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Today is Fallout Tactics day! :) We do not have too much news today, but all of it on Fallout Tactics. As usual, especially for a dear reader, we have series of renders. First of all, take a look at these pictures grabbed from the game:

Some of these pictures you may find at the Fallout eXtreme site, these pictures are bigger, but bear logo of the site. They are truly cute as wallpapers! Colleagues from that site also scanned some characters from the PNP version of Fallout Tactics. Here are just two of these creatures - Beast Lord and Humanoid Robot. Two more of these creatures you may find here - at FOX.

Take a look in the Fallout Tactics Downloads section. Interplay issued one more flash game named as Fallout Tactics: Simon Says. The game is funny. You are been demonstrated the key combination and you should repeat it. Good training for your memory! :) Moreover, names of the winners will be recorded in the table of winners at the Interplay site. May be that is the mysterious Fallout Online? ;) As to happy owners of Fallout Tactics - I congratulate them as far as they have the first trainer for this game (thanks goes to our 9 Lives).

Do you want to win a copy of Fallout Tactics? So proceed to RPG FOOL contests room. All you have to do is fill in the answer on a simple question. The contest ends March 31 and is not restricted to any country.


Our Tactics species section was updated with information about all playable races: Humans, Super Mutants, Ghouls, Deathclaws, Dogs, Humanoid Robots. Check it out!

GameSpot has posted some video-clips, even Tactics intro movie.

Cdmag and GameSpy Daily and GameSpy Dailyhas posted some really interesting screenshots which show world map, death screen and Brotherhood of Steel HQ. Check them out!

Julian Gollop has said what next Codo Games project will be Lords of Chaos e-mail version. Wow! Here are his words from the official forum:

A sequel to chaos/lords of chaos will be our second email game.

Finally Fallout eXtreme is back up. And they have posted some really nice animated GIFs from preordered Fallout Tactics bonus CD.


IRVINE, Calif., March 15 -- 14 Degrees East, a division of Interplay Entertainment Corp., proudly announced today that their highly anticipated strategy game, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, has shipped to retail.

Full press-release located here.

We've got some interesting news for you today! With the help from Novy Disk (by the way, thanks a lot!) company we managed to get hold of new Fallout Tactics-related stuff. For the sake of economy I took the liberty of compiling it into this picture. Yes, it's very big, but its contents are worth your download time. You will see the official strategy guide's cover, first page of the manual and three amazingly-looking disc covers from Euro version (they are black&white, but don't worry - the original game materials will be in full color).

To make you feel even better, here's a headline printed on the official manual: "The Story of How We Learned to Make the Bombs that Made the Whole World Feel Better. By the Local Union of Brotherhood Scribes 432"!

And don't forget to visit our FT inventory section! Today we have a bunch of very cool gadgets and, no, they're not weapons! Do you remember Stealth Boy and Motion Detector? These things featured in Fallout have found their way into Fallout Tactics. And there's much, much more... Definitely worth taking a look!

RPG Vault site has published a number of screenshots featuring Fallout Tactics characters and main character generation window. Quite nice, and done in best traditions of previous Fallout series. (Thanks to Odin).


Here what some "kind person" sent me. The list of so-called reputation levels for main character in Fallout Tactics. I don't know how reliable the information is. These details have not been shown anywhere yet. But the information source is quite reliable so it is very likely they are correct. According to "well-wisher's" message, the player starts the game with Warrior reputation, and later it is being changed in following way:

The "good" reputations:
Savior Of The Wasteland
Guardian Of The Wastes
Shield Of Hope


The bad "reputations":
Sword Of Despair
Scourge Of The Wastes
Demon Spawn

Being interested to find out more about the upcoming BC Millenium, I wandered upon EBay and found this picture on their pre-order form of Fallout Tactics. I hope this is not the US box version! (just a joke. It's Gone Gold picture).

Today Micro-Forte has sent to us a press-release which confirms some latest news. Here it's.

Micro Forte Confirms Corporate Restructuring

Company Intensifies Focus on Upcoming MMOG Titles Using the BigWorld Engine.

Canberra, ACT, Australia - 12th March, 2001 - Micro Forte confirmed today rumors that a portion of its Fallout Tactics development team had been laid off in response to changing development strategies within the company. "The Fallout Tactics team has helped Micro Forte emerge as a leader in strategy game development," says John De Margheriti, Micro Forte's CEO. "We're saddened to lose any of the talented team that helped make this incredible title, but our current goal - finalizing the BigWorld MMOG engine - requires us to concentrate our resources on client/server and tool development for that system. The remaining Canberra staff, which includes the producer, lead programmer, lead designer, and lead artist from the Fallout Tactics team, is now working with our Sydney studio and is completely focused on bringing this new technology to market. This restructuring is in no way a reflection on the talents of the people let go, it is instead a response to changes in the gaming industry and our focus as a developer." In addition to the team leaders, nearly all of the senior programming and art staff have been retained in the recent corporate restructuring.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Interplay has and continues to be a strong supporter of Micro Forte and the companies enjoy an excellent working partnership. While no announcements have been made so far regarding future titles, Micro Forte has enjoyed working with Interplay and looks forward to the chance to do so again in the future. "Interplay has been a very supportive publisher," says De Margheriti, "and we're very pleased with the opportunity they've given us to make our own mark on the Fallout license.


Micro Forte continues to be one of the largest developers in Australia boasting over 40 employees in two studios located in Sydney and Canberra. Further information about Micro Forte and its products can be found on our newly updated website at


It's time to return to the topic we promised to cover earlier - recent lay-offs at Micro-Forte, Fallout Tactics 2's "cancellation" and rumors about Fallout Online and Fallout 3. I've decided to write an article about all this not because this topic is hot or very interesting but rather because of the hysteria that broke off at several fan-sites. I hope this material will clarify the whole matter and will help to calm hot shots out there. Here's our version of what's happened.

Also RPG Vault has posted some nice pictures from final Fallout Tactics intro movie. I strongly advice check out some pictures which show up Tactics' Bible.


The section with description of Fallout Tactics weaponry was renewed with a detailed information on many kinds of new weapons. Just trust me, you have not seen them yet... and it is truly nice! Here goes a list of new stuff in the weaponry: Bren Gun, Browning M2, Lewis MKII, M60, M249 SAW, Chauchat, MEC Gauss MiniGun, Heavy Flamer, Flamer Pistol, Grenade Pistol, CAW, Plasma Rifle, YK42B Pulse Rifle, Spasm Gun, Spear Gun, Super Soaker, Steyr AUG. Moreover, we added a new section with the description of the ammunition. All the 32 kinds of the ammunition you may find in a new section on the inventory. (We are thankful to Interplay staff for help). Keep on looking at our news section and further renewals of this section!

Also, take a look at the Fallout Tactics file section. There you'll find nice wallpapers with The Brotherhood of Steel emblem.


Recently our pal friend Kreegle from Duck and Covers has posted very sad news. According to DAC possible Fallout Tactics 2 was cancelled before born... Here just a clip:

Half of the Fallout Tactics team was fired today. Artists, programmers, QA... and the reasons for it are unbelievably rotten.

Things were looking like they could work out at the Canberra Micro Forte offices: Interplay were happy with the job being done on Fallout Tactics, so they signed some letters of intent stating that they wanted more Fallout Tactics products (like expansion packs and, yes, a sequel). Taking them to their word that everything was going well and a sequel would be desirable, Micro Forte started investing funds on the development of the Fallout Tactics 2 engine, which was completely 3D.

Fallout Tactics will ship to stores around March 15th and finally it was confirmed, game will come on 3 CDs.


Official Fallout Tactics forum was updated by the GREAT news - Fallout Tactics has GONE GOLD! Really great! Thanks to Krazi Katt. Chris Taylor has posted a message about the release date on the official forum:

Pre-orders ship the same time as the boxes go out to the distributors. The distros have to turn around and ship to the retailers. About a week from the start of duplication (which was this morning) before all the boxes are packaged and shipping begins.

Today as we promised we posted another three Fallout Tactics cybers renders. All details and other things will come after game release.

17 18 19

There is a very interesting message on official Fallout Tactics web-board from Ed Orman:

We've implemented the formation mode in the full version.

Basically, you can hold F when you're going to left-click for movement. You get a new cursor (the formation cursor :) and then click. The characters you chose to move will do their best to stay in formation while they move, and will settle back into the exact same formation (obstacles willing) when they stop.

This mode can be turned on permanently in the options menu, at which point F becomes the key you hold when you _don't_ want them to keep formation.


Recently the information disclosing too much game details have become available on the web. So-called Fallout Tactics *spoils*. Freelancer policy is quite different in this respect. We won't discourage you from exploring the game for yourselves and just slightly "lifting" the veil of mystery. All extra information is to be published after the game release, since its term is very close. But we also cannot remain in the shadow. Today, as always, we have some new info from "well-wishers". It is good there are kind people around!

First of all, do you want to see some robots from Fallout Tactics? I liked them very much! We will give no stats and armament details for them, intentionally. Or you may have lesser fun playing the game. But you can review their appearance right now! :) I won't even tell their names.

14 15 16

We have also updated the armor section. It is known for long time there will be 18 armor types. Now you can check some cool renders of this stuff. Stats are to be added after the game release. The reasons are described above, and we have no wish to hack BOS files because sweared not to do it :)

My "friends" have informed me there will nevertheless be some interesting items and weapon types. For today, I will reveal just one of them, Pulse Rifle Prototype!


There is not too much news today. At the XRG site you may find an audio-interview with Chris Taylor. You need Windows Media Player to listen it through. You may find the interview here.

The sixth part of Chris Taylor's diary was issued at RPG Vault site. This time, Chris was reasoning about the work at the balance of single missions and multi-player game in Tactics. According to Chris' acknowledgement, working at the balance the developers do not endeavor to make the game EVERYONE to be able to play it. Chris considers that the indicator of game success is that all staff in the office is playing the game with enthusiasm. Chris Taylor also says about Dan Levin's big contribution into the creation of Fallout Tactics.


Vault 13 has posted very interesting article. Saint Proverbius has tried to discuss the idea of turning Fallout into Fallout Online game. Really nice article! You can find it here.


From bad to good. We have for you new Fallout Tactics gallery with 13 brand new cool rendered images. I'm strongly advice you to check them out! (Thanks to Travel Inc. for their help!)


Today we have for you small but interesting thing - two really great Fallout Tactics renders! (Thanks to for their help). Check out our renders gallery:

16 17

Some new contests were announced on official Fallout Tactics site. Here are contest's categories and prizes:

The "Why I should Win" Fallout Story

  • Write a short story, with a Fallout theme, on why you deserve to win the prize. Humor is a bonus, I like to be amused.

  • Grand Prize: Signed Fallout 2 game

  • Runner-ups: Fallout Tactics t-shirt (Since we don't live in Australia with Micro Forte, I can have these signed by the Fallout Tactics team here at Interplay).

Fallout Singing Telegram
  • Record yourself singing the most bizarre Fallout singing telegram you can think of.

  • Prize: Signed Fallout 2 "Gecko in a Can"

Fallout Character Photo
  • A: Dress up like your favorite fallout character and send me a picture of you in action. OR

  • B: Use PhotoShop or another photo manipulation program to dress yourself up as your favorite character.

  • Grand Prize: Signed Fallout 2 Strategy Guide

  • Runner-ups: Fallout Tactics Poster (Signed by the Fallout people at Interplay)

Fallout Drawing Contest
  • Send me your best Fallout Drawing... (or scribble for those of you who are drawing impaired)

  • Prize: Signed Fallout 2 t-shirt

Krazi Love Letter
  • Love letter in the Fallout theme (the funnier the better).

  • Grand Prize: My Betty Boop bobbing head doll

  • Runner-ups: My fuzzy beanie lion, and what ever else I want to give.

For additional information and rules check out this page.


As some of you already know, a press-version of Fallout Tactics appeared in the Absolute Games office. Freelancer could not refrain from issuing its own version of the review for this game... The material is truly unique. Here you may find 17 new screenshots, picture of the game's box (European version), variant of DVD variant of the game, advertising poster and many unknown facts of from the game... Come in, it gonna be interesting!

DVD box
Back sheet

There are two Tactics previews in the Net. eXtreme Gaming Radio has posted up a preview with some screenshots. Nothing new... And GA-RPG has posted multiplayer demo-version report. has posted interview with Ed Orman, Tony Oakden and Karl Burdak (thanks to Kreegle). Here is a clip:

What types of inspirations have been the driving force behind creating a squad-based tactical combat game?

Ed Orman: We looked at some paper-based games (especially Necromunda), and of course the previously existing squad-based games for PC (like JA or Syndicate Wars).

Tony Oakden: X-Com and Myth are also great inspirations for me.


As far as I could remember, this autumn at Gamespot video-interview with Chris Taylor was issued. And as far as I could remember, we were promised a sequel... but it did not appear. But now, EPRadio site issued an audio-interview with Tony Oakden and Ed Orman from Micro-Forte. So, you may listen this thirty-minutes interview yourself... Most interesting, of course, is the designers' statement on the forthcoming patch for Tactics, that together with Direct-X 8 installation will allow firewall and proxy users play in the multiplayer-mode.

On official Fallout Tactics site some interesting statements were made. Brian Christian, concerning to the additional mission in Tactics (that is attached to the pre-order version of Tactics), said that gamers should not think that they will be able to play it through right away... to play it your character should have at least 8th experience level. Moreover, we were informed, that there are only 500 camouflage bags left in the stock... So, do not you think that it's time to be in a hurry to make a pre-order?


Novy Disk has informed that Fallout Tactics preorder goes as well (about 200 per day) and they let us know that number of bonuses is short in number.

Here is interesting message by Robin Maddock from the official Fallout Tactics about multiplayer hacking...

Just a quick post to allay some fears about cheating and multiplayer.

First Off: The current MPlayer demo.

It is possible to hack weapons and characters in the current demo. All this will do is sent the game out of sync.

MP works like consensual reality. If you hack your local character to have the super-mega-death-ray gun...then that's what you'll see. Everyone else will see you playing in a corner acting like an idiot :)

The only consensual hack you can do is to modify the characters to have a different weapon.

Final version:

In the final version you can still hack your client to go out of sync. There is some checking against this, but what you do with your exe is your business.

You can however create a custom character, and give it any (unhacked) items. Custom character can have any items, but all objects and stats have a calculated point cost.

All characters are validated against the SPECIAL system before being allowed to join. All items must be valid items from the game.

Hope this cleared some things up.

Robin "losing consensual reality" Maddock


If it is not enough Fallout Tactics screenshots for you yet, then visit XRG, there are about twenty of them! Some of them should be paid attention, but in whole, they demonstrate the same maps as on the previous ones...


Would you like to know more about Fallout Tactics, a possible add-on, Fallout Tactics 2 as well as what state the game is now and many other interesting infobits? Then turn to our interview with Tony Oakden, the Fallout Tactics producer for Micro-Forte!

And, finally, very hot news from Novy Disk (New Disc) company - Fallout Tactics' release date was, as it turned out, the first days of April! (We still doubt about that, though). Interplay decided to publish the game on 2 CDs (now that's a surprise!) and retail box photos will be posted by the end of this week. What's even more better is that you can now pre-order Tactics from Russia! All Novy Disc's pre-ordering customers will get both the original game and 2 bonus CDs - one will contain a set of multiplayer maps, the other - an exclusive additional single-player mission as well as a full version of the Fallout and Fallout Tactics pen & paper game.

We also have four nice exclusive shots from Tactics.

In the coming weeks we will post more articles and news on this game.

The StarLance Gaming League announced today about their plans to support Fallout Tactics and will open a new league for this game. StarLance's scoring system will be revised in order to comply with Fallout Tactics, MechWarrior 4 and Star Trek: Starfleet Command. The name of the new league is DAMNATION ALLEY; its site will be located here - The league will be tested using a multiplayer demo of Fallout Tactics. The official press release can be found here.


RPG Vault has published another chapter of Chris Taylor's diary. The chapter says the work on Tactics is in full progress, and now the developers are in troubleshooting phase. The sounds to the game are now being created in Hollywood, not "somewhere"! Seems Fallout will amaze the world with incomparable sound one more time.

Progress continues on Fallout Tactics. We're definitely into that period of darkness better known as "crunch phase". Quality Assurance crews at Interplay and Micro-Forte are hard at work finding bugs for the programmers to squish. The Audio department is working full speed to get us all the sound effects, voice over audio and music that we can use. Dan Levin has been up in Hollywood (Studio City, actually) for the last week working with the voice talent. We're getting revs fairly constantly now, with all sorts of goodness falling into place.


Here goes a long-waited news!!! It looks like the Interplay has completed the work at the Fallout Tactics. By a true accident I've pitch upon this picture at the 3dgameforce site. Just take a look how nice it is! But I do wonder whether it is a final variant?

We have a couple of brand-new exclusive shots from the online strategy game Warzone Online. Check out our gallery! Thanks a lot to Paradox Entertainment for their help.

Some daily previews. has posted two very interesting previews for Fallout Tactics and Commandos 2. The most interesting things are theories "Potential for success" and "Potential for failure" for each game.

Potential for success: Interplay's Fallout series has been hugely popular in the past and has a big fan base, plus it has been quite a few years since the last game, so there should be a fair amount of hype surrounding this game. The new tactical combat elements should draw fans of other genres to the game.

Potential for failure: Adding a tactical combat type of gameplay may not sit too well with fans of the series, and the new multiplayer has to be good. It has to live up to the hype.

Commandos 2:
Potential for success: Most squeals you see these days aren't that creative but in Commandos 2 case I think it's truly going to be outstanding. With so many new features added to the game such as the improved mission structures, new characters, smarter enemy's, new environments, etc. it could make the game feel like it's an entirely different game and bring in a bigger crowd of gamer.

Potential for failure: Can a squeal ever be better then the original? Most squeals seem to have problems so we'll have to wait until March when we can find out if Commandos 2 is what fans have been hoping for and if all the added features will draw in new gamers to the series. Only time will tell.


Daily Radar UK has posted short Fallout Tactics preview with dozen low-res screenshots.

Predictably, but not in the dissatisfactory sense, each mission allows for a variety of battle plans. Sometimes, stealth is key; in other instances, a bitmap blitzkrieg will lead to an equally successful conclusion.


First of all I want to make a correction to news about Duck and Covers contest. It turned out not all prizes are for North America residents. The first prize, t-shirt, may be awarded to anyone. But second prize is the subject of customs problem. The set includes a radio... Seems it is "high-high-tech" product not allowed to be sent abroad! :) What if someone will deliver it to Iraq, right into the hands of Saddam Hussein? ;) Hmm... However the delivery to some Zambia may become a real problem (of course, solvable problem - if there is real necessity).

To be honest, we are already quite tired reading the abundant news about Fallout Tactics. The game is more than worth it, yes! But I'm afraid now we are already known too much about it!

Another interview with Tactics developers is published by GameSpot. The authors of article have determined some interesting game moments. For example, there will be the structure alternative to BOS in Tactics. Their name is Reavers. As I understood from the text, they are somewhat similar to BOS. The guys have converted the science into something like religion. Their knowledge is of same depth and power as Brotherhood's, and they even produced some unique inventions! Naturally, their path has crossed the path of Brotherhood. What happens in such cases? Of course, war! This is my conclusion from interview context. The developers have also underlined they have drastically modified the weapon balance. Basing on my demo playing experience, I can only confirm this fact. At the end of conversation the guys from Micro-Forte said another Fallout made by Micro-Forte is no more than simple rumor. As always, they are happy and full of plans for future. Let me add from myself: the second part of the game will be produced! Because this just have to happen... ;) The rest of information, as well as screenshots, you can find here.

To be fair, I need to mention the interview with Dan Levi as well (he is Tactics team writer). You can find the article at But I won't retell it :) Better read it yourself!

Also has posted Fallout Tactics preview. And it's really interesting. They had revealed some multiplayer modes. Just here is a clip:

...the game also sports a multiplayer mode supporting up to 18, letting players show off their tactical skills online in such events as deathmatch, cooperative play, Capture The Flag, and everyone's favorite, Tip The Brahmin (!).

The preview comes along with some screenshots, brief interview with Chris Taylor and sort video in VIVO format.


A new contest on the Fallout Tactics... This time it is at the Duck and Covers site, although it should be noticed, that it is only for inhabitants of the USA and Canada. Unfortunately, it seems like the rest people are not the people at all ;) - prizes are not for them. There are a couple of these pictures on the site, and your goal is to make up a funny caption to one of them.

The first prize winner will be awarded with an exclusive T-shirt with a Fallout Tactics Logo on it. As to the second prize winner, he will be awarded with a hitch-hiker kit from the Black Isle Studio (like rucksack and other stuff for hitch-hiking). The name of each winner will be put into the Tactics itself. It is up to everyone, of course, but for me the second place prize seems to be much better, doesn't it? But anyway, it is not for us... We are, it does look like, too primitive: just from the trees... I do not know who is that Scrooge that cannot provide the transfer of the prize to any part of the world. But hardly it is developers as far as in the contest with the computer as a prize everyone could participate.

Vault 13 has posted another Fallout Tactics Developers Update. This time from Ed Orman. Here is a clip:

- The single-player campaign is close to finished, and most of it has gone to Interplay for some intensive testing. Most of the major bugs and showstoppers in the scripting of levels have been identified and dealt with.
- Balancing has pinpointed the major components that are out of whack. Melee/HTH combat has been particularly sticky, but I think we've got it under control now. Sneak (probably THE trickiest part of this entire game) still undergoes tweaking.
- The multi-player maps are nearing completion. We'll almost certainly have more than we originally thought we would.
- The four multiplayer modes have been decided on and will be finished off soon, although it seems that Assault will always remain the most popular.

(11.02.2001) has posted long interview with developers from Micro-Forte. It's quite long and really interesting interview. Here is a clip:

Dale: In the forums there has been a lot of debate over exactly how the character progression in single player and multiplayer will work. Is it possible for you to shed some more light on just how this will work?

Karl Burdack: Character progression in single player works exactly like Fallout. You still choose a starting character, and that can be customized. The difference is now all your squad members can level up, and you can decide how they allocate skills and perks etc.

