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Fallout Tactics

Developer: 14° East
Publisher: Interplay
Official site:
Release: Quarter 1, 2001

19.03.01 20.03.01 22.03.01 23.03.01 26.03.01
27.03.01 28.03.01 29.03.01 30.03.01 31.03.01
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30.04.01 02.05.01 08.05.01 17.05.01 18.05.01


As we have already stated, all these tales by DAC and other sites, that backed up half-baked and scandal news on "false" shutdown of one of the Micro-Forte offices, happened to be no more then rumors and tales. It is true, that company suffered some restructuring. But both offices an alive and nobody is planned to be fired for a half of the year at least. It is also true, that some talented people left Micro-Forte. The company published press release that confirms that fact. Our friends let us know that the company has great plans for the future. More over, the product of MF Canberra will be, what d'you think? Fallout Tactics 2! The game will remain to be 2-dimensional. The engine of the old Fallout Tactics (Phoenix 1 engine), after some changes, will demonstrate unseen beauties. We cannot tell you right now who is going to be a head designer and a producer of the project from the side of Micro-Forte. So, wait for our news… by the end of the month (we will post some great details)! Anyway it is quite of offensive things that our western colleagues make an extra headache to Micro-Forte stuff, creating scandals around this first class team.

I do advise to have a look at the Fallout Tactics files section. One of our readers made up his mind to share with us his experience of creating new portraits for Fallout Tactics personages. This guide will let you quickly and easily create your own personage with "yourself-beloved" :) Thanks goes to Unborn for this material!


And finally, where do we go without scandals? Another storm in a teacup is caused by one of our beloved sites - because of Canberra Micro-Forte office closure. Initially, they have announced that everything is closed for sure. Another sideswipe towards Interplay... Generally, they've said many-many things. Yesterday, the very same site (I won't name it - frequent mention of their name wounds the feelings of these guys) has published the news a la "everything is not so bad". And added they cannot get the official explanation, they say nothing is known for sure, nobody want speak to them... Hmm... Why should anyone explain something to them? Our friend from Micro-Forte has commented the situation a bit. He said everything published at DAC "that's not quite true". Well, let's wait for more information and stop us from throwing the stones at Interplay or Micro-Forte. Anyway, it is their internal business. We will add more news as soon as get more info.


Many of you have probably forgotten about Fallout Tactics 2, Fallout Online and other Fallout-related games, now that E3 is on the horizon, but Freelancer has managed to get some info on what's going on at Interplay's. Bad news, comrades: looks like the happy couple "Interplay + BioWare" will cease to exist in the coming months. Neverwinter Nights will be, in fact, the last big AD&D title created by these companies together. After the E3 Interplay will part with its AD&D game lineup and concentrate solely on promoting TORN, its own brand-new universe. Moreover, tensions are now growing between Interplay and its former "golden child", mostly because of financial reasons (some sources indicate that one of the companies owes a tremendous amount of 3 million USD to its counterpart) and the above-mentioned TORN universe.

We also managed to find out why Interplay is so reluctant to release the long-awaited Fallout Tactics editors. Several weeks ago Interplay has been hatching an idea to release a Tactics game without Micro-Forte's help, but these plans have changed all of a sudden. Now Interplay is nearly agreed to sign a contract for a new FT game with Micro-Forte. Our sources are still unsure, but it'll probably be a Fallout Tactics Expansion Pack with the misfortunate editor included. If this is what Interplay wants then I've got to admit it's a nice marketing move - a stand-alone add-on such as FT Expansion will get far more attention if bundled with a map editor! The official announcement is expected to be released no sooner than at ECTS - Interplay is now preparing two massive ad campaigns - TORN and NWN's. Meanwhile, even the future developers of the new Tactics game themselves can't tell for sure what game Interplay will want this time. It's possible that we'll see Fallout Tactics 2 but, according to our sources, the game will use no 3D engines like Phoenix (or Phoenix 2, for that matter). More likely, it'll stick to the plain old 2D engine with a few additions and enhancements.

A couple of bits about a mysterious Fallout Online title: Our sources clearly state that *if* Interplay manages to gather funds for a project this big, it will surely be developed by a special in-house studio rather than Micro-Forte and won't see the light of day anytime soon - the company has already a headache called "TORN" to cope with.


