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Fallout Tactics

Fallout Tactics Booster

Using this utility you can boost your Fallout Tactics if you have slow PC. Originally this utility came from this site.

Download  (Downloads:  24560)

354 KB
Fallout Tactics Sprite Editor

In order make use Spray; you have to understand general structure of a sprite file. It consists of three parts: header, sequences and collections. The header is quite short and contains only a few values. The next are sequences - they describe the order of subsequent frames in animations. Finally the collections - these are actual sets of pictures. There is more detailed information in sources for spr2gif, a nice tool which can extract images from all, even the compressed, ft sprite files.

Author: Domin

Download  (Скачиваний:  ?)

140 KB
Save Editors
Fallout Tactics Editor

This editor can be used to alter the character-values of the Squad-Members.

Author: Cortexx

Download  (Downloads:  112384)

340 KB
Fallout Tactics Bosche

This is a character editor for Interplay's Fallout Tactics which can edit your character stats, perks, skills and more. Before using this editor, you should make a backup of the savegame you intend to edit just in case. This editor modifies XXX.SAV only. Also note that the editor does not limit the values you may enter in certain fields. Don't expect the game to work reasonably if you enter unreasonable values.

Author: CH Khor

Download  (Downloads:  63659)

73 KB
Fallout Tactics 1.27 ENG No CD

· Install the game - Full Installation.
· Apply the official Fallout Tactics v1.27 [ENGLISH] Patch.
· Extract the BOS_127_NOCD.EXE Patch from the Patch Archive to the game directory.
· Execute the Patch to remove the CD-Check from: BOS.EXE
· Play the Game!

Download  (Downloads:  37842)

15 KB
Fallout Tactics 1.25 German No CD

· Install the game - Full Installation.
· Apply the official Fallout Tactics v1.25 [GERMAN] Patch.
· Extract the FOT_NOCD125.EXE Patch from the Patch Archive to the game directory.
· Execute the Patch to remove the CD-Check from: BOS.EXE [5587006 bytes]
· Play the Game!

Download  (Downloads:  3048)

16 KB
Fallout Tactics Patch 1.27

Official Fallout Tactics Patch 1.27. This patch fixes some bugs and includes Map Editor.

Download  (Downloads:  66825)

Многотомный архив:

17,03 MB
Fallout Tactics Sound Patch

This patch includes newer version of sound drivers for Fallout Tactics. Use this self-extraction archive and unpack all files to your Tactics folder.

Download  (Downloads:  20348)

Author: Gregor

485 KB
Fallout Tactics 1.25 No CD

Using this patch you can run only FULL INSTALLED Tactics without CD. But remember you can use it only with English and legal version. And you can't use it with illegal soft.

Download  (Downloads:  21262)

4,6 KB
Fallout Tactics Patch 1.25

Official Fallout Tactics Patch 1.25. List of changes.

Download UK/USA patch  (Downloads:  20342) 13,5 MB

Split version:

Download France patch  (Downloads:  1734) - 1,06 MB
Download German patch  (Downloads:  2420) - 26,59 MB
Split version:

13,5 MB
Fallout Tactics 3CD Patch

Implements 'spr-sprites_0.bos' file, in cases where certain users have reported missing images in their inventory. To use this patch, Fallout Tactics must first be installed. After downloading the FOT_3CDPatch_032301.exe, double click on the FOT_3CDPatch_032301.exe to begin the installation process. Once initiated, follow the onscreen instructions. The installer will automatically place this single file in the correct Fallout Tactics installed folder location (default path - C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core\). The correct size of the installed file should indicate 86,937,840 bytes.

Download  (Downloads:  19920)

Split version:

79 MB
Fallout Tactics Bonus Mission

Do not have preordered CD? Want play bonus mission? Download this program and run it in Tactics folder. Now you have rules for Fallout: Warfare and bonus mission. Enjoy!

Download  (Downloads:  44246)

28 Kb
Fallout Tactics Face Making manual

One of our readers made up his mind to share with us his experience of creating new portraits for Fallout Tactics personages. This guide will let you quickly and easily create your own personage with "yourself-beloved" :) Thanks goes to Unborn for this material!

Download  (Downloads:  21332)

Author: Unborn

52 Kb
Fallout Tactics Guide v2.5

The most complete Fallout Tactics guide in Word 97-2000 format. Here you can easy find any interesting information.

Download  (Downloads:  18229)

Author: Dustin Du Cane

52 Kb
Fallout Tactics inventory database v0.4

The most complete Fallout Tactics inventory database in Excel 97-2000 format. Here you can easy find any interesting information and compare different type of items.

Download  (Downloads:  29871)

Author: Yurg

31 Kb
FOT Hack

All stats 100 for created characters. Left Hand 'default' item is now a Paramedic Bag (which refills when you put something in the hand, and remove it again), instead of a 'punch' attack. Right Hand 'default' item is now a very modified 'Sniper Rifle' instead of a 'kick' attack. This rifle has the usual 50 range, but has 100-150 damage, and requires NO ammo whatsoever.

Download  (Downloads:  30721)

Author: Skip Sanders

6,8 Kb
Inventory cheat

Create characters with 50 of everything. Extract to your "\core\tables\" folder.

Download  (Downloads:  28253)

3,7 Kb
+6 Trainer

Ctrl-A  Posses unit (press key, select unit and you will play as selected unit side)
Ctrl-G  God mode on/off for your group
Ctrl-W  Warp selected units to given location
Ctrl-Z  Leave mission (go to map)

Download  (Downloads:  26659)

Author: CyberMan

12 Kb
Sprite converter (SPR to GIF)

The first sprite converter. You can easy convert any sprite to GIF.