Most of the fan discussions on this relate to Multiplayer. It is slightly different; you can level up during a multiplayer game, and allocate skills etc. The player can save out their characters anytime, to be added to the squad pool and re-use them in later multiplayer games. Its still being tweaked so I can't give any more details than that :)

Dale: Do Micro Forte/14 Deg East and Interplay plan on working with the community to prolong the games lifespan?

Ed Orman: We want the Modding to start at once. I'm keen to see what people will do with the game once they have the editors in their hands.

Tony Oakden: There are a lot of things we can do with this title. I'd like to see people Swapping characters over the net. Level design is another obvious way that fans can get involved.

Some time ago I've posted some Tactics posters. One of them showed goodies available when pre-ordering the game. Bonus CD's images were created by myself. And I was quite surprised when I saw an official Demo disc (thanks to Vault 13 who posted the image!). Hehe... It's almost a micro hocus-pocus, for they're so similar! :) and I can assure you that I've never seen this CD cover before! Look at 'em here:

From left to right: original CD mug shot and our version.

Are you still deciding whether or not to download MP Tactics demo? Our French friends from No Spoon have managed to create a patch for the single-player Tactics demo. Now you can upgrade your demo to multiplayer version by downloading 14 Mb only! You can grab it from here or from our downloads section.

Whoops, looks like I missed something - those nice guys from Swankygames have posted Fallout Tactics impressions under "Curses to Fallout Tactics!" title some time ago. The article's quite short, but it's really nice and fun to read. So check it out! :)


Miroslav, the content master of the Not Mutant Allowed site, e-mailed me that his site has published an article on the editor for Fallout Tactics. It is well known, that for this game developers plan to create a number of versatile utilities: with these utilities you will be able to create your own maps for Fallout Tactics. Thus, in this, above-mentioned, article all the news about this redactor have been collected. Moreover, you may have a look at new screenshots of these utilities. You may find this article here!


GameSpay has posted another preview article on Fallout Tactics. The preview comes along with some "new" screenshots. Here is a clip:

Your enemies are smart enough not to expose themselves and will make good use of their weaponry and surroundings, so you had best be prepared as well. This is no simple find 'em and shoot 'em game. Loose a single soldier and your team may be put in dire straits with the loss of his particular skills.


Swankygames has posted a strategy guide for mlutiplayer Fallout Tactics demo. Here's a freebie:

First of all a small disclaimer to all the hardcore Fallout Tactics monkeys. This isn't supposed to cover specifics and will probably be a bit general for you, but for the other 99% of the gamers out there I think you'll find this guide helpful and it should allow you to build off of these basic strategies so that you can being to form your own.

Today we have a nice addition to the Fallout Tactics gallery! Do you remember those stylish illustrations in both Fallouts' manuals and their resemblance to the 50s propaganda art? Visit our gallery and take a look at two really cool comics.

3 4

Many thanks to Travel Inc. for their help!

Daily Radar has posted new interview with Fallout Tactics developers. Here are some interesting quotes:

DR: What features do you think are going to make Fallout Tactics kick-ass?

EO: Multiplayer. I love it, and people seem to be enjoying it online. That plus the mixture of RPGish standards with tactical combat. It's all good!

TO: Multiplayer certainly. I hate to say it, but I think the CTB will make the difference for most people. After going through everything we have ready to go into the product I think there is a lot of game here!

KB: Don't get me wrong, the single player experience is something to look forward to... But multiplayer brings out the best in Fallout Tactics, and has surpassed all our expectations.


Multiplayer.It has posted three screens from Fallout Tactics. Only one is really new screenshot. This screenshot reveals new assault weapon - M14. here is this screen and check out our weapon list for additional details. has got an exclusive deal with Interplay for pre-order of Fallout Tactics. Exclusive bundle includes:

·   Bonus! Pre-order and get a CD with bonus mission and pen-and-paper game while supplies last

·   Those who pre-order will also receive the complete Fallout 2 game and a Fallout T-shirt while supplies last


Firing Squad has posted big Fallout Tactics preview. Preview comes with "new" screenshots from earlier' preview:

Taking place after the first Fallout, the story follows the Brotherhood of Steel, a powerful clan of people trying to restore the world to its former glory through the use of advanced technology. The Brotherhood's mission is to eradicate what is left of the mutant army that fled east after the destruction of their main base. With this goal in mind, the Brotherhood will travel the lands between Denver and Chicago in search of their freakish adversaries.

This article covers all game aspects - single player and multiplayers modes.

Thanks to Saint Provervbius (Vault 13) for news!

Today we have for you our Fallout Tactics demo review. Review comes with some screens from demo. It's the most biggest demo review at Net. You steel thinking to download or not to download demo? Come here and we try help you to make right choose!


Today we have a nice addition to the Fallout Tactics gallery! Do you remember those stylish illustrations in both Fallouts' manuals and their resemblance to the 50s propaganda art? Some people even mentioned that Fallout Tactics failed to recap this feel and the spirit of 50s slipped away. I'm happy to prove just the opposite! Visit our gallery and take a look at two really cool comics.

1 2

You'll see that Fallout never changes!

We also have new art in the Renders section. You may have seen these pictures before, but this time they're in hi-res. Pay special attention to the rendered deathclaw, this one is very special, for you're able to see *all* vital organs of this terrifying creature! Stay tuned for more cool additions to our gallery!

Many thanks to Travel Inc for their help!

Chris Taylor revealed on the #vault13 channel on IRC, BOS ranking system!

Civilian (This is not a BoS rank, but shows where civilians rank to the Brotherhood.)
Senior Initiate
Senior Squire
Junior Knight
Senior Knight
Knight Commander
Junior Paladin
Paladin Commander
Paladin Lord

Thanks to Chris Taylor and to Kreegle for the news!


Friends, hold on tight! My colleague from Travel Inc has got 7 first-class pictures with concept art and 3d-renders from Fallout Tactics. Believe me, they are must-see! Get it here. But that's not all - there you also can find interesting article about the game (on Russian).

Official Fallout Tactics site was updated. The Falcon Contest is now over! The winner will be posted here, sometime on February 7th.


GameSpot has updated the Fallout Tactics preview, and added some "new" screenshots. I have found several interesting moments in the text, the description of one of missions plot. Initially, the paladins have pursued the retreating forces of Master. The mutants have captured a very important for Brotherhood person near Chicago. One of your first missions is to enter the city occupied by the mutants on APC, sneak through multiple armed patrols and save the poor prisoner. Additionally, site have published small preview too. If you hesitated if you really wish to download the 10 MB Fallout Tactics video cut before, maybe you'll be interested in their QuickTime version of this cut - the volume is just 6 MB.

If your multiplayer Tactics demo hangs up on start and showing only black screen - don't panic! It is possible to solve the problem. The Tactics Lead Programmer (Karl Burdack) offered some important advices. If black screen appears when the game is being launched through GameSpy, create new game shortcut and add the -nosound option to command line. Try it... But it is not all you can do. You may also want to try the following way:

- Control Panel
- Sound and multimedia
- Audio tab
- Advanced button in the Sound Playback section
- Performance tab
- Turn hardware acceleration up to full

That's all - now it should work!

I have found very unusual message from Julian Gollop on Dreamland forum. When describing the Dreamland engine, he said (the quote begins): "We are developing our own engine for the PS2, and probably for the PC too..." (end of quote). To be honest, I am confused... Do they really doubt the Dreamland PC version is necessary?


Take a look at our poster gallery devoted to the Fallout Tactics. I've done one more poster. You may now distinguish the bonuses attached to the Tactics, if you book it at the Interplay. (You should bear in mind that they are not original discs, but the examples that I've created myself). Thanks a lot to Heather McLaughlin and Krazi Katt for their help.

New Poster

I've succeeded to find some Tactics tidbits at the official Tactics forum by Ed Orman. So, here they go:

Why can I see enemies behind the walls?

You're actually "perceiving" the person on the other side of the wall, using your Perception stat. The best way to represent that is to have them silhouetted.

Why does the Power armor look so different from previous models?

Different group of BOS, different technology.

Nice people from the Interplay staff provided to the Freelancer a full screen picture of one of the bonuses attached to the Fallout Tactics if You book it at the Interplay. It's a Camouflage Bag. Without any big annoying logos it looks like a candy! Thanks a lot to Heather McLaughlin for her help.

Camouflage Bag


Our weapon list is updated again. Last screenshots and video cut have supplemented the arsenal with FN P90 amd XL70E3 Enfield. Check the SMG and rifles sections to read new information.

Today we have new Fallout Tactics poster in our Posters Gallery (No. 5). It is your decision now - is it good or bad. Check it if you wish!

New Poster

And check out our Renders Gallery for one high quality render "BOS Zone moonlight" (No. 1). Thanks to Krazi Katt for her help!

Daily Radar has posted new Fallout Tactics preview. Nothing new and special, except this screenshot:


Official Fallout Tactics site was updated.

Pre Order Update!

Now I know there are still a few of you out there who haven't pre-ordered the game yet, so for those of you who are still waiting. I just wanted to let you know that the pre-order goodies are halfway gone! If you are interested in getting the Bonus CD and the Camouflage bag you'd better hurry!

For more information on the Bonus Mission CD Click Here.

For those of you who are waiting to see if it will be available for pre-order in the UK, France and Germany, I'm still working on that info. Just to warn you though... it isn't a for sure thing.


At the a small preview of Fallout Tactics was given to the world. Preview itself is not a big deal, but screenshots are worthy... although not all of them. The only I can say here – have a look at our game preview. As always, in our gallery you can find the most interesting screenshots:

01 02 03
04 05 06

If you have to play Fallout Tactics via firewall and have any problems with it, this message (by Karl Burdack) will probably help you to find a solution:

Hi Folks,

For those technical minded people that are trying to get tactics working through a firewall, here is a link to the Microsoft site, describing the solution for DirectPlay 7.0, which is used by Fallout Tactics as well.

It includes information on what ports to forward etc. I would be interested to see what kind of results people get... I have no information as yet on what ports GamesSpy Arcade uses.

This might be of help to those trying to get a firewall to work, this is from our network/tech guy Mike at Micro Forte:

After allowing the connections listed on GS's site, also require the following (with a linux firewall/NAT setup).

Portfw all ports between 2300 and 2400 to the machine you're playing on, this perl script (yes it's rough as hell, first one I've written from scratch..) can create the rules for you...

--start script--

if (@ARGV[3] == "") { die "RTFM!\n"; }

$num1 = @ARGV[0];
$num2 = @ARGV[1];
$localeth = @ARGV[2];
$remoteeth = @ARGV[3];

print "Forwarding ports $num1 to $num2 from $localeth to $remoteeth\n";

while ( $num1 <= $num2 )
print "ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L $localeth $num1 -R $remoteeth
print "ipmasqadm portfw -a -P udp -L $localeth $num1 -R $remoteeth
$num1 += 1;
--end script--

execute it thus: perl 2300 2400 {your external ip} {your internal/NAT ip}

Then you must reverse MASQ these ports for the replies to work.. Our setup has the following:

ipchains -A input -d $externalip -j red-if
# gamespy server on internal net
ipchains -A red-if -p tcp -d $externalip 2300:2400 -j MASQ
ipchains -A red-if -p udp -d 2300:2400 -j MASQ

It SHOULD then work...


Karl Burdack Lead Programmer, Fallout Tactics
Micro Forte, Canberra


RPG Vault has posted new Fallout Tactics developer Diary from Chris Taylor. This chapter is about Fallout and multiplayer:

One of the most requested features from Fallout 1 was multiplayer. At one point during the development of Fallout 1, we had been talking about a simple deathmatch mode, using the SPECIAL combat system. It would have allowed you to import a character and play a LAN game against other players. Combat only, no questing, no character development, just a simple bar fight. I'm going to take a stand and say that multiplayer in FO1 would have been a mistake. Why?

The multiplayer Tactics demo now avaliable. Game hosted on PC.IGN: And there is version in volume RAR archive: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Here are some demo mirrors:

FilePlanet (7 links)
3D Files (1)

If you know any mirror, please mail me!


You're waiting for the second Fallout Tactics demo to be released? Well, I'm glad that I'm able to make this exclusive announcement: It will be available today!

And here is some demo facts:

Release date: 26 Jan 2001
Demo version host address:
Demo size: 125 MB
Number of characters in the game: 18
Number of races: 1
Multiplayer types: Multiplayer Skirmish and Assault.
Possible game types: Direct TCP/IP, LAN and Gamespy.

And here it's some exclusive screens from the upcoming demo:

01 02 03

Many thank to Chris Taylor and Heather McLaughlin for this awesome news! And thanks to Kreegle for help!

Interplay Store has revealed a camouflage bag image (one from two bonuses for preordered Fallout Tactics). Here's the look of bag image (Thanks to Kelly X from FalloutX).

Looks like nifty! And it not available anywhere else; only from Interplay Store!

Duck And Cover and Tactical Planet announced chat with a Fallout Tactics developers:

Date: January 31st, 2001
Time: 4pm PST, 7pm EST, 12am GMT (next day)
Place: The Tactical Planet room on Gamespy Arcade

The developers attending will be Parrish Rodgers, Ed Orman, Karl Burdack, Chris Taylor, a large assortment of talented artists (including the famous Tariq) and whoever else decides to drop in.

To participate in the huge chat, you'll need to download GameSpy Arcade, which you can get for free from Gamespy Arcade.


Daily Radar has posted very interesting thing... Tactics trail... 10 Mb file with pure multiplayer gameplay and clips from pre-rendered cut-scenes. You can find this MPEG at Daily Radar and in our gallery along with some new screenshots which show new game interface.


On official Fallout Tactics forum Chris Taylor shared the details of work on Fallout Tactics manual. Now Chris is working hardly on it, he was planning to create something like the Bible of Fallout, but the design was changed in the last moment. Generally, this manual will now look like comix Bible, but the text style is to be simpler, without pomposity and rhetoric. So, the work on manual is in progress.

And finally, PC.IGN has published Fallout Tactics preview. Also, I have found some interesting screens here.


Today I have at last modified our Fallout Tactics weapon list to a new style. I have added some missed information and some stats. The sections of melee weapons and explosives are rebuilt completely. I have found another weapon type on old screenshots, the spear. Check it and compare to the spear from Fallout 2.


Yesterday Ed Orman has posted a very interesting message on official Tactics forum:

Howdy y'all,

This is my first post in a while that hasn't been a direct response to a question or criticism, so bear with me.

I just want to clarify a few things.

1] We want your feedback and criticism. You are always well within your rights to speak up about things you don't like, and we value your opinions. You won't hurt our feelings or @#$%! us off, we're very thick skinned.

2] We really have put a lot of thought into this game, so chances are if it's not in the game, there's a good reason. But we still frequent ALL the forums and fan sites, taking input. We do our best to accommodate requests within the realities of our production schedule.

3] We are extending the Fallout universe into new areas. Tactics is a new game, and a damn fun one at that. I hope people can enjoy it for itself, as well as appreciate a new twist on the Fallout setting.

4] We can't make everyone happy, but we'll try. We will work as hard as we can to deliver the best game possible. Every artist, designer, programmer, producer, scripter, QA tester, web monkey, etc is working their buns off to deliver a top quality product.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and criticism so far. Every little bit helps. The multi-player demo will be out soon, and it incorporates a great deal of fixes and new features [some of which should have been in the SP demo, some of which are new], so I'm looking forward to another round of forum fun :) Until then...


Ed Orman
Lead Designer
Micro Forte


Today we have new Fallout Tactics poster in our Posters Gallery (No. 4). It is your decision now - is it good or bad. Check it if you wish!


Now we know what is added to the box for those who order the game through Interplay store. All pre-ordered games are supplemented with CD where the additional Fallout Tactics mission recorded and camouflage bag. The plot of additional mission is based on the Springfield Mayor assassination being prepared. Generally, some radically thinking folks want to kill him for his loyal attitude to ghouls. The Brotherhood usually abstaining from politic affairs but this case may help to strengthen their position in Springfield. So we have to protect Mayor Sampson by all means. That's what we get as the bonus for pre-ordered game. I can only recommend you to order it now if you haven't done it yet.

Fallout Tactics official site has been updated again, along with Chris Taylor's comments. He announced that multiplayer demo is to be released soon, and it is going to be completely different from last version. Turn-based mode is modified significantly. There was AP indicator added, as well as new TB game mode: Team Turn-Based. This mode allows all your team members to move at the same time. Additionally, now there is so-called Delay Action for Sequenced Turn-Based mode. All these modes are the features directly or indirectly asked by players on Fallout Tactics forum. Now all the enemies are highlighted by red circles on the ground, own units - by green circles, and selected team members - by white circles. To open the locked door, you just have to carry the key in your inventory. The cursor set is completely replaced (many people were annoyed by old set!). And finally, the path search algorithms and AI will now work. This is the main part of game changes.

Are you like the Fallout Tactics theme pictures? The Visuals Page on official site is updated with six more images. You can find them on our site as well. Krazi Katt has completely re-designed the site - it is worth visiting to check how it is looking now! And that's not all. Recently Katt has created new sections on official site - Character, Vehicles and Weapon. Truth to tell, all this information has been already published by GameSpot some time ago, but it is nevertheless interesting to check these new sections.

We also have for you some really cool renders. Two of them are exclusive extremely high resolution images. Thanks to Katt!

Chris Taylor has posted another report on Tactics demo changes to official Tactics forum. There are just most interesting changes:

- Added multiplayer player list
- Patching extremely persistent, will continue trying to path until destination becomes unblocked, or another solution presents itself
- Squad setup screen a lot easier to understand
- Added scores to end screens
- Added more explosions (Hollywood style) to the ending of assault map
- Sentries correctly reload instead of swapping to other hand
- *Time of day* multiplayer option
- Shows AP cost for first Aid etc.
- Checks item move distance before bringing up multiple item move counter/calculator thingy
- Can't set *targeted shot* if have *fast shot* trait
- Minimap, new colors to match with circles under feet

Answering the questions on official forum, Chris said it is planned to implement *opportunity fire* in the game. There will be also added the number of APs necessary for actions (shown under the cursor, like in JA2). The pause in CTB will be available for single player mode only.

As you already know, the Combat Armor will not be available in the game, to the upset of some players. But Tony Oakden said that *IF* there will be any Expansion Pack for Tactics, they'll definitely add new armor types and put Combat Armor back to the game.


Gamerpulse has published the second part of their large interview with developers. I have read it carefully, but found very little really new information. This second interview is about the gameplay. The issue that seems interesting for me is possible maximum experience level for character. The level of 50 is very impressive! But, like developers said, it is hardly possible to raise your character's level so high. I doubt they are right. Diablo 2 developers have also considered their level of 99 is unavailable for a long time. You know what happened really. Also you can find five new screenshots there - but nothing special.

Today Gamespy Daily site has published 5 new screenshots from second Fallout Tactics demo. Traditionally, find it in our gallery too. Take a close look at mutants. They are featured on the screenshots at last! Wow, what a hulks! Even vehicle seems small in comparison. Also, visit our Fallout Tactics weapon list section. The screenshots have revealed a new gun, M1 Garand! I am happy to introduce it to you.

Most beautiful news - the official Fallout Tactics site has been updated with a new series of pretty images. All six images feature the "recruit training by senior Brothers". Interested? Check our gallery or developer gallery. Also I am strongly recommending you to visit the impressive site If you haven't seen this site, don't miss the chance. Great work, Katt!

My colleague, Kelly X, Fallout Extreme webmaster has posted very interesting Chris Taylor's message from his site's forum. Chris said the multiplayer Tactics demo will support the Game Spy. Naturally, these guys have bought Mplay totally. You can find Fallout X forum here.

Next news is of huge size. Chris Taylor has posted the list of miscellaneous changes to be implemented in second demo:


Enemy/Friendly status indicators:
- Selected characters have a white color, very easy to see, even in dark areas.
- Enemies have red circles underneath
- Allies have green circles


- Options screen for host settings
- Can choose squad in multiplayer
- Waiting screen appears when starting multiplayer
- Can chat (Enter = Shout, Shift-Enter = Team, Quote (') = Whisper/Say)
- Multiplayer games go to victory/defeat screens, then continue back to lobby

Turn Based:

- Team turnbased


- Displays heads in gui
- Path finding tweaks
- Better sneak failure feedback
- Keys are easier to use (only need to be in inventory)


* GUI - New ready light/checkbox in multiplayer
* GUI - Tweaked options menu
* AI - Added vehicle avoidance
* Vehicles - fixed problems with getting out of vehicles
* GUI - Added heads to game bar
* GAME - Ammo can be dragged onto hands.
* Game - checks inventory as well as hands for keys when unlocking doors and containers
* Traps - New n' improved destroyable traps
* Combat - Fixed combat checking armour incorrectly
* NET - Prevented begin/end turn based in multiplayer
* Gui - added up/down ladder and stair cursors
* PathFind - Collision tweaks
* AI - Fixed obscure pathing crash with AI opening doors and ending combat
* Sentry - Fixed sentry firing in TB
* Sneak - new failed message
* Sneak - failing when stealing reveals sneak
* Sneak - new sneak and LOS rules, and messages
* Game - Added new TB Team mode
* Game - Double click on keys in inventory moves them to your hand
* GUI - added cycle players in turn based
* Options - Added TB types: None(CTB), Normal, Team
* Combat - Fixed broken height bonus (was giving zero, now gives 4 * height diff in meters). On building ~= 15%
* NET - Added messagebox for being kicked, and losing connection
* Game - if using a stack of first aid kits (or doctor bags) on yourself from the inventory only one of them gets used
* Game - added message for extended skills when the target moves away and you will stop performing the action
* GUI - fixed multiple actors selected and loot window not opening bug
* Game - fixed end turn occuring when looting and the loot action used up the last of your action points
* AI - Fixed pauses in waypoints
* GUI - draws selection circles under all actors feet: red is enemy, blue is friendly but not in your squad, green is one of your squad who is selected, no circle is one of your squad but not selected
* Game - added new multiplayer chars to recruit pool
* Game - combat messages only show up if you are an attacker or target, death messages still always appear.
* Trap - Changed trap chaining explode to be more likely, Removed trap miss trap message
* GUI - fixed pickup window appearing on other clients machines in multiplayer
* GUI - smart run works with silent running perk
* Multiplayer - Returns to lobby screen on completion
* Trigger traps - using science on will give frequency to friendly's but beware of critical failure
* Multiplayer - Multiplayer game options added
* Sentry - Fixed sentry targetted shots
* AI - Fixed unconscious ppl taunting
* GUI - Removed double click run
* GUI - added multiplayer win/lose screens
* GUI - added sfx to most of the front end menus gui objects.
* GUI/NET - Added Chat "Shout", Chat "Team" and Chat "Say".
* ENGINE - Fixed problem where sneaking characters and enemy circles would show as you scroll the screen.
* Game - Fixed critical injury messages
* Sentry - Fixed sentry swapping to backup weapon
* Game - can lock doors using keys


* If you are in sentry mode, your gun will not reload. It swaps to your other weapon.
* Goes out of sync in Multi Play.
* End turn button does not work in CTB. (When you force game into TB using enter key)
* AI does not seem to respond to being shot over a longish distance at end of mission 1.
* Sometime upon exiting a game the Menu buttons will not work. Alt-F4 will get you out.
* Pressing Enter when the "Waiting for client" screen is up in Multi will dump you into the game straight away. This causes you to have to wait for the other players and some catch up happens.
* If you change the game from TB to any other mode while you are the host it will cause a lock up.
* You can start a assault game when someone is still without team.