We have made a quite long pause before publishing our Fallout Tactics review. Our intent was to wait for the patch and editor releases (the last one is still awaited - I think it will not appear before E3). Are you still hesitating if you wish to buy the game? Check and read this link. We have tried to be as unbiased as possible.


Today we start posting a series of Fallout Tactics-themed wallpapers. Here's the first couple:


We opened a new sub-section of Fallout Tactics inventory descriptions - it contains lots of info concerning drugs and added a more recent version of FT Inventory database in the files section.

If you happen to own a German version of Fallout Tactics, we advise you to visit the files section and download a multi-volume patch for this game.


Also Interplay has released Fallout Tactics 1.25 patch for German and French versions. German patch is only about 1MB when French patch is about 25 MB! You can find all these patches in our Tactics files section. And soon we will post split version for France patch.


Thanking to help of our reader Frederic, today we can talk about the features removed from Fallout Tactics. For example, there are the traces of at least one abandoned perk - Twitch Gamer. Here is the picture of this perk, its description is saying something about unsurpassed reaction speed in pip-boy games. Quite original perk :) I wonder what is it for in the game?

There is also the vehicle removed from the game, the bus. It is a pity there is no forgotten sprites remained in the game so it is impossible to reanimate it.

Mod Squad folks have released the editor of Fallout Tactics item property description files. Very useful utility for those who wish to create own MOD.

You have installed the last patch to Fallout Tactics and now it is demanding a CD? OK, it is no problem anymore! Check the files section for the program allowing to break patched Fallout Tactics of the habit to demand a CD from you (thanks to MaxImuS).

In files section you can also find another Tactics patch. This time the patch will update Tactics audio drivers. The reason is that the game is using Miles Sound System driver set by RAD Game Tools. Game version 1.13 is using the drivers of Miles 6.0m version. But these drivers are already quite outdated and may cause the game crash in some circumstances. Use our patch to update these drivers (thanks to Gregor for the help). The patch will update the drivers to 6.1a version. Run it and allow the self-extracting archive to replace all the necessary files in Fallout Tactics folder.


While reviewing exe file of Fallout Tactics, I have accidentally found the list of all possible command line keys used for running the game. Interesting enough, especially the last example:

-3 -dx : DirectX3
-7 -dx : DirectX7
-f -fullscreen : fullscreen mode
-g -gdi : Widows GDI
-m -nomusic : Music off
-s -nosound : Sound off
-w -window : windowed mode
-path -[path] : path to game/mod files

We have had a long and fruitful conversation with our friend among Tactics developers. We have discussed different game aspects. So, I have asked why Tactics utilities are not released yet, and got an unexpected answer: all is ready, Interplay just sustaining a pause to heat up the interest to the game. Also, I've got a confirmation that all editors are primordially integrated into your game's exe file. These positions are simply temporary unavailable in start menu. The utility kit will include the editor of maps, sprites, tiles and item property description files (entities). We have also thoroughly discussed Tactics 2 engine. I will skip some details due to obvious reasons.

Generally, Phoenix engine was intended not for GeForce 3 but for more widespread video plates. TNT2 and P3 600 should be a basis. Currently the engine gives 60 fps on such system. GeForce/GeForce2 allows to achieve the same result even on P3 400. With GeForce onboard, your Celeron would produce about 30 fps - it is much more than 2D Tactics may currently provide. And all this with 2500 polygons per frame. One should agree it is not so bad for TNT2! The game engine allows you to work with fully skinned character models, with interchangeable body components and a very rich skeletal animation system. However GeForce 3 owners will have a chance to try their hardware too - there is the support of true real-time per pixel lighting calculation! Not to mention the shadows and other effects. All the landscapes are three-dimensional, and the camera view is the same - three fourth. And, finally, the main feature - Phoenix, because of its universality, allows to create the operational game model in briefest terms.

Having read the above information, one can ask: is it possible that Interplay will miss the evident advantages? The latest news confirms Interplay is keeping an eye on console market. Again, 3D Tactics engine can allow to create the game for both PC and consoles. And the final argument in favor of Tactics 2 - even BIS can afraid nothing, the market is ready and fully aware there are strategy and role-playing Fallout versions now, both having a lot of fans.

