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Fallout Tactics

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Healing Powder
Game description: A very powerful healing magic- though it will bring the feeling of sleep to your head.

+10 HP
Game description: Highly advanced steroids. While in effect, they increase strength and reflexes. Very addictive.

ST +2 EN +3 AG +2
After Burner Gum
Game description: After Burner is a powerful met amphetamine chewing gum that stimulates the central nervous system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength.

ST +1 PE +1
Game description: A pillbox of mind-altering chems. Increases memory related functions, and speeds other mental processes. Highly addictive.

PE +2 CH +1 IN +2
Game description: An unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.

IN -3 AG +3 DR 50%
Game description: A chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system. Takes time to work.

-35 Radiation Points
Game description: Anti-radiation chems to be taken before exposure. No known side effects.

Rad. Resistance +50%
Game description: A healing chem. When injected, the chem provides immediate healing of minor wounds.

+20 HP
Super Stimpak
Game description: A very powerful healing chem. Superstims will cause a small amount of damage after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used.

+75 HP
Ultra Stimpak
Game description: An advanced healing chem. Ultra Stims will cause a large amount of damage after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used.

+125 HP
Trauma Pack
Game description: An extremely potent healing chem designed for immediate treatment of major injuries taken during combat. It will cause massive amount of damage after a period of time.

+150 HP ST +2 EN +2
Game description: A powerful mutanagenic compound designed to give the user abilities resembling those of a super mutant. It has very nasty side effects.

ST +4 EN +4 IN -4 CH -4
Game description: Voodoo is a tribal concoction, made from the left-over byproducts of various critters. It imbues the user with greater agility and a sense of invincibility.

AG +2 LK +3
Game description: A hypodermic needle full of powerful poison.

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