We now have the first graphical work of art dedicated to Fallout Tactics on Freelancer. I have put some efforts to create the Tactics poster. You can find it in our poster gallery, the picture No. 3. It is your decision now - is it good or bad. Check it if you wish!

She is ready. Are you ready to join the Brotherhood?

Gamerspulse site is planning to publish a large interview with Fallout Tactics developers. So to say, interview in three parts. First part is now ready, and the topic of discussion is game graphics and sound. So, the game will have 40 sprite sets for humanoids, 13 for different creatures, and 15 for "special villains". I wonder, the Deathclaws are from first or second group? :) Each creature is presented by 15-take animation, and the game is generally includes about 300 thousand animation takes. Perhaps, this is most interesting thing I found in this first part of interview. I was also impressed by Ed Orman's and Tony Oakden's enthusiasm answering the question what game are they wish to create after the release of Tactics. They both said they definitely want to do Fallout Tactics 2. Quite significant statement, isn't it? It is said by nobody else but producer and head designer from the developer side! As far back as last summer the developers' answers to such questions were too evasive, like "it is too early to talk about it". I hope this means the Tactics 2 will definitely be developed!

Last days Duck and Cover site has published several profiles of Micro-Forte team members, Australian Fallout Tactics developers. I think it is interesting to know more about the people who develop another Fallout world episode. You can find new profiles there and there.


Pipboy 2000 LE has done a great work! The Mod Squad has just released new utility for MODing Fallout Tactics demo. Now you can unpack saves and mission files and edit them if you need. Nice work! I advice you to proceed to TMS or our Download section.


In the meanwhile, RPG Vault has published the new chapter of Chris Taylor's diary. As Chris promised before, this time he tells about the Micro-Forte developer team.

The official Tactics forum has gladdened us with interesting message from Chris Taylor. He said the Tactics multiplayer demo is almost completed. The game is to be changed significantly. For example, turn based mode is to be improved. The game will support Gamespy. AI and path finding algorithms will be much better. This demo will include the previous single game two missions, for us to compare how much gameplay is changed. The expected game modes in this version are Assault and Deathmatch. Suppression Fire for TB should be in. To our regret, we will have the option to create own character in game release only. Additionally, multiplayer demo will offer you the wider choice of recruits to join your team. Dan Levin and Ed Orman are finishing the work on mission design, and the character scoring will start soon.


In the meanwhile, let me inform you about three exclusive images presented by Fallout Extreme site... Well, not three - two images! The third image you've seen in the game and on our site for a very long time ;) I strongly recommend you to check the images. The paladin wielding Avenger is just nice. Other picture features Deathclaw. Lol... Look at it! :) These creatures are covered with fur in Tactics. There was some sort of scandal on official game forum in this respect. But Ed Orman has quickly clarified the situation. The point is that the creatures have adapted themselves to new climatic conditions. Don't forget - there a lot of snow in the region. While western coast of America was very warm since the nuclear war. In addition, Ed said the lizard origins of Deathclaws are just the theory of Fallout 2 professor. However the nature of the creatures is still lizardous. For those who want to laugh, I can say with all responsibility: even some dinosaurs have had the fur or hairs, especially predators. The reptiles have also had the whiskers. In addition, if somebody doesn't know - many trustworthy theories prove the mammals (and warm-blooded animals) have descended from a cold-blooded reptiles... And fur (instead of scales) is gained as the result of their evolution. On the whole, the guys from Micro-Forte have not invented anything new. Don't know of others, but I like new Fallout "lizards".

The site of my good friend Kreegle has moved. Now Duck and Cover lives at RPGPlanet. It has new design, and also new picture presented - group photo of several Brotherhood of Steel warriors. Note the girl - what a martial appearance! You can find new picture at DAC. For very lazy people, I have updated our gallery too.

Also, the site is slightly updated. Diligent Krazi Katt has changed the image on initial page of the site. Now it more corresponds to future game box image. Good work, Katt!

Also today I open new Art Gallery dedicated to show posters. Here are two posters. I spent much time and finally our firearm list completely updated and redesigned.


There are three Tactics Demo reviews at PC Strategy Games, Quarter To Three and Review Scan. Posting too late is better than no posting review at all :) I can only advice you to read our demo review and game preview.


And next news are just slightly concerns the tactical games area. Few days ago new game, Myth III: The Wolf Age, has been announced. Don't know if you tried it, but I've liked the Myth series games a much. Third game is turned out to be developed by completely different team. I've been surprised (well, it was pleasant surprise) to learn the head designer of this project is nobody else but Scott Campbell - Fallout lead designer. So what can I say in this respect? Myth III is in good hands!

Today we are glad to present you our Walkthrough for BOS Demo. First chapter includes only the first mission tips. Today we will post walkthrough to the second Demo mission. Any problems playing demo? We can help you!

And here it's some interesting Tactics' tidbits from Chris Taylor:

Talking about Charisma and its role in the game, Chris said: "There are some new leadership-related Perks that require higher Charisma scores. They tend to affect the rest of your squad." And he explained the situation with possible manual ammo loading and unloading to/from weapon: "While I am hesitant to use the word never, I doubt the current system of auto-unloading will change. It is possible to load the gun with the ammo type you want, simply drag the ammo to the gun. If that's not working, let me know."


Recently there was a little scandal with supposed Fallout Tactics box cover. I have already explained before - this picture is just sell sheet. Now, thanking to help from Heather McLaughlin, I am glad to present you the full-size version of this image. In spite of all the criticism, one should note the picture is anyway cool!

You looking for the Tactics pre-order and still do not decide which one is the best? Check out our Pre-order list and chose your online shop.


Today RPGplanet has posted the twelfth edition of RPG Gaming Test. This time test is about Fallout 2. You can check how much do you know about Fallout 2 and could you be the Chosen One. Here it's a quote how to take the test:

Read the instructions for each set of questions and answer each question by clicking on the appropriate radio button. Once you're done, click on the "Submit for Scoring" button at the end of the test to have your answers graded in a flash. No cheating!

Thanks to Kreegle for news!

Also here it's interesting tidbits from Chris Taylor. Talking about the Tactics' demo disk he said: "The demo disc/magazine cover mount should start hitting the stores next month on the March issues (which go on sale in February)."


Interplay has finally started their new contest. Here is what Krazi Katt posted at the official site:

Yes that's right, the contest to WIN the free Falcon Northwest Computer has started! Download the demo for your chance to win! Just head on over to the Downloads Page for the demo link! Just click on the link to the demo to get to the contest entry page. You've got until January 31st to get those entries in! Good luck!

Check the image. This computer may be yours!

IntelGamer has posted nifty Tactics' Demo review:

I remember the first time I heard the name Fallout: Tactics. I thought, "Big deal, an RTS with Fallout units." Yeah, I know the difference between strategy and tactics but I wasn't sure if the game developers did. Well, I can unequivocally say they do. This game is nothing like I thought it would be. You really do have to employ effective tactics in various situations to resolve problems and accomplish the mission objectives.

They also have rated the Demo:

Graphics: 90%
Sound: 80%
Gameplay: 95%
Overall Impression: 90%


Official Tactics' site was updated. Just read what web-master has posted:

Some of you were asking about the art on the new site. Well, I've pulled the art and will be posting new images from that site! I've got 6 of them for you today on the Art Page. These are pretty sweet so don't miss out! Check back in next Wednesday and next Friday for more!

These renders really cool! I suggest you check out our Art section!


GameStop site has published the following picture in game pre-order section. I have mistook it for Fallout Tactics game box (not so pretty picture for game box, and I even thought it is some preliminary version) but it turned out it is actually one of sell sheets version. Many thanks Heather McLaughlin for her help!

Most interesting thing for me here was the list of game key features:

* 20 missions in 6 chapters plus random encounters (Note: 20, though 25 missions were initially announced!)
* 5 multiplayer types, including death match, Co-op, Capture the Flag and Tip the Brahmin.
* 9 races you can control (humans, super mutants, ghouls, cows, etc.)
* 45 possible enemy types.

Today is the real day of Fallout Tactics demo reviews. The official game site has published news mentioning the review by

According to FT's producer, if you approach this game with the tank-rush tactics of real-time strategy games, you'll soon find your crew strewn about the battlefiend in various states of dismemberment. You'll have to focus on each character's skills and equipment to win. For example, you might use a light, sneaky character as a scout to survey the enemy while giving a soldier with great aim a sniper rifle to pick off the opposition from a distance. Or you might prefer to use a balanced squad and sweep the field in a picket line, isolating your foes and cutting them down one by one.

I have also found two more reviews, at site (in German language) and English language review by All articles are supplemented with screenshots. In conclusion, let me also recommend you check our own review too!

And most curious news for today. Please visit our Fallout Tactics Download section! Guys from have released two nice small games of Fallout theme - Tetris and Ouths and Crosses. Interesting and funny games, cute and pretty - thanks, colleagues! Strongly recommend you to try it :)


Official Fallout Tactics site has updated. And Krazikatt has prepared for us new Tactics' site. Just come here and see it! Really beautiful and interesting!

Last but certainly not least, I've created a new site! Go to to check it out (there's a lot of really awesome art on there)! There you will see some info on an upcoming contest! So make sure to check back within the next couple days for your chance to WIN a free Falcon Northwest Computer!


BigKid site has hosted Fallout Tactics impressions. Article not so big but here it's a very interesting tip:

You start the demo with six players in your squad and experience points are shared evenly, which means you will be pretty lucky if all of your squad go up one level each. However, if you pick one of the characters and let all the others die in the first melee, you will go up at least several levels and gain access to many more perks and skills - more than the demo's designers actually intended.

Thanks to Odin!


Check our Tactics Download section. You still do not have Tactics demo? So you can get MP3 with one original fallout track - City of the Dead.

Today Chris Taylor has posted on forum small but interesting tip! Here it's:

In the original Fallout, everyone was limited to a Strength of 10 as a maximum. Fallout Tactics removes that barrier.


The Fallout Tactics Developer Diary at RPG Vault written by Chris Taylor was updated. This time Chris speaks about question why Tactics not Fallout 3 and possible Fallout RPG future. Here it's some interesting quotes:

Fallout Tactics is a supplement to the Fallout universe, not a replacement for the Fallout RPGs. It's because we like Fallout so much that we are doing a game in a different genre. This is called a spin-off. And when they spin television programs off, they only do it to the successful series. I'm sure there are some exceptions out there in TV land, but for the most part the rule holds true.

We are making Fallout Tactics because had an open slot for it. We had the people available to work on it (that includes working with Micro Forte, like BIS works with BioWare). It can't be an RPG, because that's Black Isle's genre. We don't want to step on their shoes. At the same time, we believe that Fallout can support multiple genres. That's not to say that will or won't expand Fallout to other genres besides RPGs and strategy games, but we could. The Fallout world is vast and interesting - why limit ourselves to only looking at it from one perspective?

XGR site has posted Fallout Tactics demo review. It's quite briefly but you can find a lot links to other tactics games, like Final Fantasy Tactics. I also suggest you read our review.


Today we have for you our Fallout Tactics demo review. Review comes with some screens from demo. It's the most biggest demo review at Net. You steel thinking to download or not to download demo? Come here and we try help you to make right choose!

Our Fallout Tactics weapon list was updated with some new firearms and melee weapon (new images and values): Mauser, FN-FAL, M29, Shiv and Tigers Claws.

It's crazy but funs already have some MODs for Tactics' demo! Our pal friend Smackrazor from Pipboy 2000 LE has released two MODs. The first MOD replaces all demo soldiers and gives them enormous values. The second MOD replaces MP5 to Ultimate Weapon. You can download it here or here. RPG Vault has reviewed Tactics' demo. It's very short article with some screens from the game. Review located here.

In the aftermath of a great nuclear war, the world lies ravaged and desolate. The ruins of once-teeming cities are now home to small groups of people struggling to build communities where civilization might someday flourish again, nurtured from the seeds of salvaged knowledge and technology. Between these separated pockets, there is only anarchy - barren, dangerous wilderness, home to many strange mutated creatures and to roaming bands of thieves, slavers, killers and other undesirables. Next spring, this wasteland setting will give rise to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel, a squad-based strategy title set in the universe that is very familiar to the many fans of the acclaimed Fallout RPGs.


Tony Oakden - Producer Fallout Tactics, has posted an interesting message at official forum. Here it's:


I've been following the various threads with a great deal of interest. And I would like to make the following points.

1. We at Microforte are BIG fans of the original Fallout Games. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) we were not given the license to do Fallout 3. The game we were given to do is "A Squad Based Tactical Game which captures the feel of the original Fallout games and is set in the Fallout Universe and includes a strong multi-player game."

2. This is a fairly early version of the game you guys are playing and a lot of the pollish is missing. Lots of features are still missing. Action point cost for movement in TB will be in the final game (there will be a little number just like in the original Fallout). The AI needs tweaking and optimizing. Cursors may get changed, T.B needs some work.

3. Yes, shock horror, CTB was developed to make multi-player usable as, yet again our brief was "a strong multi-player game" and as one correspondent has pointed out TB with 6 squads and 6 characters in each squad would suck somewhat (although you will have the chance to try it cause the TB is still in.)

4. TB is still in! Jesus how many more times. Maybe it is a bit broken at the moment, I don't play it as much as I should, but I will and I pledge that by the time we have finished it will be as good in the final game as it was in Fallout. Again guys this is a demo of a game in a fairly early state of Alpha. Turn based is actually easier to do than real-time and we will get it right but, yes, our emphasis has been on getting CTB right so that we can ship the multi-player demo next month in a playable state.

5. Interplay have asked for a pause mode for CTB (similar to BG) and although I am not in favor of this it is obvious that most people want one so we will put it in for the final game. It will mean that you can stop the game and micro-manage your squad if you feel it's getting out of hand.

6. There are a lot of new things here which were not in the original Fallout. And unfortunately you can't take an existing game and just add new stuff into it without something being dropped. You have not even seen vehicles yet. In the final game you have a world map, random encounters and loads of other things. It's a very interesting game and just as in the original Fallouts (which again I loved) there are many different ways of doing the missions.

Finally let me assure you all that you comments are being noted and changes to the game will be made dependant on how practical they are. But no we will not be dropping CTB to concentrate on TB (or visa versa).

Thank you for all you comments and I hope you like the multi-player when that comes out next month.

Tony Oakden
Producer Fallout Tactics.

Also Miroslav from NMA has posted a demo walkthrough. Here it's what he said: "I have never done a walkthrough or made any maps for strategy games, but here is my first step. Walkthrough and map for Mission 1 are up!" Nice work, Miroslav! Lets see this and this page.


Today we updated Tactics weapon list! I've discovered new weapon information. Check it! Also we opened new Tactics section - here you can find all information about demo Characters.

Ryan Lord from the Voodoo Extreme posted his Fallout Tactics impressions. Not so big but interesting message with 5 screens from the demo. Check it here.


The Fallout Tactics demo available now! Demo located here. But there are two Mirrors: Mirror 1 and Mirror 2. Unfortunately they all too slow. If you want download demo faster check out our Demos section! Our mirror more faster!


Thanks to Odin from NMA for GOOD news! Here what Miroslav wrote:

Using a FTP program (CuteFTP or something else):
Host Adress/Server:
User Name/Password: Anonymous/Anonymous
Port: 21
Directory: /gs/strategy/fallout-tactics/

Also, ANOTHER interview with Chris Taylor appeared. You can also find Chris' photo there. No news about the game but lots of news about Chris himself - favorite color, five favorite music CDs, favorite game, etc. ;)


Today we have for you exclusive news from Chris Taylor about the Fallout Tactics demo! Here it's what he said: "We're building the final installer version right now. The demo is going to be about 120MB with the installer. It should be posted on the 22nd December on GameSpot." Demo includes 2 missions, 1 interface tutorial, and 3 strategy tutorials, and several NPC. It's great news!

Kreegle have posted file with first impressions about Tactics. This file located here. It's quite interesting. Check it!

Also, another set of interesting messages from Tactics forum. As I understood, it is possible to create bots in multiplayer, and play multiplayer game on single computer. The game has no more Combat Armor, it is replaced by other armor type. And one more news: the video cuts are promised to be in Fallout 2 style.


Official Fallout Tactics site is updated, and you can find interesting game based on Fallout series theme. It is Flash-based, the rules are simple - you have to open similar mini-pictures. If any second picture don't fit, it closes. If it coincides - remains opened. As far as I remember, similar rules were used by players in L Club broadcast. You can download the game from our site too. Additionally, official site has modified their sketch gallery. However all these sketches are present in our gallery for quite long time.

GamesSpot UK has published 9 new Tactics screenshots. To be honest, I cannot understand the policy of this site. Is it possible to publish the images of such poor quality? Well, judge for yourself.

GameSpot has barely published their images, when Daily Radar UK took the baton and published 10 Tactics screenshots! It looks much better - I recommend you to check it.

By the way, we have not updated Tactics weapon list for a long time. I've discovered new grenade! Presumably with acid or some other chemical :) See for yourself!

Here it's some interesting messages from developer forum:

Will a turn-based game start in real-time?

Not sure yet. If it proves to be too unbalanced [i.e., during the real-time component, some players get to take advantage of others because of their fast mouse movement or UI work], then I'd guess we'll go for TB from the start. We're still testing that.

In multiplayer, if I do not want to control an entire squad, to I have the option to use a single person.

You could, indeed, make a single, powerful character.

Are you a part of a squad in multiplayer, or an entire squad against other squads.

Kind of both. Cooperative play will let you ally your characters with another player [however many you have, from 1 to 6]. So you could play as one squad, or separate squads teaming up.

Of course your character(s) stats are saved from one game to the next in multiplayer... But can only people with the same stats play each other? Wouldn't be too fair to put 7 guys with mini-guns up against one with a pipe rifle.

The balancing system will handle that. But there may well be some people who WANT to go up against 7 mini-guns with a pipe rifle [although, personally, not me :) ].

You should make a perk deer eyes... or a trait.. You have good night vision but you get run over a lot by tanks and stuff... Suggestion not question.. Or do you have this trait?

There is a Perk that already positively modifies the negative modifier for darkness.


RPG Vault has opened a Fallout Tactics Designer Diary written by Senior Designer, Chris Taylor. First part of this Diary located here. Next diary will talks about FO3 and why FOT isn't it...

First, the decision to make another Fallout game was always pretty easy. Fallout has been a successful series for Interplay/Black Isle, both with critics and with the consumer. We've been very happy with Fallout, and we'd like to see the game series continue. In order not to flood the market with similar games, we decided to look around at different game concepts.

Also RPG Vault has posted some samples of Tactics audio in MP3 format from the upcoming Tactics demo version. You can download the here one by one or all together.

RPG Vault kicked up an edited chat log with Fallout Tactics designers team. Thi log located right here.

Ok say I have 10 perception, how will the sneak work against that?

Sneak has undergone some fundamental changes this week, based on feedback from QA and the focus group.

Wouldn't most armors lower your sneak?

Most armors lower Sneak.

To clarify about upcoming demo: We said soon. No specific date was mentioned.
We will tell you as soon as we can.
Demo Update: We have gotten a new version of the demo. It is being played in QA right now, and we will be playing it in QA over the weekend.
The new audio is in there. We'll be checking for that AI issue, plus general QA-ness.
I'm editing the Readme file provided by Tony and Karl right now. (I mean it's open in Notepad as we speak, er, type, er something...) We're building an installer for it today. And we'll be testing that, as well. Once it does go final, it will take a couple of days to cross the TS.
Is, so be patient... Please be patient.
We are very, very close.
The guys (and gals) at Micro-Forte have done a wonderful job. Our audio department did wonderful work with an extraordinarily short schedule. Our QA (and MF's QA) are busting their chops to make sure it's as clean as possible.
We're close.
But we are not done.
So, please, be a little more patient.


Official Fallout Tactics site was updated with a developer notes from Chris Taylor. Also here are two (but not new) 3D renders on the art page. Here it's some interesting quotes from developer update:

Yesterday two major things happened: we recorded the audio dialogue for the demo and we held a focus group. Hard to be in two places at the same time, but we managed.

The demo has 10 speaking parts, we used a total of three actors to do all the roles. The largest role is Paladin Ziskele. He is being played by Todd Susman, a veteran TV and movie actor. Mr. Susman has a great voice and really got into the part...

The focus group happened at Interplay's Irvine offices. We had around 20 people show up, at varying times, to try the demo out for an hour or so. We had three questionnaires for them to fill out (two marketing questionnaires, one before the demo and one after, plus a development questionnaire). They got to see ad and box prototypes, as well. After filling out the questionnaires, we did interviews to clarify their responses and seek more input...

Most people who played had a good time to a very good time. Almost everyone who had played the Fallout RPGs thought we were keeping to the spirit of Fallout very well. Only one person was very disappointed we were not an RPG. The artwork was highly praised as being Fallout-y...