Freelancer is glad to present you one of our first Tactics MODs. You can find it in files section. You can also find there a file allowing to create a character with all stats at 100 level, plus unlimited Paramedic Bag.


The highlight of the news... Fallout Tactics patch has been finally released! You can find it here and soon in our files section. The size of this package is about 13.5 MB. And here its a patch's details. Today we will present you the multicolumn patch version. Hurray!

Also, if you wish, you can order Tactics from Interplay site for just USD 29 - today and only today. If they will ship it to your country, of course... Or to our country ;) Depends on your origins! :) This special offer is valid for single day only.

And we have made new splint version of 3CD Patch for those who had a problems with patch volumes.

The most complete Fallout Tactics guide (in English) is updated. New version 2.5 includes many interesting details. You can find this guide at author's site - or you can check our files section.

Here are another portion of Tactics Patch news:

We are up to patch 1.25. It's been in testing for several days now. Each new patch requires this amount of time to test, since we need to play through the single-player campaign and play many, many multiplayer games under different testing conditions.

Singleplayer seems very good. There are no known issues that would stop us from releasing this patch.

There are three known issues remaining with multiplayer. Two are related to the new respawning feature (getting stuck and a possible crash in TB mode) and one is a massive frame rate reduction if a player quits in the middle of a battle.

We have a couple people out sick today that would be responsible for making the decision to release the patch or continue to work on it. We're talking to them and hope to make a decision as soon as possible.

Note that it is one patch, and the singleplayer fixes cannot be released without releasing the multiplayer fixes (and those three known problems).

It's an all or nothing deal.

We would, of course, release another patch that would update multiplayer (and singleplayer again), if we decide to release this patch.

E-mail is flying furiously around, as we type.



Some info on the upcoming Fallout Tactics patch. According to the official site, the patch is still in QA and should be ready either today or tomorrow. At the same time Chris Taylor says he'd rather expect it tomorrow. Hell knows when they're actually gonna release it. :) For now, all we can do is wait.


Feargus Urqhuhart has dropped very interesting message on official BIS forum. In this post he motioned Fallout 3 and here is what hi has said:

We will try not to keep you guys waiting too long. So you know, it's not like we haven't wanted to start making it - due to scheduling and getting other products done, we just haven't been able to focus on getting it going.

He also confirmed that the game is currently in the development stage. Although that's what they said a long time ago. IMHO, if (and that's a big if) this game would be announced, it will happen on E3. The Interplay already has new games to play - these are TORN and NeverWinter Nights.

Our pal friends from the Game World Navigator has posted another interesting Fallout Tactics wallpaper. Here it's:


Game World Navigator has posted another Fallout Tactics wallpaper. Check it! Really beauty girl with a dangerous gun in her hands.

We are keeping expand our Tactics random encounter section with new location descriptions. Today we have added two new locations: Invasion Recreationists and Brahmin Tipping.

Also our inventory section was slightly updated. Check out armor section with all armor statistics, explosives section with all types of grenades, explosives and mines. Also we have updated vehicles page with all cars and there you can find animated pics.

And finally check out our Fallout Tactics files section. This time we have for you updated Excel Inventory Database file with armor list. Here you can find all armor values restricts and modifiers for all 18 types of armor.


With the active help of our readers, we are keeping expand our Tactics random encounter section with new location descriptions. Today we have added three new locations: Trader, Deathclaw Liberation and B-1000.

Thanks to Kali - the news about chance to enter the bunker in Uprising location are proven to be groundless... 6 points of Charisma, or even 10 points will not help you to enter it. Anyway, the bunker contains nothing. Unless you are ready to kill paladins and loot their bodies for 2000 ammo and a pair of machine guns. Hmm... It may be a good idea!

Game World Navigator magazine site has started the action called Fallout Tactics Week. They are going to publish 2 new Windows wallpapers each day for 7 days. Visit this site if it is interesting for you. Here are two sample wallpapers composed of concept art. One image features the life of main Brotherhood bunker, other is the punishment of defaulter warrior. Quite nice!


Today, we are traditionally publishing another three special locations from Fallout Tactics: Four Horsemen, Hermit and Brahmin Armor. Check the related section for all details.

