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Fallout Tactics

  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Amelia
  3. Bazaar Day
  4. Brothers Grimm
  5. Canadian Invasion
  6. Komodo Man
  7. Coppertops
  8. CPF vs PFC
  9. Reaver Dance
  10. L33tists
  11. Merchant
  12. The Pipboy
  13. Titanic
  14. ???
  15. Mir
  16. Uprising
  17. Brahmin Poker
  18. Farmer
  19. Pitch Black
  20. Gas Station
  21. Morte
  22. Phil
  23. Brahmin Armor
  24. Hermit
  25. Four Horsemen
  26. B-1000
  27. Deathclaw Liberation
  28. Trader
  29. Invasion Recreationists
  30. Brahmin Tipping

Sixth Sense
This location was insipred by "The Sixth Sense" movie. Nice, but useless.
Yet another useless location with a crashed liner.
Bazaar Day
Merchants' trade post. There are no really neat things, except for a ghoul-only piece of armor and Diablo-inspired metallic plate. By the way, these things aren't free.
Brothers Grimm
Two mutant brothers. One of them has an injured leg and begs for help. They're totally useless so it's up to you to decide their fate.
Canadian Invasion
The people you meet at this location are completely nuts - they seriously believe that their homes will be attacked by Canadian invaders any minute now. One of the loonies has a Supersoaker and 70 acid flasks. Now that's what I call a useful location!
Komodo Man
Fight! Fight!! Fight!!! Who will win: a reptile or a man?
This power station is run by a mad evil robot who uses slave labor to generate electricity. You're free to wreak havoc here, but don't forget to browse the lockers for 1000 SEC clips!
Two gangs are trying to find out who's the best here. These guys are obviously overweighed by grenades in their pockets, so a PC with a high-level thief skills will come in handy here.
Reaver Dance
A group of marching reavers.
Two dudes playing basketball. This is a completely, totally and permanently useless location.
He's a merchant. He sells junk. He's useless.
The Pipboy
And here is… the Pip-Boy himself! A very nice location, indeed! Pip-Boy is armed with FN-FAL and (yes!) can be hired. This guy will come in handy during early stages of the game.
Geez, it's Titanic! The only valuable thing here is the infamous amulet which can be sold for $3000-odd.
A haunted desert. In fact, you won't see any ghosts here, only floating phrases. Needless to say this location is useless.
Yes, folks, it's the "Mir" space station. Oddly enough, it looks very neat and shiny though 200+ years ago the station suffered a hot-as-hell descent into Earth's atmosphere followed by a crash. Anyway, the location is nice. Tnaks to Anton Logvinov
Here you can find locked BOS bunker from the Fallout. As it known to open this bunker you need have at least CH 6. Thanks to DimaF1.
Brahmin Poker
The herd of cows decided to play black jack there. Deal with them and snatch a large sum - people said about 30 thousand in local currency! Thanks to Jurik.
The farm. Plain farm - the cows and the herder. What have you expected of them? Thanks to Devastator.
Pitch Black
Here is Pitch Black location. Well, some guy is running around the place in pitch darkness. Then a horde of Deathclaws arrives and tears the guy into pieces. I wonder what is the point? Thanks to Dima F1.
Gas Station
A very useful location. You can steal from man inside the station the Elixir of Life. Drink it and you will get +1 Endurance. Enjoy! Thanks to BarmaLINI.
Here you can find lone Morte - a flying skull from the Torment (one of the greatest RPGs). You only can kill him and earn some experience. Useless location. Thanks to Greeting BigR.
A boy on bike runs across field. You can buy some fresh Nuka Cola but it's all what he could provide to you. Useless location. Thanks to Peresvet.
Brahmin Armor
And this is interesting location. To get cows' armor, you have to destroy several guns (collecting some ammo in the process). The armor converts the character into the cow. Looks quite amusing! Thanks to BANSHEE.
Hermit is useless guy. He's here just for fun. Thanks to DimaF1.
Four Horsemen
The Riders of Apocalypse. Useless but funny location. Note the health level of these guys! Believe me, it is better to avoid conflicting them. You'll simply be short of ammo. Thanks to DimaF1.
In factory ruins you can meet one of futuristic cyborg models - liquid metal cow - B 1000. It is quite funny to watch it spreading on the floor and then becomes a cow again. Thanks to DimaF1.
Deathclaw Liberation
You can meet the girl here, apparently from Greenpeace. She is rushing to release several Deathclaws entrapped in the cage... Well, you have the chance to learn how grateful these creatures can be :) Thanks to DimaF1.
The Trader is, of course, trading... Offers various junks. Useless location. Thanks yo DimaF1.
Invasion Recreationists
Canadian invaders on the rest. Useless location. Thanks to Greeting BigR.
Brahmin Tipping
Here is only some brahmin tipping… Thanks to Greeting BigR.

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