The largest complaints were about friendly fire and the rate of fire of weapons in CTB mode. We're going to talk about solutions or possible changes. One problem is that the first mission is currently a night mission, and the room was lit very strongly. It was hard to see some things (like Sneak mode) with the glare on the monitors.


Official Fallout Tactics site has posted small and interesting update. Check out the art page for some cool concept art and new intro story on the Story Page"

Join the Brotherhood of Steel, a technological revival group dedicated to restoring the world to its former prosperity through science and whatever means necessary. Take part in a quest to reawaken long-dormant technology in order to defeat a powerful enemy in the one of a kind Fallout Universe. Each mission involves various hostile obstacles that must be overcome using tactical skirmish warfare. The player controls up to six detailed characters in the single player mission-based campaign or they may use their chosen squad online in multiplayer battles. Squad-members improve with experience, increasing their skills and earning perks. Many varieties of weapons, from handguns to rocket launchers, allow the player to lay waste to his enemies. In addition, the fighting isn't limited to pedestrians, as squad-members may take the action to the streets with armed vehicles.

You can find at Quarter To Three a small "60 seconds" Tactics preview with some new screens.

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is a squad-level turn-based strategy game with an overhead view similar to Jagged Alliance, X-COM, and the Fallout RPGs. It's 25 linked missions take place in a graphically sharp post-apocalyptic North America of blasted landscapes and leveled cities. Random encounters are also included. You will create a main character and then control a squad of up to six characters taken from a pool of about 30 available recruits as you direct them to scout, patrol, ambush, defend, and otherwise cause mayhem. There are even vehicles you can use. Though not an RPG like its forbears, Tactics will have RPGish character development and offer multiple solutions to goals based on the character's abilities. Game environments will range from tribal villages and fallen skyscrapers to robot factories and Brotherhood of Steel fortresses. Finally, Fallout Tactics will also feature a strong multiplayer component with games of up to 18 players.

Voodoo Extreme now has five new screenshots for Fallout Tactics. You can find this screens here or checkout our update with a bunch of cool screens (No. 19-34).

Visit our Fallout Tactics weapon list, you can find new weapon models - Grenade Launcher M79, shotgun and gas grenade.

A number of interesting messages appeared on official forum:

Sets the character's aggressiveness for responding to attacks when you are not controlling him:

(from top to bottom)
PASSIVE: Do nothing when attacked.
DEFENSIVE: Alert you when enemy sighted. Fire back if fired on.
AGGRESSIVE: Fire at enemies.

You can right-click on the buttons to set the minimum to-hit chance you want the character to automatically fire at.

About explosions:

Explosions are a little stronger, but we can't make them too strong or they will overwhelm the gameplay. If it's a question between reality and gameplay, then gameplay will win every single time. Sorry.

Grenades do have more going for them this time around (slightly larger explosion radius, more grenade types, throwing arc to clear LOS obstacles). But they cannot become one-hit kills against the tougher foes (they already do a number against the weaker enemies).

Will the loading and saving games be faster?

They seem fast enough, but we haven't played through the game from start to finish to test saving everywhere.

What character level limit will there be?

A reasonable level is going to be around 15-20 to finish the game.

Will the developer quotes return?

That's up to Micro-Forte. Without ScottE on the development team, it may be hard to come up with a bunch of good quotes, however...

In the faqs it says that almost anything being said in the game should be voice acted - does that include swearing during battles? The ruff stuff as well? Or was just the scripted dialogue meant?

That means dialogue that you get when you Speak to someone. It doesn't mean stuff in battles (if it appears in the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen, it should all be VO'd, if it appears above their heads, no VO).


First of all, official game site has published an announce. On December 14 the developers will take part in chat about the game (it is third chat already). This time the chat is hosted by RPGVault. Unfortunately, because of difficulties communicating with Vault 13 webmaster and his "kind" behavior, I have not described previous chat here. But I will definitely tell you all future news of next chat, which is going to happen on December 14, 5 a.m. PST.

The people you'll see in chat:
Chris Taylor - Senior Designer (Interplay Entertainment Corp.)
Tony Oakden - Producer (MicroForte)
Ed Orman - Lead Game Designer (MicroForte)
Karl Burdack - Lead Programmer (MicroForte)
Parrish Rodgers - Lead Artist (MicroForte)

RPGVault has presented a small gallery featuring Fallout Tactics sketches and pictures. You can also find it on our pages (No. 35-47). Brief annotation also describes the game itself. If you already know what is Tactics, I doubt you'll find new details there.

A number of interesting messages appeared on official forum. Answering the question if it will be possible to install the game to HDD completely, Chris Taylor said yes. You will also be able to select the version of full installation allowing you to play without CD at all, except initial stage necessary for verification. Other interesting question was if the game armor is single item, or set of different items. Chris said it is single item.

Do explosions cause critical damage?

Explosions do not do critical hits. The diameter of the explosive blast is a little larger -- plus grenades can be thrown in an arc, over obstacles that would block firearms. Grenades are nifty... We need to make sure they are neither too nifty or not nifty enough. Greandes need to be balanced against everything else. We're already not a very realistic game, if you want to look at reality versus gameplay. The range on these weapons is artificially small, for example. We are far more concerned about how the game plays than if it is realistic. But we try to keep things in relative to each other, so shotguns do less damage than .50 machine guns but more damage than small caliber pistols. And so on. Grenades have seen some improvements over their FO1/2 counterparts. Arc, increased damage, increased area of effect. Against un-armored, low level critters they are very effective. Against high level mutants and power-armor guys, they aren't as effective. As it should be.

About game video resolution:

1) At the higher resolutions, it becomes very, very difficult to pick things up and interact with the enviornment in a timely, meaningful manner. In addition, all the interfaces become difficult to manage at higher resolutions (buttons are smaller, more difficult to press; interface doesn't stretch far enough across the screen, driving the artists nuts.

2) More so than a 3D game, higher resolutions require drastically higher system standards.

3) Game balance in a multiplayer setting is very important. Having a host restriction is one very good solution. However, what if the host has the ability to play at a higher resolution than the others? You are also segregating a larger number of players _from_ games if they do not have enough horsepower in their computer.

Frankly, the game looks great. Resolution, beyond a certain point, has little to do with the quality of the graphics. Especially at 800x600 and 1024x768, which by any stretch of the imagination will hold us for a couple of years _for the vast majority of the players_. You are overestimating the standard by calling 1024x768 "dated" within 12 months.

There were also some editor related questions. E.g. it is now possible to set a health condition for NPC - wounded, unconscious, sleeping, etc. Each mission has Team Alignment Table to define relations between different characters, races and NPC. For example, ghoul character can dislike mutant NPC, etc. And some other news in news section.

Visit our Fallout Tactics weapon list, you can find new weapon model here - big monkey wrench! The weapon for real men, indeed!


Our friends are celebrating Thanksgiving Day now. Everyone's on holidays, so very little news available. However I've found one interesting message on Fallout Tactics official forum. It turned out, some NPC dialogues will nevertheless pause the game. I wonder if this true for both single player and multiplayer mode? If so, is it mean the game will pause for each player, like in Baldur's Gate? We'll see...


Official Fallout Tactics site has posted big and interesting update. Now it was written by Tony Oakden. What I can say? You must read it! Here it's full text:

Well we finally have a playable single player demo which is fun. Originally we were going to a have a cut down version of the world map with two missions in it and some random encounters, but that plan was a tad ambitious. Now we have two separate missions and the basic tutorials. The tutorials work pretty well although they may seem a bit superficial to Fallout Fans. The missions are pretty typical of the missions you will find in the beginning of the game. There was a great sense of relief when we sent the new demo to Interplay and everyone agreed that it was fun! Always a good start to have a game that is fun to play.

Major problems that we are having at the moment are getting the AI to behave in a realistic manner. Finding a balance between NPC's that are intelligent enough to look as if they are Intelligent but not so intelligent that they whoop the ass of players is proving tricky. Graphically we have finally settled on two modes. Our engine will render in any size window but the GUI's are designed to fit nicely into a 800 X 600. However it still looks really nice in 1024x768 so we've extended the game GUI either side to fill it out in the high res mode. We have made a decision to limit the res to just there two modes because there is a definite performance hit in the higher res. Unfortunately there is also an advantage to playing in the higher res modes and we don't want people with top end machines getting an unfair advantage. 1024 X 768 is a good compromise - it's still pretty fast on a 300 and definitely opens up the field of view. We've included options to turn of the alpha-channel for anti-aliasing so lower end machines should still be able to cope OK. Main thing is going to be install space and HD access speed. The game does a fair bit of loading for stuff like special death sequences as there is just no way to get it all into memory on loading. Mind you the original Fallouts suffered from the same problems.

The lighting effects are looking really nice. We use dynamic lighting for weapons effects and make a lot of use of static lighting in the maps. The static lighting really helps you forget it's a tile-based engine. In many places the levels look like they have been rendered in one piece. The dynamic lighting looks really nice but it's a bit expensive in terms of processing. Robin cooked up a really neat shadow-casting algorithm that means we can set ambient and direct light in the maps for day time and get shadows under bridges and around buildings. It works really well. There are a few areas where it looks dodgy but Parrish (our lead artist) is going to go in and manually sort out the problems. We've done some tests and it all looks very doable. Single player mission scripting is now in full swing. We plan to have all the missions scripted by Christmas. I scheduled it and it looks like a nightmare, but so far it's going pretty well. We break the scripting for each mission into five basic chunks - design, initial implementation, focus testing / QA, re-scripting, focus group / QA. We have nine scripters now and they are actually making better progress than I'd expected - which is nice. Unfortunately they are finding more bugs in the scripting than I would have liked - which is not nice! Still, we should be ready to start focus group testing the first batch of nine missions in a week. The actual levels are already built although to get them playing necessitates a certain amount of shuffling around of tiles. I'm glad our levels are tile based cos it would have been a real pain to try to design the levels in a 3D package and then have to rebuild them when they did not play. This way the testers can tweak to there little hearts desires. I suspect a major problem will be to unify all the missions so that the learning curve is nice and smooth.

In terms of code it is pretty much all there. We have some thorny issues to address but it's mostly just working out how we want things to behave rather than technical problems. Biggest problem we face is getting people to play the game in an intelligent and tactical way. I know players should be free to play the game as they want but this game looks enough like an RTS to lead people to assume they can play it that way. It's not an RTS! If people play it like an RTS they will die very quickly. Hopefully the demo missions should lead players through a natural, tactical learning curve.

We've designed our levels so that they are a series of smaller encounters. Each has a different strategy required to complete it. Although we don't have specialist characters as such we have found that it is most satisfying to have characters in the squad who are obviously designed for certain types of combat. Typical game play could consist of putting the guy with the highest stealth into stealth mode - moving him up to do some recon and leaving him in position to keep line of site on the enemy. Them move the sniper up until he can get a good shot at the enemy and start creeping up the grunts. Once all the guys are in good positions - switch on the player AI so they will attack targets they have a good chance to hit and get ready to start moving them round. The first encounter in the second demo is particularly good - it feels like a kind of ultra-violent chess game with the player trying to outmanoeuvre the enemy and make the most use of there sneak, sniper and grunts. Obviously leave the medic at the back and only move him up when it's safe to do so. Works really well. Mind you that's just one type of encounter we have over twenty basic types of combat multiplied by hundreds of permutations. Stealthing up behind a characters and chopping them in half with the ripper is particularly satisfying!

As a fan of real-time games, I'm very happy with the way Turn-Based play has evolved. Continuos Turn Based is a revelation, though. The pace is just right and you rarely notice the action point stuff getting in the way. I can imagine most people will play CTB multiplayer, but classic TB will work well for guys who are into the hardcore combat elements. There are a lot of stats flying about below the surface and in CTB you don't really get the time to experience the subtlety of the engine. That's OK though cos it still plays damn good.

Karl (lead programmer) is about to start looking at the multi-player stuff again. We have not touched this since June. We had it working pretty well for E3 so we are hoping that it's just a matter of turning all the code back on. Yeh right! But I don't think it's going to be too difficult. We are planning to release a multi-player demo a month after the single player demo. Multi-player should be really cool. It was great at E3 but since then things have advanced a lot. The idea is that players will be able to choose really interesting combinations for tactical play. What I really want to see though is six players with six squads entirely of Brahmin playing CTF! Brahmin can't use weapons but get enough of them together and they can do some serious HtH. We want to leave squad selection in multi-player as flexible as possible but we have to make sure it's balanced for the serious player. Squad selection in Single player is easier to sort out but still requires some thought. Currently you have a pool of characters to choose from. Once a character is lost in action they are gone for good. However as the game progresses you move to new BOS bunkers and your pool is expanded with new, higher-level characters. You also get the chance to add some special recruits if you find the secrets in the missions. This way we plan to give the player some extra tough guys later on.

Other bits and pieces; Working hours are still reasonably sensible. We did a couple of weekends on the trot getting ready for to deliver the single player demo. But mostly we are working 50 - 60 hour weeks. I hope it does not get any worse but I've been in the industry for long enough to expect the worse! The Air Con has packed up. We tried to use it for the first time this summer and it sounded like it was going to explode. The company sent out a repair man and he reckons the fan base has disintegrated sending bits of fan blade throughout the mechanism - sounds nice! Cos we are in the southern hemisphere it's getting really hot here now. We have had a lot of rain so it's really humid too. UT has lost it's grip on the dev team. They are now into Counter Strike. I don't play either cos I suffer from FPSD (First Person Shooter Dyslexia). Robin (AI programmer) has dyed his air black - it was blonde. Al (effects programmer) has had blonde highlights put in his hair where it was dark. Jan (GUI and Tools programmer) and Ed (lead design) have had all there hair cut off, Karl and I still have sensibly short hair. Life is basically good and I'm looking forward to Christmas.

I'll send another update after the single player demo is out but I doubt there is going to be any major changes to peoples hair between then and now…

-Tony Oakden
Producer - Fallout Tactics

Many thanks to Odin from NMA for letter with news!

Gamespy has posted the 4 news Tactics screens, but they not so new.

And here it's some interesting messages from official Tactics forum:

Will the characters have a realistic amount of hit points?(Will they be able to take a shotgun blast to the head and keep fighting).Will it be more like The Commando's games in which a guy could only take a couple of shots before dying? If not then it's OK with me:)

Well, critical hits can certainly do a world of hit. People can take some damage, however.

HPs represent more than just physical damage, they also represent fatigue, ability to dodge, luck, heroness and other DnD dodges that I think work pretty well.


Official Fallout Tactics forum pages have supplied us with a new message.

Ok if I'm on top of a building will people below be able to see me if I'm crawling... (Like if I'm close to the edge trying to shoot someone?)

If they don't have line of sight on your character, they won't be able to see it. But if they can see the tip of your character's head, then they'll be able to target it [although your character will be behind some pretty serious cover in that case].


Some tasty things! I have recently asked Chris Taylor a number of questions interesting for me, and not only for me. Do you want to know more about how new weapons are being put into game, and the way CTB combats are to take place? Then find these details in small but interesting interview!

Fallout Tactics official site has published four new images. One of them features giant wasp, other - unknown insect, and also overgrown lizard similar to ones from Fallout 2. And, finally, the portrait of woman. One should note the style of this portrait reveals the hand of Planescape artists. All images are 3D models and look fine! You can find it on our site too.

Official Fallout Tactics forum pages have supplied us with a bunch of new messages. I won't retell it here - you can find all of it in game news section.

The big problem is that many ideas that made Fallout series successful will not be in fallout tactics... Where is the world map?

The world map will not be in the demo, but it will be in the final game. You will travel on the world map to get to your missions, there are random encounters, and you can visit previous maps.

Why do you have to go through missions to proceed?

Because it's a strategy game where you take the role in a very military organization which has very specific goals. As compared to the lone-wolf scenario of the RPGs. This is not an RPG.

Where is the sense of being alone and fighting the hordes of super enemies?

It's in the RPG series. This is a different game. The RPG series will continue at some point, and I'm betting the BIS guys will keep the very same flavor as FO1/FO2.

Now u will have tanks helis and other units?

Not helicopters, but tanks, yes.

They altered FALLOUT to the Jagged Alliance 2 = Fallout Tactics…

Fallout was very heavily based on Jagged Alliance 1.

Those of u who have played JA2 and read about fallout tactics can easily realize that its all about the same game (based on the sell out of fallout with the design of ja2) Fallout was NOT the same to JA2...

This game _isn't_ for everyone. If you like JA/JA2/X-com, we hope you will like FOT. We think _most_ Fallout RPG players will like FOT, but we sure that not all of them will. Best thing to do is trying the demo and see for yourself.

What about PC requirements?

It's a new engine, a modern engine. Certainly as time goes on, we must upgrade our system requirements so we can deliver a modern gaming experience.

We would get flamed alive by a (large?) percentage of the gaming population for releasing a 640x480 256-color game in today's market (let alone 2001). FOT needs to be able to run at higher resolutions, with higher bit-depth. We're also doing more behind the scenes (more AI processing, pathing, and other calculation intensive processes).

Will there be any sex in FO:BoS? They had some cute looking characters in the art I've seen thus far.

Not as much as FO2.

Will there be money in FO:BoS?

Yes, two kinds, actually.


Minor update on official Fallout Tactics pages. Here is what Chris Taylor told to players: the developers have prepared, as far as I understood, some video file of Fallout Tactics gameplay. I wonder when we could see it? Chris asked not to send him requests when it will be available for preview :) Developers have also received new Tactics demo version from Micro-Forte. Many things changed, as usual. New tutorial missions available. Options and preferences screen is finally completed, it was another important part of demo creation. Now they are working on balance and bugfixes. The size of demo is impressive - 120 Mb full version, or 100 Mb with dialogues removed.

Chris have been asked about demo on forum again. Players wish to know if demo is to be available through developers site only. Once I have asked this question too, and Chris said the company is theoretically do not mind if other sites will host the demo. It is hard to download such a big file from remote servers! But for now Chris cannot promise anything officially.


The official Fallout Tactics forum has only few new messages, but quite interesting:

Is Fallout Tactics going to be truly turn based or do I have the correct understanding of the gameplay?

It's both. It's a options switch: Turn-based (TB) or Continuous Turn-Based (CTB). TB plays exactly like it did in FO1/FO2. CTB plays more like, erm, X-Com 3 did, but not quite.

Will FT keep the 10 or 11 AP limit from FO?

Actually, there is no limit to the number of APs you could have. There was a _graphical_ limit of 10. But your character could have more where it mattered - internally in the game logic code. Fallout Tactics uses the same rules as FO1/FO2 in this regard.


GamersEd site has published three new game screenshots. I would call this series "grey tint study". We haven't seen such map class before. Almost each landscape detail make us feel the phantasmagory of early game screenshots, devastation and desolation, sorrowful charm of first Fallout! Don't know, maybe it is because of rainy day behind my window, or the screenshots are really so unusual and impressive. You'll see nothing fundamentally new, however note the interface. At least weapon icons look pretty, I have especially liked pale signs marking different fire modes. It was very interesting to know now raider scalp values 167 experience points. Well, it is not so much! You can find the screenshots here or in our gallery, No.16-18.


The official forum has only few new messages, but quite interesting. One of visitors suggested to implement a game option to allow selecting Power Armor type for the game - from Fallout 1, Fallout 2 or Tactics, and Chris answered he prefers the original one (i.e. from first game), but other two are nice as well. There was another suggestion to Chris - to bring more natural effects and flora/fauna species in the game: flying birds, flies in air, fishes in water, sandstorms, etc. Here is what theoretically may be present in the game. Some audio effects for wind and similar acts of nature planned. As to sanstorm, Chris said it would be great, however it is unclear if these storms are to be really implemented. Maybe yes.

So there is *some* chance that (assuming it ever happens) Fallout 3 might natively run under linux. Alas it appears that Fallout Tactics will only be a windows release (cant remember if they announced a mac version or not). I'm interested in whether or not anyone on the Tactics development team attempted to run Fallout Tactics under wine on a linux box. If the program runs under Wine I'll buy it if not I wont. I hope a demo is available to test.

At this time, we don't support native Linux conversions. It's really hard to tell the size of the Linux market, and that scares the sales staff, I think. I haven't run FOT under WINE, and I don't know if anyone else has. We are releasing a demo, so you will be able to try it out before the final ships. I would be hard pressed to say that Linux will become a viable platform for commercial entertainment software support within the near future. I know Loki is doing some good stuff. The problem is (a) getting some realistic sales numbers, (b) changing people's minds and perceptions about Linux as a gaming platform. I'm interested to see what Indrema does.

1) More critical animations! When I target someone eyes, I want to see the head pop off like a grape if I score a critical, not watch his ribs dance (though dancing ribs is fairly cool) !

More Critical Animations - Sorry, no.

2) More exploring options. Yeah, I know, this is not Fallout 3, however after I finish off the linear missions, I want to be able to take my boys out into the mountains of Colorado and hunt down those who fail to see things our way, which is, of course, the only way.

More exploring - Yes, you can explore quite a bit.

3) Less over the top humor. I know Fallout's brand of humor depends on a lot of cultural references, but I really think Fallout 2 went overboard. Then again, maybe I'm a puritan when it comes to post apocalyptic fun.

Less over the top humor - It's more like Fallout 1 than Fallout 2.

Another update of official site. How do you think what is it? Online puzzle. Unfortunately, this site section is functional only under Internet Explorer, my Netscape browser has hung up (ceased to follow the links, to be exact). But with Microsoft creation it is all working good. If somebody interested, try to put together dozens of pieces and restore the Sacrifice, Baldur's Gate 2, Fallout or Fallout Tactics wallpapers. To my regret, no new images here - all are familiar to us already. Nevertheless, the idea is cool! And quite hard task.


There some new interesting messages from official game forum published.

Will we be able to play the single-player game in co-operative mode with other people?

Something we discussed, but could not schedule the time to implement.

Will there be diseases?

Diseases are beyond the scope of this game. The Doctor skill will be used for treating crippled limbs.

First: try not to spoil the best part of Fallout series - the plot. I hope, I'll be fighting a good old enemy, the supermutants. Second: please, make weapons more realistic. I don'na want to have a perfect physics (this is the "Dreamland" development team first priority, not yours), but make Minigun a perfect anti-infantry weapon once a while. Make it rare, but make it perfect. Last: leave the atmosphere of the first Fallout. I wan'na be a scourge of the desert, the last hope of the humanity, a real member of Brotherhood of Steel.