Today we have received the long-awaited package from Interplay with Fallout Tactics promotional stuff. I can assure you, the bag and game box are cool! Here are some examples... Fallout Tactics printed PNP, bonus disk, t-shirts... That's great! Are you still hesitating if it is worth buying? Don't hesitate - just buy it! But see for yourself - here are some bonuses.

Here, for example, that very advertising Coming Soon box of Fallout Tactics that was distributed in some shops. Now the similar one proudly stands in our office... but it is somehow bigger... like meter on meter and a half!

Very respected by me fellows from the site have opened a section devoted to new project of Black Isle Studio - TORN. Let me bring to your minds that this game has fallen to the field of our interests.


And again our Special Tactics Random Encounters section was updated with three new locations: Phil, Morte and Gas Station. The last is one of the most useful locations. Here you can find Elixir of Life (+1 Endurance)

Our friend from the FO BOS developers side has dropped to us very interesting comments about to the latest "press-release news":

Currently all of the following are still possible:

Fallout Tactics Expansion
Fallout Tactics 2
Fallout Online

Possibly more than one may happen, or possibly none of them. I don't know anything for certain, as Interplay has yet to make decisions...

Fallout Online would be funded separately from normal Interplay titles if it were to take place. We know there is a desire in Interplay for the latter two titles, but things are still uncertain. All that can be said is that the titles are not dead for certain.

MF has prepared for all three titles to some extent. The expansion would obviously be easy.


The Random Encounters section was updated with some special locations. Check them out!

New Fallout Tactics press release posted - all the "big bosses" are unconditionally insisting they are just happy of Tactics sales volume and definitely interested in other Fallout titles. I wonder if it will produce any results in future? There were precedents in the past when such announces turned out to be just PR moves. Anyway, the news is encouraging.

In the meanwhile we have received the official information that the sequel to Fallout is very likely to be developed. Now Fallout Tactics is the best-selling title (for Interplay) in Europe. Preorder volume hire has exceeded the Baldur's Gate 2 figures - the last title was previously reputed as most profitable. No publisher willing to loose such golden bottom. Seems the Fallout future will be cleared up on E3. The time will show if it will be new Tactics (or add-on to this game), or Fallout 3 (let me remind, Fallout Online is presently out of discussion)...


Another converter of Fallout Tactics sprites to GIF created. The converter allows to work with animation sprites, and may be run under any Windows version - unlike the foreign analogues (however you should be familiar with command line operation). The authors of this wonder are our colleagues from Team X. You can find it at site or in our Files section.

The Random Encounters section is updated with another location, Uprising. It is the bunker guarded by two paladins from first Fallout. According to unverified information, your character Charisma level should be 5 or higher to get inside of bunker. Thanks DimaF1 for screenshot.

Present most complete Fallout Tactics Guide was updated. New version (2.4) provides many nice advices! You can find this Guide here.


The "special random encounters" of Fallout Tactics are often discussed. First of all, how many of them - there are 30 of them, but not all of them have been found yet. And 'how to find them' - that is the question! One may gain the Ranger perk, increase Luck up to 10 and then to drive all over the map... but all that does not solve these problems. It looks like Freelancer will be the first who will give a detailed advice how to find more those places with lesser losses. Our own hero has 6 points of luck, but succeeded to find three special locations factually on one place. So, for that you will need to find an area where a possibility to encounter monsters is very low (it is them who are the main headache). When you have found that area start to move on the radius of several squares. As you can see on this screenshot, we have found an area like that on the map and gotten experimental confirmation. And to the end, there is a complete list of random encounters.

Here, in this new section we collect screenshots of those locations. If you get into location we do not have - send us a screenshot with a description of it (we do guarantee that your name will be written on the 'discoverer's' board):

The Pipboy
Deathclaw Liberation
Canadian Invasion
Invasion Recreationists
Bazaar Day
Brahmin Poker
Pitch Black
Four Horsemen
Gas Station
Reaver Dance
Komodo Man
Brahmin Armor
Sixth Sense
Brahmin Tipping
Brothers Grimm


Do you want to have more hardened playing Fallout Tactics and to make one more 'peace of headache'? Are you bored to fight cockroaches and rats? Then here, one of our fans had been experimented on the scripts of random encounters and that is what he has got:

// Robot Horde
{ "RobotHorde;bad;6;8;false;E",

Thanks to Kruger.


