. If you do not perform well, you will not.

[Yurg] Do you plan to have such optional but pleasant features like combat rewards, e.g. valor medal?

[CHRIS] Can't answer that at this time.

[Yurg] Chris, one more general question: will there be place for the BOS sequel in future?

[CHRIS] We shouldn't even begin to talk about a sequel until we get this game done. Certainly we would like to see a sequel, but it's really way too early to talk about it.

[Yurg] Chris, can you give us more details on fighter movement calculation system? It will be hexagons, not squares, and dot system... I.e. like Diablo, where the minimum movement distance is one fighter's step?

[CHRIS] No hexes. It's coordinate based now. Characters move the equvialent of one meter per action point.

[Yurg] Can you tell us about BOS weapons? If you cannot give the details of particular weapon models, tell at least about weapon classes. For example, at least some general details of assault weapons, heavy and energy ones.

[CHRIS] I don't want to discuss weapons beyond what we have already announced. This is certainly an area of the game design that can be *spoiled* by revealing too much too early.

[Yurg] You have decided to keep hand-to-hand combat using cold steel. How deep are the changes of old system? And the cold steel seems inefficient against armored enemies, how do you think?

[CHRIS] Melee and HtH combat will be very important, especially in the earlier parts of the game. However, if you stick with it, there will be good things for those that continue to improve these skills.

[Yurg] Many players are asking about burst mode of firearms. Is there old system used, or the player can spend more APs to determine the length of burst?

[CHRIS] There is one potential change here, but we're still playing with it.

[Yurg] You've said, thanking to fans the fighters are learned new movement ways now? So what things BOS fighter can do? How about strafe, prone, running and crouch movement modes?

[CHRIS] Players can crouch and go prone. You can move while crouched and prone, but it is much slower to move. Fortunately, you are harder to hit when you are like this. It's a tactical decision for the player to make.

[Yurg] Can you give us at least general description of special effects included into the game? There will be invisibility, and what else? What are you going to do with motion scanner and Geiger counter? Will it have a practical use?

[CHRIS] There is a StealthBoy and a motion scanner. Most of the special items from the previous Fallouts are still around, but we are tweaking them slightly in order to improve balance.

[Yurg] Do you planning to include into the game some items beloved by many players - like jet pack or anti-grav suit?

[CHRIS] No plans for equipment that makes you fly. That's a little too much X-com-ish. There are some new special equipment and weapons, some of which the fans have been very vocal about suggesting.

[Yurg] Maybe now you can tell us more about transport options in BOS? What is vehicle fleet?

[CHRIS] Vehicles can be used in combat, they are also useful for navigating the world map.

[Yurg] You have planned to create the map editor. There was said a lot about it, but how about the option to edit weapon parameters?

[CHRIS] Yes, you should be able to edit weapon stats. This may change.

[Yurg] And the last but very insidious question :). Chris, can you try to answer the question: why are you going to play BOS? What attracts you in this game?

[CHRIS] I like fun games. I play games for almost the same reasons I read fiction: to escape reality. Unless I am playing a sim (like a flight-sim), I want a game that is pure fun. Fallout was certainly a fun game. It responded to the player on many different levels and was really there to provide hours of entertainment. I think Fallout Tactics is very similar in that regard -- it's not there to teach world peace or wash your windows -- it's just there to provide fun.

[Yurg] Thank you for your answers very much. Let me wish you to gladden us with real game bestseller :)


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