Without spoiling things, I'd say we're closer to your points than farther away from them.

Ob Game Balance: It's difficult to balance items with just rarity. Rarity, by itself, is not enough. The Red Ryder LE and Alien Blaster from the first Fallout are good examples.

If it would be possible to get a "Fallout" styled game maker/level editor?

We plan on releasing the Tactics editors, so you will be able to make missions and such for FOT. The Fallout 1/2 RPG editors cannot be used to make a game, new areas or do anything without lots of source code and programming.


What is the theme music for FO:T going to be?

The title song has not been announced (it would be premature to do so, licensing is not complete, AFAIK).

As for the style, it's a wee-bit different from the previous Fallout games, but still has the *class* associated with it.

Who decided on the original music?

As for who made the original decisions, hmm, can't remember -- was a team effort (or maybe Gary Platner did it). We originally wanted the Inkspots "Baby, I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire", but the licensing rights for that were amazingly difficult to get. Three or four companies involved, IIRC. We picked something similar, which was "Maybe".

Will I be able to equip my squad the way I want? Will I have access to all the equipment present in the single player mode? Will I be able to save my multi play characters? Is there control over the attributes of the individual squad member?

Yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, no. Unfortunately, I can't remember the order of your questions, so you may have to guess at which one of my answers went with your questions. Eek, it's tired. Must sleep.

Most of what you asked you can do, the only thing I can't really answer is the saving XP gained during Multiplayer play.

What are you doing to stop multiplayer cheating?

There is prediction, some encryption and some other 'tions that I'm not qualified to talk about.

This is more of a question for Karl, the lead programmer. It would be a good one to ask at the upcoming chat.

Why are you guys using Mplayer?

As for the answer of "Why?" -- Hmm, seemed like a good idea at the time? One of the Mplayer people now works on SFC2 at Taldren. He had passion. I like passion.

Will the map editor come out? If so then when?

The map-editor is planned for release. I've heard nothing about _not_ releasing it (that's a double negative, my english teacher is going to hunt me down and smack me with a thesaurus).

We still have not decided on how we will release it. We can tell you that it will not be released with the demo. That's a sure thing. I'd like to release it with the game, and put it on the disc. That's not my call, however, and the final disc space count will influence the decision.

Today official site was updated. Here is some news:

Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

The conversion from a turn-based only single-player, single-character game to a multi-character, multi-player game that supports both turn-based and real-time play (through the CTB system) is interesting at times. One of the most "interesting" systems that needs some tweaking are the First Aid and Doctor skills. We've spent a fair bit of time recently going over them, and I thought you might be interested in where we are going. Nothing is final, so things could change between here, the demo and the final release - please keep that in mind.

In the original Fallout games, First Aid and Doctor were used to heal damage (both Hit Point damage, and in the case of Doctor, crippled limbs). To limit their use, there was an arbitrary limit of three uses per skill per game-day. This was to keep the player from simply skilling his health back to full. First Aid took 30 game-minutes, and Doctor took several game-hours. Neither skill could be used in combat, where the only healing was provided by items, like the trusty Stimpak. These skills had items that could improve the skill, but were not required for use. This model fails under multiplayer conditions, since it basically means these two skills are useless. Your doctor character becomes nothing more than a repository for Stims, which can be interesting, but wasn't interesting enough for us.

We played around with several options, including one where the skills healed a percentage of damage over time (with Doctor healing a larger percentage than First Aid). This did not please us!

We're currently trying a system much closer to the original. First Aid and Doctor still heal damage based on small random dice rolls, but they can be used in the middle of combat (without some specialization and Perks, they could easily take longer than a single turn to accomplish anything, however). The higher your skill, the lower the AP cost and the more likely you are of being able to recover if wounded while healing your target. This gives a good reason to continue to improve the skill past 100%, like all the other skills. There will probably be a new Perk ("Stat!") that lowers the AP cost of using First Aid and Doctor in combat.

First Aid will not require an item for use, but Doctor will and there is a chance that your Doctor's Bag could run out after each use.

But we needed to limit the skills, and make healing items useful, so we capped the amount of health that these skills can restore to a person. First Aid cannot be used on someone who has more than 50% of their Hit Points. Doctor can go all the way up to 75%. Playtesting will prove to use if these changes are worthwhile and interesting. There is more, of course, but that's enough for this update. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the forum messageboards. pax,

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer - Interplay Entertainment Corp


There was an interesting question on official forum about the demo download size.

No plans to do a split demo like that. We're talking about having two files, one with the demo and one with optional audio. It'll probably be around 90megs + 25megs.

We will be getting the demo in the hands of magazines for covermounts ASAP.

Can you confirm that Fallout Tactics will use the Global Ranking System:


How's the demo coming along?

It's moving forward. The tutorials are getting a major re-design (the opinion is that they covered the interface in too much detail, but didn't discuss how to use the interface to actually play the game (ie, strategy)). So, they are getting a re-work. We're planning on two tutorials for the game: one to explain the interface and another tutorial to cover strategy (with short movies showing an example of gameplay, and then a small map to let the player re-create the gameplay). We're exploring this avenue now, so expect some changes. This caused us to bump the world map and the two random encounters from the demo (it was also adding another 10 megs or so, but not enough gameplay to justify it).

The missions are looking good now. I like the way the PIPBoy has the mission map and goal index on it. Neat.

Demolitions got rolled back into Traps. Not enough difference between the two skills to justify spending skill points on it.

Doctor and First Aid are getting re-worked. We're still discussing it now. We needed to make changes to make them work better in multiplayer, and ensure enough difference between the two skills.

The weapon interface buttons will be more explicit about what modes are available and how you select them.

Tony was up here for almost a week. Very productive. We walked through the demo numerous times, clarified the tutorials, planned other things and generally fine-tuned some issues.

Video with In-Game action from FT?

Man, we have been trying to put together a good movie for a while.

Various things, a conspiracy if you like, have stopped us from doing so.

Our marketing/pr department has been whipping us for a while.


Why can't you shoot people in the ass in Tactics?

I'm not sure if I would agree with you that shooting someone in the buttocks was "sorely missing" from the Fallout series. Groin shots are better, IMHO. That being said, no, we don't allow buttock shooting.

You can simulate being shoot in the buttocks by placing a thumbtack in your chair before sitting down to player. Pointy side up, of course. Thumbtacks have inherently neutral karma. It's the use of thumbtacks that makes them tools for good or evil.

How long with it takes to finish the game?

We're _estimating_ 30-40 hours of gameplay for the single-player game.

Who actually makes the translated versions of the game for other countries?

We have someone in-house who coordinates the translation process, we have native speakers for French, German and Spanish to verify the translation, but we use "local" translation services for the actual translations.


Usually I do not post updates at weekend except today. Here it's a very interesting official post at Fallout Tactics web-board:

At this time, we don't plan on doing a formal external beta-test. The demos will be our technical tests, and they will reach a far larger portion of the population than an external beta test can.

We also plan on some in-house focus groups. We will bring people in off the street and let them try out the game. I'll announce something here when that happens. Some of the focus group testers will be Fallout fans, some will be fans of the genre and some will be just game players.

This is in addition to our QA testing and Micro-Forte's QA department.


Will you be able to run Tactics in windowed mode?

A while ago, I tested this and it worked. I don't know if it will work in the final, but I'll try it again today.

What resolutions are supported?

Game res is either 800x600 or 1024x768.

Does Tactics support targeted shots?

Yes, Tactics has targeted shots. Similar to the previous Fallout games, but the critical hit table is tweaked slightly (more multiplayer friendly). Hotkey support for targeted shots.

Will the demo have a map editor?

No, the demo will not have the map editor.

Some qutes from Vault13:

Will a map and mission editor be released at the same time as the demo's or will we have to wait until the release of the game?

Not sure. Most likely, it will be at the same time, but I can easily see it being delayed to clean some stuff up or to make sure legal gets a crack at it first.

Another subject I'd like to ask about is, what is the possibility of becoming part of the beta test group for the game?

Probably none and null -- we aren't planning on an external beta test (the two demos will serve as our technical stress test). The only exception would be if you are already in the Irvine, CA area. We're going to be holding two focus groups to get feedback.


Guys from Micro-Forte have gladden us a lot with new screenshot gallery on their site. New shots are very interesting! I was impressed by unstandard resolutions the game can support. It confirmed the developers were right saying the game will work in any resolution your video adapter may provide. You can find all these screenshots on our site too, in new gallery (fourth already)! Having reviewed these new screenshots I've found significant stuff to update Fallout Tactics subsections. For the first time we can see the doggies in the game (well, wolves), and also our old friends radiation scorpions. Some new weapon types are added to our weapon list and one new vehicle. I was particularly glad to see the screenshots of map editor. It clearly show the process of map creation for such game isn't easy. But let me stop talking now - see it for yourself.


Several interesting events happened in Fallout Tactics world. Don't kick me please: another... another interview available! :) This time it's interview to Gamecenter site. It is quite large, three page long. Here some interesting moments. First of all, demo release term. It is said we can expect to get it approximately by late November (note: not mid-December already!). It is also confirmed the developers are mainly focused their attention on multiplayer. So, Chris Taylor said first playable multiplayer demo was ready long before E3 exhibition. Now the developers are busy with AI scripts creation. They want to do a perfect AI, mainly because they planned to create more tactical games of Fallout world.

G. S.: What's the multiplayer going to be like?

C. T.: It will work a lot like the FPS in terms game types--deathmatch, [capture the flag, and] Dogmeat. (One person is Dogmeat [a dog that appeared in the games] and he bites people--he's actually a dog--and he kills others and gets points by biting them. Kill Dogmeat and you become the dog and can score points.) The game will support up to 18 players with a total of 36 characters in game, though with no more than 6 characters per player.

Gameplay is turn-based or continuous, and we've done something interesting for continuous [play]; it's based on action points, but you can always move. You just don't regenerate action points while moving, and without action points you can't do anything else. It makes the play a little more smooth and natural. Turn-based is important for the solo game, but for multiplayer we needed something a bit more smooth. It's a different type of game experience. The adrenaline starts pumping; things pop up; you laugh at the stupid things other players do until you do them too. We've play-tested the multiplayer quite a bit. In fact, we had it up and running way before anything else, since before E3. We've been beating on the multiplayer for a long time.

Official developer site is updated. The game logo is changed again. It is third logo update since the site is launched. Check this new logo! Very fun, and armored person looks cool! :)

Now some forum news. Chris Taylor asked fanbase the question: What would be the most popular characters they would like to see done? However it is very undecided yet. Mostly asked just for fun. The developers have their own list; it is promised to publish it after voting by fans. We can vote for one or two characters, as well as suggest own variants. Go vote, if you wish to.

Will we be able to save multiplayer games we have played, and in so doing save our team experience for later games?

I honestly don't know at this point, I would say that it is unlikely. When a vehicle is destroyed, will the items in the vehicle be destroyed too? Inventory remains, just like you looting dead bodies.

Hey! Got a question for the fanbase:

IF, and that's a big IF, we did some action figures, what would be the most popular characters you would like to see done?

B. BOS Power Armor
C. Leather Armor Male
D. Leather Armor Female
E. Tribal Male
F. Tribal Female
G. Steel Armor Male
H. Steel Armor Female
I. Environmental Armor Male
J. Environmental Armor Female
K. Super Mutant
L. Armored Super Mutant
M. Deathclaw
N. Ghoul
O. Brahmin
P. Radscorpion
Q. Dog
R. Mr. Handy
S. Robots
T. Raider Male
U. Raider Female
V. Specific Characters (like Gizmo, The Master and so on...)

Feel free to add something if I missed it.

Vote for one or two.

The dev team has their own list on what we'd like to see, I'll post it after we hear your comments.

This is _mostly_ for fun.


I would like to know a few things about the Gameplay of Fallout tactics. In Fallout the RPG, it was possible to be better than another character, based on levels (duh). I was wondering if this is the case in multiplayer Fallout Tactics. If it isn't, I would like to know just how characters are created.

Yes, characters have levels. Higher level characters have more skills and perks.

When you create characters for multiplayer (or select them), their levels can be limited by the host. There is a point balancing mechanism, as well. So the host can say: 1000 points. That translates into six low level characters, three medium level characters or one high level character.


Fallout Tactics advertising campaign unfolds. Chris Taylor gave new interview (for a case if you don't know: he is head designer of the project and just good man ;). He proved to have a good sense of humor (again!). I like Chris' description of vehicles available in the game. He said there are reconnaissance vehicles - for those who wish to look around, transport for those who wish to carry the troops, assault vehicles for battles, and general purpose vehicles - for those who don't know what they want :). Now there several multiplayer modes planned, including death match and Capture the Flag. Co-op mode vs computer is theoretically possible, but multiplayer campaign game isn't planned.


About demo:

We're going to push back our estimated release date for the single-player demo (Hard release dates should never, ever be given out until you're sitting there with a burned CD, signed release paperwork and a warm Guiness in your hand. The appropriate people will be whipped.)

The new release date is roughly the end of November to mid-December, but it's not final (I wouldn't even give this as a time-frame, but I feel kind of obligated to do so after the original estimated release date was given as a hard date.)

The multiplayer demo will follow the single-player demo, so it's also getting pushed back.

This hasn't yet affected the estimated release date for the full game (Q1, 2001) -- mostly since that release date is vague, and what is changing in the demo doesn't necessarily delay the full.

We're not particularly satisfied with the way the demo missions are turning out (to be honestly fair to all parties involved, Micro-Fortй did warn us several months back about these same issues, but we wanted to explore them in detail). The tutorials are also getting some work.

We're trying to make sure that the demo is a fair and honest representation of the full game. We do not want to repeat the original Fallout's demo mistake.

Things are moving a little slower than we would all like, so we want to make sure we have the additional time to fix as many of the current issues as possible.

The game code is pretty stable, the art is there -- these are issues in gameplay, balance, audio and design. Part of the delay is that we are trying to get final recording scripts so we can go the recording studio, and haven't been able to do so at this time.

This will be a dev update sometime this week.

Will we be able to find/connect to games via Gamespy's software?

At this time, no.

Why not release some info on new material?

We don't plan on releasing a spoiler list for the new material (or, heck, even for the old material). They will be listed in the manual.

Regarding the different versions, why etc?

Yes, different language versions should be compatible. And JC hit it right on the head. If we don't make changes, we cannot sell in some countries. Trust us, we would prefer not to do additional versions of the game. It would save us time and money. Leaving us more time for EQ... :)

No one said what version you're getting. The point is, and it's been stated before, that we do have to make changes for some countries in order to sell there -- according to that countries local laws and buying practices.

AFAIK, these are the countries we are making content changes, based on censorship issues:

* Germany
* South Korea

We might have to make some changes for some other countries, but I don't know, off the top of my head, of any others that are planned.

Now, let me get a little more specific, we don't handle all of the localized versions. For many territories, we license the game to a local manufacturer (Israel is one example, so is Poland, Japan, China, and a few of the smaller (in terms of sales) terroritories). We do not control _how_ they localize it, and we shouldn't (since we don't know that territory as well as they do, right?).

We do not have children, in any version of the game, for several reasons (US politics, distribution channel worries, team feelings and so on). The story did not require them, and we felt there would be a smaller cost (in time, money and resources for both primary production and localization) to not include them at all.

I don't think we have to change the mature language for any versions. There might be an Asian country that requested language changes, but they would handle that when they localize the text and audio files.

The German and SK versions will have no gore. If we don't make this change -- we cannot be sold at the consumer level. If you are in one of those territories and would like to see us change that, contact your local politician and work on it from your end. We cannot force our changes into the way business is done in those countries, nor should we. By Locals, For Locals.

Under no circumstances should you get the image that we here at Interplay sit around and decide what content will and won't go into a specific localized version -- we are held to the standards and laws of that territory. Again, the least amount of changes for us -- the better. There are no arbitrary changes.

How's doing what? And why not announce FO3?

Micro-Forte is doing the programming, art, principal design and QA. Interplay is doing sound, design and QA. Plus marketing, PR and production.

Myself, Dan Levin, Steve Baldoni and Brian Christian are working on the game here for 14° East. Heather McLaughlin is doing the PR and the new guy is doing marketing (dangit, forgot his name, Allen Somethingoranother).

AFAIK, there is nothing prohibiting BIS from announcing a FO3 except, of course, they are not working on one.


Some new messages from Fallout Tactics forum:

Has Final Fantasy Tactics been an influence on Fallout Tactics?

FFT is one of the influences on Tactics.

How will the height levels, crouching and crawling etc influence the accuracy?

Some weapons cannot be used while prone. For the most part, accuracy goes up while crouched or prone.

Is it possible to destroy walls, vehicles etc?

For some, yes. For others, no. Walls -- no. Vehicles -- yes. Doors -- yes.

- Chris "Zing!" Taylor


GA-Strategy interviewed Chris Taylor. They had conversation about progress on Fallout Tactics, the upcoming tactics game. Also GA-Strategy posted two new screenshots. They show the night camp and "visper text" talking mode.

Tell us more about the latest engine on which Fallout Tactics is based. What are its capabilities and how has it allowed you to expand the game beyond the scope of the original title?

For starters, it's a completely new engine. It supports higher resolutions and higher bit depth, making the screen look that much cooler. It also supports multiplayer, as previously mentioned. We've added a semi-real-time mode, called Continuous Turn-Based (CTB), in addition to the Fallout turn-based system, in order to make multiplayer play a little faster. There are elevations, so you can climb buildings and drop grenades down on people, or shoot over their cover. You can crouch and go prone. The interface is getting some revamping as well.

What is the objective of the game? What are players trying to accomplish?

Guns, big guns and small guns. The player is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a techno-religious organization that is taking some responsibility for the actions of the player character from Fallout 1. The BoS (as compared to that singer from Jersey) has sent some people to track a large super mutant army that has gone from California to the radioactive hell known as Back East.

How many scenarios and missions will Fallout Tactics offer? How will progress be made through Fallout Tactics?

We are planning on over 30 missions, some of which are required to advance the storyline and some of which are optional. The player moves through the game in a series of chapters, wherein he has some control over the mission selection within each chapter.


Some fresh messages from official Fallout Tactics forum:

How does a character know he's radiated?

There will be Geiger counters and other indicators of radiation, both localized to the character and in an area :)


Is the demo gonna be good or … (bad) like FO1?

The first Fallout demo was all my fault. I had never really designed a demo before. I wish we had not released it, after all was said and done -- it did not represent the actual game in a good manner at all.

Seemed okay when we tested it, however. And we were a bit rushed, in our defense (okay, I'm officially whining now -- shoot me)

-Chris "Bang!" Taylor


Can you play with as many characters as you want in multiplayer?

Yes. The number and type of characters in your squad is up to you, and the number of character points in the game.

Can you name your character?

Yes. Silly question!

If and when you die in multiplayer do you get to watch the remainder of the game? If yes, can you talk to players?

Not a silly question. Probably can stay in the game, but you wouldn't have a character to generate LOS, so you can't see anything. You would be able to chat.

What kind of machine do you have to use in order not to get lag on this game?

Not quite a multiplayer question, so you must be sneaking this one in! :)

It'll take a machine from the last couple of years to play. That's about right in my opinion. Something decent, but not state of the art.

Can you shoot anywhere you want?

Yes. It's called Force Fire. CTRL-click.

In multiplayer do you select a single character? Can the character be a different race then the rest of your team-mates?

Er. Don't really understand this question. In multiplayer, you select all the characters in your squad. We'll provide a full pre-generated characters for multiplayer, but it's really up to you to create them. They can be of a variety of races (yes, you can have super mutants fighting along side humans and ghouls -- hey, it's multiplayer -- you make the rules!)

Do you get to choose your color?


Is FO:T's multiplayer service going to be "clan friendly"?

Nothing special for clans. Mplayer is the service, but we'll allow you to use direct TCP/IP connections and we're looking into supporting another matching service.

Will Interplay condone/host tournament?

I would expect so, but no specific plans at this time.

Will there be weapons and ammo scattered about/hidden (on shelves etc)? If not, what happens when you run out of ammo?

Yes. Ammo may respawn.

Is there a time limit on games? If so will we have the option to disable the time limit?

Up to you, and yes.

How long will a multiplayer game last (guess)?

Depends on lots of factors: number of players, number of characters, what game mode (turn based or CTB), map size, multiplayer game type.

Do stats get saved from one game to the next? (i.e. if you get/buy good armor and weapons, are they gone the next game?) Do/can you have more HP/AP then others if you play more? Can higher ranked play lower ranked? If so how will you balance it out?


Possible to Mutiny?

Within a single squad? No.

Possible to Ally with other players?


Will Fallout Tactics use Auto-update (to update the version)?

No auto-updater.

I'd really like to have one, but as a company, we have not made the decision to use auto-updaters.

Will you see areas your characters don't see (like Fallout 1/2)?

Tactically, we felt it was necessary to show the player as much about the static structures of each mission as possible. This means that you'll be able to pan the camera around the entire map and get a reasonable picture of the overall layout.

BUT you won't be able to see any entities that change state[NPCs, critters, items on the ground]unless you actually have a character within visual range. AND you won't be able to see inside buildings until you get a character in there to look around.


Some news from official Fallout Tactics web-site.

Will Fallout Tactics be developed with WINE in mind?

No, we haven't tested it on WINE. We don't do any formal testing on that platform, either.

I have seen a WINE environment run SFC, which was pretty cool.

Will you be able to capture people and interrogate them?

Hard to tell how much of this will be in the game. Scripting these events is kind of a nightmare. We're concentrating on other parts of the game currently. There are some game events which called for capturing of enemies, but we've toned it down some.

The brotherhood makes some references to some "events" which are questionable to those outside the order, but the player isn't forced into any torturing positions (not that the player can't be a jerk to people, but it's beyond the scope of the game to play Inquistor Bob).

Will there be different versions of Fallout Tactics?

Yes, some of the localized versions will have different content. Off the top of my head, the UK (which is the general European version) will not be different than the US version.