Some news from our friend among the Tactics developers. As he said, now the work on first Tactics patch is almost completed. Something is done for the next forthcoming patch too. However this patch release is depends on Interplay will.

The levels will not be modified anymore, unless some really terrible bug will be discovered. The programmers complain they could make such skills like Science and Lockpicking much more useful in Tactics, but the game design is already fixed and they can do nothing with this fact (a pity!). Our friend says IF there could be any game sequels, they would do their best to make the levels much more interesting! All the staff resources not working on patch are now directed to French game version.


Hold your breath for a second and prepare to learn something really curious. If you remember right, Freelancer wrote a big article on how a couple of sites tried kick up a racket of Micro-Forte's layoffs. We also mentioned Fallout Online hoaxes. Well, go read the article and refresh your memory if you really need to. Back to the point - our friend from Tactics team commented on this stuff. We won't reveal his name due to obvious reasons, let's just say he did coding. That's what he said on our article and those news:

Tactics 2 is by no means dead, and negotiations with Interplay continue. The expense of developing the Tactics 2 engine was actually quite minimal and in no way contributed to the layoffs at MF Canberra. However, an engine does not mean a game. There would need to be a lot of new content and that's what would cost money to create.

The people lost from Canberra were almost all artists, and the core programming team is still intact to work on patches, but whether another patch will happen after the one in progress will depend on how much Interplay wants it. The current work in progress patch has one more bug to go before it is done.

A lot of the features that people are asking for in a patch are stuff that they will be able to script themselves once the editor is released. The editor *will* be released, but I'm sure you've heard that plenty of times already.

Fallout Online may or may not happen, but one thing is for sure: the funding for any MMOG from Interplay will be separate from anything else they are doing (will be a sibling company that raises its own cash). Thus the decision to do such a thing has no bearing on money spent on other projects. Black Isle does not want a Fallout Online for obvious reasons, and this would be one reason it may not happen.


According to the latest posting from the Fallout Tactics' lead programmer, we can expect a complete patch this Friday. Looks like this patch will have so much impact on the gameplay. Weapon balancing, missions, random encounters will be changed, and much, much more - the full list contains about 100 entries! These news surely boost my hope...


You already have sow official PNP Tactics - Fallout Warfare? One our Russian site has started their PNP version. You can use auto-translate link to read this page. Thank to Chaos Lord from for the news.

Fallout Tactics guide written by Dustin Du Cane was updated. It was slightly rewritten.

Check out our Fallout Tactics file section. Today we have for you another Tactics cheat file. Extract file to your "\core\tables\" folder and start new game and you will have x50 of any item in inventory.

Here is an interesting message from the official Tactics forum: "The only way to open the Bonus Mission in game after install it is to talk to the general before you leave the FIRST Bunker (ALPHA) to a different bunker. There is NO Way to open the bonus mission if you already started missions in 2nd, 3rd or 4th bunker. The General will give you the bonus mission after you completed your 3rd mission in Bunker Alpha. Yo MaMa" Thanks to Jonathan Kea.


We finally managed to get some info on the upcoming Fallout Tactics patch. Interplay intends to break its tradition of releasing patches that fully incompartible with previous versions of software - you won't have to start all over should you decide to use the patch. Only unvisited people/locations will change upon patching, so if you're currently close to finishing the game, this update won't change much.

A new Fallout Tactics utility has been added. If you want to see all static sprites from this game then download a universal sprite viewer from our colleague Al. This version is able to recognize not only sprites but most of .ZAR - and some .TIL-files (both of these formats are used in FT).


Check out our Fallout Tactics file section. Our friends from TeamX have released the first Tactics (working properly with released Tactics version) graphic utility TIL and ZAR converter to GIFs.

And finally we are glad to present you the first almost full Tactics guide. Here is link to guide. I hope soon you may found it on our site.


Our Fallout Tactics weapon descriptions section is almost completed. I have added the pictures and descriptions for all types of melee weapons. New sections are to be added soon. Keep track of our news!