Download  (Downloads:  9472)

Author: Team X

113 Kb
Universal game graphic viewer GRV

This program may view following formats:

sti - Jagged Alliance 2
frm - Fallout 1-2.
rix - Fallout 1-2 loading screens
rle - Commandos.
r16 - Shadow Watch.
scr - UFO2
spr - Gangsters
256 - Allods 1-2
spr - Gorky-17 sprites
3df - Gorky-17 textures
gra - Squad Leader
raw - Clash
spr, zar, til - Fallout Tactics.

Download  (Downloads:  17746)

Автор: Al

421 Kb
ZAR and TIL to GIF converter

ZAR and TIL files to GIF converter from Team X. It will work with Tactics Demo and final game version.

Download  (Downloads:  7354)

Author: TeamX

191 Kb

This utility allows you compress and decompress FT data files using the header (you may find them named as .MIS and .SAV) allowing you to be able to successfully research/hack into mission and saves.

Download  (Downloads:  14979)

Author: Matux

74 Kb
Total conversation MOD
Fallout Tactics total conversation MOD. All weapon and armor values were adjusted. You will get really hard gameplay! (Game was checked on Russian FOT version but will work with other versions). Download  (Downloads:  21639)

Author: Serge
757 KB
Elliot's MOD MK2

  • Not checked: armor should be left after raiders, reavers, mutants and ghouls' death.

  • Armor of raiders and reavers can be put on your character.- Ammo of .303 and 30.06 caliber have been replaced by 7.62 AP JHP and weapon of that caliber was redone for 7.62.

  • in unlessesHeavy, that is close to town-dump there is now a powerful plasma cannon, during the hit there should be an explosion.

  • and a lot of changes of other weapon stuff and ammunition.

Download  (Downloads:  17858)

Author: Elliot
57 Kb
Elliot's MOD

Install this MOD, and you'll get the following:

- In first mission you'll find Plasma Gun, but not so powerful as factory assembly sample.
- You'll find M60 - modified for 9 mm ammo - very soon.
- The cave under Junk Town now, instead of broken antiques, contains special Gatling version - it is firing all barrels simultaneously!!! However few people can handle it.
- Few other changes to other weapons' stats - for example, M14 damage raised; AK47 clip now contains 30 ammo, and the burst is 6 bullet long; heavy machine guns are strengthened; Browning M2 damage raised but clip size and burst length are reduced.
- Also, if you happened to find Diablo Plate, you'll likely be able to wear it...

Unpack it to game folder. To be sure all changes are applied, I would recommend starting a new game.

Download  (Downloads:  17602)

Author: Elliot

53 Kb

Replaces the whole of your team in the second mission with members of the A-Team. Your party members are now also much more resilient, having 255 hit points and every single stat at 10. So quit you jibber jabbering and go kick some raider ass!

Download  (Downloads:  8229)

Author: Smackrazor
Link to original source: Pipboy 2000 LE

29 Kb

Changes the ordinary HK MP5 (Strom uses it) into a super weapon. Now you can tear the enemy apart with ease. Note: The enemy also uses the modded HK MP5 so be sure you get the first shot in. Also note that it is imperative you move all of your party members out of the line of fire before Strom bursts with it otherwise you can kiss your party member good-bye.

Download  (Downloads:  5072)

Author: Smackrazor
Link to original source: Pipboy 2000 LE

12 Kb
Kreegle's FAQ

Fallout Tactics' FAQ  (Downloads:  12256)

Author: Kreegle

80 Kb
Music and Sounds
City of the Dead MP3

Download  (Downloads:  6333)

3.1 Mb
Sound samples from Tactics' demo

Tactics' Games
XO Tactics 2.01
Download  (Downloads:  11081)

Link to original source:
481 Kb
Fallout Tactics: Simon Says
Download  (Downloads:  7675)
534 Kb
Fallout Concentration
Download  (Downloads:  9638)
613 Kb
Tetris Tactics
Download  (Downloads:  11320)

Link to original source:
437 Kb
XO Tactics
Download  (Downloads:  6050)

Link to original source:
348 Kb
Tactics' Wallpapers
1024x768 224 Kb
(Downloads:  5763)
1024x768 156 Kb
(Downloads:  2195)
1024x768 102 Kb
(Downloads:  4642)
1024x768 82 Kb
(Downloads:  4549)
1024x768 270 Kb
(Downloads:  4811)
1024x768 311 Kb
(Downloads:  3593)
153 Kb
107 Kb
77 Kb
(Downloads:  2855)
(Downloads:  2570)
(Downloads:  1707)
356 Kb
234 Kb
160 Kb
(Downloads:  2804)
(Downloads:  2796)
(Downloads:  1899)
428 Kb
282 Kb
189 Kb
(Downloads:  2937)
(Downloads:  3360)
(Downloads:  2355)
251 Kb
175 Kb
123 Kb
(Downloads:  1056)
(Downloads:  1125)
(Downloads:  1166)
287 Kb
197 Kb
139 Kb
(Downloads:  2030)
(Downloads:  2038)
(Downloads:  1697)
260 Kb
184 Kb
133 Kb
(Downloads:  1711)
(Downloads:  1724)
(Downloads:  1423)
246 Kb
208 Kb
154 Kb
(Downloads:  2912)
(Downloads:  2778)
(Downloads:  2334)

Total Downloads: 3362324

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