German version will have reduced violence. This is required to the German laws. On the Asian versions will have reduced violence as well (I want to say Korean, but I'm not sure off the top of my head).

Other than some possible localized language issues, all other versions will be the same.

It's not my call, but I'm a big believer in conforming to the local legal system. And at the same time, I think it should be up to the locals to change their laws depending on their desire to do so.

Where can you obtain weapons in FT (aside from corpses and BOS Base)?

There will be caravans and merchants, as well as people to trade with during or after missions at each location.

Will there Be Currency in Fallout Tactics?


Are the vehicles available on all the missions?

While there will be some restrictions on vehicle availability, it will be up to the player to choose whether a vehicle is appropriate or even necessary for a specific mission.

Any Jimmy Hats, blow up dolls, or anything of that nature in Tactics?

As many as we can jam in there.

Since it takes place in the time frame of Fallout 2 will there be any cross game NPC appearances? (Bishop's Men have some business in the midwest)?

FT takes place before Fallout 2, so no cross game appearances, sorry.

What kind of variations will we see with the characters specifically on multiplayer aside from the diff colors for the diff teams?


How specific will you be able to fire in Fallout Tactics?

You can fire at anything under the mouse cursor. Not everything under the mouse cursor can be damaged, however.

But this does allow you to drop a grenade between two people, for example. But if you drop it on a tree, it won't blow up the tree (but it will attack the two people standing under the tree).

I have read somewhere that we can choose to play in continuous turn base mode or in the regular turn base mode. Is that true?

It's true.

Can said grenade be kicked/thrown/redirected to the tosser? Or ... Can I name my character Pyle and have him throw the pin and drop the grenade?

Throwing the pin instead of the grenade is a critical failure possibility. If you want to make Pyle, give him a Luck of 1 and a Throwning skill of 40%.

Some quotes from interview at Not Mutants Allowed:

Q. What's the current situation for the completion of FT-BOS ? Are you on track for a Quarter 1 release?

A. We trying to get the demo finished up. Lots of work left to do on that. Then we need to concentrate on finishing the full game. We're still on track for a Q1 release.

Q. What are the different multiplayer modes?

A. Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and others. Probably some sort of Tag variant.

Q. The much awaited demo has been announced, November 15th. Can you tell us something about the missions you will have to complete in the demo? (just a little teaser perhaps)

A. The demo missions are separate from the main game missions. They do give an example of some of the mission types the full game supports. The mission themselves are classic Fallout adventures.


What are the differences between the new CTB system to RTS system in games like commando?

Actions in CTB are still limited by Action Points. APs regenerate over time. All players make their actions at the same time, based on AP use.

Will this CTB system allow things like suppression fire?

Characters can be switched to Guard mode, which allows them to fire as soon as they see an enemy (you can bet there are both good and bad reasons for doing this). We do nothing, mechanically, to specifically model suppression fire against player characters (that player would have to pull them back, stand there, or charge through it, since the PCs are _always_ player controlled, with the exception of Guard).

Can you give us few examples of things we can do in CTB that we couldn't with traditional turn-based system?

* 2+ players moving simultaneously
* Move and Fire
* Flanking/Surprise works a little better (especially in multiplayer)
* Return fire

Are there any gameplay clips that we watch to get some idea of how the game will play?

Not yet. *sigh* We've been trying to put some together, but for various reasons, we haven't been successful yet. Soon, I hope.

When will the demo be released?

Mid November is the time-frame we are shooting for.

Will there be Dogmeat?

We haven't given specific spoilers for what NPCs that you will gain into your party, sorry.

-Chris "Woof!" Taylor


Today we have exclusive Fallout Tactics tidbits from Chris Taylor. This tidbits is about demo version and weapons in the game.

Chris, last news told Fallout Tactics demo will be localized. Can you tell which languages it will support?

At this time, and this is subject to change, we are planning on supporting: English, German, French, Spanish and quite possibly Italian. Asian language conversions are not done by us, so I'm not sure what we'll be supporting there (but we are double-byte enabled, so conversion is possible and highly likely, depending on our local distributors there).

Does it mean what each localized demo version will have official release localization? I mean French demo -> French release, Spanish demo -> Spanish release.

That should be the case, yes.

Do you plane make levels of the game difficulty? If yes can we change it during the game or only at start?

This should work the same as Fallout 1 and 2.

Many times you said we will have 6 vehicles in game. Last news telling about 4 vehicles. Can you clarify how many vehicles will be in the game and how many vehicles we can hold in same time?

Around 6 in the game, but only 4 or so will be playable. Three or four different types of playable vehicles (not sure yet), and there can be multiple versions (so you can have up to six vehicles on a side). Vehicles that are too large or too specialized we be used by the game for special scenarios only and will be under computer control only.

How many weapons will be available in the first demo?

Nope. Sorry. No spoilers (okay, small spoiler -- demo will have three different weapon _types_.)


Also here it's small tidbits from official web-board.

Kung Fu Bunny Bikers From Hell... Sorry, wrong game.

Er, no bunnies in Tactics. I would assume most of them would:

a) be eaten for food -or-
b) gain intelligence, go on a murderous rampage for all those years of being used as a poster child for easter and colored eggs and eventually get taken down by big, fat, jolly guys dressed in red power armor...

Take yer pick.

(27.09.2000) posted interesting tidbit personally from Chris Taylor. Here it's:

Working on the demo, about ready to record the audio for it. We're also working on the localized versions of the demo, so it will be available in other languages when it is released. Should have the rest of the primary game interfaces (PIPBoy, conversations, save/load and so on) in shortly.

In the demo, will we be able to see the intro to the whole game?

The full intro will probably not be in the demo. It's 40megs or so in size, just for the first part. We plan on releasing the E3 version of that intro as a separate download (probably BINKED!).

Will the inventory remain as it was in previous Fallouts, in the sense that there is no inventory space limits, but there is an inventory weight limit?

No space limit, but weight limit.

Also, it appears that the shotgun ammo are not stocked on top of another, but in separate spaces. Why?

Items do stack. Those are probably temp shotgun shell artworks.

Also a question regarding weapon balancing:

Weapons may be modified to be more balanced.


Do you get more experience points if you choose fewer men in your squad?

Taking less characters implies more risk, thus the reward is greater (more XP).

What color depth are the movies in FO:T going to be? 256 or 16 bit?

16-bit for us, sira.

Question about the tutorial missions:

The tutorial missions will be set in the game universe, but with different toys than what you start with. You will be able to select them separately from the rest of the missions.

About rats:

What replaces rats? Hmmm. Big freaking dolphins in wheelchairs. With cattle prods.

About mission's goals:

Once you complete your goals, you can still wander around the map -- HOWEVER, some goals require you to exit the map (ie, retrieve this item and return it safely to the Bunker and the like).

Now we know main armor's statistics: Normal


Today the official Fallout Tactics site has a game update from Chris Taylor:

We just got a new version of the game here at Interplay. We're playtesting the tutorials and early single-player missions. Some of the gameplay mechanics are being tweaked, as we continue to play the game. Movement in the CTB mode keeps changing, but we're close to nailing it down. We'll talk about it some more once we get something we're really happy with. The object is to come up with something that plays very well, remains truthful to the turn-based mode and is isn't unbalanced. Ed is hard at work on the final mission design and scripts. Tony just sent in some tutorial script changes. Parrish has some great renders, that we'll be using for [CENSORED] and [CENSORED]. Vehicles are starting to look very good. We had to increase the number of frames used when the vehicle turns, and tweak the way they move. Much better!


Some fresh tidbits from official web-board:

With this Continuous Turn Based Combat, will we be able to have better, more realistic Fist Fights, like different animations for punches and kicks or faster HtH battles, as opposed to the previous 2 Fallout's?

The HtH system is similar to previous Fallouts. CTB would have nothing to do with that.

Will this sweet-ass map editor be released in-box with the actual game or will it be seperate or downloadable?

Unknown at this time. A lot of depends on whether the editors will be ready for public consumption at the time of release and whether or not we have the available disc space.

Since there will be elevations in this game, will we be able to fall/be knocked off the tops of buildings?

Yes. Be knocked off.

Weapon designs: We can't have a weapon that uses two different types of ammo. Not supported by the engine.

Morale falls: There is no shell shock, morale or anything that would take the character out of the player's control. This was an intentional design decision.

Here are some interesting quotes from las Chris Taylor interview. Talking about stealth elements Chris said:

The Sneak skill can be used to ahh, well, sneak up on people. It is getting slightly changed from previous Fallouts to make it more useful. There are parts of the missions where stealth can be used as one of the paths to successfully complete the mission.

Talking about new perks and skills Mr. Taylor said:

We added two new skills: Piloting and Demolitions. We removed some perks that no longer applied (Empathy, for example, since we no longer have the tree-based dialogue system) and added new ones (related to the new gameplay or skills). The core attributes remain exactly the same (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck), but there are modifiers and support for the other races.

Talking about vehicles Chris said:

...We're planning on around four player-controllable vehicles. You will be able to enter and exit vehicles during a mission. The character in the vehicle with the highest Piloting skill will automatically become the driver. The character with the highest Big Guns skill will automatically become the vehicle gunner (if the vehicle has a built-in weapon). Other characters are passengers, who can shoot out of the vehicle.

About interractive objects:

...You should be able to destroy doors, which is keen, and the perennial barrel.


Here are some interesting quotes from interview with Dane Levin:

Fighting the bad guys doesn't always make you a hero and the end can justify the means. How you go through the game can determine the ending and even who will join your squad pool (hint hint).

There won't be any rats in the tutorial. I promise.

Each mission is kind of a chapter in a book. The big difference is that you can go back to past mission/locations to see how some NPC's are doing. You have to have one eye facing the future and one eye facing the past. The player isn't going to be happy if villagers are still cheering from being saved in mission 1 when you killed all of their elders in mission 5. You have to remember that each event triggers many different character states."

Is there Cyborgs in Fallout Tactics?

Erm, easy answer is no.

Will FT - BOS use the same font as Fallout 1 & 2?

Not sure.

Will it be possible to have feet weapons (aka brass knuckles for hand)in BOS?


Chris cleared up any misunderstandings about the chainsaw comment on the video interview:

I was referring to the Ripper. Probably should have made that more clear. I was in a rambling sort of mood (I hate being put under the microscope, or the camera as the case may be, on less than 10 minutes notice...) I don't actually remember saying "chainsaw", actually, but it must have been about the Ripper.(1)

(1) My mind was probably going "okay, what should I talk about next, oh, yes, the weapon thingees, and what kind of weapons we have, and other weapon related stuff, and will people understand what a Ripper is if they have never played Fallout and what am I doing here anyways and if I can just imagine the camera guy in plaid I'll be okay, and does he have to shine that camera right at me, and those other weapon things I should probably mention, so it would probably best to substitute chainsaw, which more people will recognize, for Ripper, but oh, heck, what was I talking about..." or something like that.

And also about the transparent view oval:

No chance of doing the circle view thingee (we call it a "transparent view oval") under the mouse cursor. For one technical reason (that I can imagine) and two gameplay reasons. We like what D2 with a key to highlight all items that are visible, however.

About Missions and Quests:

A mix of both. Certainly the primary goals (the "missions") of the BoS, once started, need to be accomplished within a period of time (or, to be more specific, you cannot leave the map without finishing the primary goals of the mission). "Quests", on the other hand, giving to you within some of the missions, do not need to be solved immediately. As for time limits, no -- FT has no time limits. I happened to really like the first time limit in Fallout, btw, it was the second time limit that we should have canned before shipping (and did so with the patch).

On the ability of vehicles, defence, is the vehicle targetable etc:

Vehicular Smoke Grenades: No.
Personal Smoke Grenades: Not decided.
People can enter and exit vehicles during a mission.
Vehicles are used in specific missions, and have limitations of where they can travel (i.e., people can get to more places then vehicles -- just not in as much style).
Vehicles are indeed targetable.

About dialogues:

No complex dialogue: In many respects I agree. Some of the Fallout dialogue was really rather nifty. However, it doesn't fit well with our goal for Tactics, and it's something that really helps us draw a line in the sand between us and the RPGs. The current dialogue is pretty funny and to the point, which has both good and bad points. It will be different, but I think it works quite well for us.

It's hard to fathom that entire missions could take place on a single map. In previous games, mini-quests could be completed within a single city, but you'd generally have to go to different maps within the city. For example, New Reno consisted of three maps (or four if you count the chop shop).

Those are more like "quests". Missions are missions, and are contained on a single map (but may reference other missions. ie, you do stuff in one mission that sets up the next mission). It's a change from the previous games.

Can you expand on what you mean by a map? I'm also curious to know how large a location map can be. Will the location maps be significantly larger than the previous Fallout games?

Different mapping system. Maps in FT can be quite large, and have multiple elevations all on one map. We could recreate the entire Hub in a single FT map.

Also, in Fallout II there were literally TONS of "Easter Eggs", will there be a fairly large amount of Easter eggs in Fallout Tactics (ie. going back in time and breaking the water chip, which caused the whole thing... lol that was INGENIOUS!)?

Some, not as much as FO2.

Also, in Fallout II there were the things like becoming a champion, or one of my favorites, a porn star heh. There were a couple things like that that really got you known, as well as being a child killer, which didn't help at all. Will there also be events such as those in Fallout Tactics?

Not, really, no.

Another question, I noticed in all of the screenshots that squads are certain colors. For instance your whole squad has green armor on while the enemies would have red or blue, etc. Is that only for multiplayer teams? Or in solo play will it be more varied and look more "casual"?

Multiplayer. Single-player is more casual.

In multiplayer can you and another player in the game play co-op through the missions from solo play, or is only deathmatch?

Not sure. We are not going to make the single-player game suffer to try and force multiplayer into it. We'll see.

Will there even be a beta test of some sort with Fallout Tactics?

I hope so, but I don't control that. We are doing more and more beta tests, but I don't know the specific plans for FT.

About title:

Fallout Tactics <- series name (hopefully!)
The Brotherhood of Steel <- chapter name (again, hopefully!)
A Post-Nuclear Tactical Combat Game <- our tag-line, as opposed to the RPGs "A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game"


Talking about demo Chris said:

At this time, yes, you can create your own character (but will be heavily restricted on race/sex). This may change, if it results in too large of a demo.

The multiplayer demo will be a separate release. We will probably do a combined single-player and multiplayer demo (notice that "single-player" has a hyphen and "multiplayer" does not) at the same time as the multiplayer demo, but the combined demo will be mostly intended for cover mounts.

We don't have an exact size yet, but we're trying to make it as small as possible. There is a lot of art, but we're being smart about exactly what animations go into it (ie, don't add the minigun anims if there is no minigun). Under 100 is what we are shooting for. We'd like to bring it in around 50-60 megs...

About primitive weapons and tribals:

I think one reason that bows and arrows, swords and the like aren't in Fallout is that most other RPGs have them. It helps differentiate this universe from many of the others [as though a mature, post apocalyptic setting wasn't different enough!]. That said, we have invented new weaponry to strengthen the lower end of the tech pool [some low tech projectiles, stun weapons, etc]. The tribals will no longer be such easy targets, and the player will be able to utilise some low tech weapons and still have a chance against their heavier armed foes.


Here it's quote from Gamespot ECTS report:

We received a progress report today from designer Dan Levin on the development of Interplay's upcoming third-person squad-based combat game Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. The demo design is now complete, and it will consist of three tutorials and two missions with random encounters. The estimated demo release date is November 15th. The development team is currently focusing on the sound and music in the game. The team is listening to demo tapes from voice actors, and discussing options for ambient music. The rest of the game is coming along as planned, and according to Dan, "the missions for the full version are right on track and looking really good. So far, I believe we managed to keep [the RPG] feel in a game that has increased strategy and multiplayer function [but still] totally belongs in the Fallout universe."


Could we get Frank's armor?

Sorry, that's in FO2, and we're set before that. I will promise some OTHER kick-ass armor, tho.

I want BOS to have better character animations than FO2. In FO2 some guns had the same appearance with the others that was disturbing I think.

We're using an entirely new graphics engine with entirely new animations. But we're still sprite based, so there are limitations.

And it would be nice if we can see the wounds at the screen when we are (any one actually) wounded (I mean permanently until medical assistance of course)?

Again, sprite based. Too much graphical data would be required to achieve that just now.

I heard that FO:T will have a multi player mode. It would be nice if two (or more) people can be on the same side as cooperative players.

Cooperative play will definitely be there, though I suspect it won't be everyone's first choice [this is Fallout, after all].

There was only a car to use in FO2 there could be more in FO:T. Maybe the Brotherhood can develop different vehicles through the missions.

Yep. A variety of vehicles for driving around, running people over, getting great mileage in, etc. Get the top down, go for a cruise and feel the fallout rushing through your patchy, loose hair.

I hope FO:T does not loose it's RPG soul. I liked it's freedom of choosing what to do. (Being good guy or bad guy is in your hands).

The RPG soul is intact, and there are lots of chances to be good/bad/evil/selfish/friendly/indifferent. s


Here it's Developer Update for Fallout Tactics:

Where has the time gone? If it's like the chicken, it probably crossed the road.

Sorry. Strange humor. I'm getting ready for a short vacation, so I'm just getting ready to blow off some steam and relax for a while.

This last week has been interesting. We're almost finished with the design and dialogue for the tutorials and the demo missions. Ed, Dan, Tony and myself have been working on the missions, getting them in shape for a studio recording. Lots of voice work coming up. The tutorials are nifty. Dan put some nice shine on the dialogue. All I can say is that it's bad to be a brahmin in a Fallout Tactics tutorial. The first three tutorials will be in the first demo, the single-player demo. You'll see what I mean then.

For the last three or so weeks, we've been having weekly marketing meetings (if you can't reach me from 10:30 to 11:30 on Thursday mornings, I'm in a meeting!) to talk about Fallout Tactics marketing and PR plans. Lots of funky stuff coming up on the horizon. Some of this also has to do with keeping the website up to date and some special online promotions, so if you have any ideas or comments, please post them in the Forum.

Things that we will be dealing with the near future: music, voice over dialogue, mission design, vehicles and the demos. Lots of things to do, just enough time to do it and still be able to take some time off... :) I'm going to game convention this weekend. Nothing like gaming to revitalize a gamer.

Have a good one!

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer

Some tidbits from official web-board:

About different creatures in your tem:
The Brotherhood likes to recruit anyone with a pulse and the ability to fight. If a race is found in the wasteland, you can bet the BOS will try and recruit it. That's a fancy way of saying that yes, there will be other races than just plain humans in your squad.

Once someone dies in your team, do u go back and get someone one else from the brotherhood base or do u continue on?
You can choose to continue on short-handed, or go back to the bunker for a new recruit [and a reprimand].

And can u keep going back for more men once they die, like unlimited times?
The recruits pool will always have useful characters in it, but some of them might not want to work with you and some may not be available at certain times during the game.

If a team member dies in battle, will it be worth to reload your game?
That's up to the player. If it's a character you've had with you since the beginning of the game, you may want to reload and see if you can keep them alive. If it's a raw recruit, use am like a kleenex and move on.

About tutorial games: Fallout Tactics offers something very unique... a tutorial that fun and entertaining. I can promise you an action-packed experience full of dark humor that will teach you the basics of game play. The steering wheel indicates that the character is driving.

About acid:
The acid isn't a weapon... it's ammo.

Vault 13 posted new interview with Chris Taylor, here are some interesting quotes:

JC: Do you think there will come a time when it will be possible to make a Fallout Tactics port for the X-box or a competing console?

CT: I don't ever see this particular game being ported to a console. Could a Fallout game be made for console? Sure, with some heavy modifications (some due to technical reasons, some due to rating reasons). I don't see it happening anytime soon, but that's not my call to make.

JC: With the mission editor that is going to be included with Fallout Tactics, will it may be possible for to produce campaigns? If so, what would you think of people creating their own campaigns?

CT: Yes, it should be possible for people to create their own campaigns. I think it's nifty! Power to the people! Down with the man! Erm, well, I think it's really cool and hope lots of people enjoy being creative and others enjoy that creativity.

JC: You stated that the SPECIAL system has been brought over from the two previous Fallout games. Have there been many modifications to it? More traits or skills?

CT: New skills, new perks, new traits and some old stuff removed (not much mind you, but somethings that just don't lend themselves to Tactics or no longer have an interface to affect, like Empathy or Gekko Skinning). Two new skills: piloting (for vehicles) and demolitions (for traps). Race-specific perks and traits, which I won't spoil. The SPECIAL system now incorporates race information into the system, so Super Mutants are treated like a human, with some modifications, instead of a monster.


Talking about chat and environmental effects:

No plans for supported voice chat. There are already applications that do that in the background. There are environmental animations.

Chris Taylor said really interesting thing about BoS manual:

I'm starting work on the manual now. It is indeed going to be a BoS bible.


About game end: We made our decision. Due to the way the game ends now (which we finalized recently), there will be no opportunity to play after the end of the game. For story reasons more than technical reasons. Oh, I was going to say that I didn't want to have a cameo appearance in the game, but then I remembered something...

About weapon list: The weapon list will use some weapons from previous Fallout games. Maybe even the majority (without sitting down and doing the math, that's the safest thing to say), but not all previous Fallout weapons are in Tactics. And, of course, there are a lot of new weapons.

About barter: Bartering interface isn't complete yet, but I'm fairly certain you can switch to the other inventories of your squaddies without leaving the barter screen.

About fan's ideas: If there is something there that we did not think about, and it looks easy to implement, we give it _serious_ consideration. Whisper chat text is a good example. It's in the game due to feedback from these boards. Playing your own MP3s - this board. Moving while prone - this board.

Will you be able to save a multiplayer game in progress and come back to it later?

Yes, you should be able to. This may change, but I don't see a reason why we can't do this.

About release date:

We are currently on track for a Q1 release. At this time, we haven't hit any roadblocks that would move that out. If we do have to move it out, we'll announce it as soon as we know for sure the date has to move. At this time, we don't see that happening. However, if we could plan for unexpected delays -- they wouldn't be unexpected.