Aqua, the webmaster from Interplay has posted an interesting announce at official forum. He is asking is the players want the company to develop new characters for Fallout Tactics multiplayer (or even the whole teams of characters). If you are interested, send your comments marked ASK AQUA to webmaster at this address:


Fallout Tactics section is supplemented with new information about all perks available in the game and what is required to gain them.

People often complaining at Fallout Tactics for impossibility to improve their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills like in Fallout 2 (implants, etc.) It is not true, my colleagues. Tactics has many random locations where you can find many interesting items. For example, the elixir of life. Drink it, and you'll gain +1 to Endurance. So there are the ways to develop yourself!

As we promised, the patch to Tactics third faulty disk is now available at our server in splint archive, 10 MB per piece. Having troubles downloading large files at once? So this option is for you - our server is the fastest!


The last news about British Tactics release on about March 30th has been confirmed. European English language version will reach store shelves at the beginning of April. One week later the game will be shipped to Italian distributors and to those who is planning to sell English version (like Novy Disk in Russia). According to information we have, original German, French and Spanish version releases may be delayed significantly (up to 2 months).

Micro-Forte has dropped a word about future Tactics patch. The list of planned fixes is astonishing! Most interesting of changes are modified path seeking algorithms. And main news - AI will use Over Watch in turn-based mode. Generally, it should be tougher opponent now. Another fatal bug to be fixed - inventory loss in vehicles. Good news, eh? Read the rest of this information for yourself:

- Fixed nasty crash with recruit pool. Fixed other recruits pool problems such as characters losing their progress.
- Multiplayer screen remembers last IP address
- Fixed a bug in non-english versions with accent characters.

- Fixed duration of drug and other consumable effects
- Path finding more robust during collisions
- Recruits correctly gain rank now
- Special encounters correctly save now
- Fixed armor values bug for recruits
- AI is correctly using over watch mode during turn-based play. It should now be harder to exploit turn-based against the AI.
- Fixed bug that may have been causing the main character to become last squad member.
- Swift leaner perk correctly gives +5% XP instead of 1 XP
- The science bonus to criticals on robots is working properly

- The broken ladder in St. Louis should now be fixed
- Mission 1 has a lot more healing loot

- The APC is no longer higher than walls, and thus no longer becomes stuck indoors
- Fixed vehicle and character duplication bug
- Stopped vehicle losing inventory when left behind on maps

- Black Screen of Death. New DirectSound device detection to prevent lockup of Tactics on startup. If the client machine has an invalid device set as default, FOT will ignore it and search for a usable device

- Sprite and tile data memory management fixed so Tactics no longer uses up all available virtual memory during extended play. This should also fix some of the random crashes that have been occurring

- Changed point limit to apply per character not per team. This should sort out the major imbalance when players took one super character instead of a squad
- Experience and level-ups now propagated through multiple maps
- Levelling works correctly in TB multiplayer

Also do not forget to check Fallout Tactics files section. You've just ordered the game but already wish to play bonus mission? On our site you can find the depacker for both this mission and board Fallout Tactics version.


Interplay has released patch for those who have problems with corrupted file on 3rd Tactics CD.

Implements 'spr-sprites_0.bos' file, in cases where certain users have reported missing images in their inventory. To use this patch, Fallout Tactics must first be installed. After downloading the FOT_3CDPatch_032301.exe, double click on the FOT_3CDPatch_032301.exe to begin the installation process. Once initiated, follow the onscreen instructions. The installer will automatically place this single file in the correct Fallout Tactics installed folder location (default path - C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core\). The correct size of the installed file should indicate 86,937,840 bytes.

You can download patch here: FOT_3CDPatch_032301.exe (79 MB)

UPDATE: If you have a problem with downloading latest Tactics 3CD Patch from the official site try our server - it will be much faster!

Check Fallout Tactics Files section. Our file with weapon reference info is updated. Now you can find there the details of melee weapons as well.

We have learned from unconfirmed sources the British release of Tactics is planned for March 30th (in the meanwhile the German version has already gone gold).


Maybe you heard something about the Mir - Russian orbital station. It's honor for Mir to encounter it in Fallout Tactics. Here is a very interesting screenshot of the special random encounter (thanks to Anton Logvinov). Really interesting!