Here is some news for last days:

Backpacks and storing items: Just like food and water, we assume that the character will handle that chore for the player. We are planning on making backpacks add to the carry weight, so that they are more useful than previous Fallouts. And the obvious result of eating food and drinking water. We don't want the player to have to worry about that for his/her character. If you are into that, I suggest the Sims. Only one backpack/bag will add to Carry Weight. No bartering for eight bags and walking around with a car _on_ your back.

Additions to the game: New races? As in stuff never seen before or old races that are newly playable?

New Stuff: Ain't going to spoil it.

Newly Playable: Super Mutant, Ghoul, Deathclaw, Dog, Brahmin and others are now playable in different parts of the game.

Question: If it's turn based in multiplayer, you'll pull off something like Alpha Centauri's TB multi right? You have... say, 45 seconds to do everything you're going to do (selectable by the host) and 2 seconds are added to the clock if you go into inventory or something per turn, right? Otherwise (and this has happened to me) someone waits till their turn, then does nothing and kills the game.

Answer: There will be a turn-clock for turn-based play in multiplayer (might even work in single-player, hmmm, interesting idea).

Question: Does each Mission consists of 1 battle or can be a number of them?

Answer: Each mission is different, and the combat is not always immediate, nor is it necessarily over when one battle has been completed.

Question: Can your men get damages limbs and things like on Fallout 2? Like a damaged knee means you move slower until it heals and things.

Answer: Yep.

Question: How does the random encounter work now?

Answer: As it did in previous Fallout games.

Question: Do you get money to buy weapons and things still?

Answer: Yes, there's money and trade for weapons and items.

Question: Does the game still use the date system?

Answer: If you mean an overall ever-progressing world-time, then yes.

Question: Can you travel about to different cities to but goods and things like on Fallout 2?

Answer: Yep.

About world map, freedom and other...

Building bases would be beyond the design at this point in time. It would also be a different game than the game we are trying to do and we have the vision of in our heads.

Research: There is no real research in the game, but there are weapons that come into being over the course of the game and there are some upgrades. Not quite the same but related at the least.

World Map and Freedom: Well, the player does have a world map, some limited freedom to choose which mission (out of a small number of missions available, in some cases) and can, for the most part, just wander the wasteland, doing what he wishes to do.


Talking about character's voice Chris Taylor said:

Characters will be voice acted. How many? Still being determined. All major characters, for sure.

Chris explained how the new control method works:

CTB Changes: Based on our playtesting, we made the following change to the CTB mode and running in specific. Running no longer costs APs (the same as walking). Running _will_ add a temporary "RUNNING" tag to your character (like POISON or SNEAK). That tag gives that character a negative to-hit modifier on all attacks. The tag lasts that character has stopped running for a short period of time. Details at 11.

TB & CTB in MP: (Turn-based and Continuous Turn-based in Multiplayer). Both modes are available. If you want to play a turn-based game in multiplayer - great! Go for it! We hope people do. In fact, to get the maximum number of players in a multiplayer game (over 6 players), you will most likely need to play turn-based. CTB is always an option.

Here it's another control tidbit:

For turn-based play, there is a pop-up "End Turn/Combat" button that, well, pops-up.

And finally Chris answer to question about Interplay (.net):

We tried at one point. (cf. MAX2.NET). Unless you really do it, and do it well, like the Blizzard guys have done, it's better to stick with something like Mplayer or HEAT. I don't know of any official plans to do something like, however, we are moving towards a better presence on the net (


Talkin about your characters in single and multiplayer Chris Taylor said:

You can set spices and condiments.

Race (Human, Super Mutant, Ghoul, Brahmin, Dog, Deathclaw, *spoiler*, and ahh, *major spoiler*)
Hair Color (I think)
Skin Color (I know)

That's for multiplayer. For single-player, you are limited to Human as a race.

Your NPCs, on the other paw, can be of several different races, but are mostly human.

And there are differences between the races.


Some news from official web-board:

About Bloody Mess trait:

Bloody Mess was intentionally added as a trait instead of a game option. How is Bloody Mess a trait? Simple, it has a positive and a negative:
* You lose one useful trait.
* You gain constant death animations.
We thought it would be an interesting experiment into player psychology.

About weapons:

We aren't going into details about the weapon list yet. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of things to throw and you now have the ability to throw at a point on the map instead of at a character (grenade _between_ two people).

Bows, Crossbows and the like: Just because it was _too_ much like Mad Max, plus it was a completely new weapon animation type and we bumped it to the bottom of the priority list.


After about month silence Interplay updated official BoS site:

"The primary topic for discussion was mission design, but we also talked about (at various times): new weapons, vehicles, game mechanics (like the way Doctor works now, for example), multiplayer games, tutorials and demos, updating the official website more often, movies and cut-scenes, localization and other various issues.

For the missions, we worked on mission sequencing (where a mission goes in the story and when missions become available on completing earlier missions), mission events and skill usage, mission revisitation (we have a new plan), consequences of player actions, character type differences and random encounters. One major change to previously discussed plans is the number of missions. Previously, we had 20 core missions and 18 side missions (with no random encounters and no mission revisitation). We are now working on 25 core missions, plus random encounters and the ability to revisit previous missions. There is about the same amount of material, but it is presented in a way that will let more people see the material."

Some news from official web-board:

About map editor:

The reason we aren't giving out many details about the editor is that the tools are not complete and we have not finalized our plans on exactly what editors we will be releasing. My personal preference is that we release all the editors. Just keep in mind, that the editors we will be releasing are the same editors that we are using to create the content for the game. Anything we can do, you should be able to do. I just don't want to promise anything that we later on decide we can't deliver on. Until we sit down and really look over what we plan on releasing, it's best to just not get into that many details.

About game price and goodies:

I'm guessing it will be $49.95, with street a little lower. That seems to be our standard price point for our new high-end releases.

Goodies? Yes. We will have a pre-order deal as well (and this time we're expanding it so you don't have to pre-order from us, you will be able to pre-order through some major national chains that we'll announce at a later date).

BoS on Windows 2000:

It's currently being developed on W2k.

About armors:

There is new armor. What armor exists is being tweaked. In general, we would like the player to have to make some tougher decisions about what armor to wear. This is so we don't see everyone in Power Armor.

We do have some new armors, with new resistances that are appropriate for the new weapons and attacks. Anything like a vest or smaller armor is hard for us to do because we can't represent it graphically without doing a full range of renders of every character wearing that armor. We only have so much space on the CD. There will be different versions of each armor [such as MkII Power Armor], but generic upgrades to armor won't be implemented.

When you increase in level, do your enemy increase in levels too? Specific monsters remain their level of difficulty, but the monsters you are fighting generally get tougher. This is like Fallout.

About pre-regenerated character:

You can choose from one of several pre-generated characters. They have names. This, too, is like Fallout.


Some global changes in BoS:

- We added some character tabs to the main interface bar, so you can see the status of your squad in a single glance and select characters from there.

- Trading between characters is revamped.

- The "click-and-hold" interface from the two previous Fallout games has been changed around, it's a lot easier to use.

- The text display area has been revamped to hold a mini-map as well.

- In addition to the traditional turn-based, was added a continuous turn-based mode (CTB) for smoother action in multiplayer. This mode allows people to move at the same time, but it still uses action points to limit the activities of the characters based on their statistics. Action points regenerate over time. We're still playing with the default regeneration speed, but we will end up adding a slider bar so the player (host) can determine the speed of the game.

- There is also a new state that characters can be in: nearly dead. This is when the player drops to 0 HP or just below 0 HP. They will slowly lose HP unless healed or until they cough up their lungs with a death rattle. We're still working out if this will apply to all characters or just the characters that the player controls (i.e., the HEROES!).

- The weapon list is sufficiently different from previous Fallout games that players will see many weapons and misses many old weapons. I'm sure they will quickly form new relationships with these new weapons (that sounds fairly disgusting). We have new weapon types as well.

Can we encounter familiar persons?

A few old friends. We don't want to spoil things, but I'm almost positive that serious fans would be able to name a couple without trying too hard. There is a consistency between Tactics and the previous Fallout games. So, there will be people that hate you a lot, people that only hate you a little bit and people that hate you if you shoot them in the back. ... As an interesting twist, we are letting you shoot your own squad mates in the back. Of course, you can then turn around and shoot your character that shot you in the back, if you choose.


In the single-player game, the player's reputation will determine how the various characters in the player's character pool will view his or her actions. Some of these characters will only work with you if your reputation is exceedingly good or despicably bad.

About violence level:

We have the violence, we have the language, we have the chems, we have a tiny little bit of the sex (compared to Fallout 2, but a little racier than Fallout 1). One of the best phrases that Dan Levin (he's a designer working on the dialogue and missions) started with the word "sloppy"... We will, of course, also maintain the Fallout tradition of letting the player decide the actual level of violent animation and language that they wish to see.)

About any Fallout on consoles:

You will never see a Fallout game on a console as Fallout as you know it.

1) Memory issues
2) Storage
3) UI/Mice vs. Controller
4) Rating Issues (Sony, Sega and Nintendo would never approve Fallout in it's current state due to language/adult content)

We have no plans to make a Fallout game for any console, and I personally doubt we ever will.

About modem play:

Windows handles modem-to-modem TCP/IP connections now, so we are not supporting it directly, but you can still play modem-to-modem head to head games.

About the Plot:

Enclave and Horrigan: Since FT takes place before FO2, we are trying to not have them be an *active* part of the storyline, but we hint about them. You will not be able to encounter Horrigan in FT (unless you script that mission out yourself).


About upgradeable weapons: There will be a group of weapons that can be enhanced, and they will be restricted in what enhancement can be done to them.

We actually have more problems with compatibility these days than actual bugs. Our QA department works very hard, and we've improved the way development deals with them in order to try and get the least amount of bugs in a game.

We're also doing things like beta test programs and more focus groups.

Micro-Forte has an in-house QA group, and we have found that helps in a big way.

Still, you are going to have bugs. Well, "you" isn't the correct word. Some people will have bugs, and some people will have more bugs than others. Even that's not exactly right, some people will _find_ more bugs than others (even if those bugs actually exist for everyone). *Sigh* It's late, I'm tired.

We stamp and stamp and stamp. We actually never release a game with a known critical bug (not that I know of). We priorities the *known* (emphasis) bug list. Critical bugs are serious bugs that stop the game from being completed, or otherwise cause huge problems. No Interplay game is supposed to ship with them, and AFAIK, none have (known critical bugs, that is). There are other types of bugs on the bug list, some of which are pretty minor (in the scheme of things) and we will ship with (like spelling errors, or minor graphic glitches on older rare video cards, or a unproduceable crash (i.e., a crash happened on a system, but no one has been able to reproduce it, and it never happened again - sometimes, it is because of corrupted memory from a previous reproduce able crash, and so on).

Our patching philosophy: We will patch a game until the vast majority of users do not have any serious problems. We cannot guarantee, under the current PC scheme, absolute bug-free code under all circumstances for all users. At some point, we have to stop patching the game. We have, and will continue to do so, patch a game multiple times. Obviously, we would prefer not to patch a game and start work on something new. However, we understand that patches are pretty much mandatory these days (as much as we dislike them and try to release software that does not require patching).

I know that sounds like a cop-out. It's just the most practical solution that will satisfy the vast majority of users. It doesn't make me very happy to tell people that we are done with the game, but it has to happen at some point.

ObFalloutTactics: I don't know how many patches we will have. I'd like none, but I'm a realist so I'm expecting at least one patch. Brian Christian, division director for 14° East, really does take product quality very seriously. It will be up to him, and the producer of the game, and the Interplay QA team to determine how many patches we need. We hope to do as good of a job as BIS as done (rf Icewind Dale as a recent example).

We did just recently do something that will improve the quality of Fallout Tactics, without affecting the announced release date. I don't think I am at liberty to discuss what we did. I will ask, and if I can, I'll bring it up at a later date. It's really not a big deal, but it's not my position to say that.


About game PAUSE in CTB: In multiplayer, no. In single player, maybe. This is in CTB, of course. No need to pause in TB.

About map editor: Mapper is not a complete tool. It cannot be used to make playable maps for Fallout without a lot of other work (i.e., all the scripting is handled outside of mapper, all the jump locations for exit grids are hard-coded, world map is hard-coded). You would have to have source for the entire game, and that cannot be released.

About dialogue editing: No, impossible to do. The dialogue system is part scripted/part tool. You can check against various local/global variables and character stats, then you pass in up to five responses via a tool. The actual response is determined by the speaker's Speech skill and Reputation (which Karma has been folded into). You can then set a variable to have that person's response pool change. The player never gets to choose what to say, but does have limited control of how that person reacts to them by holstering their weapon or drawing a bigger gun (friends ignore your weapon, neutrals are negatively affected by larger weapons, cowards are positively affected by larger weapons and you cannot talk to hostile enemies (those actively trying to kill you)).

About ability to import art: Tentative yes. Maybe it could be. Tentative we could import custom sprites for NPC. For example we could completely replace sprites and import new NPC to custom map.

About custom characters: In custom map we could make our own characters.

About custom maps in multi-player: All players will need to download the map before the game starts. I would personally prefer an automatic map-swapping arrangement, but it wasn't in our initial discussions and was thus never planned for.

Mission structure: Mission Structure has changed somewhat. To allow for random encounters and wandering the wastelands, we now have 25 core missions accessed in semi-linear fashion. Random encounters will occur during travel between the missions.


About social system: Yes, we will have the social references that people have to come to love (and hate). We will have less than FO2. If people want a bunch of them, they will be able to play with the editor and make their own missions.

About drugs: Thanks to the internet and spoiler sites, just being difficult to find is not a good enough balance mechanism. With just a quick look, I'd say the "take-it-or-die" drug idea is probably too strong. Jet does a pretty good job of messing you up (not that we have Jet, but we do have *censored*, which is somewhat similar).

About Stealth Boy: It halved their Perception when they went to fire at you. PE has an affect on the to hit chance.

About Mplayer and other multi-player servers: We will always attempt to support other connections besides our main host (like Mplayer _and_ direct TCP/IP connections).


Chris answered some questions about vehicles and random encounters:

About vehicles animation: Vehicles have sprites with double the normal number of rotations.

About random encounters: We _plan_ on around 10-20 special random encounters.

Ed Orman spends his time and explained some things about engine:

About engine camera: Nope, sorry. Rotating the camera would mean having to render the tiles from four different angles [Sims style], and that means we have space on the CD for only a quarter of the tiles we want to make.

About hiding: When you're using an isometric engine, there are restrictions you have to be aware of from the start. We need to be careful about the way we construct the levels to take advantage of the strengths and allow for the limitations. We will be highlighting character's that are "hidden" to the player but should be visible to the characters, so targeting them shouldn't be a problem.

Designers also planning put in game ability to use custom mp3 music.


Tony Oakden said:

We are still finishing our mission design but currently our emphasis is on tactical combat but with as much human interest as we can add without it getting in the way of the combat.

There will be opportunities for the player to interact with NPC's. This will use the speech skill and reputation. If used correctly it will provide the player with alternative ways to solve some of the missions and should always lead to some benefit if the player gets a favorable reaction from the NPC.

We are also introducing some moral dilemmas such as presenting the player with the choice of saving one person but at the cost of putting the whole squad in danger. I can't say too much without giving away the plot but rest assured the most obvious way of approaching a mission will not necessarily be the best!

You have individual control of all party members (although you can choose to group select from two to all members and they will move as a squad). It is therefore up to the player to make sure that none of his squad members are between him and the enemy when doing a burst fire form an SMG! Also any characters near to an explosion will take splash damage regardless of there alignment. So if you have some guys in a melee with the enemy and you fire a rocket in then it will probably be very messy for all concerned...


How would you term it in regards to size?
Single-player game: Somewhere between Fallout and Fallout 2.
Multiplayer game: Depends on the player and how much you want to get out of multiplayer. So, from small to lots.

Replay value: Not as much replay as the previous Fallout games, but there is a difference in how you play the game.

About drugs: Since we are going multiplayer, and we don't want that to become chem heaven, since all bad effects of chems are currently addiction based, we are adding a possible immediate bad effect (which has a greater percentage chance of happening if you take more than one chem at a time). We'll probably end up calling it Overdosing.


Ed Orman said some things about BoS engine:

- You'll be able to build your own levels, tiles up.
- There will be some states you can set your characters to so they'll fire at oncoming foes, but nothing that moves them from their position.
- You'll be able to select each character individually or as part of a group, then tell them to go wherever you want.
- Our maps are much bigger, so where Fallout would do 2 or 3 sections, we just do one big map. As for building height, there's no theoretical limit, but gameplay-wise it's not good to go above approx 6 stories.


The mission structure will work something like this:
The player will receive the briefing for a Mission at the BOS Bunker. The player then exits the Bunker Map and enters the World Map, where they travel to the location of the Mission. On the way there, the player may engage in Random Encounters. The player then enters the Mission Map and must complete the objectives to leave the map. They then travel back through the World Map [Random Encountes again] and reenter the BOS Bunker.

Since we have a branching mission structure, the player may get more than one active briefing at a time. Usually, they can choose to wander around the wasteland to their heart's content, but the story won't progress until they access and complete the missions.

Sounds will be similar to the previous Fallout titles, I would expect -- all weapons will have a distinct sound (unless it's a non-sound affecting upgrade).

Exchanging items: You can bring up two character's inventories at a time to swap between them. Switching different characters is easy. There is a maximum range you can swap equipment at.

In Fallout Tactics you will be able to save at anytime you are not in combat.


Taking about experience Chris Taylor said: "Each person earns experience as part of the group, but levels up separately. Think EQ if you need an example, or another party-based RPG that I can think of. As to where you should end up at the end of the single-player game? Hmmm. I'd guess around level 15-20, depending on what you have done and how much time you spend on random encounters and the like."

You have freedom of choice. Some choices are bad, and the Brotherhood will smack you down for it (note that the BoS isn't a group of really nice people, so bad choices to them aren't necessarily things like killing people -- they want you to succeed at your mission goals). It's pretty clear what you have to do to complete the mission. If you succeed at the mission goals, usually all is forgiven about how you do it.

Realistic Weapons: We have more "real-world" guns this time around. Less "fantasy" weapons, but we still have a goodly amount of those.

Weapon Damage: Toned down damage (maximum damage is reduced for critical hits), more non-damage critical hits.

Weapon Restrictions: I like it. I don't know if we will have time to do it. It wasn't part of the original spec and there is a heap of weapons to worry about.

Someone ask Chris: "All we need is the watergun with the acid, and we're set! Besides, whats to say the acid doesn't burn through the watergun? Its just made of plastic, afterall, so a few special modifications would have to be made... but running around beaten people down with a watergun is always cool!" And here it's answer: "One of those weapons is on the current list, in a slightly modified form."


Here it's some news from official BOS web board:

We have the BINK license, so most of the animated clips (if not all of them), I expect will be BINKed...

We will have a narrator and voice actors. We hope to keep to the same level of quality (with Ron Perlman, if we can get him back, to do the narration) as previous Fallout games.

Crouch and Prone use cover as concealment, making it harder to see you. There are parts of the missions where you can use prone movement to bypass guards. The stealth boy is on the list, so we don't plan on another type of camo.

We just added a few more weapons to the list, changed some of the previous weapon's ammo types and otherwise mucked around.

Complexity of the storyline is a very subjective question. It is hard to answer without being subjective. Is it as complex and deep as previous Fallouts? It's close.

Is it as complex and deep as, say, Planescape: Torment? No.
Is it as complex and deep as, say, Icewind Dale? Maybe a little moreso, it's hard to say.

Average playing time? We are shooting for around 30-40 hours in single-player. Multiplayer is strictly up to the player.


The game will apparently have an item and enemy respawning mode. Chris said the game editor allows to edit such parameters in principle, and maybe players will be able to do it ("This would be possible to do with the scripting tools and mission editor we plan on releasing"). Mybe we will also be able to change the soldier portraits. ("You will be able to replace the art resources on the hard drive (unless we do something funky that I don't think we are planning on doing). It won't be as nice as the way BG does it"). The communication system for soldiers and NPC is described in details too. It is supposed to be standard - press chat button, write your message and then press Enter. The message appears in top left corner of screen and is available for all players irrespective of distance or team. Additionally there will be a team chat. It is identical to common one, but the messages are available for your team members only. The message text may be placed over the character head like the way Fallout characters sometimes talked.

It is not quite clear yet what happens to player whose character is killed... The developers have not made a final decision, but at present stage the player is able to see what happens on battlefield.

There will be some multiplayer maps created for BOS clan games, but nobody pays a special attention to this issue now. Taking into account the presence of map editor, such lack of attention to clan game is not too disappoiting :) We will gladly draw it for ourselves!

Some people want see in BOS Frank, but Chris said: "No plans to add him. That's a Fallout 2 thing that we would have to really stretch to include, due to our storyline, location and timing. Frankly (doh!), we don't want to include him either."

Now developers have an intro movie, narration and briefing like Fallout 1/2. Some cutscenes, some static shots with narration. Different endings depending on what you have done. The movies are starting to come together now. (Chris Taylor)

In BOS you can use a command to have them fire on enemies automatically, so you don't have to babysit them all the time. (Chris Taylor)


Speaking about the term of demo-version release, Chris Taylor said: "We will be doing a demo of Fallout Tactics. Heck, probably two of them (one for single-player and one for multiplayer). Their release dates are still Corporate Secrets of the Highest Regard. IE, I don't know and I couldn't tell you if I did..."

Answering to question about jups and falls, Ed Orman said: "Currently, while you can't specifically push people off buildings or jump down yourself, you will be able to fall off if you're hit with explosives or knocked over the edge". And he adds something new about weapons and PC: "Almost all characters will be able to use all the weapons, but obviously some will be better than others. There will be some race restrictions [some people are too big to use normal pistols, some people don't have properly opposable thumbs, etc.] Some character types will eschew weapons alltogether in favour of hand-to-hand combat. Depends on who and what you choose for your squad ;)"

Minor revision of new realtime turn-based game system. People asking many questions, so Ed Orman gave a brief explanation on new forum. The soldier movement takes no APs but it stops or reduces the AP regeneration. And any actions take some number of APs. Chris added: "The AP regeneration speed is adjustable. We are currently playing with the speed to determine a good base speed. Right now, it's about 1 AP every 1-2 seconds. The regeneration speed also depends on your character (some characters regenerate faster than others)."

Ed Orman has a good sense of humour :). Do you know how he described the game? Maybe nobody could say any better! Simply and clearly. :) "Although the game will be mission based, we are also implementing random encounters. So, you will be able to wander the wastelands to your hearts content, killing anything that comes in sight and racking up experience. The core missions WILL have to be completed to progress the story and the game, but you'll be able to take your time in approaching them."

Returning to random encounters topic, Chris said it will be like in first and second Fallout. "The random encounters will be similar to previous Fallout games. Depending where you are, you will get different types of critters."


Speaking about the term of game release, Chris said the game is to be ready before the next E3 exhibition. Hmmm... It is not first quarter of 2001 :)

Forum visitors are constantly asking when the FO3 will be available, but Chris himself states that BOS success or failure will by no means affect the commencing of work on FO3.

BOS will possibly reflect different weather and it will have an influence to combat conditions. Now this moment is being tested by the developers but the future of this feature is not decided yet.

Regarding MAC version again. At present moment it is not planned for release. Marketing department determined the share of MAC market as 3-5% of sales volume. Now the funds necessary for such project will not pay for itself. As Chris said, Interplay aware about Linux and MAC, and will be there as soon as these markets become profitable :). Let me add from myself: whoever will doubt! :)

We are know now exactly what versions are planned by the developers:

USA/North America
UK/ROW (rest of the world named Europe and Oceania)

As we can see, there is no Russian version planned here, but who knows...


New character control interface, skillpoint distribution, etc. provides the full control over the characters. When in this mode, you can still reach the bottom squad members control panel for easy fighter selection.

One more time Chris confirmed the multiplayer is to be free. A very pleasant news.

New squad members can be hired depending on some game quests completion.

The scale of cities of the world in BOS are similar to previous game series, with multiple map levels added.

We are promised to see some BOS vehicle pictures soon. Some vehicles may be equipped with weapons, other ones are to be modified or equipped with bracket weapons.


Answering the question of the game completion stage, Taylor said the percentage of work completed is not define the term of game release, because there are many things to be done before. According to his words, the game is often changes, and they have to step back to implement some latest ideas.

Now they are working on critical hit table to reduce the physical damage and add more side effects.

Answering the next question of dialogue mode for NPC and players, Chris gave more details. The phrases are to be shown as messages over NPC heads or in audio mode only, or both (depending on settings). Communication with other players is possible in chat mode like Diablo and Q. NPC dialogues are to be seen and heard only by those who is close to source, and it is not interrupting the game process as it was in previous game series.


As it became known, now Fog of War mode in the game is available to your soldiers only. If the enemy leaves your sight range, he disappears from the map. At the same time there will be possibly "darkest fog" implemented for unexplored area.


Answering the question if there will be multiplayer mode like Capture the flag in BOS, Chris Taylor asked his own question: how about Capture the Nekkid Brahmin? :)

Searching for the balance between firearms and melee weapons, the developers have chosen the way of causing trouble for ammunition search on the battlefield. We are also promised to have kills counter like in original Fallout. Multiplayer provides the option of operative communication between players.


Possibly the most important news for the last week. site jury awarded BOS as the best Real Time Tactics project.

Chris announced there will be no MAC version of BOS because the share of sales for this version is too low - about 10% of general PC copies sold volume. BOS will also prevent you from shooting using two guns - one per hand, like in JA2. The decision is final and no discussion allowed :\ As Taylor said, this is not Matrix :)

Coming back to skill issue, Ed Orman confirmed BOS will keep most of original skills and introduce some new ones, designed for new combat system. Such skills like Doctor, for example, now may be used in combat too. Soldier can use this skill during the combat but it can take several turns and prevent him from doing anything else. You can stop this or any other similar action any moment, but this means your character will get no health recovery, even partial. If the skill is not used for the necessary term, you are going to loose the whole effect if it is interrupted. The developers have found an interesting solution. They will put into the game the animations for such weapons as Ripper. And that's good! Unfortunately, there will be no bayonets for firearms. :\

You can set the wayponts to define the movement path in the game. It will certaintly ease the squad movement for a long distances.

Here the list of some changes in the project since the E3 exhibition. The prone movement is possible. Player's freedom of choice and behaviour are extended. Now the options of smoke grenades, stun/shock weapons and the option to save and develop the squads in multiplayer are discussed.


Maybe the multiplayer will be supported, besides Mplayer, by HEAT and WON.NET. The multiplayer is to be based on Quake-servers (not client-server as StarCraft). Game map size is not too big (about 200-300 Kb) but the game space is substantial. The developers have not explained if the client will be able to download the map from host/server.

There tutorial mode provided at the early stage of the game, for the beginners to get used to the game.

The gameplay is not plain row of missions. At the breathing-space, the squad is to be returned to one of Brotherhood shelters or somewhere else. Here you can re-equip your squad, rest, cure, speak to different characters, etc.

Good news for traditional Fallout weapon lovers. The game already contains the analogue of powerful ranged weapon like Bozar.


Ed Orman from Micro Forte told a little about character death animations. For example, there will be separate animations for burst, disintegration, fire, etc. deaths. Soon there will be some AVI's available to demonstrate the gameplay and animation quality of soldier movements and death scenes. Weapon upgrade system is different from such system in JA2. Each gun has own set of possible upgrades changing the version of gun. Further modifications are seem unavailable. The game will introduce some new armor types. You can preview few examples on screenshots, other are unknown. Each armor type requires some parameters, has own merits and demerits. Besides, there will be some armor types you can found by travelling the country. For example, different Brotherhood armor types receipt depends on soldier rank. So do not hope to wear the Power Armor early in the game. The game will also have a new mental drugs. The game takes place on the other side of the continent so there will be no some drugs, new types are to replace it. In addition, there will be legal stimulators, permitted by Brotherhood regulations. A distinctive feature of BOS missions, according to Tony Oakden from Micro Forte, is the special equipment and weapon required for some missions. For example, the mission may require the highest movement speed, and heavy weapon or armor may slow you.

Like Chris said, the game will be ready for internal beta testing soon, it is already ceased to malfunction any given minute, but multiplayer mode has some synchronization problems. Tony has published some details of work completion. The game engine is ready for about 90%, multiplayer - about 80% of work completed, AI - about 50%. The mission plot is fully completed, but but the details are only half-ready. There are half of levels, and 80% of artwork. Characters are almost 80% ready, animations are 60% ready.


Fallout will use both good old music from the first two series, and new music written for this game.

BOS plot will tell us about what happened to Canada and Alaska. Like Chris Taylor said, the plot contains special entanglements for other countries of Fallout world. Chris Taylor thinks the future Fallout series will maybe show the destiny of Europe and Asia in postnuclear world.

Chris has explained the system of BOS soldier recruitment. Unlike the JA2, all 30 soldiers are not available for hire at once. More experient fighters are to be hired as far as the plot goes on and quests completed.

The skills are to be balanced in the game. So, for example, First Aid may be used during the battle, but Doctor may not. And, like in JA2, missions have both combat and "peace" mode, where we can explore the maps freely.

Maybe the most important news for today is that BOS characters can go croach or prone, but they cannot move when prone (i.e. crawl), only when croach.

The news about the single audio mode for game dialogues was quite hasty. We will be allowed to choose the text or audio mode for NPC dialogues.


Little news about the future game editor. We will be able to create own scenarios, program the dialogues with NPC, create the event scripts. Maybe it will be possible to create the campaigns - linked missions and new "world map" (very doubtful issue).

BOS will no longer have the talking heads, and all NPC dialogues are to be in audio mode only. Inventory access system remains the same, with maybe quick item transfer option within the squad.

Possibly the most unusual Chris statement is that the developers haven't fixed even the final name of the game - it may be changed later!

(26.05.2000) Chris Taylor has described briefly how far is the progress of BOS development at the forum of developers. He said the game is quite ready now. Multiplayer is more completed than single player mode. Most part of artwork (sprites, etc.) isn't ready yet. Now the game is using the sound from second Fallout, but new code is created and functional, but not ready yet. Base plot for all missions is completed. Now the interface is being developed intensively.

It is confirmed finally that like in previous Fallouts, you'll be able to target the different enemy body parts. Correspondingly, these hits have a side effects. For example, arm wounds prevent the soldier from using two-handed weapon. Leg wounds reduces the agility and APs. Eye (!) wounds reduces the accuracy.

Developers are thinking if there will be an option to care about dying colleagues - to carry their bodies out of battlefield. They cannot say now is this option to be present in the game.


Official BOS forum visitors are often asking if there will be the perk like Silent Death in the game. Designers answer evasively - there will be a number of stealth actions but they cannot say exactly.

Many people complained the most part of Fallout weapons is useless. Pistols, for example. Chris Taylor assured now the pistols will have their use and situations where it is indispensable.

Some new info on vehicles. Maybe it will be possible to direct the burning car to the group of the enemies and jump off it when moving.

BOS characters, like in first two series, will be specialised not by separate skills (similar to JA), but by perk set. So, for example, having trained Perception, Small Guns and acquired the necessary Sniper perks, your character is to become sniper.

Carl Burdack admitted Crusader has significantly affected the development of game engine. But the resemblance is just formal.


Chris Taylor confirmed the game is to be released on IIRC protected CDs and checking the disk legality when runned. It is not problem for our pirates, but may cause the problems for multiplayer. It is not clear yet if the game installation without the further access to CDs is possible (like it was in first and second Fallout).

The game backgrounds is more or less described. BoS sent you and your people (more than squad, less than army) to Western areas to follow in the tracks of retreating mutant army. Dealing with the mutants, BoS soldiers are coming to Chicago area. And there... Alas, the story stops at most interesting point, Chris Taylor has only said there your problems starts. We can try to figure the rest by ourselves.

Such skills like Doctor and First Aid may be used during the battle in BOS. It takes some APs and the exact way of cure isn't known yet.

Maybe the firearms will have some new fire modes, in addition to aimed, burst and single shot. The arsenal is maybe to be supplemented with grenade launcher (like M79). The engine is not supporting such effect like throwing a grenade but who said modern grenade launchers have to use such ammo type? In addition, we are promised to have an option to throw hand grenades over some obstacles.

Right now BOS disallow to implant different bonuses to soldiers like Fallout 2, but such option is possible. And BOS will most probably not support the training of mind talents (Master mental attacks and Mental Block perk).

New BOS combat system provides several soldier movement modes, e.g. guard/sentry (including fire to reaction). Critical hits now causes lower damage but affects soldier skills. So do not expect to kill the equal enemy with single lucky critical hit.

Now, like Chris said, the rank and level system is being designed for BOS. But both the details and connection between skills and rank are obscured.

Many people asking why there is third slot on screenshots? Two slots are for weapon, and what is third one for?.. Initially it was designed to show what armor soldier wears, but then the designers have desided to use the valued screen space more efficiently. Here will be placed the key data on Armor Class, hit level, health condition, etc.

Like Chris Taylor said, BOS, like JA2, is planned to enable the speech comments to soldier actions. They may sometimes say something, for example, on enemy's death. But unlike JA2, no squad members will leave you if you done something ugly. And that's right since BoS is regular army, not the handful of mercenaries.

You can explode (on mine) or shoot any game vehicle. But it can be repaired (that's what is mechanics skill for). If some soldier is unconscious (and falls), or died, his body is not hinder the movement.

After the long discussion the developers have decided BOS will not have any moral and such thing as Karma. The Intelligence and Charisma skills are still in the game, the last one affects the relations with NPC.

The modem issue is made clear. The game is not going to support the mode of modem only or two computer zero-modem games. However there are ways to make the modems work through TCP/IP protocol allowing such way of the game.

It is promised all effects like smoke and shadows are to be realized not using 3d cards. The last ones are necessary only for process acceleration. However Micro Forte developers are thinking on special effects creation available only for 3d cards owners.

Maybe BOS will allow to play mp3 files by player choice as background music.

Ed Orman has described a gameplay a little. Each mission (or random encounter) will be anticipated by detailed briefing with the list of objectives, peculiarities, etc. So you'll be able to decide what weapons and armor you need for your squad. Multiplayer allows to the the squad origins of each soldier. Chris Taylor insisted to include some characters from first and second Fallouts into the game.


In spite of tactical nature of BOS, we are promised to see most perks from first and second Fallouts here, together with some additions.

The issue of character color change is defined. Each player can select only the color of units (team in multiplayer), hair and skin. The developers are not sure how it will be realized in the game. Designers are also say it is possible the trained dog is to be present in BOS (really, what we can do without the dog in Fallout? ;)

Answering the question of movement freedom and mission completion extents, designers said the player is free to move only within the current part of the game. The game plot is practically reduces to zero the chances to visit same location second time (if it is not planned intentionally). The world map is to be changed greatly too. Now the navigation will be (don't ask me how) like available locations leafthrough.

Like in previous game series, there will be option to upgrade your weapons with some interesting bonuses, but the details are unknown (maybe like in second part of the game, maybe like JA2). There will be usual grenades and light shock grenades (don't know the exact name - it will make the soldier blind for some time).

New weapons and armor are available through mission completion (i.e. trophies), and during the breathing moments. However it may change.

The critical hit system will (possibly) disappoint us a little. Do you remember what it was like? Critical hit to leg but the enemy somehow loses the half of chest... In the meantime there no vulnerability to targeted hits and adequate reaction promised. Seems when hitting the eye, we'll see again the enemy loosing liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs... 8)

New engine allows to create heights in the game. Accordingly, the heights gives better sight and tactical advantages. Good news is that all pretty colored light effects visible on screenshots are to be realized not using 3d accelerator. The accelerators are to give the bonus for detail level, frame change speed, but not vitally necessary for the game.

Important innovation is movement system. Now it is not hex-based, but "point to point". Seems it is more realistic now. According to latest statements, there will be both CTB (see below) turn system, and good old real TB. New CTB system is to be available as option only, and most fits multiplayer. Thanks to Great Patron of Fallout, the designers have not dared to make a "revolutional" changes in gameplay. Othervise BOS will not be a Fallout. And one more important question is made significantly clear. Anybody knows the Fallout is possibly one of a few games allowing you to equally play as good or bad hero. Answering the question if this true for BOS, Chris Taylor said we can be quite bad guys! 8)

Developers are asked if BOS linked with Fallout 3, and Chris Taylor said that game code is to be sent to Chris Avellon from Black Isle Studio, and its future destiny is in his hands...


Interplay always gladden fans with their good manners. If anything promised - it is done in time and to the full extent. E3 boom is finished, and, having calmed themselves, the developers started to disclose some details of FO: BOS creation. Now I will try to tell you all the additional details I know about this project.

As I said before, BOS is tactical simulator at squad level, with significant RPG bias (features like character creation, skill development system). Developers are constantly stress the BOS is not Fallout 3, it is independent separate game.

The game events are happen between the first and second Fallout series plots. But do not expect to find the master stronghold. There will be own enemies and dangers. The place is usual - central part of North America, somewhere between Chicago and Denver. The world around us is filled with wastelands, deserts, ghost cities, deserted and destroyed industrial objects. There are numerous caves, mountain passes, wastes, postwar survivor settlements. Random encounters beloved by Fallout fans are planned too. The nonlinearity of plot is provided too. BOS, like Fallout 1-2 will have an age requirement set (I wonder if someone got an idea to make porno animations? ;))

BOS is the same 2d graphics. You can enjoy special lighting effects if your accelerator is supported by DirectX 7. New engine is allowing soldiers to climb on roofs, go upstairs or get into basements and underground tunnels, not leaving the single map. Traditionally, the general view is third party isometrical one. Developers are right in their belief such view is the best for soldier action control in tactical games. The graphical resolution of game is critical issue. It is known for sure the resolution is to be at least 800x600 with future chance to implement up to 1024x768 mode support.

There was long disputes about the gameplay system - turn-based, realtime or both? Developers selected the fourth way, CTBA - Continuous Turn-Based Action System. Now it is not necessary to wait while each small animal (like in Fallout) spends all its APs. The actions takes place at the same time but each character still has some number of APs. In addition, we are promised a map editor (though unsupported officially). Multiplayer is going to have several modes: deathmatch and cooperative.

Like I said in first preview, the squad under our control contains no more than 6 soldiers. Each one is under our full control (some people complained that NPC self-dependence is the highlight of the game but let us remember - we are speaking about tactical game!). Main character is to be custom (unfortunately we cannot import the character from Fallout 2), and the number of characters available for recruitment is no more than 30. As a matter of fact, that's enough. JA2 has not so much different number of mercenaries, and still nobody complained that the choice is too limited. One can note such detail as all characters available for hire are raising their experience as far as main character experience grows.

The designers have paid a special attention to sprite change option for characters if the equipment changed. Now the soldier wearing Power Armor will have the corresponding appearance, and the sprites are to be different for both different armor types and different guns in hands. Multiplayer will provide us with unique option to play for ghoul, mutant, deathclaw and other Fallout world creatures. It is unknown, however, if the single player mode contain these sweet creatures. Regarding the number of "creatures" in one mission. The maximum number of creatures on single multiplayer map is 36. The limit for single player mode is not set yet! :)

Developers apparently decided to take anything into account! BOS allows to control miscellaneous machinery. As designers said, each vehicle type is for own purposes. The main thing is the vehicles is not simple transport for your cargo and your bones; it may be used in combat to full extent. How you about driving the tank over your enemies? :)

The combat system offer us a wide range of weapons. Hand-to-hand, melee weapons, hammers, spears, throwing weapons, grenades, pistols, rifles, assault rifles, heavy weapons, machine guns, grenade launchers and mines (!). You'll get an option to arm traps (!), corresponding skills and equipment. The environment is interactive but up to some limit. You cannot demolish the building :)

BOS uses "realistic" sight range allowing soldiers to use covers remaining unseen. Each soldier can change the position, crawl, sneak, go croach or prone. Each such position has own merits and demerits.

As the game goes, we are promised to meet the characters we know from first and second Fallout. Some of them are friends, some are foes.

The developers are very likely to implement a random mission generator to provide the variety of the game, but they are not sure now.

They cannot say anything on beta testing yet, these plans are not determined yet. But one or two demos are to be released. BOS release is planned to contain at least 2 CDs - installation and play ones. And the most important issue... When? Developers are not too hasty with promises but are thinking about first quarter of 2001.


According to brief announce of game from australian BOS publisher, the game will nevertheless place us after the events of second game. Same as before, game is to take place in the central part of North America destroyed by nuclear war. You are leading the squad of soldiers from the Brotherhood of Steel, whose primary objective is gathering of sleeping pre-war technologies on secret bases and deserted science laboratories. These technologies are to be used against the new powerful enemy.

Microforte has also announced the game is going to support both turn-based and realtime combat modes, using Real Time Action System. However the official game site do not contain these details. This site have also published first wallpaper with new project theme.

Chris Taylor, who have created Fallout 1, is now working for 14° and leading one of BOS project departments. Partially it may guarantee the correlation of game plot with previous series.

For the long time there were no news from Fallout world. And... Finally it happened! A new project. Alas, it is not Fallout 3. The name is Fallout Tactics: The Brotherhood of Steel. This game is tactical simulator. Now this project is just announced by Interplay, and very few details are known.

The changes of the game are striking. Not game concept but graphics. Now it has 3d engine but with isometrical projection and third party view, same as before. As a matter of fact, we'll have higher freedom extent. And that's good! That's what Fallout fans has dreamed about for a long time. However we can only guess how much 3d the engine is. It is hard to say now anything about 3d landscape (rendered images or true 3d objects on 2d ground). No data on 3d accelerator support.

So what's changed and what's remained the same? Fallout world has only formal changes. Experience accumulation system and so on is the same (of course with some innovations and adaptation). The game is still RPG with its unique Fallout game plot.

The place of the game is post-nuclear USA. If you played the first Fallout, you surely remember the Brotherhood of Steel. Now you can play the role of the Brotherhood squad leader. The squad consist of 6 soldiers including the main character (you) - the squad leader.

No data on release date yet. Now the developers are collecting the player suggestions. Interplay site has even established a special forum for this purpose. Soon there will concept art and other things appear. The game seems to be very interesting!

Expected key features of the future game:

Squad level tactical simulation:

  • up to 6 soldiers controlled;

  • selection of squad members from approximately 30 characters;

  • the game missions are to be of different kind: <Reconnaissance>, <Patrol>, <Attack> etc.


  • TCP/IP, Mplayer, LAN. Serial and modems not supported;

  • 8 special missions for multiplayer with option to use the created characters in single player missions;

  • about 5 different game modes and 1 special map for each game mode;

  • correllation between the number of controlled soldiers and the general number of players - the more players are in the game, the less soldiers you can control: maximum number of players (18 people) means 2 soldiers per player. Players can control 6 soldiers each (this rule reduces the turn transfer time for players);

  • "Quick game" option: when on, this option disables many additional features, etc. Similar to "Tons of Guns" option in JA2;

  • team game with shared map preview option;

  • option to plan your actions while other players are doing their turns, with furter process of your queued orders on your turn: when the turn is started, you can run the order "Action Queue", and the soldiers will follow the queued commands;

  • option to watch the enemy moves as they are playing their turns.


  • about 9 character types;

  • about 45 NPC and creature types;

  • option to create own character, select the ready archetype for your character, import the - character;

  • Main character death scenes replay! 8)


  • vehicle movements are three times faster than walking;

  • vehicles raise your soldiers protection and allows to transport heavy weapons;

  • option to distribute the vehicle crew responsibilities;

  • option to drive over the enemy soldier! 8)


  • You'll be able to visit different geographic areas, like aboriginal settlements, deserted military objects, robot factories, enemy bases, destroyed cities, frozen special objects Brotherhood of Steel bases, etc.

Graphics engine capacities:

  • Anti Aliased Sprites;

  • different colors for the soldiers;

  • unlimited map size (!);

  • option to climb on roofs and change the soldier positions (prone, croach, etc.);

  • ineractive environment (option to destroy the objects);

  • time of day affects the soldier combat abilities and battle features.

The plot:

  • 20 base missions in 6 stages;

  • about 18 possible walkthrough ways with different experience accumulation options;

  • separate mission completion affects other missions of current stage.

Hardware requirements:

PII 266, 64 Mb


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