Fallout weapon stats always were so varied that one could hardly define what is better prima facie. Tactics keeps this tradition, moreover it has even larger arsenal. I have started working on the database of firearms and melee weapons - you can check the initial version of it today in Download section. It contains all Fallout Tactics firearm stats and descriptions. Additionally, I have added the section of Tactics "wheels" descriptions. The table shows how S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats change after first use of certain drugs.

Random Encounters is one of most amusing Fallout features. Thanks to game designers for keeping it in Tactics, with even higher number of encounters and more hidden humor in them... Remember Titanic location, for example? There you can loot very expensive necklace on some guy's body (hmm... maybe it's DiCaprio? ;) and sell it in Brotherhood bunker for 3.000. So, there are the screenshots of some such locations:


My colleagues from Fallout Theme site has released new Fallout Tactics-like XO game version. Quite funny game - I recommend to download and try it!


According to the official information (thanks to Novy Disk), European release of Tactics is postponed to April, 4 (this year). The reason of delay is the wish of developers to release less buggy version in Europe. So maybe we can make an assumption the USA official patch is to be released before the April 4 (well, maybe on April 1 ;)

We have managed to closely review the Fallout Tactics bonus disk. I was surprised, to be honest. The size of additional mission installation file is just 75 KB. It turns out this bonus mission is already present in all games - the program just activates it. Funny enough!

Ok, the bonus disk is in our hands - let's not miss this chance ;) Not all players have it but everyone wants to know the details... so, I've updated our galleries with very interesting pictures - animated GIFs, pretty renders and other tasty things. However this is just minor piece of what is contained on this disk (75 Kb of bonus mission in general 500 Mb volume!) - check our render, concept art, comics and clips sections. You can find a render of bus removed from the game, cool robots and many other things.

For the fun, I've taken a pair of most early development stage game screenshots. I should note some things are looking better on these screenshots - for example it is a pity the game cannot zoom the view, like it was in first Diablo by Z key.

In the end, there are some takes of Tactics logo. Quite interesting to see how the developers' idea progressed.


Micro-Forte's lead programmer has posted a very interesting letter at the official Fallout Tactics forum concerning the upcoming patch. There's a useful advice on how to avoid the opening gates bug in mission No. 03 - no player-controlled characters should be standing on the gates path, so be sure to move them away. He also claims that a so-called bug with the third CD when it's impossible to copy all sprites to hard disk, can be fixed only by replacing a defective disc. As for the patch, we should expect various voice-over bug fixes and the ones listed below:

- Camera centers on players actors when reentering missions
- Tweaked barter skill calculations so that the BAD pricing side of the scale (when you have worse skill) changes twice as fast as you put up skill. And the GOOD side of the scale (with better skill) changes in a more linear way. Basically I fixed the math.
- Dead large actors (Behemoths etc) are no longer ethereal (cant walk through them)
- Non bos human races can use first aid skill etc
- Fixed random encounters chance so that frame rate does not alter the chance of encounters, as a result it should be more consistent on all machines.
- Fixed nasty recruit pool bugs
- Fixed errant stat changes from hand items
- Free heal for winded/concussed whenever heal rate kicks in (each hour)
- Fixed problem where vehicles would keep moving when arriving on a new map
- PathFind - Fixed problem with large critters and some ladders

- Fixed crash bugs involving kicking and session lost in startup screens.
- Re-enabled kick option on readiness screen.
- Fix to observer chat
- Server screen: When setup changes, the server remembers what player was selected.
- Fixed "+p" problem on word wrap in multiplayer chat.

If you've found something that's not included here, be sure to visit the official forum and tell everyone there about it.

And, finally, more new info on various funny things spotted in Fallout Tactics. You've already seen a weapon that doesn't shoot, now take a look at this armor. Someone at Micro-Forte was apparently under influence of Diablo 2, don't you think? Well, in fact, this metallic thingy is called Diablo Plate...


Not too much news today... I've started working at review of Fallout Tactics. Soon you'll find out many secrets as well as our opinion on this game and whether it is worthy to be bought... Although, anticipating, I'd say - IT IS WORTHY OF BUYING! ;) Today we added to our library some cinematic shots from the Tactics movies - there are thirty of them. Here goes some examples, the rest in the gallery.


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